This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

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  • Silver Bullet - Silver Vein

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1x - Silver Bullet (510 Threaded, Not eGo)


Warnings about Products:
Battery Adapter Maintenance Guide
Silver Bullet Maintenance Guide

The Silver Bullet is one of the oldest and still known as a 'Work Horse' and just works! Feel free to check out the reviews and hear what others are saying about the Silver Bullet!

DO NOT use unprotected batteries! Also stacking batteries is not recommended.


Generic Description of Unit
Name: Silver Bullet
Switch: 200,000 clicks electrical/1,000,000 mechanical
Battery: Uses a Protected 18650 battery Please Read Battery Section Below!
Body: Constructed from 6061 aircraft aluminum.
Note: Designed to assist in virtually eliminating premature firing of atomizer in your pocket.
Warranty:6 month Warranty from Mechanical failure. (Doesn't include batteries/atomizers)

What's in the Box?
Well it depends on what you add, if you just buy the SIlver Bullet then it will not come with anything but the Silver Bullet unit.

Example Kit for New Owners
1 - Silver Bullet
2 - Protected 3100mAh 18650 Batteries 3.7v
2 - 510 Atomizers
1 - Drip Tip
1 - 10ml Bottle of our Popular Tobacco or Popular MentholAltLiquid drip with.

Why do I want this?
Because it's awesome? This unit was designed mainly for more advanced Electronic Cigarette Users and is not recommended for People that are just coming in. If you are New to the Electronic CIgarette world I would recommend starting off with a Yeti Starter Kit.

I'd hate for people to blow out atomizers due to not using them properly, user error is not warrantied so please have a basic understanding of using the device before purchasing this!

What Batteries do I use?
This unit was made to hold ONE Protected 18650 2400mAh Battery and this is the only battery that we recommend.

AltSmoke LLC. will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, or defect, permanent or temporary that may be caused by the improper use of a LI-ION battery. Please have a basic understanding of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.

Please Read:

Read the information found at:
Battery University before purchasing. It is important to carry batteries properly, recharge properly, and dispose properly.

Also Read the Silver Bullet Maintenance Guide, Seizing will not be warrantied if you do not follow the guide.

**** PLEASE DO NOT USE UNPROTECTED BATTERIES IN THESE UNITS. Please note that while using two batteries in series (stacking) can increase chance of battery failure. If you decide to use this setup, please know that this is a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and is not recommended by AltSmoke, LLC.
Special Note: Do not over-fasten atomizers, cartomizers, tanks, etc may cause damage to the center post of the device. This could cause damage to the device and may cause a short. This will cause the battery to discharge and may potentially cause the battery to vent. The device does have Vent Holes in case this happens. We do recommend properly storing the batteries when the device is not in use.

Mod Caution Notes:
- Never store a mod in your pocket, purse or anywhere else that may allow the Mod to activate.
- There is no protection built in to the unit and we recommend using a Rechargeable Protected Li-Ion 18650.
- Avoid over tightening atomizers, cartomizers, RBA's, and Tanks on to the threading of the device. Finger tip tight is good enough and does not need to be cranked down all the way until it doesn't move.
- Over tightening of the Mechanical Mod may cause the unit to continuously fire unintentionally and could damage the battery or internal components.
- Use caution when storing Mechanical Mods, we do recommend removing the battery and storing the battery in a Battery Case
- When using RBA's on these devices, make sure that your RBA is properly built without shorts and that the battery you are using is able to handle the resistance. We do not recommend using atomizers on this device below 1.5ohms.
- When using Rebuildable Atomizers (RBA) make sure that you use a OHM tester to verify that there isn't a short before using.

Other Battery Caution Notes:
- Do not over-discharge/overcharge
- Recharge empty batteries (resting voltage ~3.6V) as soon as possible. Leaving batteries in discharged state will incur irreversible damage (capacity / cycle loss)
- Do not short circuit ( will release tremendous current )
- Do not dispose of in fire.
- Do not leave battery in Vehicles.
- Do not carry batteries loose in your pocket, purse or anywhere they can make contact with other metal objects..
- Never leave a battery charging unattended.
- Discontinue use of a battery if it looks worn, outter wrapping is torn, or it's acting unusual.

NOTE: Use special caution when working with Li-ion or Li-MN cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled. Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface. Never leave charging batteries unattended. We are not responsible for damage if there is any modification of the batteries/chargers in any form or shape (including pack making). We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of batteries and chargers. We only recommend using Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries with a control circuit (protection PCB) to assure safe charge, discharge, etc, use of lithium ion batteries without a protection circuit is potentially hazardous

AltSmoke LLC. will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, or defect, permanent or temporary that may be caused by the improper use of an Li-MN or LI-ION battery. Please have a basic understanding of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.

Customer Reviews

Best Mod Period Review by Gary
I just bought my second one! I got my first Silver Bullet (black w/chrome button) years ago. I always wanted an olive drab one. I've tried many variable voltage mods and just flat out have been disappointed with them. I got my second Bullet (olive drab) just in case I was to loose my black one. I don't think the darn thing will ever stop working. I am afraid that Alt Smoke will stop making them too. I'm blown away at how people react to me using a "Mech" mod. There's nothing more dependable, at least when it comes to the Bullet. Too many you see have the bottom buttons. WTF? That's not ergonomic at all! I used to drip for years with the little 510 attys. I use tanks now and RBA coils so that I can better choose the ohms that I want. Alt Smoke probably wouldn't approve of how low resistance I vape at but I'm not going crazy. I keep it pretty close to 1.0 ohms. I'll never fool with any more variable voltage mods again. I only have trouble with them. The last one I bought was so expensive and it's output is inconsistent as heck. I use it as an ohm meter and battery tester now. The Silver Bullets are the tried and true best thing there is period, hands down, end of discussion. Just get your card out and buy one. You'll be glad you did. (Posted on 5/12/2016)
It's been two years . . . Review by Clockwork Orange
. . . so I guess its time to write a review. My silver bullet works like it did when I first got it despite my carelessness. I see friends drop money on different e-cigs all the time because they are "cheaper". They are only cheaper in quality. In the aggregate, they've probably spent three times what I paid for this beauty along with a load of frustration.

I buy all of my supplies from altsmoke but only because they are great. The fact that they are also nice people is a bonus. I've been using Johnson Creek smoke juice since the early days and will continue to do so. I just love the flavor which was enhanced by the silver bullet set up.

If you want a reliable e-cig that will look and work better than you at the end of every day. Then the silver bullet is the choice. (Posted on 10/3/2014)
As good as it gets Review by greenterror
I cant say enough about the SB and the company that stands behind it. Both are the best in the business, by a country mile.

Customer support is a pleasure to work with. I've had my SB for 6 months and couldn't be happier.

I have bought many mods but there is only one that I would save in the event of a fire...my trusty Silver Bullet. Even though I'm pretty sure it would make it through the fire and anything else I could throw at it.

(Posted on 5/22/2014)
If I knew then.... Review by Charles
I can add little to the praise stated here. I waited a month to write to avoid my irrational exuberance that comes with a new purchase. If I had known when I started using personal vaporizers what I know now, I would have saved many dollars. This is the best of the many vaporizers I have purchased. The others will be sold off. I use this with Kick2, the sleeve and Aspire atomizers exclusively every day. Buy it first, save a fortune. (Posted on 4/5/2014)
My favorite Mech!!!!! Review by James
I started vaping almost a year ago. After a very brief time with eGo batteries I quickly moved on to mods. Mech mods fascinated me. Simplicity and durability were the main things I was looking for. I have been reading about the stellar repuation of the Silver Bullet ever since but talked myself about of buying one due to cost. My first mod was the Bolt, which was ok. I then went through a very expensive phase of buying clone after clone. Then I finally rewarded myself with a Provari. A fantastic device I cannot say enough good things about. I decided to finally buy the mod I wanted from the very beginning. An olive drab Silver Bullet! I love it!! My favorite mech by far! My Provari is for the house, my SB for everywhere else. I just ordered a second one (Silver vein in color). I cannot recommend the Silver Buller enough. Provape and Altsmoke are the only places I plan on buying mods from anymore. The Provari and Silver Bullet are the leaders in their respective fields. I currently own 8 mods........my Zombie edition Provari and OD Green Silver Bullet are pretty much all I use. If if could go back then knowing what I know now I would have bought a Silver Bullet first. Then a Provari. Then a 2nd Silver Bullet. Then stopped right there. That's is all I really needed all along. (Posted on 3/11/2014)
customer service AA+ Review by luigi
I can honestly say chad is A+ in customer service. He stands by his product, the apple computer of vaping. Well built and great support. When I say support, I say great support. My spring just collapsed on me, and i contacted them thru email. Chad was emailing me back and forth and he said to send it to be rebuilt. A week after, I got my SB back rebuilt and new springs. Im gonna pick up a silverbullet M. If your new to vaping or a collector, the silver bullet or any mod made by them is a must. If this was 200$ I would still pay for this mod. (Posted on 2/21/2014)
Great mod Review by Quinn L
I know my review is not needed its a great mod from a great company. If you dont have one get it. If you do get another one and give it to a friend. (Posted on 12/18/2013)
Best Mechanical Mod Ever Review by Mykal
i bought the chrome silver bullet about 2 years ago... bought a green one for my wife about a year ago... both still going strong! has a small issue with the chrome button not firing but after a phone call to chad, he helped me fix it OVER THE PHONE!!! no complaints since :) most connectors are 510 now-a-days so theres a huge selection of options for tanks... i use the DID rebuildable atomizer with mine. i have been using it for the entire 2 years i have been vaping. never an issue with popping coils or leaks... go with mechanical and rebuildable for an indestructible mod that will last for years!!!

AltSmoke Comment: It's not a true mechanical device, as it has an electrical switch :P But...soon we should have one :P (Posted on 12/3/2013)
Best Ecig, but newer ones show cosmetic wear very quickly. Review by A
I have had my original silver bullet for around seven years and it is by far the best ecig I have ever owned or tried. I have had a couple other silver bullets as backups (and gifts). The newer ones seem to function just as well, but quickly show wear. I picked up a black chrome one less than a month ago and already the top piece shows significant discoloration. A while back I got a silver one and the bottom section very quickly showed discoloration. (Posted on 11/20/2013)
This is one heavy duty device Review by skydvejam
Hi guys, I got my two SB's back years ago, about 3-4 years ago when they were new to the market.
Well that have done two combat rotations with me, have some dings on them, but continue to function nearly flawlessly. Getting ready to contact them for my convoy/patrol one, it has had both the most abuse and the most use, 1 out of 50 times the switch fails to fire on the first click, and some carto's are a little loose on the threads.
Mind you I have had many other mods, some less expensive, some more and none have lasted a fraction of the time that this thing has. (Posted on 11/10/2013)
electric blue bullet Review by akfo7
I absolutely love my silver bullet, it feels so sturdy in your hands and with a bridgeless yeti atomizer it vapes amazing. (Posted on 9/11/2013)
Love it! Review by VapeMomma
One of the best mechanical mods, And with the kick it is even better. Very reliable all the time, I would recommend it. Hey it is one of Grimmgreen's favorites how can you go wrong!? (Posted on 8/6/2013)
Solid device and customer service Review by James buckey
The Silver Bullet is a solid device. Nearly indestructible I imagine as others have mentioned and the warranty and support is unmatched. Had a few minor problems initially. Submitted a ticket and the manufacturer (chad) called me directly to help resolve the issues. This was on a Saturday no less. A+. Zach at the New Philadelphia store was also great with a rebuildable tank question I had in use with the Silver Bullet. All around great device. (Posted on 8/1/2013)
problems i have had with the silver bullet Review by Don
I bought the silver bullet after reading and watching all the positive reviews ....yep that's the one I want!! got one back at the end of may (2013) two weeks later problems with the button ( never acted like it was firing the batteries very well from the start) contacted chad ( great person to work with BTW) sent it to him and he repaired it then he sent it back fixed (?) worked well for about a week started getting really hot ( I mean HOT) touch the button for a few seconds and wow hot ..ok you get my point here ....contacted chad again sent back( now waiting to receive it back from chad) hoping that this time whatever might have been wrong is fixed!! after ALL the reviews I have seen and watched on you tube about the silver bullet I was sure it was the SUPER E-CIG they talked about in those reviews, ( not sure now).. I have to say I do like its style and I want this thing to work for me like those reviews says it works... I bought all the suggested toys for this thing including the correct batteries to make sure I had no problems (well) this is my final test ( kinda like I'm beta testing it to get the bugs out) if it doesn't last or breaks down after this repair I'm gonna have to get a refund and move on ... sorry to be the one to rain on all those great reviews but that's just my story its an honest one believe it or not ...things can happen I guess !! (Posted on 6/30/2013)
Silver Bullet just keeps on working. Review by Michael AKA "Grung62"
I just had to stop by and say – I ordered my Silver Bullet in March of 2011 and have been using it ever since – It still looks and works today as it did over two years ago. The base device itself is a beast. Because of this device and the way AltSmoke has continued to support me, I always return to AltSmoke for supplies and new products. I just wanted to say thank you – I remain a lifelong customer and supporter of AltSmoke and never worry about referring my analog smoking friends. I know at AltSmoke they are in good hands. (Posted on 6/21/2013)
Silver Bullet: It's a go Review by Sonny DeSoto
I got it here with 3100 mAh 18650 batteries, Xtar WP2 II charger and Dual Coil Metal 510 Cartomizer Tanks in 3.5ml.

It's not shirt-pocket portable, but after a lot of fru$tration with smaller cheaper less obtrusive e-cigs, for the first time this rig supplies high quality and consistent vapor that goes on and on and on and... here is an entirely robust, well made setup.

Order processing and shipping were blindingly fast, too. (Posted on 5/2/2013)
Superior to all...... Review by markvmeg
.........of the rest of the mods, especially the mechanical variety. Add a "The Kick" to it by buying the sleeve for the Silver Bullet and I really don't think any other mechanical mod even comes close to quality, reliability, and the almost indestructible build quality of the Silver Bullet.

Now, this is not a mod that I would be wanting to carry around on a night on the town, so to speak as it is a monster mod. It is one of 5 mods I own and it will last decades longer than the rest. I own a couple GG clones and a Lavatube plus a Provari and lastly a Saber Kick Edition and this mod surpasses all in build quality.

If you don't like mechanicals then this is most definitely not for you. But, if you want something that will easily outlive you then you owe it to yourself to try this out, it is well worth the money and you will not regret it. The only concern I have is is it doesn't have any holes for gas (hydrogen) that can build up when using an 18650 battery. I also would not own one without The Kick because it is nice to have something this well made that also can be adjusted to your tastes. I have a chrome plated and a silver vein Silver Bullet and use the Chrome plated sleeve for the kick and the sleeve really adds to the appearance when used with the Silver vein version. It is a monster yet it is also simple, no tricks, it just works and it does that better than all of my other tubes.

AltSmoke Comment: It actually does vent from under the switch, take off the head of the unit and blow through it :) (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Vpjqvkd Review by xtjsrcnr
pgbauo 847340 678976 (Posted on 4/17/2013)
Следим за жизнью в Латвии Review by Adurdyvug
Всем привет кто-нибудь читает делфи? Следит за жизнью в Латвии? (Posted on 4/17/2013)
Loved it so much I had to buy another Review by Robert J
When my 510 connector finally stripped out (previous owners fault) I had to send my unit in for servicing (great service BTW. Replaced my switch, 510 connector, wiring, and even polished it up for me.. Its better than new!), I knew I couldnt go without my bullet, so I had to go to a local vaping shop here thats an authorized dealer for the SB and I bought a new one. Just got my old one back and Im thrilled with the job they did. Top notch service. Great mod. Thanks again AltSmoke! (Posted on 3/21/2013)
A standard in excellence and performance Review by Charlie C
The SB is certainly a standard when it comes to quality E Cigs.
This is THE Mod to own when you're ready for a hassle free all day vaping device.
I tried the 'Bolt' (which is a cheaper Chinese made mod) It lasted about a week before it had a meltdown! Like anything, spend a little more and get something that is durable and made with pride.
The vaping community seem hung up on variable voltage devices which have a place but most are inferior quality and in reality a 3.7 volt device coupled with a 1.5 or 1.7 ohm load will satisfy even the most demanding vapers. Coupled with the AW protected batteries they sell here the SB provides me with 2 full days of vaping before a recharge is required!
I’ve used cartos, dripping Atty’s, DCT Tanks and RBA’s on this device.
Everything works well. Better than well. 10 out of 10.
Recently tried a Penelope, oh my….that was vaping heaven! (Thanks John, I think)

The size is in no way an issue here. One gets used to it.
Quite frankly it’s nice to hold something firm and of quality in your hands. (That’s what she said)

I strongly suggest to anyone that their e cig arsenal be a Silver Bullet and a few eGo Twists and your set!
DO NOT USE eGo 510 connectors with this device as it will damage your SB.
AltSmoke customer service is great too!
(Posted on 3/12/2013)
Reviewing the SB Review by sadluckdame
I absolutely fell in love with this Silver Bullet. I'm using it all the time. I have it kicked and with 18490 batts. I haven't had it for very long, but I'm wowed all the same.

The only thing I wish I had was a SB sleeve so I could use 18650 batts with the kick, but the sleeves have been sold out.

Otherwise, I am very happy to own one of these beautiful mods. (Posted on 2/25/2013)
WOW Review by brandon
all i have to say about this device is that i have put this thing threw hell and back many of times between throwing it dropping it falling out of my car at 40 mph thanks to my little cuz i think the only thing this device hasn't seen is being submerged in water have got it wet alot using it in the rain and still to this day it works just as good as new it looks like crap not much paint left haha but i would recommend this to any one and i cant say enough about this button i have had alot of pv's and nothing compares
(Posted on 2/13/2013)
Fantastic PV and great service from AltSmoke Review by Robert J
I didnt even buy my mod from AltSmoke. It was given to me by a good friend to get started in vaping. I was having a problem with my 510 connection, this bullet is definitely used and loved and a few years old. I contacted AltSmoke asking if I can pay them to repair my 510 connection. What a great company, Chad emailed me back and just asked that I ship the bullet to him, and include a 10 dollar bill in it for the cost of the rebuild and shipping back. Thats stand up stuff. I love this PV with a Genesis Style Atomizer rockin a low resistance coil. Great vape. (Posted on 2/10/2013)
My second SB! Review by Umar
I got my first SB in February 2010, and have used it (and abused it) ever since. Lately I was having issues with cartos fitting into the 510 connector. It seems I had stripped the threads. This was no fault of Altsmoke, instead just regular wear and tear, exacerbated perhaps by my very rough handling of the device. I got in touch with Altsmoke and they offered to fix the connector at very little cost. But since I just landed a new job, I treated myself to a new one. Great device, sleek, rugged, and efficient! This is my first and only ecig, and I have never felt the urge for any other. (Posted on 1/28/2013)
want more!!!!!! Review by 1vapeatatime
Great Mod. I purchased first the Olive Drab, and then the green. I wish there were Browns and tans.
Super vaping device. It's not variable voltage but with Low resistance coils on my tanks I get super flavors and thoroughly enjoy vaping with these devices.
Very sturdy and well built. (Posted on 1/21/2013)
super!!!! Review by 1vapeatatime
I own two....may get more because they provide me with hours of pleasurable vaping. Very well built....and when I use them with my splitfire or vivi tanks at low resistance I get fabulous results. Expensive; yes but money well spent. (Posted on 1/14/2013)
the very best Review by andrew
Hits everytime, very well built. and once you become more familiar with vaping check out the Kick by Evolv its a mod that controls the wattage--put that in and you've got the greatest set up money can buy!!
I recommend to start with:
-single coil cartomizers
-18650 3.7V 2400mAh battery (Li-ion)
-xtar charger
-dual coil w/ tanks are great too (Posted on 12/30/2012)
I love my silver bullet!! Review by Brian
I just received my silver bullet today. It is a amazing pv, I like it a lot more than my ego e cigs. Alt smoke is the only store I will go to for all my vape needs. The customer service great and their products are great! At first I ordered a green silver bullet, and two days later I had second thoughts about the color. So I emailed altsmoke to see if they could change my order to a white silver bullet. Rob from altsmoke replied very quickly and was very nice and was happy to change the order. I'm glad I changed the color because the white looks awesome. If you are thinking about ordering the silver bullet do it!! You won't be dissapointed. Thank you altsmoke! (Posted on 12/26/2012)
Silver Bullet and the "kick" Review by Anthony
I cried and almost hit that button on ecf classifieds. But didn't, because I purchased the "kick" instead. The Silver Bullet combined with the "kick" makes for a lethal combination. The legend of the Silver Bullet continues...... (Posted on 11/21/2012)
BIG FINGERS Review by jamie
Awsome mod,but I have BIG fingers(thats what she said) so the button was hard to push. easy fix, I hot glued an eye from a stuffed animal on the button and it workes great and looks good, FYI pull your batt out,put a small drop of hot glue in the center of the button place your eye or what ever you want to put,press and hold. Dont even try super glue,didnt last but a day. The hot glue has been holding now for atleast a month with heavy use. Just have to be carefull when its in my pocket. Also the silver one my son has seems to have a better button,looks the same except its silver and wasnt as hard for me to get it to fire as with the black button that is on all the other colors (we have three) this is not a complaint just sharing my problem and simple solution. Dont think I will ever need to but another one but if I did I would get the silver bullet,and im holding on to the other eye just incase. jamie (Posted on 11/9/2012)
A awsome everyday mod Review by Tommy
I ordered two sb's And I had a problem with one and the customer service was great they are fixing it as I write this. I the other one works great, I am a barber and I vape all day long wih no problems. I also use a kick in it some times and it works great with the kick. I would recommend this mod for anyone who wants a quality mod at a great price. It has a nice big base and stands very securely. Just another plus. (Posted on 11/8/2012)
Great quality, but not very best build(6-month review) Review by kurt
This thing is solid like a rock... but weights heavy like a rock too...

I have tried this with a tank and with just your typical cartomizer(drip into top pretty much after every other vape). The cartomizer's seem to give much better taste, but so easy to over-fill and get sticky leaks and dried out it tastes pretty bad...

Now the tanks I am STILL working to figure out how to master these... I tried 50/50, 70/30, and 80/20 PG/VG with all varied results. Sometimes it seems to dry up frequently even with the tank full, other times at worse it can just seems to leak out and become completely sticky! I have also tried the double, I think single, and triple hole double coiled tank refills.

Some of the refills I have had some how I magically had last me ~2-3 weeks while others last 3-4 days before they start leaking. I have noticed better results with 80/20 but the problem still does happen and I am really wondering if there is anything I am doing wrong??? Anyone, please help me out?

P.S. They should add a drip guard to these, like a washer or something would be VERY VERY NICE AND GREATLY APPRECIATED! (Posted on 11/7/2012)
Not another Silver Bullet review Review by Gary
I had to put in my two cents worth. Of course I love my new silver bullet. The performance & craftsmanship are top notch. I got the black coated so that I can do a fair job touching it up in the future. I've dropped my Alpha countless times & unfortunately a few were on concrete. I really liked the olive drab color but figured I couldn't touch it up. The ONLY thing I wish was different about it is on the top I think should have grooves like the Alpha. I pretty much always drip (with Altsmoke's LR atty) and it gets a bit messy at times.
Anyways, I waited a long time & finally got one. If you want one, just get it, you won't be sorry. (Posted on 10/29/2012)
Great Review by Jared
What can I say that hasn't been said so far? This is a very solid device and paired with my 18650 3100mAh Li-ion battery lasts for a very long time before needing a battery swap. Money well wasted. :) (Posted on 10/7/2012)
Ok product Review by Bryan
I bought this when I first started vaping and after a few weeks I stopped using this, not for poor performance but its size and lack of options. I love how long the battery last and It's ruggedness, but now with the zmax that offer options live vv and vw with the same battery I will be retiring this thing. (Posted on 9/29/2012)
First day with SB Review by Ashess
So like most I kept reading great review after great review about that silver bullet. I went from spending over 400 buck on crappy "pen like" e-cigs to finally getting something decent the ego-t about a month ago.

But i kept reading silver bullet reviews I knew i wanted one since everyone was raving but i was not sure if i wanted to spit out 100 some odd dollars on it and the things I needed for it. Well let me tell you I finally got it today put a tank on it and ill be DAMMED. It is great! and the flavors are sOOOO much better with the SB. I am glad i finally gave it and paid the money. I just wish that someone would have told me about it or even the ego-t before I dropped the other 400 or so bucks on all the other crappy e-cigs.

So now I will tell ALL my friends that smoke about the SB so they do not have to make the same mistake as me and spend WAY to much money on crap or just give up and keep smoking analogs.
I will be sticking with my SB I also just started DIYing my own juice. And all i have to say is I am completely happy. I LOVE VAPEING. I know that my SB is new and i just got it and I am in the "honey moon" phase, but I can tell a whooping difference from my ego-t taste. performance, power and everything.

If your like me and hate spending money just give in do not even try the other cheaper e-cigs you WILL NOT be disappointed!!! Now I know what everyone was raving about and I had not been truly vapeing until today!!!!!

JUST BUY THIS SERIOUSLY (Posted on 9/19/2012)
Great product Review by scott
The silver bullet has been my choice since day one. I am in construction and I can say my SB has been through hell and still works like day one. It took awhile to find out the best combo with sooooooooooooooo many options. I use my SB with a LR atty and rechargable 18650 battery. Works great with crazy vapor and throat hit with 1.8mg juice. Thanks Altsmoke!!!!!!! (Posted on 9/8/2012)
This was my first e-cigarette Review by Joseph
I ordered the Silver Bullet from Altsmoke. I'll give you a review.

Does the silver bullet give you throat hit like a cigarette? Yes. The higher nicotine content of the juice, the better the throat hit. The stronger the battery, the stronger the throat hit. I recommend low resistance atomizers (which you should learn about BEFORE you make your purchase).

Does the silver bullet taste like a cigarette? Well, no, because the silver bullet doesn't taste like anything, silly. It's the juice that contains the flavor. I personally never wanted my e-cig to taste like a cigarette, but for others, this may be more of an issue. From what I gather, there is no real substitute for the flavor of a cigarette. But really, who cares? Cigs taste like butt.I puff on banana juice while at work, mm, feels like I'm in the rainforest. I get home and switch to some tobacco ice (which is my fav., though it doesn't taste like tobacco). I switch to chocolate when I'm bored. Or a host of other flavors. It's wonderful!

Is e-smoking cheaper than just smoking? Definitely, if you want it to be. You could spend 60-80 dollars a month on juice and atomizers, and have all that you need. That is around 1 week of a cigarette habit in New York. Sometimes I spend a little more, if I really want to try some new stuff. But that's all part of the fun. I think of it like a hobby more than an addiction, and I have no problem spending some money on a hobby I love!

Is the silver bullet easy to use? It's a little more complicated than a cigarette, that's for sure. But once you figure it out it's no problem. Read online about how to use e-cigarettes before you try one. You should know what dripping means, how to maintain an atomizer, and more, before you even start. It is a little intimidating, but trust me, there is gold at the other end of the rainbow.

Should you buy the silver bullet? To quote Stone Cold Steve Austin, HELL YEAH! This product has changed my life, and I have been in love with it ever since. Do your research, learn about e-cigs, and if you settle on the silver bullet, you will not be disappointed. This thing is a life saver.

And by the way, Altsmoke has been nothing short of amazing. They ship fast, they give me what I want, and they are an honest company. I mean, look at the juices.. they allow everyone to read customer reviews right up front! No hidden BS. No trying to trick you. This is just a good, old fashioned company, and they come highly recommended from this reviewer.

Hope my review helped you get off the fence!

(Posted on 8/30/2012)
THis thing is great Review by ANTHONY
Solid, very solid and so far reliable. The only thing I do not like is the gaps by the switch. I am a toolmaker by trade though so I am picky as hell. Amazing, if you are on the fence about this thing jump! Thanx altsmoke (Posted on 8/28/2012)
Awesome Review by ejash
First off very fast shipping!! I couldn't be happier with my purchase I have done plenty of research on different mods the silver bullet just caught my eye very impressed with functionality of this device. Was a little concerned with the size coming from a prodigy v3 but it's not as big as I thought it would be its a very nice size and weight!! The switch is great hits every time never misses a beat. Vapor production is great in both 3.7 and 6 volt. Wish I would have picked this mod up in the first place!! Great product!! (Posted on 8/14/2012)
I must have gotten a bad one Review by Nick
I've always heard a lot of good things about these and a couple of my buddies have them as well. They have never had a problem. I've now had mine for a little over a month and have barely used it. First I took it out of the package and the 510 connection was crooked which is the main reason I didn't use it. Both atomizers and tanks just looked rediculous on it. The other day I decided to give it another try. I've now found out that nothing I have even fits on it. It threads about half way in and that is it. I've been vaping for about 3 years and have about 15 mods and never had a problem until this one. By the way, I've tried Joye, smoketech, boge, yeti atomizers, and several different types of cartos as well. Guess I can just write this one up as a waste of 85 bucks.

AltSmoke Comment: Or you can contact us about it and we can resolve it for you. I already opened up a ticket for you even :P (Posted on 7/31/2012)
Worth Every Penny Review by Digitaldiatribes
I'm sitting here looking at a line of text that says 388 reviews, so I doubt I'll be saying anything new here. What I will do is throw in another vote for the "Hell yes buy this thing right now" column. It's as solid and sturdy as everyone says, throw in a high mAh battery and it vapes like a freight train, and in the end if it comes right down to it the thing makes a hell of a fist-pack. I was originally looking at the price tag and thinking to myself "I should just buy a Bolt and rewire it, it'll do the same thing", but all in all I'm really glad I went for the SB instead. (Posted on 7/31/2012)
silver bullet Review by Mikejonez
ALTSMOKE, you guys have thee best customer service hands down. I had my silver bullet repaired through you guys (which are in rare cases). i sent in my SB to u guys and had it repaired by chad in OH. It took almost no time at all and now its working just like the day i bought it. thanks again Chad for the new black button on my silver vein SB. it looks awesome! ALTSMOKE, THANKS AGAIN.. U GUYS SET THE BAR:) (Posted on 7/30/2012)
Absolutely Amazing! Review by pierced
This is my first e-cig, I wanted to start with the best of the best and that's what I did. A couple friends of mine own the Silver Bullet and they slowly talked me into getting one. One word, WOW! I've only had it for about 3 hours now so I'm still in the learning curve but the vapor production is huge! I have a case of the gurgles with it, but I'm told that will subside after a few hours. This device will help immensely! Thanks AltSmoke! Amazing device! (Posted on 7/25/2012)
Back for more... Review by crashtestjeep
I bought my first Silver Bullet when it was a pre-order years ago. Well, here it is 3-4 years later and I just 'bit the bullet' for my second...the Silver Vein. My first SB worked great. Then they upgraded the design w/the 'hot spring' and I was so blown away (no pun intended LOL) I did a YouTube video on the hot spring update alone. I didn't think it could get any better. I've been off the ECF forum for about a year and a half now due to a job change and not having spare time, so i decided to write a review here and let everyone know i came back for more. I feel like a kid at Xmas waiting on my new SB and i can hardly wait to get it! :)
Anyone that is on the fence or considering other mods, my profile on ECF is still up so go check out my page and see the picture of my mods. 22 different mods from just about every vendor, and I'm here at AltSmoke buying another SB. Save yourself a lot of cash and go for the best first. Take care, and vape on! (Posted on 5/26/2012)
Grimm Green Sent Me! Review by SHANNON
I ordered my SB on Thursday and got it on Saturday. Everything was neatly packed and I was pleasantly surprised. I was smoking an electronic cigerette before the SB and all I can say is OMG!!!!! What a difference!!! I got the SB with the 6ml tank and it is simply amazing!!! The throat it and the vapor production are unreal! I am going to order another one as a back up in the near future. Anyone sitting on the fence about purchasing this should just jump in and get it!! You will not be let down!!! Customer service and the products are top notch!!! I will be returning again and again!!! (Posted on 5/22/2012)
I LOVE IT!!! Review by Leslie
It took me a while to figure out the best way for me to use the Silver Bullet but I finally did it. I like to use the 3.5 cartomizer and the AW 3100 mah batteries. I was an eGo-c fan but after getting this Silver Bullet set up to my liking I actually prefer it. It is a lot more solid and dependable. The flavors are much better and the vapor is FANTASTIC!!! Plus the Silver Bullet seems to be Bullet Proof. Thanks Alt-Smoke. Again, Great service from this company... (Posted on 5/17/2012)
Just a follow up over a year later Review by Daniel
Well I have had my S.B. for over a year now and as I expected it still works just as well as it did from day one. It has some scratches on it and some dents and dings from the job I do and the chrome is starting to wear away in some places but still works like a champ. Since I've had mine I have got alot of questions and looks and Im always happy to tell people what it is and let them try it. My girlfriend was a huge eGo fan but is now an S.B. user. Bought her one for Christmas (purple). I've also gotten a few people at work switch to this and also many of my friends have purchased the S.B. now and all are very satisfied and thank me all the time for recommending your company. I'm going to get the silver veined one someday which is what I originally wanted but my GF accidentally ordered the silver one (which I LOVE!) I will always do business with you guys as you have always produced quality and good customer service as well as speedy delivery. Just one thing....I would love to see an S.B. someday with a light up switch....just think it would be bad ass. Again thanks for a superb product and for building something that lasts and can go through the hardships and punishment I put it through on my job (I build semi trailers for a living and it can be rough lol). Take care all of you at altsmoke and im still in vaping heaven :) (Posted on 4/30/2012)
wow Review by vaporj
i have found my heaven. i was useing a tank, but thanks to some help from the people at altsmoke i have since switched over to a v2 lr atty and my sb. awesome. get it, vape it, and tell your friends about it! thank you altsmoke! love love love your stuff! (Posted on 4/30/2012)
My Review of The Silver Bullet Review by Val2020
Ok, I created an account just to review this product. I started vamping on ego's with 510's 13 months from today. A few months in the Ego and I changed to the 306LR. Used that config up until 2 months ago when I bought the Silver Bullet. Why did I get the Silver Bullet? I was somewhat happy with the Ego. The downside to the Ego was the short battery life, I ended up with around 4 of them. Constantly charging, with the 306LR probably causing even more battery consumption. I switched after trying one at a brick and mortar store. The battery in the Ego was not even putting out 3.7, not effective with dripping on a 306LR I was burning through a lot of atty's.
The result: Performance: 10 Quality Taste:10 Build:10 Reliability:10
Remember I was an Ego maniac, now I am a saving money on atty's I don't need 2 or 3 Egos' which by the way is equivalent to the price of a SB.
I was constantly charging in the car, computer, work... Not anymore...
I only use 1 type of Juice for the last 8 months. I went through all of the flavors and vendors, until I figured out that I like a smoke not a root beer or cherry vape. And I appreciate the reliability and quality of the Silver Bullet.

So, I did check out the other mods, and thanks to most all of the reviews here I made the change to the Silver Bullet polished Black. This week I am getting the White one with the black button... to match my white iPad and White iPhone. I highly recommend the AW18650 1600Mah in Red.
Thanks Alt Smoke (Posted on 4/26/2012)
just got my SB....... Review by VAPORJ
I came home today after a long day at work and my SB was waiting in the mailbox for me. i charged the batteries and filled my tank with a killa vanilla and blueberry mix..
IM IN VAPE HEAVEN! if you dont have one get one! this thing is the lamo of p.v's..
Loving the Vape Review by luv2v8pe
I started out with a v2 ecig and that was fine. After watching reviews on youtube it seemed I could save myself some money by skipping the next step which would have been the Ego-T and go for the mod which all reviews pointed in that direction. OMG, the SB is awesome, paired with the tank I get the best vape and even better my battery last 2-4 days and I am a heavy vapor.
To go from refilling a cartomizer several times in a 12hour period and recharging every 3 hours the SB is heaven! I can't imagine vaping anything else and to boot it is made in sexy colors for girls....icing on the cake for me! Don't hesitate, go ahead and buy the SB, it is so worth it. Oh, and the size...if it is not to big for me(girl) it will not be to big for anybody! (Posted on 4/16/2012)
Love it Review by HorrorJunkie
I've been using the SB for about 2 yrs now. I've tried others, and none of them match up to the performance and durability of the SB. I have no need to buy any other device. This will be the last device you will buy. (Posted on 4/10/2012)
great!!!!!!! Review by Jonathan
i ordered a silver bullet with the metal 6ml low 1.5 ohm tank and this thing is amazing. i switched from a standard e cig and this thing blows ecigs away. THE PACKAGING was very very nice everything i ordered was in its own ziplock style baggies VERY nice.even the liquid was in its own bag. the silver bullet hits like a champ and gives you plenty of vapor!!! after about 3 hours the vapor slowly fades but still satisfies me very good and dosent leave me hanging or needing to switch batteries. I LOVE MY SILVER BULLET and the customer support from altsmoke is just as good!!! THANKS ALTSMOKE!!!!!!!!!!! ps. you guys should hand out altsmoke.com decals i would LOVE TO SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN ALTSMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 4/8/2012)
Excellent Service Review by kiet
I bought the green SB and this thing is an awesome piece of work. i also ordered 2 AW 3100 mah but unfortunately AltSmoke ran out so instead they send me 2 imr batteries to keep so i can try out the SB and will send me the AWs when it's back in stock. Charging the batteries now so i can't review the performance of the SB but i'm excited just looking at it. Thank you AltSmoke for the great customer service. (Posted on 4/2/2012)
From one Skeptic to Another... Buy this thing!!! Review by Charley
This review is for those of you who are skeptical when it comes to reading glowing reviews and then spending their hard earned money only to be dissapointed. That is because I am one of those people.

I finaly decided to purchase the Silver Bullet from Alt Smoke and am happy to say that I am pleased beyond my ability to put into words. Some say that the vapor production is improved with the SB. I don't believe that. The SB is merely a battery mod. Vapor production has more to do with the voltage and atomizer combination. There are lots of those that will produce great vapor with a flimsy battery mod.

What makes the SB so awesome is the quality of the build and design characteristics. The top and bottom halves when assembled together produce a virtually seamless joint. There is no edge overlap to be felt where they join together. The top and bottom have slightly rounded edges that are smooth and comfortable in your hand. The button is my favorite feature. No more inadvertent activations. The button is slightly recessed so there is nothing protruding that can be accidentally pressed. The only downside to this feature is that if you lay it on a table on its side it can roll off. However, it stands on its end very well. This unit is solid. It is not a lightweight mod. When it is in your hand you know it's there. Not too heavy mind you, but it's all metal design makes it feel very durable. I have tested a variety of battery mods localy and purchased only one before the SB. My previous mod is now officially and permanently retired.

So here is my configuration. Silver Bullet with a 3.7 volt 18650 battery, a dual coil 1.5 ohm cartomizer in a 6ml tank (all from alt-smoke). I filled the tank with my favorite all day vape (Tuscan with a touch of vanilla) and WOW. It just doesn't get any better than this, and if it ever does, it better be much, much better before I will consider retiring my Silver Bullet.

So from one skeptic to another, if you are a serious vaper, loosen up those purse strings and get a Silver Bullet, you won't be disappointed. If you aren't sure what to get then just call the folks at alt-smoke. I did, and they were extremely helpful and not the least bit pushy. I got what I needed, and got it quickly. I give the Silver Bullet and more importantly Alt-Smoke 5 stars out of 5 stars. Well done guys, keep on providing great products and even greater customer service!! (Posted on 3/26/2012)
Just Get It! Review by Milazzo
I have had my Silver Bullet for about a week now. If you are debating on spending the money to get this product, just spend the money! I thought I was vaping before, I was wrong. This unit is what vaping is all about. I remeber sucking my vapor out of my Ego-T with the Clearomizer upgrades. This unit basically puts the vapor in your mouth. This unit is solid, great design, GREAT button, and made to last the rest of your vaping days......Happy Vaping!! (Posted on 3/20/2012)
Happy Customer Review by Jason
Finally decided to come off some real coin, and put on my big boy pants. I've wasted alot of money on cheap crappy PV kits searching for what I've found in the SB. It just doesn't get any better than this. Stop reading these reviews and pull the trigger already! Oh, btw, be sure and get the AW 18650 3100mah battery for this beast. *sizzle sizzle*
Thanks a ton Altsmoke! (Posted on 3/16/2012)
Solid performer built for the long haul Review by sleddie
I usually like to wait before reviewing a product. How something performs in the first few days or even a month may not be the case after a years use. Most products are gone, or have gone through multiple revisions by the time I get around to reviewing them. That's not the case with the Silver Bullet!

I should mention I'm not the best overall consumer. I'll admit to being some what of a klutz. This usually translates into me dropping things. Over the past year my Silver Bullet has been dropped, alot. The Silver Bullet has met concrete, asphalt, gravel, hardwood floors, ceramic tile as well as rolling down a few driveways. In my line of work my hands aren't exactly a picture of cleanliness. I work with adhesives, putties, oils, solvents and sandpaper. Even with all this abuse from me the Silver Bullet still happily fires whatever's attached.

So after a year in my hands I'm proud to say the Silver Bullet has surpassed my expectations. It's 510 connection is as solid as the day I received it and the threads are still smooth as silk. The same goes for the body, the two halves screw together with the same silky smoothness. I haven't counted how many times I've pressed the mechanical button, but it's fired through 1+ liters of juice and has given no signs of hesitation. Cosmetically its a little worse for wear but I don't blame the Silver Bullet one second for that since it's all my doing. The Silver Bullet is still my PV of choice and will be for sometime to come. (Posted on 3/6/2012)
Just not sure... Review by David B
I was really excited about my SB when it came a week ago. Worked like a champ right out of the box and was totally stoked about it. Then I charged the batter once. It worked awesome and I was sure I had made the right decision. I left it on my desk over night. The next morning I grabbed it and headed off to work. As I took my first vape, I knew something was wrong. I got nothing. No vapor, no flavor, nothing but air. I tried and tried and tried and nothing was coming out. Not happy. After work, I was driving home and decided to take a vape off of it just to see and lo and behold, it WORKED! So, that night I charged the battery up again. Next day, all was well. Took it to work. A co-worker saw it and asked me about it. I showed her and she asked my what type of battery it used. I unscrewed it, took out the battery and when I put it all back together to show her the vapor, NOTHING. i tried and tried over and over and nothing was coming out. I was freaking embarassed. Here I was touting what a great PV it was and it quit working right in front of my co-workers. After a while, it started working again. I charged it up and it vaped like a champ right off the charger. After 4 hours, I noticed the vapor was diminished and the throat hit was non-existent. I right now have my tank and atty on my eGo which, sad to say, has performed with more consistency than my SB.

As much as I really wanted to love this PV, so far its inconsistent performance is really letting me down.

AltSmoke Response: Open up a ticket :) And we'll get it resolved :) (Posted on 3/6/2012)
Second review (follow-up) Review by Scott
It has been 3 days (or so) since I've started using this (read previous review for history). I just switched the battery for the first time as I noticed it wasn't putting out as well as it did. The first day I used it a lot, second day not so much, today I used it moderately. The second battery which was charged when I got the system has corrected all of the issues. I'm happy to say that the 510 LR atty is still working great (which was my greatest worry). Three days in, still good.. Solid - really solid. I'm not sure where my other review is I posted two days ago, doesn't seem like it's listed yet.. Must be moderated. Cheers. (Posted on 3/5/2012)
1 day usage, results so far Review by Scott
I started using ecigs about 4 years ago. I went "pro" with the adaptever (sold anymore? No idea). Using the adaptever I have been using ultrafire batts for a 6v voltage. I've been ordering everything (attys, juice, etc.) from HG. Since my original purchase of the adaptever (about two years ago) the quality of the 901 attys from HG seems to have gone down hill. Much like the batteries (I currently own around 16 batteries, one set is always charging). The batteries would last about 1-3 hours, before the kick (or anything at all) would take place. I wanted to get away from the entire Chinese market ... for the past year the attys (even LR 901s) would last about 3-6 days at best (even while dripping every other drag).

My "silver stick" (adaptever) served me well, for some time, but without complications. I needed to switch. Didn't have much money, but was stupid (I guess) and went ahead anyways. I found altsmoke.com. I guess the electric department will have to wait a bit before I pay them next...

I purchased the silver bullet, along with 5 LR 501 attys, two batteries and a charger. Yesterday I grabbed the package from the mailbox (which, had been sitting there for two days, apparently). I charged the two 18650 (expensive little things) batteries up for 24 hours (I slept a lot), and today (well, yesterday, it is 1am) I took the chance.

Here is what I can tell you -

a) I'm very cautious about atty life. I've always babied my attys - never let them get hot, always kept them wet (especially the LRs under 6v) ... but I've had worse and worse luck with them. I'm not convinced by any means that my luck will be better with the LRs I got from altsmoke - but I'm hopeful (based on reviews). They are, about 4 dollars more than what I paid for my 901s, but - all worth if if they perform well, for longer than a week.

b) I'm a 6v guy. Gave up 3.xv some time ago. I knew I was "downgrading" to 3.7v with the bullet. I wasn't sure what to expect. The vapor I get, the throat hit I get, from the 3.7v bullet is 2x that of what I have been getting (for the past year or so) of the 6v. I'm impressed. I read earlier comments (and elsewhere than here) that the atty could get hot - I have not had this happen yet. I use drip tips and have been keeping an eye on fluids.

c) Battery life - I would have already been to my third set, today alone, on the 6v system. I've been using the same battery for the past 13 hours - I couldn't tell you if it was just taken off the charger. Amazing. I'm somehow not surprised however.. Buying ultrafire cr123's from ebay isn't exactly great - when every single one comes form China.

D) Atty (again) - When I switched, on my old system, to a new 901 - I would typically have an hour, maybe two or three - of pretty much constant use (a drag every 2 minutes) before the atty would feel like it was "clogging" or simply not put out what it did before. At that point (in the past) I would continue using that atty until it performed no more - and I could not "fix it" by any means (soda, washing, blowing, everything, tried everything). The 501 in this case, seems brand new to me still - yes, it has only been 12+ hours, and I'm hesitant to say it's "great" but my gut tells me it's much better quality.

In summary, I'll say this ... my experience has been exactly what I had hoped for from altsmoke.com. I continue to carry my older stick with me as a backup (proven to have problems, but still proven to work) - and will do so for the next few weeks ... but the bullet, and the setup that I purchased from altsmoke, seems far superior than my existing system. I can only hope that the atty I'm using will continue to function for at-least 7 days (6 days now) before starting to give out. If it can - I'm sold.

One thing I did find a bit interesting (and maybe altsmoke can clear this up for me, I don't know) ... the ejuice I can get from HG(.com) is far cheaper (even with shipping) than what I can find in the US. I don't know if it's just not as good, or what (it is all I have ever used, so it's all i know, seems fine to me).

On a side note, altsmoke's system (automated or not) is superior by all means. Quick responses (automated), quick shipping (human), good packaging (human), I give them a thumbs up.

I'll follow up with how long everything survives on my end as time progresses.

Oh, and getting one silver bullet, makes you want to buy all the colors.. It's crazy.. (Posted on 3/3/2012)
Great Review by Rylan
A few days a week I work 11-12 hours, with my old electronic cigarette I would have to change batteries and a few times both would run out before the day was over. With the silver bullet I can go two days with the same battery and with the 6ml tank you never have to drop more liquid every few minutes.

This devices has been everything I was looking for in a smoking alternative. I would suggest it to anyone who smoking. I have had to for 2 weeks and still vapes likes its brand new. (Posted on 2/29/2012)
You don't know what pleasure is until... Review by porkchopsisgood
...you truly vape at 3.7 or above!

Throw an AW IMR 18650 2000mAh batt in this puppy, throw on your favorite LR atty, and enjoy the ride!

I bought the Silver Bullet with the express thought of throwing the Evolv Kick into it, but I will patiently wait until Altsmoke comes out with the 18650 extension...these batteries are too good to not use.

Hurry up and put out that extension, Altsmoke! I can't wait until I have the ultimate PV for the ultimate vaping experience. (Posted on 2/27/2012)
solid mod Review by chris
after several other mods and a ton of cash , i found the best of the pack with the silver bullet . simplicity with durability and elegance ...what more can u want .
highly recomend the SB to anyone . :) (Posted on 2/21/2012)
Great PV Review by Hubble
If anyone is wondering, the switch is all mechanical. I found the vendor for these switches and read the spec sheet. Pressing the button brings down a silver rod that connects two contacts. These switches are called vandal resistant switches and are designed to last a long time in bad weather and abuse from the public. They are used in ATMs, elevators, building intercoms etc. The BB switch is of the same internals. Chad is a genius for using them.

I use the new AW IMR 2000mah batteries in my SB. Holy crap! They put the ultrafires to shame and are the safest battery you can use. My IMR stays in the 4V range all day and has the amps to power my HH .357 1.5 atty like it was meant to burn. I kept blowing eGo 1000mah batts every month using these atties because the eGo has a cheap electric switch and not enough amps to handle a LR load. The Silver Bullet is the way to go! Thanks Guys! (Chad, If you make the BB hold a 17500 or 18500 I'll buy one)
(Posted on 2/14/2012)
Silver Bullet best mod ever! Review by farmville101
AlI I can say is WOW, this thing is AMAZING just got it a few hours ago, but all ready loving it. I got the white body with black switch it looks great, well built unit..The prices are very affordable and the shipping super fast. I will be buying another one very soon, just to have another color, by far the best of the best. thank you for the great service, I will be back to buy plenty more from you.
From one very happy customer! (Posted on 2/13/2012)
This is the end... Review by etrnldrk
There is no need to search for a "better" mod now, because this is simply the best you can get. Solid, hefty, sexy, and at a great price make this a must buy if you are tired of charging your eGo's constantly (like me). My wife and I made the 2 hour drive this morning to pick up our new PV's. I settled for a purple Silver Bullet and couldn't be happier (before you say anything, purple makes this look wicked). I was sold on it when I held it in hand.

Just buy it already!! Review by Greg
If your still on the fence on which big batt mod to buy, just buy this one. Ive had my SB for about a week now and am so glad I bought it. Altho this is my first PV and I don't have anything to compare it to, I can tell you this baby is built to last! Top notch craftsmanship. Shipping was extremely fast, they shipped it the same day I ordered it(on a Saturday). Everything was well packaged, and I too received a hand written thank you. My father is going to take the plunge into the vaping world soon, so Ive been the guinea pig for testing everything out on the market. I gave him a drag off my SB and he said "Wow, that packs a punch." He told me my lil pen style ecig just didn't hit hard enough. If I had to go back and reorder one(which i will be doing soon for my dad) I would add a DCT tank, LR atty, standard 510 atty and an extra AW IMR batt. Thank you so much for your outstanding prices, customer satisfaction, and craftsmanship Altsmoke!
P.S. The SB should be listed in the self defense section with tazers and brass knuckles on other websites, because it can double as a fist packer! ;)
(Posted on 2/11/2012)
silver bullet Review by joanne
i love it! i searched many mods and choose the silver bullet. i still was not too sure and got a purple one. well, you cant beat it! very well made and such a great finish on the outside. love the purple as it matches my bathing suit! lol. the rest of the unit is equally well made and a joy to have. it looks so good with the dca306 or the dc tank that i am sure i am styling to carry it with me. the vape is all that i was wanting . it did seem to be a smooth draw and lots of vapor. very pleased with altsmoke and i am sure to continue to shop with them. (Posted on 2/8/2012)
Two words... Vaping Bliss... Review by Anthony K
I have to start out first by commending AltSmoke by truly being an awesome company. Shipping was unbelievably fast, packaged perfectly, and more then exceeded my expectations. Top it off with a packing slip hand checked off to insure proper items are there and intact shows me AltSmoke is a company that cares. In addition to a hand written thank you and a smily face from a woman named Mallory just blew my mind. Now to the silver bullet. Being my first tube mod I was blown away by the craftsmanship of this PV. This device truly, as simple a design as it is, is in fact a work of art. The threading alone will tell you that the Silver Bullet has been crafted to strict guidelines. I had purchased the chrome model with chrome button to make it truly a “Silver Bullet”. This PV paired with a LR 510 Cart running a 1.5 ohm, produces so much tasty vapor and throat hit it will surprise you. BTW their AltLiquid RY4 is totally rocking my world to vaping bliss right now. Thank you AltSmoke, and Mallory, for making me one satisfied customer. You will be definitely be hearing from this vapor head again… (Posted on 2/4/2012)
Wasn't for me Review by Sandy
It's not for me. It sure did look cool. For those wondering it fits the 3.7 3000mah ultra fire batteries. (Posted on 2/3/2012)
Best Decision Yet Review by Eric
I have been vaping off and on for 2 years now, and I have to say this has been the best purchase so far. Easy to use, looks great, runs forever, and definitely gets my friends asking tons of questions about vaping. So thank you altsmoke for making this amazing device. (Posted on 1/25/2012)
Silver Bullet Rocks! Review by Jeremy
Its my first PV ugrade from an Standard Ecig! I love it! With an LR Atty or Carto its amazing! Altsmoke is an incredible company and this product is built to last! Also, lightning fast shipping and stellar service! Thumbs up! (Posted on 1/23/2012)
No Regrets! Review by jason
The SB is flawless. Clearly well made, and built to last. Works flawlessly and without fail. Was not sure if it would be worth the money for me, as I was content with my ego(or so I thought). So I decided to make the drive to Altsmoke and check it out. I was clearly impressed, but not just by the amazing Silver Vein Silver Bullet. The people who work for altsmoke are fricking amazing! They were helpful, knowledgable, and friendly! Can not remember the last time I was blown away by the service at any retail store or restaurant. Was a very pleasant experiance. I will definately be doing business again!!! (Posted on 1/17/2012)
Aww YEEEEE! Review by Aidan
Sb came in the mail the other day, and I realized it's not that big. People seem to make it seem like it's ginormous, but it's not. So far it fires AMAZINGLY, and it's my go to mod. I honestly feel comfortable whipping it at a wall, then vaping it right after. So, I tried that. Unfortunately, it punched a big dent in the wall, but the SB came out unscathed. I wouldn't reccomend throwing it at a wall, but if you do want to throw one at a wall, this is what you want. (Posted on 1/12/2012)
Another awesome review! Review by Rattlehead
The silver Silver Bullet is just so beautiful I can't stop looking at it!
With an IMR battery and a LR atty (or DCC tank, or Carto or...anything!) this is the best vape ever!
If you are in doubt, I tell you do not hesitate! In any color, this thing is built to last and will blow anything else away!
Simple and elegant and a vaper's dream. Thanks Altsmoke! (Posted on 1/4/2012)
My second bullet Review by Aaron
I will make this review super sweet and super short since there are well over 300 detailed reviews to help you decide if this is the right mod for you. I just received my second silver bullet in the mail last night ( a nice shinny red one!) My first one was an older model that i bought some years back when AltSmoke first released them. I can tell you from experience that these babies will stand the test of time. I have deployed to Iraq with my old one several times, its been through sand storms, desert heat, rattled around in a ruck sack, and been through multiple explosions with me ;-) It finally died a few weeks ago hence my new purchase. Read the other reviews. and when you get sick of reading take out your debit card and just buy it. don't second guess yourself, don't look at other web sites mods, don't try to compare it to other wanna be silver bullets. Do it RIGHT the first time and just buy it. If you want to make this puppy sing get yourself the Tank XL with it. you will die a happy vaper!
(Posted on 1/4/2012)
I have two Silver Bullets and there tought as nails! This is a no brainer! Review by Blackbird23237
I bought my first SB from Tyler and the guys at VaperCon and I got my second one a couple of weeks ago. I have used them with Tanks and attys, 306 DCA and a Vapemate, cartos on their own you name it I've put it to the test with the SB and they just flat out ROCK! I'm still a relative newbie but I'm sure glad I was lucky enought to get a Silver Bullet early on in vaping. You can't go wrong with a Silver Bullet that's for sure.

Keep up the good work guy's!

BB (Posted on 1/3/2012)
Where the competition has failed, the Silver Bullet and Altsmoke shine. Review by Adam
Let me first say that this company and everyone I've encountered go above and beyond what I ever expected. Very rare to have such social and helpful people there to assist you and make you feel like a valued customer. A+++

Shipping was 2 days (with standard shipping) to the east coast and arrived safely in a triple-wrapped bubbled envelope. As for the device, it is the epitome of a PV. The finish is flawless and mirror-like. Threading is easy to start and buttery smooth. Button is sturdy and silent, no sticking or misfiring. The whole thing feels confident and well designed, which I cannot say for the others I have tried. If you're thinking about getting into vaping, or already own smaller devices, I would strongly suggest you try the Silver Bullet. You'll save yourself the frustration of dealing with lesser companies and products.

-- Thank You Mallory, Tyler and Valerie! (Rob, I haven't had the pleasure of 'meeting you', but thank you as well, as I'm sure you have a large part in all of this too.) I'll be ordering accessories from you guys in the future! Keep up the great work everyone at AltSmoke!

Anyone buying the charger may be interested in knowing it is a corded version (not a plugin mounted model). Big + for me!

Cheers :) (Posted on 12/30/2011)
WOW- I'm Am Blown away with this Unit Review by Ronald
what an eligant heavy duty construction built to last a lifetime. I am blown away about this PV. the price is awesome too. What a difference in performance. i have been using the Joye Ego systems,and they are a great unit, but for me i am a heavy duty Vapor. The Silver Bullet WINS. The price,Construction built to last a life time. I Highly recommend this bullet to everybody,especially if you are a heavy vapor. I am thinking about buying a second unit Different color as a spare. I recommend that you buy that big 3100mah battery too. give yourself a treat and vape in quality Beautiful Unit. that will last a life time. I do wish they would make a Sock that would pull on easy. because fingerprints sticky filling. but that is nothing thou.. design something and have different colors and sell it. I would buy four or five my self. Thanks Alt Smoke. you have me as a customer for life. Thank you Terry Williams (Posted on 12/28/2011)
WOW- I'm Am Blown away with this Unit Review by Ronald
what an eligant heavy duty construction built to last a lifetime. I am blown away about this PV. the price is awesome too. What a difference in performance. i have been using the Joye Ego systems,and they are a great unit, but for me i am a heavy duty Vapor. The Silver Bullet WINS. The price,Construction built to last a life time. I Highly recommend this bullet to everybody,especially if you are a heavy vapor. I am thinking about buying a second unit Different color as a spare. I recommend that you buy that big 3100mah battery too. give yourself a treat and vape in quality Beautiful Unit. that will last a life time. I do wish they would make a Sock that would pull on easy. because fingerprints sticky filling. but that is nothing thou.. design something and have different colors and sell it. I would buy four or five my self. Thanks Alt Smoke. you have me as a customer for life. Thank you Terry Williams (Posted on 12/28/2011)
just awesome!!!! Review by sniper187u
picked one of these up this past weekend and i must say it is well worth the $$$ . i was using a bomb shell from mad vapes and the thing only lasted about a month and a half ( may have just got a bad one ) but the silver bullet is just frikin great made much better and the guys at altsmoke were very helpful --- thanks again guys:) . put it this way if u want something thats gonna last BUY THIS!!! (Posted on 12/28/2011)
Beast Review by McGyver
This thing looks like a beast, feels like a beast, and hits like a beast. Best pv I've owned so far. Love the recessed button. It feels good to be worry free when I put it in my pocket. Great weight to it, so you're confident it will stay standing up. I own the chrome one....massive finger prints, but it's worth it. Maybe you guys can start selling SB skins so we can have different colored ones. Must buy! (Posted on 12/24/2011)
The Best Out There! Review by Jacob
Just got my Silver Bullet today and all I can say is amazing! I stopped using my Omega, just not as good as the Silver Bullet. Love the product and the service keep it coming altsmoke :) (Posted on 12/23/2011)
Tank of a mod. Review by on3fifth
I know there is tons of reviews but I feel I need to put my 2 cents in.
This mod is a tank it can go anywhere very pocket friendly.
I did have an issue with the button at first.. but it just needed to be broke in.
I can not complain about anything about the SB.
Build quality- amazing
button- amazing
510 connection- amazing
Silver Bullet- AMAZING (Posted on 12/16/2011)
silver bullet Review by wynne
All I can say is WOW! I have been very lucky. I did not have to go through all kinds of cruddy e-cig companies etc. I had tried two previous brands. I then heard about the SIlver Bullet. I ordered it, fast shipping, great group of friendly people and I was in love with this SB. It took me awhile to figure out all the ends and outs and get everything just perfect for myself. Such as juice flavor and atty's. But here I am enjoying the Vapor of a SB 10 times more than a real cig. I am so impressed I am going to order the Alpha, and Omega, just for back ups and for when I go into public I dont look like i am carrying a pink sex toy lol. The SB is large, but who cares. It rocks. I am so so sad I did not know about the world of vapor sooner. I could have saved myself a long time ago. I urge every smoker to try this SB and practice and research. Altsmoke is by far the best out of hundreds of other companies I looked into. They will always be my shop. Their liquids arent bad either. I wish they had more flavors but what they have is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 12/16/2011)
Get it. It's that simple Review by Bryan
I got mine in June of 2010. I'm using mine right now, as I write this in December 2011.

There's nothing I can say that others haven't already as far as positive feedback except to say that mine has stood up through 18 months. I don't know how many times I've dropped or knocked it over. The button works great, there's no loose parts - it's just solid.

The only thing bad I can say about it is that I wish it had a flat side so that I could lay it down somewhere without it rolling. But considering I've had it so long, really that's just nit-picking.

On a side note, I'm still using the original two TrustFire 18650 2400MaH 3.7v batteries I got with it. I just swap them off the charger each day and both are doing great. I can still go 20+ hours on either one with a full charge. (Posted on 12/11/2011)
Monster of a PV! Review by Endweaver
I got my Black Chrome Silver Bullet and I have to say, I have no regrets in choosing SB over other tube mods out there! It got everything: sturdy, nearly indestructible, classy, sleek and as everyone claims, powerful in delivering vapor and flavor at 3.7v default settting. I'm using it with a LR dual coil tank and my trusty 306DCA with the MA306 LR atty and man I kept getting stranded in vaping nirvana! hopefully Altsmoke releases a simple modification for SB to let it handle 6v+ vaping since they don't recommend stacking batteries and I so I never did, in respect to altsmoke's design for this PV! More power and hope you guys release a glittery/ starlight body color for SB! Thanks again! (Posted on 12/7/2011)
Totally Pleased Review by Hsvken
My first positive impressions were the reviews from many experienced vapers.
Then, incredible 2-day delivery. These people have a firm grasp on customer service.

I got the chrome/chrome SB. This thing is really an artpiece, and very substantially built. Top and bottom thread-mating is flawless, and already protected with NOALOX before shipment. Took me a minute or two to get used to the heft, since I'm used to Bartleby and eGo-T...

Works great and long with that big ol' 18650. The vapor produced (I use a LR cartomizer) by the SB is more than I was used to, and I actually got dizzy in the first 10 minutes I used it!

So, bottom line: Very happy with purchase, price, and customer service.

(Posted on 11/28/2011)
Fantastic! Review by Rod
Holy crap! I love my Silver Bullet!
I started off with the Yeti, which was fine. Then Moved up to an eGo,which was also fine. Both very nice units that served me very well.
However..... When I went to the Silver Bullet..... WOW!! A world apart!
This thing is amazing! Battery life is great, vaper production is super, reliability is rock solid. I just can't say enough great things about this PV.
Actually, I bought a Silver Bullet and an Omega just because I couldn't decide which switch I wanted and I gotta say, I love them both. The switch is the only difference I can see between the two.
Great stuff! (Posted on 11/3/2011)
The test of time Review by G
I bought a silver bullet when it first came out. It was at least 2 years ago, maybe 3 years. I bought a second SB soon after. Since that time, I bought several well known pvs from different companies. My SBs still work as well as they did the first day I got them. I cannot say the same about my other pvs. I always have my SBs with me. Always. I throw them in my purse and go about my business knowing they will never misfire and always work perfectly. So far, at least... (Posted on 11/1/2011)
Awesome! Review by Jay
I've had my SB less than a week and all I can say is it was well worth the investment. I started with an ego system but my charger died last Friday night and I was out of town in VA. Beach for a Navy reunion. I drove back to Richmond first thing Saturday monring, went to VaperCon and went directly to the AltSmoke table to snag me a SB. I had been researching them online and already knew what I wanted. I still use my ego at my desk at work so I don't draw attention to myself but other than that I'm full on with my SB and it definitely delivers! The guys at AltSmoke where awesome to deal with and have been very helpful with tips and info. Thanks again! You guys Rock.
(Posted on 10/28/2011)
Truly the Best!! Review by Rochelle
I tell everyone about the SB and some say I should be their spokesperson! LOL. Their customer service, as well as the fast shipping, is something you can depend on with Altsmoke. They are the best!! Still referring and enjoying vaping in So Cal!! Thanks Guys!! Youre the BEST!!! (Posted on 10/27/2011)
Year and half later Update Review by Noah
So I've been rocking this Silver Bullet for over a year and half now, and it's still a beast. I've purchased 2 other mods in that time, one being a chinese crapper that I returned and the other being a silver vein Alpha. The Alpha was awesome, but I kept going back to the bullet, and ended up selling the Alpha to a buddy. I use 6 volts only, and I carry it everywhere with me. I vape non-stop from the second I wake up, and usually fall asleep with it in my hand. I even use it at my desk at work. I probably click this button at least a few hundred times a day if not more. Actually it's probably a lot more. The point is, it still works great. I drop it regularly, it bounces all around, and I've even gotten it wet (don't ask), and it's always ready for duty. Long story short, I'm about to order another one just to get another color going on. Otherwise, I don't think I'm ever going to use anything but my trusty Silver Bullet. People can swear by whatever mods they want, but I guarantee I can use my Bullet to smash their precious mod and still vape it afterwards. In case anyone out there needed another glimmering statement to sell them on a Bullet; If Bruce Campbell vaped, he would do so using a Silver Bullet. (Posted on 10/21/2011)
MY eCig MECCA Review by Faucethands
I have been using vapor kings for the longest time. Almost 2 years now. I have been missing out. The vapor and flavor match perfectly in this yeti atomizer. I am not so into cartridges because of splash back so I kind of tailpipe/drip tip it and it's a beautiful combination. The button is so easy to depress. My vapor kings left dents in my fingertips. The silver bullets smooth comfortable feel in my hand adds to the pleasure of sitting back and drawing on this elegant device and I just opened the package twenty min ago. I have an ez tank a precut carto and a drip tip on the way which I can only imagine will add to and intensify my enjoyment. The customer service has been a charm in answering my questions rapidly. I think I have found my ecig Mecca. (Posted on 10/6/2011)
American Cloud 9 here in the Philippines!! Review by Henner
I got my New Black Silver Bullet, my 1st with AltSmoke.. i had awesome vapor with 306 Lr.. the power is great with 3.7v protected batt.. the construction is so simple yet so gorgeous (Black Beauty), black coated body, with black coated atty & super red drip tip, cool man, hahaha.. Great chain vaping, excellent button, no cut off, no hassle, no problem at all.. Thanks Altsmoke! More power & congratulations!! :) (Posted on 9/30/2011)
SIMPLY THE BE(A)ST OUT THERE!!!! Review by SugarEkis
JUST SIMPLY IS THE BEST out there. I've had this monster of a PV for a month now in SILVER VEIN finish. Still looks brand new as the day I got it. Contemplating on getting the OMEGA, but still not sold on it because of the top part being wobbly based on the video review I searched on Youtube. I hope Altsmoke will be able to fix/eliminate this small complaint from user. Till then SILVER BULLET FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! (Posted on 9/27/2011)
Excellent Review by Shaun
Love love my new silver bullet. I have been using the ego with a drip tip and low res Atty for a while now and sometimes had good vapes and others not so good. I was about to give up on vaping and thought well we will try this and see what happens. Now I'm am completely satisfied. Perfect vape every time with a low res cartomizer (dripping is tough with leakage on silver bullet) (Posted on 9/22/2011)
Outstanding Quality & Performance Review by Jorge
I am extremely happy with my Silver Bullet. I'm a heavy vaper and this unit delivers faultlessly! As soon as my brother in law experienced the performance of my SB, he immediately ordered one as well, and is equally impressed :) Now, we just need an optional USB passthrough for the SB, like the one for the BB! How about it Altsmoke? By the way, great service and quick and affordable shipping to New Zealand too. Highly recommend the Silver Bullet & Altsmoke. Cheers. (Posted on 9/11/2011)
Lost and found Review by R-train
I've been vaping for all of 4 years now. I've owned all different stuff and lost in the mix trying everything under the sun in the vaping universe but shied away from big battery mods. Always say the silver bullet and always said maybe next time. So 2 weeks ago I finally ordered one Silver Vein. This thing is durable and hits consistently every time. I paired it with a 18650 and a LR J tank. Full vapor all the time. Flavor seems to be enhanced. The only downside is that, today, I see all these colored ones. Luckily not too bummed because they did not have candy apple red. C'mon now let's come out with the candy apple red one. Bet that would look SWEEEEEEEET. Back to the point, if you're in the market for an awesome PV, look no further than the SILVER BULLET. You will not be disappointed. ( CANDY APPLE RED PLEASE) (Posted on 8/30/2011)
Silver Bullet is a best PV !!! Review by Aleksandr
After researching and watching MANY youtube videos I've decided to order a silver bullet (I've also ordered blucigs starter kit). I am new to vaping and after getting my order from altsmoke (only took 3 days!!!) I was absolutely amaized.Till now I havent touched blucigs starter kit, dont know if I will :) Currently I am vaping killa vanilla with my silver bullet and its awesome. Silver Bullet investment is a money well spent !!! Solid design not too big..just PERFECT!!!

(Posted on 8/22/2011)
wow!! Review by Vejso "Eddie"
damn good device and investment got the SB and 3 LR atty's use em with yeti carts,i find direct dripping to messy leaking and constand opening and closing of the juice bottle a pain in the rear...but the LR atty's is what you want to use with the 3.7v battery!and i also find the PG juice to be better in this because its not as "thick" and so drips better.today is my second day with the SB but i am allready impresed!the batery life is out of this world! only one thing i find as a con is that you will use alot of juice !its the price of large amounts of vapor :D mi wish i got the SB when i started vaping.any way if you starting to vape save ur money and get this thing !!itll last for ever and save you money.do your selfe a favor! happy vapin'!! (Posted on 8/16/2011)
6v vaping on the SB with a recessed button, the end-all to vape units Review by Ourei
Yeah, despite the warnings of stacking batteries, I do it. To be safe, drill at least 1 hole somewhere in the SB casing. Why they don't do it is totally beyond me!

6v vaping is where it's at. all you need is a battery casing, a few atomizers, the drip tip, bottles of liquid, 2 sets of protected batteries and a charger. End of the line.

If you don't drill a hole or two in your SB, twist it open every now and then to let gasses escape. I never had gasses from the battery, but it's all you need to do. But drill a hole.

The SB is ZERO maintenance! The Omega has exhaust holes, but you have to take apart the thing to clean it now and then. No such thing with the SB.

This is the defacto 6v vaping unit. If it came with standard exhaust holes, it would be a done deal!

The best thing on the market to date.

AltSmoke Response: The unit does have vent holes, take off the top and blow through it. You can see the notch in the washer, it vents under the switch. (Posted on 8/14/2011)
Sturdy Well Built Device Review by Frank
I ordered my Silver Bullet. The shipment arrived within 3 days. It looks great (went with the silver-vein). Upon inspection I saw that all the reviews were true about how well made it is. You would have to try extremely hard to break the casing. It's darn near indestructible. I love the recessed button. It's well made and I don't worry about it firing or breaking when I put it in my pocket. It's not as big as I thought it was, but that's a good thing because it's not so bad to carry around with me when I go out as long as I detach the atomizer. I don't recommend anyone carrying it in their pocket with the atomizer attached to it. Just unscrew the atty and your good to go. I haven't had this very long at all, but I really like it a lot. I can just stand it on a desk or flat surface and it stay put. The battery lasts me a full day and It's just a simple, well built, nice looking mod that should last for many years. (Posted on 8/13/2011)
awesome Review by zack
this is the best mod i've used so far everything i try on it works 4.8 volt battery with dual cartos and lr 306s on 3.7 is the best to its to bad the atty they sent didnt match threads with the silver bullet 5 stars! (Posted on 8/5/2011)
Look No Further Review by Chris T.
If you're new to AltSmoke you won't have to go anywhere else for THE Ultimate personal vaping device. The Silver Bullet is sure to amaze you right out of the packaging. The surprising thing is that shipping was curiously fast, it only took a few days to come through, even as priority mail. I also enjoy the personalizing feature when ordering. "Do you want extra batteries?" "Drip Tips?" The online shopping interface is tops!" What's not to like? Getting back to the Silver Bullet, you won't find this type of craftsmanship anywhere else. You get clouds of vapor even with a low VG solution. Hours and hours of vape-time. I enjoy the heftiness of the SB, at least you know you won't lose it as easily as you would other PV's. I'd say that the weight just screams just how powerful a device the SB is. If you're looking for the ultimate in vaping, look no further. Do yourself a favor and just get a Silver Bullet. You won't be disappointed. (Posted on 8/5/2011)
Silver Bullet And Customer Service Review by Tiff
Customer service at Altsmoke is second to none. I have been up and down the east coast and have not found ANY other business that can compare to these guys and their amazing customer service. The Silver Bullet is amazing, the battery lasts forever, and produces tons of vapor. Built for the long haul! I love it. And I cannot stress enough, you cannot go wrong with Altsmoke or the Silver Bullet. Thank you guys so much for your patience with me, and thanks so much for this Bullet. Your reputation speaks for itself! THE BEST! (Posted on 8/4/2011)
Silver Bullet in silver vein Review by Kyle
This PV is nothing short of incredible! The overall quality of construction is unbelievable. I have no doubt that this thing will last me a very long time. I've been running it with an 18650 battery at 3.7V with a Yeti 510 LR atty and it has performed flawlessly. Initial charge of the battery took just shy of 7 hours, and I'm now on Day 5 with the same charge. Great vapor production and throat hit from 24mg Virginia Tobacco e-liquid from AltSmoke. Shipping was insanely fast as well! Only took 2 days to arrive. I'll certainly be ordering from you guys again in the very near future. Thanks Rob and Mallory :-) (Posted on 8/2/2011)
First mod, Love it. Review by Taylor
Just got my sb today (crazy fast shipping). I absolutely love this thing. tons of vapor. Solid construction. Virtually impossible to misfire in your pocket. And the price is great compared to almost EVERY other mod on the market. A+++++++++++ (Posted on 8/1/2011)
3.7v heaven Review by M.D. Roach
I have to admit that Alt Smoke was right. The Silver Bullet is perfect with the 18650 3.7volt Ultra Fire 3000 mAh batteries. I used the Tenergy batteries at 6volts and they ended up working good with the right atty, but it was not nearly as consistent as just sticking with the 3.7 volt battery that fits better and lasts all day with the low res 510 atty's from any brand, well any decent brand.

Here is what you need....

2 Ultra Fire 3.7volt 3000mAh batteries
1 Ultra fire WF-139 charger
A five pack of Low-res attomizers
A few clear drip tips

No changing atty's, burning taste, dead batteries, just vaping pleasure....

The silver Bullet has been awesome. Yeah, vape on...... (Posted on 7/31/2011)
The Silver Bullet Review by Lee
Outstanding piece of work,love the weight and the look of the siiver bullet even more with my metal drip tip on(i don't use carts or tanks or any of that crap just drip, it's better and more cost effective) You couldn't get a better button, i see what every ones on about it's perfect. Can't see it ever going of in my pocket ,even with the kids jumping on me.This was a problem with my ego. Real good solid click to it to.To me the SB has been made to last, it just screams quality. The whole unit is just the right size,i thought it would be bigger. I won't be worried about using this around tobacco smokers,it looks so cool ! I've put mine in a sun glasses sleeve,so i can clean it as i go. I can't see me needing to buy anymore e cigs. Hopefully this is the last upgrade i'll ever need. I'll still be vaping on my e cigcity 5 volt passthrough in the house just to save on battery life. I've tried this with a LR atomiser with the 18650 battery and it hits harder at 3.7 than my 5 volt passthrough, Just like another review said. I'm using my passthrough with an iphone 4 mains charger. It's got me thinking if it's getting the full 5 volt's. I've got to try the SB it 6 volts. Not that i need to be just coz i can ! I'll not be using my LR attys with it at 6 volt. If i knew what i knew now when i first started on e cigs about 7 months ago, i would still buy the passthrough,silver bullet,18650 battery x 2,plenty of good LR and normal atomisers,drip tips and e juice (obviously)
I wouldn't waste money on anything else. It's all you need. Thank you Altsmoke.com ! (Posted on 7/28/2011)
nothing to say but AMAZING!!!!! Review by andrew
i have been using the Silver Bullet for a month now and it is awesome. i have never vaped before perchasing this mod and im so glad that i decided to go with the silver bullet. the vapor production from this thing is awesome. im also hooked on dripping now definately the way to go in my opinion. i am not a real heavy vaper. i have had the silver bullet last me 4 days without needing to recharge it. i use it at home and work and have absolutely nothing bad to say. oh definatly use the LR atomizer with this its amazing. thanks to altsmoke and rob. worth the money hands down.

thank you rob and staff for such an amazing product.

(Posted on 7/28/2011)
Just Do It Review by Jeremy
If your waiting to pull the trigger on a mod your not vaping the good vape.. I too thought this was gonna be huge it's not and quite perfect btw I got this from Rob personally in Chicago at WCVC (Posted on 6/21/2011)
Clouds of Vapor Review by Lance
Just got my SB in the mail today, and let me just tell you... I am blown away by this thing!! I have been on a vape-a-thon every since I put it in my hands!! I ordered it on a Thursday, and got it on Saturday.. Not only that, through my rush to get one on the way, I realized on Friday morning that I had failed to order the Ultrafire batteries, so in a panic I rushed to go ahead and put in another order for the batteries. To my amazement, the batteries showed up along with my SB on Saturday in another package!! It is almost like the guys over at Altsmoke already knew that I had forgotten them, and had it ready to go as soon as I clicked submit on my order!! You just will NOT get service like that anywhere, or from anyone.. I am vaping the RY4 at the moment, and it is of an amazing quality. Nice big clouds of vapor, and the 24mg is great, has a nice kick, but not to harsh. If you do not have one of these, trust me, do yourself a huge favor and get one.. The SB is of superb quality, and looks indestructible.. Thanks again Altsmoke for such a great product, and superior customer service!! (Posted on 6/18/2011)
wow Review by leanne
i went from the blu, to the njoy, to the inferno, and then to the silver bullet, oh my. i cant even explain the last big jump. its like driving a bike and then driving a bmw. i would highly recommend anyone that enjoys vaping to get the silver bullet. i have used it at 3.7 volts with the 18650 with the lr atty and at 6 volts with a hr atty and wow they both blow the competition away. its the best buy i have ever made. if you are reading these reviews and are shopping around look no farther, this is the one to buy!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 6/1/2011)
Service great! Review by Axel
Oh yeah, the service here at Altsmoke is great. I appreciate that they have taken the time to talk to me and help me with my decision making during the process of experimenting to find my preferences. My shipments were fast. Can't say enough good! (Posted on 5/29/2011)
Heck Yeah!!!!!!! Review by Axel
I break everything I touch so I needed a device that would be durable and stay with me on the construction site. My Silver Bullet has dropped from heights of ten feet with nothing more than a scuff of the finish!
The Silver Bullet is awesome delivering an option of vaping at different voltages. This is a must have for any serious vaper!
The Silver Bullet is my only device and I can tell I will be using it for a long time! (Posted on 5/29/2011)
Love This Mod Review by MICHAEL
Ok let me start with the customer service here since it is the best I've ever seen you have have a problem they will make it right no complaints no crap with a smile on there face! And I'm not new to e-cigs or ordering online nor do I write reviews but these guys deserve it... Now the sb I am new to mods and I can't compare with others but this thing is very good the 18650 3.7v battery with the low resistance atty is an awsome pair I also use it at 6v to I like it either way but the battery life at 3.7 is amazing! Their is alot of mods out there but not a lot of the cool ones will take the 18650 battery this thing may be big but with performance like this I don't care life long customer Thanks AltSmoke!!! (Posted on 5/14/2011)
The silver bullet is very durable, excellent value for your money, looks & performs like a horse! Review by Egypt1ancraz
I got the silver bullet from alt smoke, in the silver vein finish. First thing i thought when i took it out the black felt material is WOW!.. it was way smaller than i thought it would be thats number one, another thing is the color on it is amazing and the contrast between the silver vein and the silver switch is just incredible. Props alt smoke.. big time! It threads nicely and is just an over all amazing product with amazing quality and amazing specs. 3,7 volts, 6 volts... 510 atty... what more do you want. I know! a Variable Voltage Silver BULLET??!! did i just say that??? woops.. lol now wouldnt THAT be the sh*t.. (Posted on 5/13/2011)
Quicksilver Review by M.D. Roach
I got the Silver Bullet for myself on my birthday. I have an Ego 510 e-cig and it has been great, but I wanted more power and something more durable. I ordered some rcr123a Tenergy batteries with the charger included and they work great in the Bullet.
I did drill a small hole in the bottom of the unit to help if the protected batteries have issues.
One of the best things about this mod is you can vape at 6 volts and it dissipates the heat really well being thick aluminum. I tried a HV attomizer at 4.5ohms and it was nice when the batteries are fresh, but after an hour or two of vaping it needs to be switched out for the regular joy 510 atomizers. It works great with regular atomizers at 6 volts.
Now if you use 3.7 18650 batteries you might try the low resistance atomizers to give good vapes, but ultimately you may want a couple of each 510 atties to use. low res, reg, and hvolt.....and both types of batteries. 3.7 and 6v. So you can play around with different combinations to find the perfect setup.....

As for the order I'm impressed. I got the bullet in three days, and it even had noalox on the threads. Cool thanks, and it was well protected in bubble wrap...

The price is perfect, you cant get better quality for under 90 bucks anywhere, especially one made in the U.S.

I'm really happy with my purchase, and you will be too.... (Posted on 5/9/2011)
this thing is insane!!! Review by mike c
Just recieved mine today i usually would wait to write a review but I am in vaping heaven I got the sbb with the low resistance atty i ordered the 6v batteries from a different site but im wishing i would not of because the 3.7 with the low resistace atty blows away my 902 passthrough at 5v I would recomend this to anyone and there customer support rocks like everyone said.. Only con to it is i might have to not use my kit anymore its like smoking on a low battery compared to this Mac Truck!!....Wish I found it a lot sooner :) (Posted on 5/6/2011)
silver bullet Review by tony c
i have the bb and the silver bullet.i love them both but the silver bullet is the best.
all the great reviews on the sb are true.
its simply the best! (Posted on 4/22/2011)
Best Customer Serv Around Review by Mickyd
I just gotta say these guys are on their game..I have had only one instance where I recieved the wrong carts...one phone call and two days later I had my carts. Quality products and service. I tell everybody! (Posted on 4/11/2011)
Go to Mod Review by studio52
I find myself using the silver bullet as my go to mod. I have 5 different mods, and I like most of them just fine, but the silver bullet just give me what I want in looks, feel and vapor production. Its easy to care for, the button is just perfect, and the feel of this mod in your hand is just right. I wish I had just bought 5 silver bullets instead of all the other mods, that way I would never need another mod....ever. Oh yeah, the guys here at altsmoke.com give great service too. (Posted on 4/6/2011)
Vaping Stalwart Review by Rob C
So, today my BSB finally said its goodbyes (just the switch)...it's been a good 13/14 months. I'm a civil servant who works outside so it saw a fair bit of abuse in the form of drops from 4-5 feet into mud, dirt, grass, asphalt and concrete. As aluminum is a realtively soft metal, it got its fair share of nicks and cuts but it was always the atty that came off looking worse.

I ordered the Omega today in an effort to try something a little more up-to-date but had the SB still been the only mod AltSmoke made, I'd have bought another one. IMHO the SB is the standard-bearer when it comes to uncomplicated, durable mods. I've never owned a different mod but I've seen my fair share of them since vaping took off over the last year and a half and handled them and 90%of them felt like they'd break if you looked at them wrong.

The SB is 110% 'Grade A' American craftsmanship. I this age of throwaway everything, it's nice to see someone focusing on quality. Kudos to Rob and Chad for making a mod you don't have to treat with kid gloves. If they offered the SB and Omega with a Cerakote coating option they'd have vaping mods fit for a Navy Seal. Get on it boys! (Posted on 4/5/2011)
Awesome! (the not rises at the end of the word) Review by trhfree
Just received my SB! Beautiful, solid comfortable, and highly functional! Love it! Excellent customer. Thank you altsmoke. The Yeti 510 lr cartomizers work perfectly on both 3.7 V and 6V. You sent me some bluberry frost e-juice and I love it on both voltages. Tried some other cartomizers on a 510 to 901 adapter and did not like the taste at all no matter how much I adjusted the adapter. My other juices work to perfection in the yeti cartomizer at both voltages but I actually prefer the 3.7V for taste. So i guess even your juice is superior in quality. I am difficult to impress, but this exceeds my expectations way to go. (Posted on 4/1/2011)
Prior review correction Review by Lisa
I have to admit I am quite embarrassed. My thanks To Rob not Brad. I am so sorry for the name mistake!!! I must give credit where credit it due.

Again, thank you and Altsmoke rocks!!! (Posted on 3/12/2011)
You have never vaped till you experienced the Silver Bullet Review by Lisa
I have been through so many different ecigs and finally decided to bite the bullet so to speak. I just received mine in the mail today. At first it looked rather intimidating but once I handled it, I realized how great it fits and feels in the hand. The vaping experience you get from this unit is unbelieveable!!!!
I can't thank you enough Brad for your help. (Posted on 3/12/2011)
The end of a long road !!!! Review by coppersmith
This is what made in America is all about . Just sorry it took so long to find you guys. if more people just start with the SB, they could have saved a lot of time & money. Great product , the chines should start to worry !!! (Posted on 3/11/2011)
Wow I am an vaping heaven and amazed. Review by Dan E.
I just recieved my SB today. This device is absolutely amazing. Beautifully constructed and produces a delcious and amazing vape. I started on regular 510's and they were great for about the first month then started to get very glitchy and crap out and were not "cutting the mustard"(510 batteries from Volcano). My girlfriend had picked up a fantasic eGo kit from here at AltSmoke and let me use it off and on and I think it is superb. I've been wanting an SB for quite some time since I first saw it and she went ahead and ordered one for me. Well now that I have it in my hands and vaping on it I am amazed. Not only is it built to last but it also looks like a piece of beautiful artwork. The vaping on this is incredible. My favorite juices taste so good with this 18650 battery on a low res 1.5 ohm atty. and the vaper clouds are enormous. You guys really did a fantastic job with this and the two of us will continue coming to AltSmoke for our vaping needs. I love to vape and with my SB I am in vaping heaven now. I can't say enough...thank you so much you guys really made my day! (Posted on 3/2/2011)
Tha Boss Review by TheFinder808
I got the Silver Vein Silver Bullet and it's so purdy, and with 510 cartos at 6v it kicks like a mule. It is simply the best. I haven't tried it at 3.7v yet but I'm sure it kicks butt at that voltage too, you can't go wrong with the 18650. Thanks altsmoke you guys rock! (Posted on 1/14/2011)
This Mod will never be outdated Review by VapinBuddy
I am an avid Vaper whose first mod was the Prodigy V3, I rocked that for awhile then saw my friends Silver Bullet. I am a bit of a gadget geek so I like mods naturally but when I saw the Silver Bullet I knew I needed to get one. Keep in mind its function is almost identical to the V3, 3.7v and 6v vaping. I got mine in and I love it, the Silver Vein is sweet if you don't want to have to worry about polishing your mod. Another thing of note, the Silver Bullet will take any Tank / Atomizer mod with out issue as long as its 510. The V3 has a juice well that I worry about not working with a MAP Tank or Ato-Miser mod. The Omega will take both of those as well but the top down button can be "difficult" with these additions.. From what I have read.

My only improvements to the SB would be to add the rings around the top of the atomizer connection the omega has and add a vent hole in the bottom. As Vaporcast says Safety 3rd. (Posted on 1/8/2011)
One great PV! Review by peacefrog
Received my Silver Vein SB a few days ago and have been in vaping heaven! The construction and finish are both top notch. The threading is superb and the overall quality and appearance are second to none. Vaping at both 3.7 and 6 volts is an extremely satisfying experience. Been using both the AltLiquid Cappuccino at 24mg as well as the Cool Rush with a standard 510 atty and drip tip. I am so impressed with the quality of this PV, I also ordered a companion piece Omega also in Silver Vein along with a few LR306's which should arrive in the next couple days.

AltSmoke is indeed an asset to the vaping community with fast shipping and great customer service. Don't hesitate in purchasing an SB. It may very well be the last PV you'll ever have to purchase. (Posted on 1/5/2011)
1 Year anniversary Review by xxjesterxx
Well it has been a year since I orderd my Silver Bullet (in black). I figured I would submit a follow-up review for Rob and Chad as a testament to the reliability, durability, and functionality of the SB.
I ordered mine in black and after a year, other than the odd small scratch from me being a clutz and dropping it, the finish is as good as the day I received it.
The switch is still firing every time wih no problems whatsoever, and this unit has seen very regular, consistant daily use for a whole year now. Again, the switch works as good as the day I received it.
I have used many combinations of atty's, batteries, etc.. They all have their pro's and con's. I have found that after all of the experimenting, a good 510 carto @ 3.7v produces more than adequate vapor, great throat hit, and a very enjoyable experience.
Rob and Chad, you guys are great. Not only did you walk me through the process as a beginner, you designed, engineered, and manufactured a work of art. I stated in my first review that I felt the SB was a work of art for vaping, after a year of use I am 100% convinced that this product is not only a work of art, but also one helluva workhorse that easily handles daily use and works as good a year later as it did on day 1.
Thanks for such an awesome product, you guys ROCK!!!!! (Posted on 1/4/2011)
The Best! Review by Debbie
I have had my Silver Bullet for 3 months and absolutely love it!! Before ordering my Silver Bullet I had only owned a Volcano e-cig. I now own the Silver Bullet and Riva, both are awesome!!!!!
Altsmoke is the best, couldn't ask for better or quicker service (posted on 12/13/10)

(Posted on 12/13/2010)
Awesome Review by Brandon
Much better than your typical 3.7v vaping device due to the hot spring ( I guess), and long battery life. For me the batteries last about 12-15hrs not the 22hrs that I heard of, but I'm not at all complaining. I tried the silver bullet at 6v and loved it, but didn't feel that safe using it and also had problems with the batteries. Then I ordered the recommend 3.7v and was very suprised that it wasn't much weaker than 6v. I recommend also that any one who orders a silver bullet, that they get the recommended batteries, you won't be disappointed. I am very pleased with the silver bullet and glad I ordered it. (Posted on 12/8/2010)
Great product! Review by rellwood
I love it, and would gladly recommend it to anyone. This is the best piece I've used yet. (Posted on 12/4/2010)
Great experience. Review by smokeythebear
Altsmoke was a pleasure to do buisness with and i will be ordering from them again! The black bullet is amazing. It is indestructible, and with a fresh batt will last me 2 days! Hands down my all time favorite. And i hear it works amazing at 6v. (Posted on 12/3/2010)
Should have came to Altsmoke first. Review by Michael
I have purchased quite a few mods in my short time of vaping (2.5 months) and then started to get into the e-cig forums. Everyone keeps talking about the Silver Bullet and the Omega. I was wanting one or the other. But with the initial cost of purchasing mods, atomizers, cartomizers, batteries, juice, drip tips, etc. I thought I just couldn't swing the extra cost. I finally got to a place where I had enough mad money to purchase a SB and quickly realized this is what I should have done in the first place. I can't take the thing out of my hand. It performs awesomely and hasn't let me down once. I absolutely love the Silver Bullet (Silver Vein). So much so that I have sold off some of my other toys and went ahead and purchased an Omega. One stays at home the other goes on the road with me. I love them both. I just can't always determine which one gets the road trips. Thanks Altsmoke for making my vaping experience so much more enjoyable. I would recommend all vapers to take this route. (Posted on 12/2/2010)
Excellent product! Review by Marco T & Amy W
I was browsing the ECF forums one day and I read of a Silver Bullet! I was like "What is this Silver Bullet" .. I had to check it out for myself. I was really satisfied with my Joye Egos using LR atomizers but kept reading how good the Silver Bullet performs! They were absolutely right! The amount of vapor that comes out of this thing is AMAZING. The throat hit is superb! I know this has been said before but I just have to repeat it! I keep throwing exclamation points after my sentences because the SB deserves every one of them! Right now I'm relaxing in my living room with an SB in hand and my favorite juice .. all I can say is BLISS. This thing is very well built! I WAS satisfied with the Joye Ego, but NOW vaping with my SB is "real" vaping.. at least for me it is.
What I truly appreciate and respect is altsmoke's customer service and ESPECIALLY the 'Live Chat' feature on the site that makes getting answers to my questions a matter of SECONDS. Props to Tyler for being there for me and answering my newbie questions!
So bottom line: Happy, satisfied customer here.. yes indeed! (Posted on 12/2/2010)
Silver bullet Review by Jbrady
I don't think there is anything I could say about the SB that hasn't already been said. It works well, it looks good, a descent price. If you get th black SB dont drop it on asfault or concrete, it scratches down to the silver and gets pitted easily. I tryed an atomizer I got from liquidnicotine.net, and it didn't work (Posted on 12/1/2010)
Awesome, even for a lady:) Review by LittleMissVapor
I got my SB about a week ago. I like it at 3.7 with a LR 510, but this thing rocks with huge plumes of vapor at 6v with a HV 510. Seriously, it's dangerous to drive and vape at 6V, you can't see through the windshield. I got it in silver, which at first glance you would think it would be smudged. It's not! The coating on it is some kind of miracle coating because I just wipe with a finger and any smudges are gone. It's big, ladies, and a tad heavier than my Little Chuck or GLV-2. However, for at home vaping, where it's safe to have a roomful of clouds, it's great. I recommend this product hands down. (Posted on 12/1/2010)
This ROCKS!!!! Review by mike
First of all everything I have ordered has been excellent to say the least...great shipping time and fantastic products. The Silver Bullet is absolutely OUTSTANDING...great design...easy to use...have yet to wear down a battery...used this for over 24 hrs without a recharge and it was going strong...have dropped this a few times and I tell ya its a tough unit...not a scratch and I have black...have given cards out to friends and strangers that wanted to know what this was as it can be used anywhere in public....and BTW I used this on a Frontier Airlines flight without any problem about a month ago...was told as long as the person next to me didn't have a problem it would be alright...every person that has thought about buying one of these needs to...first of all great vapor...great flavor...minimal upkeep...just keep the threads clean and put noalox on the threads once a week and its trouble free!!! (Posted on 12/1/2010)
best PV on the market Review by tim j.
I've been using my silver bullet for six months and honestly, I don't see the need to ever buy another pv. Until I saw it came in silver vein. So I now have 2 silver bullets. Not only is it absolutely beautiful (no matter what finish) its built to work. Its solid, fits nicely in the palm. And with the flat elevator like firing button, there no risk of accidental and costly turning on while in your pocket. Its heavier then most but I like that. It feels unbreakable. Bottom line.....its amazin. Your not vaping unless your vaping with a silver bullet. Hands down, my opinion..its the best you can buy. (Posted on 11/30/2010)
The Best Vaping Experience To Be Had - 100% Incredibly Good Review by zeroed4x

11 out of 10

Yea that's correct its earns 11 points on the 10 point scale.

I've tried several other 3.7 mods and most were cheaply made, unreliable buttons, poor button placement, cheap feeling and just not complete lacking function, performance or other important variables.

The Silver Bullet ROCKS !

The Silver Bullet is built like a tank. It's hefty and feels strong. The case is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and if you drip it it will not dent like a cheap flashlight. The fit and construction are first rate. There are no short cuts taken with the fit or finish. The unit has very good tolerances is very precise and when you have it in your hand you then understand it is indeed a quality well made piece. I have the black version and its durable and scratch resistant. No maintenance is required except a wipe with some alcohol to clean the outside surface periodically. If you choose the silver finish you'll need to polish it ever so often. The silver is beautiful and like a mirror.

It's a large mod but its comfortable. I don't mind the weight as long as it is durable and it truly is. It feel good in your hand, its about the diameter of a quarter, it is 6 1/8 inches in length with drip tip, shorter with a cart and it fits good in my hand. I don't feel like it gets lost in my grasp while some others feel strange or to dainty. This is a mans PV. Time to man up boys.

Great button,
The best of any out there. Its recessed so it will not accidentally fire while in a pocket or bag. Common sense if there is no on/off switch but none is required on this model. The button is easy to engage and very precise. You will love the button, its a 10.

Power and Consistency.
It uses a 18650 type battery. This is important. Other batteries do not hold their power curve as well as a 18650. 18650 batteries usually will be rated for 2400 - 3000 miliamp hours. It will last for 1.5 - 2 full days of intense turbo vaping.
I believe some people might get even more. The greater the mah for a given battery, the more consistent the vapor production and for a longer period of time. Do you like the feeling and performance of your PV with fresh batteries?
Imagine getting that full power vape all day long. That is one key feature of the Silver Bullet. As other lower mah batteries deplete their energy, they also begins to provide lower voltage to the atomizer, this in turn makes you feel like your atty is flooded, needs cleaning or is starting to wear out. Its simply the lower mah batteries lagging in performance due to lower than nominal output. Not to worry with the silver bullet, it is 100% reliable and extremely consistent with its power and vapor production. Its also easy on atty's because of the consistent electrical discharge of the 18650 battery. I get more hours of usage on the same old atty's.

Performance is outstanding

It works with all atty's that I've tried but the best atty's for this unit are available from ALTSMOKE. Rob hand selects his atty's for his units.
Low Resistance 510 and standard 510 attys work flawlessly and operate with extreme consistency and the longest life span of any mods that I've used.
You need to make sure that you can see clearly while driving and using this personal turbo charged fog machine, you might consider using the fan/ac and or rolling the window down slightly for safety sake. This unit makes others look like toy starter e-cigs in comparison when pumping out the vapor. It's the absolute best I've ever used.

Some people want a smaller design, more normal look similar to a cigarette. That is all fine, PV's are a personal choice. Some choices in PV's are made on looks, size, portability and less regarding performance. Its all subjective "different strokes" but if you choose to NOT have to be required to swap batteries all day, you are going to love the Silver Bullet.

So far I can not find a single thing to mention that even comes close to negative or any type of problem of any kind. I know, that sounds strange but trust me I can rip other PV's to shreds and make the owners and distributors twitch, cry and curl into the fetal position. The Silver Bullet is truly the finest of the 3.7 mods available. Stop F'n around and get one before they are gone. You can thank me later, punt......

Alright, I sound like a salesman so its time for me to go, I'm no way connected to or working with Rob at ALTSMOKE, I'm simply a totally 100% satisfied customer with a PV that I will never stop using. The Silver Bullet when compared many other 3.7 pv's is like comparing a top fuel dragster to a rusty 1975 Ford Pinto station wagon. It was absolutely worth every penny I paid for it and I honestly love this PV. Its a brute, the 155 howitzer of PV's, its tough, its well made, its damned sexy looking, its reliable, its performance has yet to be replicated or matched unless you happen to own one of the other Altsmoke PV's but that is for review.

See you all on the vapers and the e cig forums............

(Posted on 11/30/2010)
Excellent product! Review by Mike
About two months ago, I discovered the electronic cigarette, and purchased a standard 3-piece unit. After a month of using the standard e-cig, I realized I needed something more; the 3-piece unit was not producing enough vapor. After extensive research into various devices, I discovered the Silver Bullet.

I ordered the SB kit, with the charger, two batteries, two atomizers etc. and received it in about two days. I am very impressed with this device. It is built to last, it's reliable and it produces tons of vapor, even at 3.7 volts. As far as vaporizers are concerned, I would think that the SB is one of the best, if not the best PV on the market. I am completely satisfied with this unit.

The folks at altsmoke are completely customer service oriented. They are courteous, quick, professional and knowledgeable. They were quick to answer all of my questions and extremely helpful in every instance.

The SB has been very reliable, and I can get at least 24 hours out of a single battery charge.

The only issue I had in the beginning was that I would burn out atomizers very quickly. Once I learned how to take long slow puffs, keep the atty moist, but not flooded, and to let the unit rest a bit between puffs, I have had no problems. The Silver Bullet's rugged design, solid build and innovative construction make it an absolute work horse.

I no longer use the cartridges. I purchased a good, metal drip tip and simply drip two drops directly onto the atomizer. I do recommend using the SB in this way but it isn't necessary; it just works better for me direct dripping right onto the atomizer. If you do this, just be careful to keep the threads clean and not flood the atomizer or you will burn them out quickly. When I was burning up atomizers, I would order more and they would be at my house in two days! Altsmoke is very quick with shipping.

I didn't mean for this to be so long winded, but I can't say enough good things about the SB and altsmoke. Silver Bullet is certainly top of the line. It's an extremely well made and reliable device and worth its weight in gold. Just remember to keep that atty moist and cool! If the traditional e-cigs are just not cutting it for you, then look no further. The SB is built to last and to perform! I couldn't be happier with my decision to own this fantastic product. (Posted on 11/30/2010)
SB is a driving hazard Review by Ron
The reason i say the SB is a driving hazard is if you take a big hit blow out the vapor right in front of your face you cant see the road for all the vapor...lol...i have two, a silver vein and a black one,,, i have seven PVs the Silver Bullets beat them all hands down! (Posted on 11/29/2010)
VERY NICE PV Review by Anthony
I started in this vaping world with a Janty eGo, then went to the TW Tornado. I then built my self a Tekkeon mod and now bought a silver bullet, silver vein version, and i have tried many various cheaper ones. As for me the silver bullet is the perfect PV. I have to give this thing 10's across the board. It's mega durable I am rather clumsy some times and drop everything. This thing has bounced on the ground many times and you can't tell it by looking at it. I am recommending the Silver bullet to everyone I know. (Posted on 11/29/2010)
Silver bullet Review by bjannr
I love the Silver Bullet. The only other piece that I feel is nicer, is the Omega. Both these mods end up in my shirt pocket both at work and around the barn. The times they have accidentally hit the ground, consisting of concrete, and mud, they have always fired like a champ. They are both pieces I am proud to own. Also the customer service at AltSmoke can't be beat. I would recommend them both. Neither one has ever fired in my pocket. (Posted on 11/27/2010)
I love my SB Review by theresa
Awesome. I don't know what else to say. I got my SB a couple of months ago and I absolutely love it. I've spent hundreds of dollars on all sorts of different e cigs and never found one that quite did the trick; until now. The throat hit is great, the vapor's are awesome, and the battery life seems endless. Thank You so much ALTSMOKE! (Posted on 11/26/2010)
awesome vape! Review by jeffcom
The Silver Bullet is so much better than the Joye 510 that I started with. The battery life is days rather than hours. Works great at 6v too. Incredible vape. The Joye batteries are in the closet until I can turn someone else on to ecigs! The SB is very well made and no problems with shipping. A++++++++ (Posted on 11/24/2010)
Silver bullet Review by Booner
I have been using the bullet since April. I love it. I am using ( 2 ) 3 volt batteries. I get good throat hits. I drop this thing all the time and it still works great. It does have nicks and scratches. Every time I order from Alt smoke shipping is super fast. I was going thru the attys a lot until I figured out how to vap correctly without burning the attys out. I am getting better. I am buying the attys in bulk, it is cheaper.
510 attys. I just ordered the new case they have. should be here any day. :) (Posted on 11/24/2010)
3 month Review of Silver bullet Review by Craig
I have been using the Silver Bullet for almost 3 months now. I am a very heavy vaper, so I have definitely put it to the test. I use 801 atomizers with adapter and run on 6v. Which is actually more like 7v for me. I have dropped it several times with some rather hard impacts and it has run flawlessly with out a scratch on it. I found 3.7v to be good for emergency use. After discovering the world of 6+ volts, I have been exclusively vaping since 7-4-2010. I started with another company's V3 unit. After months of frustration with it due mostly to misfires, blowing atomizers, and other issues, I was very happy to give Silver Bullet a try. The Silver Bullet has never let me down, and provides an awesome vaping experience.

Cons (very minor, more of improvements I would like to see made)

-Although I don't mind the size of it, I would like to have an insert or adapter if you will, to allow the 3v batteries to align better with less wiggle room for those who prefer to use it for 6v. Although, I have had only a few times when the batteries were misaligned, it's really no big deal but would be nice to have.

-No drip trough. This could be a result of using the adapter for the 801, but if left standing for around 15mins. I will get a pool of drippage on the top of the SB which if I don't notice will then run down the side of the Silver Bullet. A drip trough or just a raised edge on the top would prevent this. Which is the only positive thing I can say about the V3 since it does have a drip trough. As a result, I do not use the SB while driving.

Other then these two very minor issues, I have been extremely happy and impressed with the Silver Bullet and highly recommend it. The fact that you can run it at 6v (although not recommended by the company for some reason) as well as 3.7v is a huge plus.
(Posted on 11/23/2010)
SWEET!!!!! Review by Tripple1A
I've been on the fence about vaping. I've used a couple of the smaller batteries and none of them really seemed to be a good enough. After watching some reviews on YouTube, mostly from GrimmGreen, I decided to try the Silver Bullet.....I am truly impressed. Vapor production is amazing, the design is sweet, and the battery life is insane. This is going to be the PV that get me off cigarettes for good. I want to thank the people at Alt Smoke for the Silver Bullet and GrimmGreen for the great reviews on this product. (Posted on 11/16/2010)
I love it!!! Review by Barbara D.
It's very durable. I've dropped it several times already and it has yet to break. I go through two batteries a day, which is no problem because while I'm using one, the other is charging. It's quite large. If you don't mind the size, then this is for you! (Posted on 11/10/2010)
wonderful piece Review by phd.asskickology
I started vaping about a month ago and I found myself looking for something longer lasting then the e-cigs out there today. So last week I ordered my Black Silver Bullet and yeti atomizer. This thing is amazing! The e-cigs I used before are not even on the same level! The vapor quality and flavor is excellent, its nice and warm without being too hot, and its consistent! The build quality is amazing too! I love the recessed button and aluminum construction. It feels similar in weight and heft to a tactical flashlight. With e-cigs I worried about my keys or cell phone damaging it while in my pocket, now frankly I am more worried about the Silver Bullet damaging anything else thats in my pocket! The matte black looks nice and looks great with the silver button.

I recommend this to any heavy vap user! The battery life is great, so much nicer then vaping for twenty minutes and sticking a battery back in the charger for an hour! (Posted on 11/9/2010)
WOW Review by im417247
OK so now i had about a week to try out my SB and give an honest review. THIS THING IS AWESOME!...IT ROCKS ALL OTHERS!...I got it in black and its beautiful. It kicks vaper butt in fogging up the room, if not the entire house. Great craftsmanship on this unit. It feels really nice in your hand, button is soooooo smooth and responsive. If you are looking for something you can use over and over again without fail or regret....STOP READING THIS AND BUY IT!!!!!!! (Posted on 11/7/2010)
2 DAYS?????? Review by im417247
Ok I ordered my silver bullet on Saturday 10/30/10. Its now Monday 11/1/10 and when I got home, it was sitting here waiting for me!!!!!


2 days shipping from OHIO to CA and one of those days was a SUNDAY!!!


Im not leaving an actual review of the product just yet because my batteries are still charging but I really needed to say something about the shipping. No one has ever come close to this lightening fast speed these guys are running on.

Product review to follow. (Posted on 11/1/2010)
kick butt vapor machine Review by michael
I stumbled across the altsmoke website while looking to find a better alternative to the smoketip I was using at work. the smoketip was pretty good with a fresh battery and cartomizer, recently ordered and tried out the Joye Ego,it was at least twice as good as the smoketip-much longer battery life and with the mega cartomizer,. much longer vape.When I saw the silver bullet and the omega I had to have them both. 3 days later I was getting them from my mailbox. the vapor production was a little better than the Ego, but it is the battery life and QUALITY construction that make this my go to fog machine when I want or need that big throat hit.SUPERFAST shipping and a great product have made me a altsmoke customer for the forseeable future. WAY TO GO ALTSMOKE! (Posted on 10/27/2010)
Simply Amazing! - A Must have Vaporizing Device. Best on the market. Review by James - Fort Lauderdale, FL.
I have a Prodigy V3, and this Silver Bullet @ 6.0v running RCR123a batteries, blows away the Prodigy V3, all around. The vapor production is kinda close, but the Silver Bullet beats it out. Not only that, I LOVE the button pressing feel, I hate push buttons on the bottom/top. But I do love my Prodigy V3 as well, just doesn't perform like the Silver Bullet does, especially @ 6.0v with a Hot Spring and 510 Yeti-C Cartomizers. And the Silver Bullet is practically maintenance free, which is what makes it that much more attractive! - Again, don't think twice, get this device, it's amazing. Regardless of what voltage you choose to run, you will NOT be disappointed. (Posted on 10/24/2010)
Awaiting for mine to arrive, can't wait! Review by Evil Genius
I hear amazing things about this product. And being very into mods / collector, I've decided to add this to my collection. Finally done! - Prodigy V3, ICON and now the Silver Bullet. Going to be running the Silver Bullet @ 6.0v. I can't wait! - Already have brand new RCR123a batteries on the way. (Posted on 10/20/2010)
wow Review by Charles
If I had to choose one vaporizer for life it just might be this one. My only slight regret is that I bought this in black. That wouldn't normally be a problem and mechanically it is not but I am clumsy and so the last time I fell (I do that a lot with cerebral palsy ) I left a mark on it when some of the paint chipped off. No problems with the device here though it vapes like a champ. I solved this problem by ordering my Omega in the silver finish. You should order this one as soon as you can. It is tough, reliable and good looking. The 18650 batteries are long distance runners and the size of the unit makes it more comfortable to hold than others I have tried. Spend the money up front for this mod and you'll spend less in the long run.

The service at Altsmoke is truly peerless and the goods they are selling are the best you can buy. This is the unit I recommend to family and friends without any hesitation. Buy it and you will be glad that you did. (Posted on 10/18/2010)
Forgot to mention... Review by Irishdrummer13
I also forgot to mention....... With all of the money I'll be saving from not having to buy another PV, I'm going to have one of my hands removed and have some kind of metal robot hand installed, then have my BSB permenently welded to it so it'll always be there. Thanks again! John C. in GA (Posted on 9/18/2010)
Holy Freakin God!!!!!!!!!! Review by Irishdrummer13
In 3 more weeks it will have been a year since I started vaping. In the last 11+ months I have spent so much money in my quest to find the perfect PV for me. I have literally lost count of all of the different devices I have wasted my money on. I've now had my BSB for about a week and all I can say is "Holy Freakin God"!!!!!!!!!!! The Silver Bullet is the "Holy Grail" of PVs. Thank you so much Rob! You're my freakin hero bro! Another added benefit of this most incredible device is if you ever wanted to "off" someone while vaping, a slight (and I mean slight) connect to the noggin, would surely do the trick. Rock on my Brutha! John C. in GA (Posted on 9/18/2010)
I LOVE my BDBSB!! :))) Thanks Rob!!! Review by Mootz
I started vaping 1 year ago & spent hundreds of dollars on e-cig supplies trying to find something when things didn't go smoothly with the very weak entry level e-cigs i started on. I moved up to a 510 with PCC kit...it was a little better but still had batteries dying too fast,juice disappearing quickly & not enough constant power for a good throat hit constantly,not to mention flavor intensity. The silver bullet put an end to all the nonsense i was dealing with before - spending an hour filling & packing up the blank carts for the next day, plus the mess. Now i just use 510 cartomizers, 24MG juice & the DBSB@3.7v fill them once each & I'm able to vape with a lot of flavor & that lovely throat hit constantly ALL DAY!! One 18650 lasts me approx 1.5 days with the DBSB, The flavor and TH consistently last until the battery is dead with no drop off that i notice. The SB feels & reacts like it will last a lifetime with proper care & maintenance. I totally recommend the SB for anyone who is tired of being let down by weak e-cigs, It hasn't let me down once.It always satisfies me! Altsmoke is incredibly great & friendly to deal with, i had a very pleasant time dealing/conversing with Rob/Altsmoke, he hooked me up so far beyond what i was expecting, i really couldn't believe it! I can't say enough good things about Rob & Altsmoke.com! If your unsure about the SB don't even think twice & go for it, you won't be disappointed! GREAT to deal with and SUPER fast shipping! This place & the SB get a 10/10 EASILY!

Thanks again Rob! (Posted on 9/2/2010)
The search stops here Review by Saunadog
I've been using a black SB for about a month usually at 6 volts and it's worked like a champ from the get-go. I use a 510 cart with a drip tip, but it works great too with an atty and I've never popped one yet as is quite common with other pv's at the same voltage. The button is great and fires every time and it just feels cool to hold in my hand. Keeping an eye out for some sort of holster to clip on my belt as it's a bit awkward to carry around in my shirt pocket. Dropped it onto rocks twice while camping last week and got a small scratch, but otherwise no ill effects. I plan on getting a spare and putting it away so if it falls in a lake or something I won't have to go cold turkey. For about the price of 2 starter kits, I've got a piece of art here that will last a good long time. Little maintenance involved and I usually change the batteries just once a day of heavy use. That's it - buy one now! (Posted on 8/31/2010)
SB Review by CL
This is the best e-cig mod I have owned. Wish I had this a year ago when I was first trying out the e-cigs. Service was great and I would recommend this... a friend turned me on to the SB. That was the best thing that happened. I can truly say that this will be the last one I will be using. Thanks AltSmoke! (Posted on 8/31/2010)
great Review by bill
The silver bullet is a great product. The batteries last long time. It produces a lot of vapor. I m really and truly impressed with this product. Thanks!!!!!! (Posted on 8/27/2010)
This thing is a Tank Review by Sean
I am so happy with the SB. It is very rugged. I have dropped it about a dozen times lol. I am recommending your site to every one I know and thank you for great service. (Posted on 8/27/2010)
Love the SB! Review by mtbross
I tried quite a few things before purchasing a SB. While each device (901, e-pipe, etc.) has its own unique character, the SB is the one I reach for most often.

It's fun to experiment with different batteries, attys, carts and of course, liquids. No matter what I put in or on the SB, it performs every time. I've never had any problem of any kind. Great quality...great product. (Posted on 8/27/2010)
Awesome Review by wafa
The Silverbullet is a beast, I prefer to vape at the recommended voltage because it has the right amount of flavor and throat hit. Any higher voltage such as 6volts and I"ll be choking. I want something to not get high :) (Posted on 8/27/2010)
Highest Recommendation! Review by John
I've done the same progression as many have ...901 to 510 to Ego and now the Silver Bullet. This is Vaping! At 3.7v it is completely satisfying and the battery capacity makes vaping really pleasant. I'm not worried about keeping a bunch of batteries charged all the time and the vapor production is excellent. At 6v, it becomes as good as smoking. Short, easy drags, with tons of vapor. The build quality of the SB is outstanding. I love the heft and balance of it. The button is perfect ... good size, great feel. I finally feel like I have no desire to see what else is available. AltSmoke.com had it to me in less than 72 hours. Excellent service! Dr. Vapor and the reviews here sold me. I couldn't be happier. (Posted on 8/26/2010)
My BB Review by Purgo1
Love at first sight! not as big as it look's on the internet. I have been vaping since May started with the joye 510 bought every e-liquid I could get my hands on but then moved on to the ego it helped but I still was not satisfied it was all ways hanging out of my mouth... messing with the tea bags, changing batteries, the atty's, the juice all over the place it was a #$%$ pain in the @#$! After checking out GrimmGreen and the Doc I made up my mind I had to check out the bullet, Needless to say it is the best money I have every spent no hassle no mess, battery is amazing! I am finally satisfied. Shipping is great order it late on Aug 17th had it on the 20th AltSmoke thank you! (Posted on 8/22/2010)
like so many others... Review by dunk dunk
...I bought something else from somewhere else before and wish i hadn't. This works better than expected, lasts me all day without a battery swap (probably longer since I haven't run through an entire charge yet) and looks about as stylish as they come. I just ordered my husband's silver, silver bullet since he liked mine so much (but with the silver atomizer, so we can tell them apart). He's excited for it to arrive! (Posted on 8/17/2010)
Highly Recomended Review by Yarnek64
I use my Silver Bullet all day and night and I always get heavy vaper with lots of juice in my battery. I wish I found the Silver Bullet sooner. Being a new e-cig user I purchased a standard standard 510 starter kit and some extra batteries, but I found I was using the juce up way to fast. T he Silver Bullet always has great vaper and I have never killed a battery. I love this product and I recommend it to anyone who wants to vape.
(Posted on 8/16/2010)
Im an idiot! Review by Ron
Yes thats right Im an idiot for not buying a SB first instead of the other three units i have, the very first hit i knew i had a far superior product than what i have been smoking on for the past sixteen days, i am going to put the others in a drawer and order a BB for my back up. (Posted on 8/13/2010)
The best I have found yet Review by RexFollett
The Silver Bullet is the best E-cig I have found.. I have heard however that the Omega is better but this is what was in stock so this is what I have to work with and it functions like a gem!! Silver Bullet is what it takes.. I am going to drills some breather holes in the battery casing and start vaping with 6V soon and see how that goes I heard its great but you didn't hear that from me and I don't suggest you do it and neither does altsmoke.. However it can be done and I can't wait to try that out.. (Posted on 8/10/2010)
Nice! Review by DogbertusCeasar
Nice unit -
- Very solid -
- Button doesn't get accidentally depressed in my pocket
- Battery life (18650) is awesome - swap batteries out once per day at most.

Only issue I've had is this:
Once in a while I don't press the switch down enough, and I get a puff of empty air.
But I'll trade this over burned out atomizers (and pants!) any day.

All in all, probably the best price/performance ratio currently on the market
(Posted on 8/9/2010)
My first e-cig Review by rexfollett
My friend bought one of these and referred me to this site. I have finally ordered and received mine!! It produces great vapor at 3.7 volts and I like having the option to modify it to 6 volts.. which is not recommended might I add. But if you do make sure you drill breather holes in the bottom and sides so that your not holding a pipe bomb. But I don't suggest you do it and neither does the website.. I haven't messed with mine yet! I am enjoying the great vapor I get from it like it is.. Thanks Altsmoke. (Posted on 8/6/2010)
good Review by Robert
Have used and seen other prouducts, so far I like the silver bullet the best. (Posted on 8/4/2010)
Might need breaking in. Review by Bryan
Like a new pair of shoes, it may need breaking in. It did for me... at least the button did.

I was worried when I got it, and the button wasn't a soft/smooth depress, and unless I pushed it just right, it wasn't functioning. I contacted altsmoke about it and they were very helpful with suggestions.

I've had it over a month now and it's working flawlessly. I vape heavily, and I've yet to have any problems other than the button which got "broke in" after a few days. The battery life is amazing at 3.7v (tested at 4.05 on a volt-meter at full charge AND after 12 hours of use). The longest I've used it before going to sleep (and letting the battery charge) was about 20 hours, and that with no drop off in production.

It's consistant. It's sturdy. I don't have to worry about charging batteries or carrying around PPC or spare batts.

The only con I can think of to give this product is the price. But I can't even see that as much of a con really. It's a solid, dependable product.

I wish I found this earlier. I bought a pretty good starter kit from cignot.com. But the batteries faded fast on the standard 510. Mind you, cignot is a good group. I can't say anything bad about them. But the silver bullet just surpasses anything offered elsewhere that I've seen (and I've shopped around a lot after getting annoyed by short batt life).

If you vape, get this. (Posted on 7/23/2010)
best new product Review by james
the silver bullet should get some kind of best new product award. i will recomend it to anyone i know. (Posted on 7/19/2010)
I LOVE My Black Silver Bullet Review by BCB
The title says it all. This is the most reliable, durable, pleasurable device I have tried! I love it. I'm now working on getting enough money to buy a SILVER Silver Bullet, too! I can't recommend them highly enough. (Posted on 7/16/2010)
The Silver Bullet is Great Review by Catherine
I got my Silver Bullet about a month ago, I love it. No hassel of charging batteries all the time......I am a heavy user, the battery is strong for a whole day, no problem. The vapor is very strong.
Great product, I wish it was the first one I got.
Cathy (Posted on 7/14/2010)
Seems to be the best mod out there Review by charles
I tried two Prodigy V3's and both were ridiculously problematic and riddled with design flaws!

Got the SB for my GFand we BOTH love it lol! It has not had a single problem whatsoever and vapes great with a 901 and 510 atomizers!

Returning my two V3's tomorrow and getting another Silver Bullet for myself when I get my refunds from PureSmoker.

Don't let the size sway your decision (looks much bigger in pictures on the internet than in real life) on picking one of these up. It is basically the same price as the V3 and works perfect at 3.7v. No need to go higher inmy opinion.

The flavor of our juices taste better than ever which was a total surprise.

Thanks for a great product AltSmoke!

(Posted on 7/12/2010)
Excellent product and service Review by james and Uma
This SB is all it is praised to be and then some. I absolutely love it with and without the passthrough. The service was fast and accurate, AltSmoke and the SB are both top notch!! AAAAA+++++ all the way across the board. (Posted on 7/11/2010)
Well worth it Review by EternalRC
I purchased the Silver Bullet to use with my KR808D Premium Cartomizers (V4L). I was very happy with the KR808 batts but they only lasted about 2-3 hours. I purchased both the 18650 and the RCR123 LiFeP04 batteries to try both 3.7 and 6 volts in the SB. The 18650 is perfect, more vapor and lasts all day (I am a heavy vaper). They will last into day 2 but I just throw them on the charger when I go to bed. I tried the 6V and holy cow! The cartomizers were hissing as the juice cooked into massive plumes of vapor! The only downside was I think at 6V it is just a bit too hot for the KR808's. I fried a few, and switched back to 3.7V. If you plan on using KR808D cartomizers, I highly recomend the SB. Use it just as it was designed to be used, at 3.7V. You will not be dissapointed! (Posted on 7/8/2010)
Silver Bullet takes a licking and keeps on ticking Review by seekauff
Dropped my silver bullet in the bathtub and thought, "Oh crap, I am done for now." I dried it off, put on a new cart and kept on puffing......amazing device. keep 'um coming I love the silver bullet. So do all of our friends and co-workers who have purchased them. (Posted on 7/8/2010)
Great for Office and home. Review by Elvis
I love that the SB because it can hold a numerous amount of batteries all up to the 18650. Its large and thick and nice to put down on a desk or table while not in use. I don't recommend it as your going out PV since it is very thick and cumbersome in pocket. The aluminum build seems like the threads will wear out in time if yuou do use the contact grease recommended. Other than that its a great shiny solid PB. (Posted on 7/7/2010)
The silver bullet is the ONE.dont waist your time and money on all that other stuff as i did buy a bullet and accessories. i promise you i will be more than you thought it would be , i have used it steady FOR MONTH this thing is a tank, thanks a million AltSmoke (Posted on 7/7/2010)
built SB tough Review by YUCKFOU
this is 1 solid PV, and vapes like a champ.. i get a good 2 days or more off the 18650 easy.. definately my "go to" device...
The Silver Bullet will 4ever leave its mark on vaping history! (Posted on 6/20/2010)
Simply The Best Review by Jeff
Solid construction Very powerful at 3.7 volts. I have not had to change or charge the battery because of lack of performance. Will last all day or more with very little if no power loss.

The only improvement, not having anything to do with performance, would be a flat milled on one side OR the unit made from hexagon aluminum stock to keep it from rolling when you set it down flat.

This is just a cosmetic thing I would like to see.

I still highly recommending this unit to anyone who wants pure and simple performance. (Posted on 6/20/2010)
sold sold sold... cough Review by Matt
I ordered the sb while i was anticipating what i thought would be my main vape (the chuck). Although i love my chuck, the bullet has become my main mod. It can be used at 3.7 and 6, and i've done both with zero problems. I really like the recessed button so you can toss it in your pocket without fear of cooking the atty. I will continue to make the silver bullet my go to mod (Posted on 6/19/2010)
A very high quality mod Review by Motox
I have been with my black silver bullet for about a week now. One of the excellent facets of this device is its flexibility. Whether you want to run at 3.7 or 6, regular atomizers or LR (or HV with 6v), the transformation of the device is simple. My only concern is that it is confusing during the learning curve to discover which configuration works best for me. I attribute this to my relative "newness" at being a vaper. I prefer direct dripping at 3.7v with the LR atomizer. But this preference may change in a few hours :) If so, I can simply reconfigure the device and I will be all set.

Now to the actual device - absolutely flawless design, high quality in look and feel. The much ballyhooed button is a joy to operate, and is perfectly positioned on the device. Fires every time without fail, and as mentioned, can be configured in more ways than a Transformer :)

I have heard many people comment about the physical size of the device, and it is large and heavy. If you are accustomed to a smaller device (like an eGo), this thing is going to feel HUGE at first. I am finding that the more I use it, the less "big it feels if that makes any sense. When sitting on its base, the device seems tall, and if you accidentally bump the top, the device will fall with a very loud BUMP sound :) - Because this device is so well made, there will be no damage whatsoever to the device, but the boom WILL wake you up :)

All in all, I highly recommend this device - it is built like a tank and I can see it lasting for many, many years under heavy use without an issue. (Posted on 6/19/2010)
The last PV that you will ever need Review by Rick D
I've had my BSB for a little over a week now, and the flexibility of the device is outrageous. Whether vaping at 3.7 or 6v, this bad boy delivers and looks good doing it. When I am on long drives, I set it up at 3.7, load a few cartridges for the drive and can vape trouble free. When I get to my destination, a quick switch to 6v and an atty with a drip tip works beautifully.

This device lends itself very well to experimentation. Get several batteries and atomizers, try the combinations, and find one (or two) that work for you. If you can't find a sweet spot with the BSB, I doubt you will find a more satisfying vaping tool anywhere for the money. I am very happy with my purchase! (Posted on 6/17/2010)
Black Silver Bullet is Awesome Review by Patrick
Since I received my Black Silver Bullet I have not put it down, it is my goto PV at my house or out in town. extremely well made. everyone should own a silver bullet. (Posted on 6/17/2010)
AMAZING Review by Xander
We're all adults here yeah? Well, with that being said, HOLY SHIT!

This thing is amazing! I just got it in the mail today, and it works like a dream! Before owning the silver bullet i was using the 3.7v Spade pv, and it's nothing compared to this device! With the spade i was vaping 36mg juice and it was fine, but i didn't understand how people were getting nicotine rushes from their juice. But this device showed me what everyone was talking about, after it was charged i dropped some 36mg rum on it and it finally gave me what i was looking for!

Your not going to get any closer than this device, so stop reading this review and go buy one already! (Posted on 6/15/2010)
BACK IN BLACK!!!!!!!!!!! Review by TRP OPERATOR45
I bought a Silver SB and have been using it everyday. I have many PV's But they all feel like toys next to the Silver Bullet. I loved it so much! I am back to get the Black Bullet! What a perfect device! (Posted on 6/11/2010)
it's just sweet, super sweet! Review by DFulmer
It really is the ultimate vaping experience. I've been using the 510 kit for over a year and was always fiddeling with something; batteries, carts, attys,,,i got to the pont where i was just throwing an atomizer away every week or so and replacing 2 stock batties once a month,,if not sooner.
Well this device pretty much lives up to all the hype and then some.

HINT* dont use the atty's and use cartomizers.--i was blowing an atty every day at first for reasons still unknown--switched to the carts and havent had any problems in over a week....plus the mega carts keep that topping off at bay a little longer,,or i'll say a lot long.

All in all,,lets just say i now own 3 SB's baby! (Posted on 6/10/2010)
Best PV Yet Review by Ryan
I ordered this to replace a Prodigy V2 whose button mechanism was on the fritz and I'm extremely happy with it. Very solid construction. Great button! The best PV I've used to present. (Posted on 6/9/2010)
Excellent !! Review by B
Amazing service, amazing product. I am very happy with my purchase. (Posted on 6/8/2010)
its all good Review by David
This the best, You can't go wrong, worth Avery dime or cent i paid, fast shipping couldn't ask for more (Posted on 6/8/2010)
Great Review by kevin
I have been using the silver bullet for a week now,and love it. This purchase was studied before it was made. I am fortunate to have a friend with many mods,and when asked his favorite the silver bullet came out on top. The battery life is great,and seems to have a harder hit than the 510 mega battery's I have been using. If you are thinking about a mod purchase, I don't think you could go wrong with the silver bullet. (Posted on 6/3/2010)
the mother of all pv s Review by Bruce Brewer
What can i say that has not already been said by hundreds of satisfied users,if for some strange reason the silver bullett dosnt get the job done for you dont waste your money on some other pv. HAVE had mine about 10 days now and love it. Massive amounts of vapor at 3.7 v be careful at 6 v they may have to send in a search team to find you in the fog bank you just created.the customer service is on a par with this wonderful product they have created.alt smoke goes to the top of the list for the vendors i use Thanks rob for the best customer service i have experienced in years. (Posted on 6/3/2010)
Silver Bullet GREAT! Review by Ivan
I own most of the big e cigs out there from the screwdrivers to the copper ecigs etc. The SB is so extraordinary that it really is in it's own category. The fit and finish is fantastic. This is one e cig that will not break. The battery keeps me going for about 2 days and I am a heavey, heavey vaper. The vapor production is effortless. None of these 10 second puffs you see on you tube (when other e cigs are reviewed) to produce copious amounts. All you need is about 1 to 3 seconds. Effortless. If you like throat hits then with the SB, you got them. If a person had to have just one ecig, the SB would be it. (Posted on 6/1/2010)
Unreal PV Review by Scott
Whats to say that hasn't already been mentioned here? Its beautiful, built like a tank, and simply fogs the whole room out, firing EVERY time. Don't do what I did and go through a ton of cheap, Chinese models that just leave you wanting more. If you have decided vapor (tons of it), is for you, save yourself some money in the long run and just bite the bullet "no pun intended", and get the best. You can't go wrong with one of these devices (Posted on 5/26/2010)
The Silver Bullet = AWESOMENESS (If I didn't lose it) Review by Stubear62
I bought a Silver Bullet from AltSmoke here as a PreOrder. I also bought one from another forum for a steal..
Well. I didn't need two of them and sold the one I got for a steal for about the same..
I ended up going to a store to shop and when I got out and drove away, since I live less than 5 minutes from the supermarket, I didn't even vape. Got home, brought in my 2 bags and went into my pocket... WTH???
Went back to the store and searched for it.. 2 hrs later, even talked to other people that where there to see if anyone brought it up to the counter or anything, no luck..
Well, I guess I need to buy another one and this time, keep the dam thing home!!!
I think I will get the passthru too.
But while I did have it, the battery on it lasted me 2 days and still had some life left in it, but charged it up anyways.. I only charged the 18650 batt twice b4 losing my SB.. What a shame.. Best thing about the SB was useing the LR atty on it.. man, the plumes of vapor and still lased 2 days for me.. Until the LR atty blew.. My fault as I was doing something and turned it on when it was dry and POP!, it went.. LOL
Until my next SB, I will do a video review like I wanted with this one.. (Posted on 5/24/2010)
Awsome product !!! Review by david
Excellent service-great product. Just amazed at how sturdy this thing is built. I have a screwdriver and a Janty Dura C. I like them both but was looking for a stronger throat hit and better vapor. There is no comparison. The SB is perfect in both categories. I am going to order another one for my son and highly recommend this PV. (Posted on 5/23/2010)
I LIKEY! Review by Richard
This is my first battery mod. I was pondering several other reputable units and decided on this. I'm so glad I did! It's everything I expected and more. The look is just outstanding. The feel is comfortable and solid. The construction is Bullet proof! And the performance is spot on! So far I'm only using it w/ 3.7V (recommended) w/ a standard 501/Yeti atty and I'm not disappointed. Being my first battery mod, it took me a bit to get used to dripping, the draw, the 501 atty vs. the 901 I had been using, etc. But after a week or so now...I'm very pleased. I have my polished Silver Bullet connected to a SS atomizer and polished aluminum drip tip...and it's just soooo dang sexy!!! I absolutely love using this thing!!! (Posted on 5/13/2010)
love the silver bullet Review by tammy
I started about 6 months ago using e-cig;s
for the last 6 months I have tried about 6 different styles, none of which really lasted a full day and I had the surge protector full with extention cords with all the different charges and charging batteries seemed like a side job it took so much time. Now I have the silver bullet, I love it, the battery lasted 3 days upon arrival after the first charge I decided I would charge it every other day. No more hassles with chargers and switching batteries all the time, this is hassle and stress free
and the vapor it produces wow, way more than anything else I have tired. I can not say enough about how awesome it is, I will not be using my other stuff anymore, I had to carry around a ton of stuff anytime I went anywhere, now it is just the SB and me.. stress free and great job ..just ordered my second one from my husband so he will stop taking mine away from me haha
the customer service is great too (Posted on 5/13/2010)
Silver bullet and DBSB Review by jerry
Well I must say my new silver bullet and double barrel SB are every bit as good as I hoped they would be. MONSTER VAPOR, great flavor, and hits perfect everytime. I love the size and weight of the units as well. Worth every penny, what more could you ask for. Thanks to Rob also for super fast shipping. You guys ROCK! keep it up. (Posted on 5/13/2010)
Old faithful Review by JB
This is the best. Always works, longest batty life, great throat hit, versatile with adapters, and customer service is a dream.
It shows.
I only have three including my sweet BB.
Thanks Chad and Rob.
I love you. (Posted on 5/13/2010)
Saved! Review by wesley
I saw one of the girls at a local store with the silver Silver Bullet. Asked her about it and she wrote down the Altsmoke website . She told me what to order. A month before I had a heart attack and now have a stent inserted in my heart. I ordered my Silver Bullet in black. I was amazed at the flavor and the smooth taste of Vapin. I love the 555 juice the best . My friends also love the silver bullet and have 2 other people placing their order. I just Love Altsmokes Silver Bullet and Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 5/13/2010)
Great product and great support! Review by brian
I have been vaping for 3-4 months now and recently ordered and received my shiny new silver bullet. This pv takes vaping to the next level imo. Built quality is super, once you have it in hand you realize this is will last a very very long time.

It is a little bit larger than my other pvs but the battery life blows everything else I have out of the water. I actually think it saves space since you don't have to worry about extra batteries and carrying a pcc everywhere you go. Sb with an atty and a bottle of juice and your g2g for a couple days.

I knew that the sb was an excellent pv from all of the reviews I read and watched on youtube. What I didn't really expect was the awesome customer service you get. I received several emails answering all of the questions I had reguarding everything from batteries to attys before I even received the sb. You simply can't beat the customer service of these guys.

The only real regret I have is that I wasted money on other devices before I purchased my sb. Altsmoke has earned a loyal customer, thank you guys so much for the great product and super support! (Posted on 5/12/2010)
Wow Review by Recker1960
The Porche of PV's. Quality build, amazing performance. (Posted on 5/12/2010)
Rockin' like Dokken Review by Rob
Ive had my SB for just over a week now. I cannot overstate my excitement at this tool. I know, I know, this is not a 'therapeutic' type of thing. I get that. It is a bona fide NRT for me and I can already feel the difference in a few short days. Its totally doable folks and these types of mods HAVE to be making a real difference for a lot of people!! (Posted on 5/12/2010)
Long Lasting Batteries Review by Chauncy
Well first off I have been using my black silver bullet for a little over a week now.

I have to say overall I am impressed.
This is my first mod so all I have to compare it to is a DSE901 and my Tornado.
I still use the Tornado when leaving the house though, as this isn't something i will bring for out and about walking around but around the house (w/ the 3.7v battery and low res attys) or I take it with for low impact activities (BBQs picnics etc:) Don't have to take as long a hit to fill up the lungs and if you hit it for too long it burns.

The only complaint I had was the packaging. It was bubble wrapped but upon opening I noticed a small ding in the black paint. I could see a sliver of silver, a quick line with a fine tipped sharpie took care of that though. I wouldn't send it back over that as I expect this unit to slowly get destroyed as I will probably be getting ALOT of use out of it. (Posted on 5/12/2010)
The black Silver Bullet Review by robert
I ordered the Silver Bullet when Alt-Smoke was in the process of moving to they're new location. I had a couple of questions so I emailed Rob. Even with the site being temporarily closed Rob found the time to respond. My Silver Bullet was shipped out on a Saturday morning and I received it on the following Monday at 10:18 a.m.-awesome (you do the math)." This thing rocks ". The battery life is at least a good 36 hours and the construction of the device, well, let me put it this way. If I dropped it out my window speeding down the highway with big-rigs on my ass the only thing I would worry about is being able to find it. The only thing to worry about now are atomizers and juice. The (Black) Silver Bullet is now. Thanks Rob and the staff for the awesome service, I'll be back. (Posted on 5/12/2010)
How I Quit Smoking with the Silver Bullet Review by WrightZen
I preordered a silver bullet from altmoke. I had to wait a few weeks but I knew it would be worth it because of the video reviews I had watched on youtube from Dr Vapor and GrimmGreen. During that time I was in communication with Rob and he assured me that my pkg would arrive in a timely manor as scheduled. He sent replies to my emails on point in a timely manor every time.

Here is bottom line people.The product is worth its weight in gold and more.

And let me tell you what really bumps up the value is the customer service behind products. It amazes me when people stand behind their products like altsmoke does. This is my "go to" company for ecig products. I have since ordered more from altsmoke for my friends and family. (Posted on 5/12/2010)
Silver bullet Review by raul
Wow what can I say about the sliver bullet, nothing bad that's for sure. It's great at 3.7v & even better at 6.0v. It's bad ass that's all I can say about it, oh yeah thanks to rob at alsmoke u guys are bad ass too. (Posted on 5/12/2010)
Nothing Compares Review by g33k
I've been through my fair share of PV's in the past in my search for the Ultimate Device. I've started out with mini's and moved to standard and mega 510's, small mods, etc. I felt I was at a plateau on 3.7v as I was happy, but not fully satisfied.

Upon much looking and discussing I decided the SB was the way to go based on the ability to run 3.7 or 6v AND based on the craftsmanship of the device. Let me tell you first hand....I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!

My BSB has only one word to describe it....TANK! It feels solid, packs a punch like a tank and seems to be almost indestructible (I don't recommend trying to break it though...it looks too damn good!)

I've found that Mega Cartomizers are the best match for this guy as the ohm's allow it to run a little cooler and allows the carto to last a bit longer.

Rating on a 1-10 scale
Looks = 10
Feel = 10
TH = 20
Durability = 10
and most importantly on any mod....
Button = 100

Great design guys! If you keep up this kind of work I'll just have to keep coming back to buy more of your stuff ;-) (Posted on 5/12/2010)
AWESOME !!!!!!! Review by BOONER
love the SB Review by tfinden
what a relief, for the last 5 months my days consisted of charging batteries, swapping batteries stressing because attys or batty died..
NOW my life is simple I have the silver bullet. The battery has lasted 3 days without a charge, I do not need anything else, just juice and to charge while I sleep every three days.. and the vapor is amazing, twice as much as anything else I have. I finally have the best option available and am thrilled, going to get another today for someone else to make their life easier also.. I can not stop talking to my friends about this. their first comment is it is so big... well to me I like it. and I do not loose it like I did the others
I like the size and everything else about it
and Rob, is amazing just like everyone else says I get my items in just a couple days when the order is placed, the items are shipped either that day or the very next.. how perfect is that, I have no one bad thing to say about this product (Posted on 5/8/2010)
SilverBullet as a first HV MOD Review by Noah
So I have had 4 different "brands" of electronic cigarettes. My absolute favorite being the 510. I decided I wanted something for the house where I had unlimited options for a larger power source, because charging the 510s over and over again was killing my battery life. I started with a pass through for the 510, which paired with a universal wall plug from radio shack that allowed 5 different voltages to be selected worked awesome. Then the limitation of range became an issue. So I started looking at different models offering extended battery life. Obviously the Silver Bullet caught my eye with a whopping 2400mah compared to the 150 or so mah of the 510. Then I looked at some others, the chuck, the gg, the prodigy/protege. Sooo many to choose from, but there was one thing that stood out. All of them were worried about size except for the chuck and the silver bullet. I wasn't worried about size, and didn't want the performance limiting restrictions that came with trying to accommodate for small form factor. Now if you've ever seen the chuck, it looks pure novelty and, in my opinion, cheaply fabricated. So the Silver Bullet rose to the top, plus the option of 6 volt is nice. I know Rob doesn't recommend it, and you run certain risks by doing it, but I think a beautiful and well built PV such as this can handle the occasional 6v vape. I've had it for a few days now and I'm lovin it thoroughly. (Posted on 5/5/2010)
great device!! Review by trancepsychosis
I started vaping 9 months ago using a standard 510. The battery life was killing me, so I got the Tornado/E-Go battery, which was a little bit better. Then I saw this beast. I get a full day of vaping at 6v off a single charge! I'm waiting for my ultrafire 18650 batteries to come in, so I can go back to using the regular 510 attys I have. But using a HV atty (knocking voltage down to 5v), this thing rocks! It has a great feel in my hand, and the black silver bullet with the silver HV 510 atty and silver drip tip looks beautiful. Stop reading this and buy one already! (Posted on 5/1/2010)
Silver Bullet awesome Review by Seekauff
We now have 3 silver bullets. They are truly amazing. I recently misplaced my silver bullet and had to go back to my 501. While the 501 is a great starter place for e-smoking the silver bullet is definitely the dream e-smoking machine. The product delivers amazing vapor. Rob's smoke juice is awesome. You could not ask for better customer service from anyone. Rob bent over backwards twice to get me another silver bullet after I misplaced mine. (I did find it and now have a backup though I doubt I will need it except when I happen to misplace mine.) The battery on my silver bullet has lasted two days without difficulty. Thank you Rob for your great service and amazing product. (Posted on 5/1/2010)
I wont blow smoke up Your A55 Review by x3accent@yahoo.com
BSB is my 3rd Pv and is the answer to all no exceptions! outstanding battery life at 3.7v and 6v option to boot this thing kicks A55 :) great vaper, very comfortable to use. super solid construction fires every time. great look trust me poeple ask all the time "what is that" i'v been vaping for 6 mo. and have converted 4 friends already. I placed my order on a monday recieved it on wendsday and it was sealed with a kiss im shure! I love it! only thing that could ever be better is 2 attys and u can get that too just waiting till it comes in black :} hint hint ......

(Posted on 4/29/2010)
What can I say that everyone else has'nt already said! You wont be dissapointed! Review by Daniel
This monster lasts an entire day on one battery.

Hits like a champ every time.

Looks like a silencer! (my friends get a kick out of that)

Awesome product, zero I repeat ZERO cons about the silver bullet!

Now.. If I can just figure out how to stop killing these 510 attys in a week and I will be good! :) (Posted on 4/28/2010)
Silver Bullet Review by SANDY
Man, I love this Silver Bullet. Before this I was using the Yeti which was a great unit but I found very annoying the fact that I had to either switch batteries or recharge about every 2 or 3 hours. With the protection battery that comes with the Silver Bullet, I can vape away all day long withought worrying about that battery discharging. Man I love this Silver Bullet!!! Love the attention I get from it as well since it's very strange looking yet elegant upclose. (Posted on 4/27/2010)
What's not to like? Review by WPC3
The tobacco shop's ecigg kit left me wondering whether there was more out there. I read forum threads looking for trends in what people seemed to like. I decided I may as well start with the "A"s, besides I'd seen "Silver Bullet" in many posts. Great choice on my part!! I read reviews on this site, also, before ordering. As my first non-"brick&mortar" ecig-related purchase, it couldn't have been simpler! All the hardware a first-time shopper could need is listed, with pull-down selections. Email notification is prompt, and use of USPS priority mail (with tracking number) is great. I received my SB, et al, surprisingly fast. Everything arrived intact, and as ordered. Oh, YES, there's MORE than a starter kit to be experienced!! Well-crafted, handsome, more vape - LUV the SB. I DO like the manual operation, the heft of the SB, and that it doesn't look like a ciggarette. I'm happy! (Posted on 4/26/2010)
Excellence in all aspects Review by CJ
I received my Silver Bullet very quickly, considering it wasn't quite in stock when I had ordered it. Rob was excellent in keeping me informed of the situation and reassuring me that my order was very important to him. I've seen video reviews of the product, and have to extend the surprise in the actual size of the Silver Bullet in hand. It's much smaller than it looks and fits in your hand like a glove. The vapor production (I've only used 3.7, as recommended) is fantastic and holds the taste of your liquids better than other products I've used. It's very sturdy and sleek, with just the right amount of balance and weight. This may very well be THE BEST product I've purchased in my lifetime! That's saying a lot, because I'm quite the consumer. Thanks again Rob, for the great service and quick turnaround! (Posted on 4/25/2010)
I Love It Review by TORI
My black silver bullet not only looks cool, but performs awesomely. I do like it at 3.7 better than at 6 volts. but that's just me.....cartomizers just plain rock on it....best mod I have so far........ (Posted on 4/23/2010)
Great product. Review by CrazyVape
I just had to say I think the silver bullet is an awesome product I like it so much that I just ordered a second one.
And rob and everyone at alt-smoke gave me such great service, on my first order I made the mistake of ordering the black when I wanted the silver so I emailed Rob he got right back to me and said they were out of the silver ones which was why it defaulted to the black but he said he would do his best to see if he could dig one up for me and low and behold when I got my order it was silver.
Rob is awesome.
The silver bullet is my favorite even at 3.7 it gives great throat hit and big vapor (Posted on 4/23/2010)
Buy one NOW!! Review by oograh
If you are "kind of thinking about getting one", do it! Really, do it now!
I got a Black Silver Bullet (isn't that an oxymoron) about a week ago, and I cannot put it down!
At 3.7v the battery last forever! I would go through 2-3 charges, with a standard joye510, a day. With this a battery is lasting 2 1/2 - 3 days. And I am using this more than I was the joye. No drop off in vapor that I could tell either.
It seems to me, that the vapor and flavor is better than my on my standard 510. I have it on good authority that the reason for this is the love (and pixie dust) that they put into each unit. OK, that last statement may have been a stretch, but I do notice greater vapor, and flavor.
The feel of it is great. Some have said "it looks big", but it fits in my hand very well, and the weight seems fine when holding it. I mean I'm not going to be able to hold it in my mouth, but, really, I didn't do that with my joye either. I slap a atty and cart on it and put it in my pocket no problem.
The only con I can think of is, I am now just tearing through my juices! Seriously, I need to restock! LOL!
Thank you Rob, and Chad! I think I love you guys (in a strictly heterosexual way)! (Posted on 4/22/2010)
Awesome... My Silver Bullet is a work of Art!! Review by Gunjji
I couldn't decide what to buy as my HV mod. I wanted versatility between 3.7 & 6v operation. Thanks to GrimmGreen's review I decided on the Silver Bullet. This thing is crafted perfectly. The button is too cool for words and performs flawlessly.
And, best of all.. Superior customer service from Rob. Always responds to any questions I had via live chat or email.
Shipping,,, I ordered on 4/5/10 knowing that they probably wont arrive at Altsmoke until 4/9/10.. I received on on 4/10/10 - WHAT!!! - I Know huh!! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! (Posted on 4/22/2010)
Just like everybody else says!!! Review by Patrick
All I have to say is WOW!!! I own 3 other mods, this is now my favorite. The only bad thing I have to say about it is the finish scratches easy on the SB. You will need to become familiar with mothers aluminum polish. Thats my only gripe. I use it at 6 volts and it's a vapor machine. You only have to push on the very nice button for 2 to 3 seconds to get a cloud of vapor. (Posted on 4/22/2010)
I just love the SILVER BULLET BREORDER,Work's great ,fire's ever time,Unlike this PRODIGY V2,And i like talking to you online ZOPIM Does a great job ,Thank all of you there a ALTSMOKE.COM (Posted on 4/22/2010)
I sure wish I knew these were around when I started vaping Review by sundancer
After spending an exorbitant amount of my hard-earned money trying different e-cigs, I almost gave up the vaping experience until someone on the e-cigarette forum recommended the Silver Bullet. I must have gone through four different e-cig brands and was getting very discouraged. I started out with the Blu and then the 510 which was a great improvement, but I found I was homebound most of the time because of short battery life (good thing I have a business at home) and having to recharge the bat every 1-1/2 to 2 hours was such a hassle, even with a PCC. thanks to the Silver Bullet, Nothing else compares! I love it - Love it! Love it! Now I need to get my daughter a SB of her own so that she stops hogging mine every time I see her. :-P She is crazy about it!

I did notice that the 510 attys work better than the 901s by producing more plumes of vapor. Either way, it's a great PV. When I go out in public, people get curious about what this is and what I'm doing and I explain and demonstrate to them how this works and pass out business cards to those who want to become ex-analog users. People seem to be enthusiastic about it.

Also, I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Rob for such outstanding service and for providing such a great product. Thank you, Rob.

(Posted on 4/22/2010)
If only I knew about this before! Review by sundancer@sc.rr.com
This is one hell of a mod! I only wish I knew of this before spending megabucks on other e-cigs! It produces plumes of vapor, fantastic throat hit, lasts all day without having to put on a charger or change batteries every hour or two, and is overall a very satisfying, hassle-free experience. Thanks to the Silver Bullet. Nothing compares with this. Now my daughter wants one, too. Thank you, Rob,and thank you for your outstanding service! (Posted on 4/22/2010)
Service A+, Quality A+ Review by Dan
There's nothing like getting treated like a VIP and that's truly how I feel purchasing from Rob. Not to mention getting the best PV on the market. (Posted on 4/19/2010)
Great Vapor Review by Will
Very nice produst, I had to wait a few weeks as it was on preorder, But it was well worth it.
This product blows all others out of the water!
I have a couple friends that started using vapor around the same time as I did. They bought one of those inferior ECigs from a local smoking shop.
Thanks guys. (Posted on 4/18/2010)
Why did I wait so long? :-) Review by Hellen A. Handbasket
I've bought a *few* mods and this one has THE best button/switch on the market. Lovely finish. Good feel in my hand. Great instruction sheet included for beginners and terrific customer service (if you need it). Wish I would have bought this one months ago (but glad I waited for the great new price)! Quit reading and just go order!! (Posted on 4/17/2010)
Beautiful product! Review by BootError
Got my Black Silver Bullet last Saturday... Words cant even describe how much I love it! The battery life is what I've been searching for all this time. and me being someone who has big hands it feels perfect in my hands! with the KR808D-1 extended batteries it almost feels awkward in my hands and I don't like the light when you push the switch so this solves all of my problems. Vapor production is great as well! Thanks to Chad and Rob! (Posted on 4/15/2010)
awesome product&excellent customer service Review by kathleen
Ive only had my silver bullet for days but i cant say one thing bad ab out it.the quality of this device is outstanding.I would give the throat hit a 10,vapor production a 10,batery life 10+(lasts 1 1/2 days of heavy vaping.I actually dont think even after 1 1/2 days the battery is dead completely just slowed down if that makes sense..Im using a 510 atomiser with it at 3.7volts and cant say enough or be hapier with a devise ..and i can truly say that rob at altsmoke goes above and beyond my expectation of good customer servise,and will bend over backwards in making sure his customers are happy and satisfied.;-)thanks..rob and i can assure you that youll be seeing more of me..happy vaping to all,and if your debating or hesitating on witch mod to buy,i can assure you the silver bullet is the one too buy weather your a vet in the vaping world or like me fairly new(21/2 months) to vaping :-) (Posted on 4/15/2010)
Fantastic Product Review by Jvapor
I have had The Black SB for a few weeks now which was a gift to me from Peter, aka Truelove, and I just purchased the silver one. I love the thickness of the device itself and the solid build quality. I did have some issues with the switch with it misfiring but it did not take me long to learn that it was user error. I was not pushing the button straight and to full compression. Since correcting my technique the device has worked flawlessly. The finish is amazing and the sealed press fit connector is great. I love this product and highly recommend it for any one who wants a high quality attractive Mod that is well worth the money. Oh yeah and I love the new brass spring. It really shines at 6V operation. (Posted on 4/15/2010)
Silver Bullet! Review by Mechmike
I love this thing! Its beautiful, well constructed and functional. One thing I really like is that because of its aluminum construction my atomizer never gets hot anymore. The thing acts like a big heat sink. I really love that fact that now I can vape all day on one single battery. I'm using a 3000mah 18650. I don't know for sure but I imagine the battery would last several days but I change it for a fresh one daily anyway. (Posted on 4/15/2010)
Just Wow! Review by Hellen A. Handbasket
Why did I wait so long?! LOL Awesome unit (ooohhhhh Shiny!!!), great vapor and the best button/switch on the market. Thanks AltSmoke! You guys ROCK! (Posted on 4/11/2010)
WOW! Review by Surfside Vaper
I received my silver Silver Bullet today and WOW is about all I can say. If you've been waiting on the ultimately vaping device, then wait no more. Order a Silver Bullet today.

Surfside Vaper (Posted on 4/10/2010)
It Rocks Review by Steve
Thanks MoobyGhost (tgwtf=the guy with the fedora) for referring me to altsmoke and the SIlver Bullet. I too own a cloud9 e-cig and the Joye 510, I got tired of switching batteries all the time. My Silver Bullet is simply Awesome. The 18650s' were not in stock when I ordered it. The Silver Bullet arrived in like 2 days and I was so happy to open it.

Then I had to wait on batteries to arrive, from someone else that had them it took 5 days for the batteries with 2nd day air. Compare the shipping turnaround yourself. You ask Altsmoke a question and they get back to soon...

Overall I could not be happier with the Silver Bullet, The Customer Service, The Super Fast arrival. It Rocks!!!! (Posted on 3/27/2010)
Still kicking Review by Robert
I gave the SB glowing review around Christmas 2009. Just wanted you to know it's stil going strong with absolutely no problems in performance.

Every other mod or pv device I've bought has been relegated to "the drawer" about a month or so after the shine wore off.

I treat this baby like crap (I've dropped it, stepped on it, sat on it, keep it in my jeans pocket, etc). It doesn't seem to mind a bit. Still works like a charm and looks great.

I get all kinds of attention with this baby so I've kinda become the spokesperson for the SB in my town. I should get commission!

Get it, love it. (Posted on 3/26/2010)
I Found It !!!!! Review by George
My first purchase was the 901. It got me interested, but Next was the 510. It was much better than the 901. More vapor, better flavor, but still left me wanting more. I wanted more batt life, so i bought a dse-905. Much better! long batt life! Then i started reading the reviews on the SB. Hundreds of them!! I was really impressed! So i placed my order! 3 days later i recieved my black SB. WOW!! mucho vapor! mucho batt life! I love the size and attention to detail! I found it!!! This will be my final purchase( until rob has something new.....omega.....) Many thanks to Rob for a GREAT product, and customer service. My boss and his wife have pre-ordered their SBs and cant wait!! (Posted on 3/26/2010)
Great mod Review by Mark
Works really well and shipping was super fast. Only thing that might be a neg is that the connection from the atomizer is really sensitve. If you overfill too much the juice seems to mess with the battery connection. But a simple wipe and its working again. So keep up on the maintenance and it will work brand new. (Posted on 3/25/2010)
My new power tool Review by Donnie55
And it's built better than most of my power tools. Very impressed with the craftsmanship and performance. The button is simply perfect. Can't wait for the BB's to return. The one who dies with the most toys wins. (Posted on 3/24/2010)
Outstanding PV Review by Tom Harrington
I bought this to replace a Puresmoker Prodigy V2 because of the V2's switch problems. This is a great vape with 801 and 510 atomizers, and with the 18650 battery, it lasts all day. I've had the SB for almost two weeks now and vaping it almost exclusively. The switch works 100% of the time.

Do yourself a favor and get an additional 18650 battery so you can always have one charged up and ready to swap out. The charger holds two batteries and can also charge most of the Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries. (Posted on 3/24/2010)
silver bullet Review by Raymond
Sure, I had tried others 501's etc but they all had a limited battery life and I always seemed to be charging them. The silver bullet is in a class of it's own. I'm going strong, thank you Pure Smoker (Posted on 3/24/2010)
Silver Bullet gets a 10+. Review by Joe
I purchased my Silver Bullet about 2 weeks ago. I have only great things to say about the product its self. I have had the BLU CIG, the JOYE 510, the DSE 801, the SAILE BOA SCREW DRIVER 905, and now the SILVER BULLET. It is hands down the Best One. It produces the most vapor, the best throat hit, its lasts the longest, Flavors taste great. It is a must buy for anyone that vapes. This is my go to, all day long device.

Note: I run 2 rechargeable CR123a 3.0V which makes it a 6V device and that makes the device unbeatable.

The only thing that came as a shock to me when I opened the package was it wasn't silver for some reason I received the black one. Which probably was my fault somehow cause I didn't pay attention to the option when ordering.
(Posted on 3/24/2010)
I haven't put this thing down Review by whizdumb
Boy am I glad I did my research before buying another proprietary 510 model with those useless PCC's and other sales gimmicks. The Silver Bullet is a fantastic PV whose only job is to supply constant and consistent power to an atomizer. With that being said the SB is top notch (I consider it the "MAGLITE" of the PV world) and I have actually grown to like vaping instead of having the stress and hassle of dealing with little batteries and re- chargers and PCC's. Also just to touch on the Altsmoke attys. They are fantastic! They are nearly the same quality as the SBs themselves and work very well to produce a ton of vapor and consistent throat hit. I only started vaping in Feb 2010 but I'm very glad I visited the forums and learned more about PV's, juices, and vaping. The endless praise paid to altsmoke really stuck out and I figured that it was worth the money to confirm it. I'm happy with my purchase and altsmoke has another customer for life. BUY ONE YOU WON"T BE DISAPPOINTED!

PS. My only complaint is that the SB has been recently discounted to $15 less. Although I obviously would have liked to get in on that before I purchased. Buy one, heck buy one of everything! Cheers (Posted on 3/24/2010)
Nothing else comes close Review by Elf
After only a short while with the BSB and BB, we knew that nothing else out there we tried (and we tried a lot) even came close to the performance and reliability of these devices. They have been SOLID performers, and in fact I began to worry the unlikely but dreaded fear of "what if something happened to one of them.. I don't think I could go back to the others, even while waiting for a new one" and so now we have a second "backup" BSB for just such an emergency. We are of course eager to see what else AltSmoke has in store for the world, but in the meantime we couldn't be happier. You guys are the best. THANK YOU! (Posted on 3/22/2010)
Very Pleased! Review by jwdigitalart
I recently purchased the Silver Bullet (in black), and I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

I've been vaping for about 3 months now, and I had the blu cigs before this. The blu cigs left me wanting more which led me to this fine piece of machinery. The Silver Bullet goes with me every where I go, and has yet to let me down.

I know it is not recommended but I purchased 2- 3.0v LiFeP04 RCR123A 750mAH
batteries so I could vape at 6v rather than the supplied 3v battery. The supplied battery will last you around 24 hours of solid vaping, with the 2 3.5v's It last about 20 hours of solid vaping.

At 6v this puppy will put out billowing amounts of vapor, with a throat hit like smoke.

My opinion: 11 out of 10!

(Posted on 3/22/2010)
The Silver Bullet - Unmatched!!! Review by Hans O
Hello Fellow Vapers!!!

I've been vaping for 5 weeks now. Rob and altsmoke have been wonderful. I didn't know anything when I started looking into this. In spite of being very busy with preorders and everything else that must go along with running a pioneer business venture, Rob answered all my questions, even the stupid ones, in a kind and timely manner.
Now to the product reviews. I started with a cheap Chinese e-cig and wasn't sold on vaping at all after using it. I stepped up to the Yeti and I was sold on vaping but knew I had yet to discover it's potential. Then I bought my Silver Bullet (a sleek, black one - very cool looking).
This thing is the best PV available on the market today. I make this statement unsolicited by altsmoke or any other PV company after buying three and trying a dozen different vaporizers. Even with the stock, 3.7 volt rechargeable battery, this thing provides consistent, warm, sweet vapor in HUGE quantities if you want it. The button allows you the choice. I vaped at 6 volts with two 3 volt CR123s and the vapor was awesome but I sensed an uncomfortable amount of combustion. Also, the 510 carts (round) seemed to melt a bit at 6 volts. I switched to the higher quality flat tip 510 carts and they don't melt at all. Nonetheless, our goal here (or at least mine) is to VAPORIZE, not to combust. I want to live to be 111 and so does the girl I love so NO MORE COMBUSTION (at least when it comes to nicotine).
THE SILVER BULLET WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! A full charge has allowed me up to two days of uninterrupted vaping (although I hear that the norm is about a day). The liquids I bought from Rob were delicious. I'll make it easy for you:
Buy a Silver Bullet, buy a bottle of your favorite flavor eliquid, stick a 510 atty and a flat tip cat on the thing, drip and vape! You will not be disappointed. I promise.


Hans O (Posted on 3/21/2010)
My new favorite thing Review by mtbross
I have only been vaping a little over a month, and have quickly accumulated the 601 epipe (love it), 701 e-cigar...fair, 901 (like), Joye510 (love it) and disposable Veppo cigar (like it quite a bit). Then read about the SB and BB on e-cig-forum, watched some video reviews, and had to try a mod. Checked out some of the others, but decided to try the SB for me, and the BB for my wife.

We LOVE these things! Really can't think of a single thing that isn't good about either one. I've only tried the BB one or two times, and it's great too. Being smaller, it fits better in my pocket, but...I can't get it away from my wife :). Which is okay, because the Silver Bullet now sits next to my iPhone two of my favorite things that must always be with me!

It's simple, well built (to put it mildly), and works great. I am now a mad vaper, tearing through web sites searching out e-liquids and have to say that most taste better with the SB than my other devices. I primarily vape zero nicotine, and will add a drop of low nic juice (usually Halo's Harley) once in a while. The SB brings out the best of everything.

Next, I will try the higher voltage. I have some protected CR123A batteries that are 3.6v and am awaiting delivery of high volt attys from ikenvape to try with the SB. I realize it's not recommended, but I have to check it out.

Everything I read about the SB and BB turned out to be true. I suggest you get one ..or both... immediately! You won't be sorry. (Posted on 3/20/2010)
The device that finally got me off analogs Review by Tom
After a few year break from attempting to use a much older (and crappier) PV Pipe device and failing, I decided perhaps the industry had advanced enough for me to give it another go. After a couple weeks of research, I had decided on a Silver Bullet. Oh man am I glad I did.

I honestly challenge you to find a negative review, anywhere, on this product. You can't, and you won't. When you purchase this unit, you're aware of the size of it already -- and frankly it's not big, it's just not as small (or works as badly) as a cigarette sized PV. Aside from the size, no one can say anything negative about this device.... because there simply isn't anything negative besides that. It looks like a work of art, it's built like a truck, and everything is machined to fit precisely. The button clicks with a satisfying clack into it's recessed slot, and atty's screw in perfectly every time.

Because of the fact I literally COULD NOT find ANYTHING negative said about the SB, I decided this had to be my big "go to" device.

No exaggeration, no marketing bullshit ... there's just "Mmmm, this Banana Vape tastes great".

If you're even considering this product, you've already made your decision, just order it. There's other mod PV's out there, some are a little slimmer, or a little shorter, some have fancy graphics, some are cheaper. For this price, none of them are close, at all, not even at the same level. Just fill out your info and press the order button. (Posted on 3/19/2010)
Excellent PV Review by Roger
You won't be sorry. Ordered Friday and received Monday. Highly recommended. (Posted on 3/19/2010)
Solid PV Review by Justin
If you are done worrying about size and LEDs, then you can't go wrong with this unit. The 18650 3.7v battery has an extremely long battery life. The switch design and location is near perfect. The Silver Bullet works great with any atomizer using the adapters sold here on this site. If you haven't tried the SB than you don't know what you are missing out on. (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Silver Bullet is great!!!! Review by T
The Silver Bullet is a great product the case is sturdy and button is easy on the fingers. It puts out massive amounts of vapor . The battery life is also great it : I dont have to worry about charging my battery at the middle or end of day ..

I have tried other product but the Silver Bullet is the best by far.
Great throat hit,Great vapor, Great Battery Life
And great service what else could you ask for..

Thanks ALT Smoke :) (Posted on 3/18/2010)
What can I say? Review by SteveJ
It's all been said, and it's all true. If the world were destroyed tonight in a nuclear attack the only things left would be Silver Bullets and cockroaches. If you are thinking of buying one, do it, you won't regret it. (Posted on 3/18/2010)
It's a 10 of 10 get one! Review by Chris
What everyone is saying is correct the sb is great! Contruction and quality is unmatched. I am using 3.7v at 2400 mAh. I am getting 24 to 48 hours on one batt.
I have had my sb for a month now and I have only one negative thing to say, the ease of draw is much harder than my 510's but still is a 10 out of 10. If you vape alot get one you will be very pleased!!
(Posted on 3/18/2010)
silver bullet Review by chrisb
2 days to arrive- i dont know whats more impressive,, the bullet itself or the speed of delivery. very well made unit,sturdy and solid-will do well as improptu brass knuckle. i got the 18650 batts and rcr123a's. fantastic at 3.7v, but at 6v. well, someone might call the fire dept cause it smokes up the room-awsome! (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Oh YEAH!!! Review by Tom
If you're looking for a vaper that l-a-s-t-s, this is the one. That lunker battery has lasted me almost 3 days (Fri to Sun), and I only removed it for charging because I didn't want to come up short at work the next day. I use a few cartridge mods (ZFM, straw) and I don't have to reload as often. 2 full carts lasts me through a 10 hour work day with no sweat. The thing I REALLY like about the SB, is it doesn't look like a cigarette A-tall. My office manager passed by my desk and spotted the SB sitting next to me and asked what it was. When I told him it was a personal vaporizer, he nodded his head (like he knew what I was talking about) and walked away. 'Tis a fine and wonderous thing you have here, Rob. (Posted on 3/18/2010)
WOW! Review by Jim
It's shiney, black, and heavy!
I LOVE the weight of it...

Seriously, you could use it for self defense, and it's built like a truck!

Someone could bomb your house, and I think you could dig this puppy out of the rubble, screw on a new atty and it would vape like the day you first put batteries in it!

Great button too!

Keep up the GREAT work AltSmoke! (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Bullet! Review by Jesse
Had the SB for a couple weeks now and all I can say is WOW! This is my first mod like this and I'm loving it. Got here faster than I even expected and it's been vaping bliss ever since! Highly recommend the Bullet to anyone looking for a seriously satisfying vape! Vape on! (Posted on 3/18/2010)
The Sherman Tank of PV's Review by Brad524
I've been vaping for about five months and have gotten just about every PV except the 401. My very first mod, now please don't chastise me for it, it was the right price at the time, was the 905. With a little modding it still vapes good at 5volts. Any CR2 stacked with any atty drops the voltage down. Well my wife decided to get me a early B-Day gift when we got our tax returns. I showed her around sites one night and left the room. Ten min. latter she came out and wouldn't tell me what she'd done, I had no clue. Only two days later there's a knock at the door, it's the mailman. The package was addressed to her so I left it alone till she got home, even though it said Altsmoke on the package and she doesn't vape, YET! When she arrived home I told her about the package and she said "you should've opened it, it's for you, Happy Birthday!" I couldn't open it quick enough, she tried to get her camera to take a pic of the look on my face but by the time she came in I was already putting batteries in. Very slowly might I add this thing is built like a sherman tanke I kept saying over and over. Needles to say I've barely touched my chinese knock off, and my BSB hasn't left my sight, it even has it's own spot on my night stand. IT REALLY KICKS A**!! Rob. Keep up the GREAT job over there. (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Great device and customer service..... Review by JAY
Had a problem with the BSB (tight atty threads) but resolved it quickly.

Built like a tank!

The battery life is amazing on this device (2 days on one charge on 18650 3.7 volt) is unbelievable!!! Glad I made the purchase!!!

Throat hit and vapor are awesome!

Rob is the man, courteous service and understanding. Great customer support!

Thanks Rob (Posted on 3/18/2010)
perfect Review by spruebreak
First purchase was the 510 with the PCC. I was going though batteries like nothing, I needed something that had full power all the time. None of the accessories worked, including the USB passthrough.
I am a Supervisor with technical experiance at a plastics shop. I play hard, end up braking anything not built rugged. I am awake most of the day and need something reliable and powerful.
The SB is rugged, I cant drain the battery in 24 hrs. It looks sleek but it is a monster. Good Job. (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Silver Bullet Review by Bryan
Very nice unit! If you are looking for a long run battery, this is the unit to get. The button is perfectly recessed so it does not go off accidentally. I use it everyday, and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. Materials are top notch, and the service was fantastic-got my order in two days. THANK YOU! (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Don't hesitae and buy it! Review by Brewko
The Silver bullet is easily one of the Best mods out on the Market ATM. Creates clounds of vapor at 3.7 and 6 Volts! They only recommend using the the SB at 3.7V and not stacking batteries so that being said I recommend using the AW 18650 3.7 volt battery High Drain(orange Color) from www.Lighthound.com. The Silver Bullet will not dissapoint you. The Silver Bullet is very well made and with there 5 Star customer service makes for an easy and pain free purchase. Thanks Altsmoke! (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Amazing Review by Nate
My Black SB is one of the greatest investments ever...It seemed to need a little breaking in, because I popped 5 atomizers, but once I found a good mixture of heavy dripping and a few mods it works AMAZING. Ive dropped it, thrown it, and even smacked friends in the head with it and there are no dents whatsoever. BUY NOW!!! (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Top Notch Products Review by Dustin
I ordered quite a few products from AltSmoke.com. My order shipped promptly. I've ordered from other sites and I would say Altsmoke.com is without a doubt the best PV site/business I have come across.

I ordered the Silver Bullet (black), attys (510 & 901's) and atty adapters. They all work without fail. I'm finally happy knowing I have a PV that is Outstanding.......I can relax now knowing I have the Silver Bullet in my hand.

There shouldn't be a debate! Altsmoke.com is where it's at.

Couldn't be happier with the products, thanks Altsmoke.com (Posted on 3/18/2010)
Not only does Rob have the best stuff, but he is a man to be trusted... Review by David
I was on the original pre-order for the 1st Silver Bullets. I loved it but when he came around with the long bottom, I loved it even more.

Now there are these videos about the Double Barrel SB and I am crazy to get 1.

Rob wrote me a few times saying he only had a few left and at the end, I waited at this site for 1 hour and it did not change from "out of stock" as this is a "hot" item my friends and I don't even have it yet!!! Well after I went to Nu-Vapor Forum and wrote him an angry PM, I was on the phone and clicked on the page and it was there. I could buy it and I did.

I promise anyone anywhere that this man and this company are the best not only in the USA, but in the World.

I told him that I want a "heads up" for project "Omega." Oh boy, I may die a happy vapor!!!! thanks again Rob, Chaz and staff. You deserve to be at the top because you really do care. (Posted on 3/9/2010)
No Need for another Vaping Device Ever Again Review by Benjamin
Love my new BSB. Have gonna thru the previous usual suspects of vaping devices, 901,510,m401,801,Loong totem never was 100% happy with any of them. The Silver Bullet will probably be the last PV ill ever need, although i do plan on getting a BB + passthru and the DBSB Top. Only thing that could make the Silver Bullet perfect would be a AFS attachment like the one for the GG. Thanks AltSmoke (Posted on 3/7/2010)
Still loving it Review by M
Still loving my black SB three months in. Man, this thing rocks! (Posted on 2/27/2010)
AMAZING!!!!!! Review by Dave
First off, I'm not one to normally review products, I normally just tell friends and co-workers about products I like or dislike. However there are so many things to compliment I felt I had to write this review.

I ordered my SB while it was on pre-order. After researching many different Mods, I felt it was worth waiting a few days to get this which leads me to my first part of the review - Customer Service.... The communication from AltSmoke is without compare. I have NEVER been able to get decent communication from a company. I had some questions and sent an email to Rob. I had a reply in 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES!!!!! I then called to speak with someone regarding some other questions I had and Rob answered after 2 rings. No reps, no computers, Rob himself answered, took the time to speak with me and answer all my questions and we had a really good convesation. I really felt as if I was speaking to a friend as Rob was so patient, friendly, and helpful. Customer Service of this caliber is simply unheard of these days. Rob, you are fantastic my friend!!!

The day arrived when the SB's came in and mine was in the mail immediately. Rob kept in touch, I knew exactly what the status of the pre-order was, and EXACTLY when it was shipping. Which brings me to the next item on this review, Shipping - My SB went in the mail and I received a tracking number on a Wednesday afternoon. My SB was in my mailbox on Friday morning. A day and a half and I had my SB!! Another thing that is simply unheard of these days. AltSmoke does not mess around when it comes to shipping. I just dont know how they can move product so fast. Simply Amazing!!

I ordered my SB in Black. I opened the package, my Silver Bullet (Black Bullet), batteries, charger, atty's, and carts were packed like they were fine crystal. Superb packing yet this thing is built like a tank. Shipping this fast and packed this well to boot.... un-freaking-believable!!!!

I charged up the batteries, put eveything together (the threads even had an initial coating of Noalox on them) and anxiously filled a cart and put a drop of juice on the atty to try it out. Next item reviewed - Function. This thing is a beast!!! I am using the 3.7v battery and the vapor is INSANE!!! Great vapor, great taste, great throat hit, the SB works flawlessly.

The construction makes me proud to buy a good old American made product. They use the finest materials, the machining is super precise, fit and finish is simply beautiful, and it is obvious the button will last as long as the Mod itself. Quality is out of the park with this product. Made in the USA with the best materials, designed beautifully and performs as good as it looks (which is absolutely wonderful). This thing looks like a piece of Art. I know everyone that sees it is going to fall in love with it's looks and function. And mind you I'm running at 3.7v, I do have 6v protected batteries ordered for it but after seeing the performance at 3.7v, I'm really wondering if I'm even going to want to run it at 6v.

In any case, AltSmoke and the Silver Bullet are Five Stars all across the board. From Customer Service to Shipping to Quality to Performance. You CANNOT go wrong by dealing with Rob and Chad and purchasing their products. These guys don't mess around, they do it right and if you are new to vaping or an experienced vaper, you will love the whole experience. I will give up my Silver Bullet when someone prys it from my cold, dead hands (and this thing is built so well it will probably last longer than me lol).

Happy Vaping and BUY YOUR PRODUCTS FROM AltSmoke!!!!! The Silver Bullet cannot be beat by anything the competition has to offer. This WILL be the best purchase you will ever make.

Rob, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the service and the Silver Bullet!!! Everyone else, quit waiting and BUY THIS MOD!!! (Posted on 2/26/2010)
Almost Perfect Review by Alex
Great unit - looks tough as nails and it's pretty, too. Kind of like a showroom muscle car. Excellent vape. I would have rated it a 10/10 but I had some trouble getting the kr808 adapter on. It didn't come close to screwing in all the way so I had to use pliers and a t-shirt to get it down. This is good because I know it will stay when I'm screwing carts on and off, but bad because I know these small threads are sensitive as well as the contacts on the adapters themselves. The adapter also got marred in the process despite the t-shirt I used to prevent that. Oh well, it works. Definitely purchasing some anti-seize compound soon for the adapter and the battery housing - I will add that the battery housing did come pre-lubed. Otherwise, weight, vape, shape, feel, size, button: 10/10. Definitely for me.
Overall SB score (within my 1hr of owning it) = 9/10 (Posted on 2/26/2010)
Terrific! Review by Umar
The Black SB is not only the first mod I bought, it is the first ecig I bought... I've been doing my research for the last three or four months, and finally settled on the SB with the 510 atomizer...

I received it yesterday, and after letting the batteries charge overnight, I have been happily vaping away today... I thought it would take me some time to get used to it... there isn't much of a learning curve, and although I was initially disappointed at not seeing the clouds of smoke that the reviewers were exhaling on youtube videos, I quickly got the hang of it... although I don't have any other ecig to compare it with, the throat hit, the vapor production, the flavor and the nicotine hit were all simply terrific, once I got the technique right...

The Black SB is very understated with the black atomizer and the black mouthpiece, and this really brings out the shine of the silver button... (Posted on 2/26/2010)
Very Impressed Review by MoparMike
After receiving my Silver Bullet I could not be happier. After reading review after review I felt confident choosing it as my first mod and I can certainly see why it had such a good reputation. The built quality is excellent, it looks great and produces plenty of vapor. If you are looking for a near bulletproof battery mod, you couldn't do much better than the Silver Bullet. Aside from a great product, the customer service I have received, both during the sale and after, has been very prompt and helpful. Thanks guys, you will certainly see repeat business from me. (Posted on 2/23/2010)
Silver Bullet... A thing of beauty! Review by Trishelle
This is the best purchase I have EVER made, EVER!!!
Oh my gosh, the vape is fantastic, it brings out the flavors of my juices.
Made with attention to detail, rock solid, feels good in my hand... and it is the prettiest thing, just awesome.
(Posted on 2/23/2010)
This is THE way to vape Review by David
This is the best e cig product I have ever purchased. I can't imagine more than one in a hundred vapers who would regret this purchase, and that one person would likely not have bought the device anyway. I would go on but all the other reviews clearly have it covered. If you are thinking about it at all... then you should buy it. You will thank anyone who encouraged you to later. (Posted on 2/23/2010)
Me... like Review by Lonoman
A little bit about my previous experience with vapor products. I have only used the 801 and 510. I enjoy the SB; the flavor is fuller, the vap is what my friends say "you look like your smoking out of a bong" and with the 6v (two 3v) batteries I never have to worry about a decrease in performance all day. I leave one set on the charger, vap all day and when I wake up I change them out even though I do not need to.

The construction is rock solid with the SB; the size is big but It fits my hands, the polish gets scruffy looking after a while but I am not trying to see my self in it, I feel it gives it character.

The only trouble I have is with my dripping to the atty and if I have the SB standing up I get a little liquid coming out the vent holes in the connection from the atty. I don't think of this as a flaw from the SB's point but more of a dripping point on my part. I do not look at the SB and grab it then get juice over my hand and then the button because of the dripping.

All in all, a good solid unit, I would recommend to anyone not getting enough out of their pen-style or mini. I can foresee me using this for years to come, I for one am very pleased.

Thank you (Posted on 2/17/2010)
wonderful device Review by Robert
After looking at the reviews of various HV devices, I decided the SB would be the perfect one for me. The build quality is excellent. A nice simple design with a beautifully polished aluminum surface. The switch has an easy action and adds to the overall look of the unit.
I direct drip into a 510 atty at 6V and the SB performs very well. Vapor production is consistently good. The vapor also has a warmth to it, and my juices really seem to be more enjoyable at the higher voltage.
The SB is a wonderful device, and with the 6v option, it's the best PV I've ever owned.

(Posted on 2/13/2010)
Don't hesitate Review by GB
What a great PV. Before the SB I was using a 510. I get more flavor and a smoother, cooler vape. All while still using the atty and carts from my 510.
Rob was great about processing the order fast and shipping it quick. If your on the fence about this one, jump on it, you won't regret it. (Posted on 2/12/2010)
Great HV Device Review by Jonathan
Currently the best PV I own. I love the device for HV vaping. Fash shipping, reasonable price, amazing build quality. Thank you!

Will be back for a BB as soon as you make one a little more slim with a recessed button.

Great product. Would definitely recommend. (Posted on 2/12/2010)
Grab the Silver Bullet, you will not regret it! Review by RockStarHeli
Ok guys and girls, I have been using the Silver bullet for a couple weeks now and I am loving it. I started vaping using the Vapor King and I wanted to try something with a little more punch. Well I can tell you now that I do not have to look any longer. The Silver Bullet is made completely of aircraft grade aluminum and is hand polished to a pristine shine. The button is well made and is one of the smoothest around. The Silver Bullet can handle both a giant 2400mah 3.7 volt battery as well as two smaller batteries to jump your voltage up to six volts. I tried the SB both with a 510 atomizer and my Vapor King carts using the adapter that can be purchased through Altsmoke. The SB is a tank when it comes to vapor production. The 510 atty produces the most but if you want a long lasting cart the 808D with adapter works great for those long car rides. (Posted on 2/12/2010)
Could not be happier Review by Rackadisaprin
In all honesty the Silver Bullet is everything you can ask for in a high voltage device except for size. Its not a problem for me though. The button hits every time, its more solid and tougher than any other mod ive had. Its simple and works better than can be expected. On another side, Altsmoke.com is one of the best sites ive ever dealt with. Exteremely fast shipping, attention to detail and awesome customer service!!
Thanks Rob, for a great customer experience (Posted on 2/12/2010)
Silver Bullet Review by GREG
all i can say is WOW i had boought a used BB and gad that for awhile my vetter half asked me to or der her a purple BB well i guess i didnt realize that when i ordered her the shopping cart must have had the SB i was thinking of ordering still in que

well guess what the package arrived with the BB and the SB i opened it and thought what the hell??? well ofcourse it was here i had betteries might aswell try it

and im dam gtlad i did ITS A KEEPER!!!!!!! this this is great the machineing is top notch and this thig is a power house
at first i thought it was a little large but after 10 minutes it felt great filled my hand with a nice feel at the switch and great vapor production

thanks AltSmoke
So. Florida


I WANT A BEAD BLASTED FINISH BB AND SB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Posted on 2/12/2010)
In my opinion the Silver Bullet is THE Ultimate vaping experience!!! Review by Craig
If you don't have a Silver Bullet...you ain't vaping!!! The craftmanship...the overall vaping experience is the ultimate. There are a lot of good mods on the market today...but the Silver Bullet is a step above all the rest. If you want consistant reliablity nothing else compares. I also ordered the BB ....Same story you can't beat these products. Rob and Chad have mastered the ultimate device for quality and consistant performance...not to mention great customer service and very quick shipping. I couldn't be happier with these products...I am truly amazed. You owe it to yourself to check them out and order the ultimate vaping experience. Thanks (Posted on 2/12/2010)
More Than Expected!!! Review by AmplexorJ
The Silver Bullet is truly an amazing piece of hardware. After hearing many good things about it, I decided to finally bite the bullet, literally :) I have been using the SB quite heavily for a week now and have had stellar results!

Precision Craftsmanship, Beautiful Design, Simple Operation, Consistency Consistency Consistency, & above all, The Best Vaping Experience I've had Thus Far!!!

Between all the e-cig models & PV's I've tried, or the various MODs I've Built, The SB is now my exclusive model of choice.

Thanks Guys (Posted on 2/12/2010)
American Muscle Review by MrEDJay
This thing is amazing.
Truly made me wonder why I didn't start out on the Silver Bullet.
I do E-Liquid reviews on my youtube channel and I have done One other PV review.
The SIlver Bullet is one of my Reviewed products and the ONLY HIgh Voltage Mod I plan on reviewing because I don't see a need for anything else.

Some things to note.

#1 Warm Warm vapor.
(On Par if not better than an analog smoke)

#2 Flavor Enhancer
(This can be a blessing and a curse. Needless to say, try vaping your favorite e-liqid at different voltages, because you will find that the flavor does change depending on the voltage.)

#3 Not As Big As You Think.
(Still bigger than a DSE901 but not unmanageable)

#4 Great Great Product :) (Posted on 2/12/2010)
Speechless Review by Kinghell73
Dont know what to say that already hasent been said here....but can never have to many positive reviews!!! The Silver Bullet is amazing!! havent touched any of my other PV units since i got the SB ( and i have a few), and cant stop vaping on it! The vapor is so much more than i expected and the flavors taste so much more full and rich. batteries life lasts all day, and im a pretty heavy user! i will not hesitate to try other products from these fine folks and if you havent tried the SB yet all i have to say is........WHADDYA WANTING FOR!!!!!! 10/10 across the board!!

thanks Altsmoke! (Posted on 2/10/2010)
This is the BEST PV on the market Review by Brian
I started out with a Janty stick and really liked the compact design, but was slightly dissatisfied with battery life. It was my first PV and I didn't really know any better. Then as I started doing more research (www.e-cigarette-forums.com is a great site) I realized that I wanted to have something with more battery life and the opportunity to switch between 3.7V and 6V as well as all the different attys. So I came here and decided to check out the SB.

I got mine in the mail a couple of weeks ago and have done plenty of vaping on this thing. I thought it would become my backup if I lost my Janty stick in the harbor, but this thing actually fits perfectly in my back pocket with a 510 atty installed. The stick is now my backup in case I drop this beast of a PV in the harbor. I also purchased 801 and 901 adapters and have vaped using all 3. My favorite is the 510 because of the compact size of it, with very good vapor production. Followed by the 801 because of the excellent vapor production, however it loses cool points for being so large. Lastly the 901 because I feel it has very small improvement over the size of the 801, and in my opinion the cart is too small and I was constantly dripping into it.

I also tried vaping at 3.7V, 6V and was dumb enough to try vaping stacking 2 3.7V RCR123As. 7.4V is waaaaay too much power and I had to only depress the button for about 1/2 a second a couple of times to get a big hit, however it was very difficult to control and the juice would often taste burnt. This thing is great at 3.7V and 2400mAh offers freedom to roam without having to be tied to a wall outlet for recharging. I have used my 2400mAh battery over a long weekend of serious partying and vaping and didn't have to replace it with the spare that was in my back pocket until Sunday afternoon.

But my favorite thing about this unit (albeit not publicly recommended by Rob) is vaping at 6V. It produces excellent vapor in a very short time, and it really brings out the flavor of the juice. A couple of my flavors are weak at 3.7V but they taste amazing at 6V.

This tool is built like a tank. The body is extremely sturdy, the switch smooth and easy to operate, and appears to be very well built. I seriously cannot foresee any problems with the switch ever occurring.

I wish I had bought this model first. It offers everything you can ask for in a PV, except compact design. But that's what the BB is for I guess.

I did see a comment in someone else's review calling the SB "plain." I'm having mine engraved this week and when it's done I don't think anyone will ever call mine that again.

Thanks Rob, for a great product, a great website, and of course your awesome customer support and timely shipping. (Posted on 2/10/2010)
Silver Bullet my new friend Review by edsz31
I received my Silver Bullet about 1 week ago, I love this shinny silver bullet. I had a small e cig, but I was changing the battery several times a day and it was small always checking my pockets. The Bullets battery lasts me a full day and eve, I replace the battery every morning, I like the size its big I dont loose it or misplace it. I'm new to e-cigs, I dont need led's or a low battery light. The Bullet is robust and bad- ass. Its 10:30 PM, I put a recharged battery in at 7:30 am and Im still vaping away.

Funny story today, I went down to the Marina today I was working on my sailboat, I saw again, few boats away from me was the owner of a old very rough sailboat, working away, I have noticed the last few times I went to visit my boat that old sailboat was starting to look good. I said hello nice job he said thanks, and he pulled a e-cig from his pocket, it looked real at frist . I said COOL a e-cig, he said yep. I grinned and reached in my pocket and stuck the Billet and my mouth and took a 5-6 sec draw and blew a nice cloud of vapor, The said Wow what is that thing its COOL. I told him its the Siver Bullet, I like to show off my Bullet. (Posted on 2/5/2010)
this thing rocks... Review by Phishhed
SERIOUSLY....if your looking for the best experience in ecig vaping...look no further.
You get what you pay for in this world,and every penny spent on this unit is worth it.
As a beginner ecig vaper I didnt notice all its finer qualities,AT FIRST....now I HATE having to use my JOYE510 with the standard portable battery unless im out for the night and I need something compact....thank god for portable charging packs for the batteries(terrible charge life)
The 510 atomizer works like a dream with the SB,but I may venture out and get the attachment to be able to use other model atomizers with the SB...I heard each one is a LIL different(might be worth a try)
Anyways enough rambling...if your considering buying one of the "other" screwdriver style ecigs(that are actaully more INexpensive),and you cant buy the SB right away cause theyre on back order....do yourself a favor,be willing spend the lil extra money it costs for the SB,and JUST WAIT for them to come back into stock.
I PROMISE you,you wont regret it.
Buy a cheap portable model to hold you over till theyre back in stock,or use the one you may already currently own...and as SOON as you can grab a SB....
DO IT!!!!
Good luck and happy vaping...peace
P.S. remember the old saying...haste makes waste.
Make the right purchase the 1st time so you dont regret buying one your not happy with right off the bat...so with the SB,youll be stoked with it. (Posted on 2/2/2010)
Silver Bullet ! Awesome vaping machine Review by WhatAClumsyGirl
I ordered one of these a few months ago...ordered a bunch of mod's...thought i would sell a few and ended up selling the Silver Bullet. BIG MISTAKE. I missed it since i sold it. So...finally got around to ordering the new Black Silver Bullet..and I absolutely Love it.

I am a twice buyer...but this Black Silver Bullet is definately my go to vape. I absolutely love it. It's durable, dependable and I love the flavor it puts out.

Awesome Vaping Machine !

Thanks Rob....I really appreciate the Super Fast Shipping..>I ordered on Friday and this baby was in my mailbox on Monday...Unheard of shipping.

You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

(Posted on 1/31/2010)
My new Black Silver Bullet Review by MOFUGGER
I was looking to upgrade to a new MOD device and was torn between several popular 5V & 6V MODs that are currently on the market.

After many hours of research, I decided on the Silver Bullet by AltSmoke. I am extremely glad I did! For me, this is the PERFECT PV. You can tell from the moment that you unwrap it this is a well made and will last for a very, very long time.

With every push of it's smooth mechanical button, you get a huge cloud of vapor, HUGE throat hit and great flavor. And I do mean with every push. It has not failed once.

What's really nice about this product is it's versatility. You can vape @ 3.7V (1X 18650) or @ 6V (2X RCR123A). You can also vape with the default setting of the 510 atty (which I prefer) or you can purchase adaptors to vape with the 901, 801 & Cartomizers. What more could anyone ask for.

AltSmoke has great customer service and quick shipping. I highly reccommend them and their SB is one of the best (IMHO, the BEST) PV on the market today!

-MOFUGGER (Posted on 1/31/2010)
WOW Review by Scott
OK here is a 3 week re-cap of my experience with the SB. This thing at 6 volt is incredible.... i do have to second the guy in early posts, Rob you need to invent something so we can hang this brute around our necks or belt hoop holster thingy HAHA i get teased at work all the time about my new baby bottle, it is great laying in bed and vaping away wow. i got the wife a Joye 510 all and all it is ok but the SB is the unit you need and go with the 6volt and high MG juice, higher the better to start it will take the edge off. Hats off to a great product and customer service (Posted on 1/30/2010)
Great job on the SB ! I'm very impressed! Review by c_jay@southslope.net
I read up on this unit for about 3 days and checked out the other big battery mods and I figured that the SB was the unit for me.
Selling points for me :
1) Looked solid built
2) Scalloped button or recessed button { looked like it would be hard to have it go off in your pocket or where ever you would carry or place it.}
3) Lots of burn time ..big battery life
4) Looks sharp...no LED's needed ...simlpe & very sharp
5) Could hardly find a bad word about the unit..the worst I found was ..LOOKS PLAIN......{whatever}!!!! I figured I'll take plain over a poorly designed unit and if that was the worst complaint I could find.....it must be a good product.The other units I checked out all had a small mechanical issues of one type or another or they were hard to handle or uncomfortable to use.

Well I purchased the SB in the color choice of Silver 01/10/2010 <huge grin on my face right now!>
Within a matter of minutes I had an e-mail from Rob saying its in package ready for mailing....WoW!!!! Thought to myself.
3-days later... there it is!!! again ....WoW !
This SB is everything I read up on.
SB is a "rock solid' dependable unit. I have used the SB for 2- 1/2 days straight no battery drainage.The button is great,easy to use and comfortable and no mis-fires.Great vape out of the 510 atty purchased from Altsmoke. I ordered the batteries & the charger and a few extra atty's & carts 510's / 801's and a 510 to 801 adapter from them to and I have no complaints on those items.
Everything was packaged very nice and tight ..invoice included ...& very fast service not to mention Friendly to boot!
I just don't think it could get any better than this........My final word....If you want BLinG by a RING and if you're looking for a "solid" great vape'n toke......Buy the SB from ALTSMOKE!!!! { another BIG grin on my face!!!}
Cya when the fog clears....Jay (Posted on 1/25/2010)
Built to last Review by Walt
What can I say? This thing is a piece of art built like a tank, the customer service that comes with this is second to none. I guarantee if you buy one you will not regret it. (Posted on 1/25/2010)
Dats what i'ma talk'n Bout Review by HECKNAW
Fast ship ordered 1/22/10 late pm at my doorstep 1/25/10 1:00pm E-Puff'n @ 1:05pm ,Thanks Rob& Altsmokes you hit a Homerun!! I could not have asked for more,will buy again from altsmokes!!! (Posted on 1/25/2010)
BUY IT NOW Review by Paul
The Silver Bullet is amazing. I can't put it down. Finally got my rcr123a's in the mail yesterday, wow! 6v vaping on this thing is life changing lol . I've been switching between 801,901,510, and KR808's, they all ROCK on the Silver Bullet!!

Thank you Altsmoke

(Posted on 1/24/2010)
Excellent Review by Brian
I could not be more happy with the SB. Great job Rob and Chad. Great products, great customer service, and great knowledge base. Keep up the good work. (Posted on 1/24/2010)
Awesome!!! Review by Baby Huey
What can I say? I am glad I listened to and read the other reviews. I love this SB. It works great, vapes great, and looks great. Right now I would no recommend another mod before this one. Great job Rob and Chad. Great customer service, knowledge base, and products. Keep up the good work guys. (Posted on 1/24/2010)
So far So Good Review by Ricardo
The Black Silver bullet is working wonders for me. I like it alot. I take it everywhere including work. The only thing that i wish i was really clear about( i believe its my fault for doing thorough research) if the kit when you buy the first time came with a cart. Nice finish on the Black Silver bullet, it looks like the coating will never come off. Perfect for the size of my hands. The button looks cool, feels like it should be in heavy duty warehouse equipment, but it has this awsome comfort to it. this is my first atomizer thats not a wimpy looking imitation analog. Im very happy ill definitely buy from Altsmoke again. (Posted on 1/24/2010)
excellent Review by james
i got a SB and couldnt have asked for a better device... best customer sevice and shipping. (Posted on 1/24/2010)
Wow... Review by Silatrell
PV's are common in several different form factors. From mass produced mini's to one off MODS. There is something that seems to be rarely taken into consideration except by a select few, and that's craftsmanship. The Silver Bullet exudes craftsmanship.

The first thing I noticed was the polish. I pulled it out of the packaging and marveled at the shine, afraid to touch it with anything other than white gloves for fear of fingerprints. It is smaller than it looks, but still nice and 'beefy.' The atomizer connector is set perfectly, standing proud enough to take the vent holes into account, but recessed enough to not snag.

Then I unscrewed the casing, the threads are perfectly machined, and it unscrews smoothly, anti-galling compound had already been added, a relief since I hadn't made it to a hardware store to find any yet.

The switch has a fantastic tactile feel. You have to intend to push the button, it won't fire accidentally. I scrutinized the machined recess, thinking if the polish job was going to fall short it would be around the switch, but it doesn't, it has the same high quality that the finish has everywhere else.

After waiting an eternity for the batteries to charge I slid an 18650 in. The ground spring is stiff, you need to push to get the unit to screw together, but the battery doesn't rattle in the slightest. I screwed in an atty, topped off a cart, and took my first vape. Holy cow! It can't be any different than a standard 510 battery at 3.7 can it? But it is, the batteries are outputting a little more than 4 volts fresh off the charger, what an experience!

This product is skillfully crafted, it has that which is rare in this day and age of mass-produced items, craftsmanship.

These guys proudly declare the American-made quality of the Silver Bullet, they should! Great job!

The purchasing experience was what I've come to expect in this tight-knit community of vapers and their suppliers. I placed the order on a Sunday night, and had a tracking number in maybe an hour. I had to wait until Thursday to have this in my hand due to a holiday. Everything (SB and Batteries) Were packed carefully in a standard Priority Mail box.

You rarely see anything negative written about the SB, this isn't a rampant case of fanboy-ism, AltSmoke has a well deserved reputation as far as I'm concerned.

This was my first MOD purchase, probably my last. Why spend this money on anything else that is as hit or miss as the stuff you get supplied from China. I wish I'd gone this way for my first PV, but then I wouldn't have known just how much better vaping can be with a great unit!

Thanks AltSmoke, no buyer's remorse here. (Posted on 1/21/2010)
Love this thing!! Review by Greg W
I have had my silver bullet for about 2 weeks. I could not be happier with it. It has worked perfectly 100% of the time. I obsessively researched what I would get for my first mod. Over and over I saw folks posting about having small problems with other mods yet every review and post about the silver bullet talks about how reliable and well made it is. Obviously some people do not like the size. To me it is a non-issue. It was smaller then I thought it would be actually.

Shipping was also super fast and the one question I had was answered quickly via e-mail.

My only suggestion for the next version would be a magical finish that looked this sexy yet did not smug or scratch...
(Posted on 1/20/2010)
Silver bullet the best Review by Rich L
The Silver bullet has a great throat hit with 6 volts. I brought the Bullet on New Years eve once my Protoege from Puresmokers died "again". I emailed Rob and he emailed me right back. (I was shocked with the response on a holiday). I told him my problem with the protege and asked him where to get the six volt batteriy option. He sent my the link and shipped the Bullet VERY FAST. Rob you are the man and I will send you a lot more business. (Posted on 1/18/2010)
The SB is a bomb Review by Gonkulor

I waited a few days for the SB to arive and once it did.... holy crap. What an item. Rob did an awsome creating this... My previous items all were from NJoy and this is my first forray into the alternate universe of modded vaping. The SB is a fricken monster... My cowerkers, who still don't understand vaping, tagged this thing as the Steelly Dan cause they thing I should be using in a porn movie.... If they only knew....

Bum chick chicka wow wow.

The SB produces what you would expect from a 510 and lasts foreva.... that's prolly the best part of it....
I also got a BB with a passthrough... omg... there is the bomb diggity (Posted on 1/18/2010)
Hey Rob-the SB is the ultimate answer to good vaping and long battery life. I opted to use it at 3.7 volt for longer atomizer life, and I'm truely not disappointed! I was using the DSE901 mini e-cig and I was getting less and less vapor and battery life. I had to carry around 6 or 8 batteries when going any distance and it was getting to be a real pain. Plus I had to add VG to the mix just to get a decent vapor. All of my 901 atomizers were getting less and less responsive and I thought they were just going bad. I put one of the old atomizers on the SB and it performs as well as a new one! I may try the 510 atomizers later but for now I am very happy with the results I am getting. I ordered the 510 to 901 adapter with the SB and it's working out very well. Now, the battery life---I have used the SB for the last day and the battery has only dropped down to 3.8 volts! Quite a difference from the old 901 minis! I may try the 6 volt option later on but for now I am totally happy. Oh, and the shipping-I ordered the SB from you on Monday and received it 2 days later on Wednesday. Thanks so much for the fast shipping and for answering all of my questions quickly.
Now for the real review--
The SB is a very solid device, a little heavy but shows quality in building. The push button is solid, easy to push with any finger you want, quality built. The vapor is consistent with the 3.7 volt battery and doesn't decrease after a few minutes of use. It gives the e-juice much more flavor to taste with no burnt taste to it. I like the feature that it can be stood on end and you can see it from anywhere in the room. my old 901s were hard to find when I laid them down. I think you have developed an amazing vaping machine! If I was giving it an overall rating of 1 to 10, I would have to give it at least a 15!! Keep up the good work, Rob!
The only thing I would like to come up with is a pouch and lanyard to hang it around my neck so I can use it while driving or mowing grass without having to hold it in one hand all the time. Any suggestions or ideas??
One last thing that I have to mention-my son Scott in Omaha, Nebraska, is the one who recommended me to get a SB from you, and he didn't go wrong! I was almost ready to give up vaping when he told me about the SB, and now I can't live without one. So give him a pat on the back and a thumbs up for a job well done!
The only problem that I have now is-if my wife gets jealous of me giving the SB more attention than her and gives me the choice of either her or the SB, what am I to do????? I love both of them very much!
Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work!! (Posted on 1/16/2010)
Silver Bullet - Vaping Heaven Review by GREG
The short review: BUY IT

The longer review:
I started searching for options and found the e-cig.

Sadly, I found another vendor that we shall call GSmoke and purchased their nifty 2 piece ecig and kit. Bad move. Okay vapor and taste - dead batteries shortly thereafter, leaving me perpetually waiting on a recharge.

Next, did a little more research and settled on the ubiquitous 510. Of course, having been burned by the batteries on the GSmoke, I went in prepared and bought a 5 pack of batteries so I could rotate them in & out as needed. A little better but NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Finally, I found the Silver Bullet and now I never have to worry about batteries ever again. Let's put it this way: I received my SB on Wednesday 1/13 and it now Friday 1/15 - I AM STILL ON THE SAME BATTERY AND HAVE NOT YET RECHARGED IT.

I don't think that this is normal as I had read that the batt would last a day at best but DAMN I am not complaining. Furthermore, this thing is built to last. Its very solid and has a very positive feel in my hand. It is larger than I thought it would be but its well worth it and I got used to it fast. PLUS, all of the carts and attomizers I bought for the 510 plug right in with no adapters.


If you are a heavy vapor, if you hate it when your batteries die out, if you are paranoid about being stuck in traffic with nothing to vape/smoke....if you are looking for the last word in PVs - BUY ONE NOW.

Thanks to everyone at AltSmoke for putting out an outstanding product the exceeds expectations. (Posted on 1/15/2010)
Great product Review by Del
The silver bullet is a great product. This construction is solid, durable and very functional. It works great with all my other products using the adapters that are available. It's a solid unit. I purchased a screwdriver and was very unhappy with this product. In comparison the silver bullet is miles apart. The only minor concern I might have is going through an airport with this unit. I might have to go through a real shakedown. Great product thanks sincerely Del Williams (Posted on 1/15/2010)
SB ,Best Vape and Very Well Made!!! Review by Joseph
I have 17 different vaping devices,by far The SB IS THE BEST. Tried 3.7v first and found it produced very good vapor and smooth throat hit. Then tried 6v and SB made even better vapor and strong throat hit. I like the SB VERY,VERY,MUCH!!! Battery tube is very well made, chance of cross treading slim to none. Button switch is well built and does not look like it will fire by accident. Overall 10 by 10. I am well pleased. Next purchase will be The BB. THANK YOU, ROB! (Posted on 1/13/2010)
Alt Smoke has it all!!! Review by Corey
First off I must say that Rob, and the AltSmoke crew are AMAZING!!!
Incredible customer service. I asked WAY too many questions, and they were more than willing to answer every single one of them.
As for the Silver Bullet.... It hasn't been more than an arms length away since I've received it. Insane vapor production, even @ 3.7v.
I ordered it on a Thursday, received it Saturday (lightning fast)

Customer Service: 10/10
Shipping 10/10
Silver Bullet 10/10

Can't go wrong with Rob Winslow, and the Silver Bullet Band! (Posted on 1/13/2010)
Product is awesome Review by Scott
i ordered the SB,yeti,alt liquid tobacco and clove flavor
on 1/8/2010 and i was vaping on 1/11/2010 shipping was ultra fast used USPS package was all together and tidy, Rob was responsive to chats and e-mails.

Since this is my first use of a e-cig i can not really say much about the juice other than from the moment i started using this product, huge vape hits the SB is awesome

Thanks Rob (Posted on 1/13/2010)
SB - Awesome!!! Review by Kenneth
Just got my Black SB in the Mail . Blazing fast shipping ! =) Clouds of Vapor! Nice warm taste with any juice!! Couldn't be HAPPIER! I even take it to bed with me !! Stop reading this and BUY ONE!!! (Posted on 1/13/2010)
The silver bullet is the greatest since sliced bread! Review by Joni
I have every vaping device known to man and this one takes the cake. No misfiring, no odd configurations, just goodness. I use it with two RSR123A 3v batteries for six volts and it is unstoppable. The vapor it produces is smooth and warm, and all of my liquids taste better using it. The guys at Altsmoke are johnny on the spot too, I ordered on Monday I was vaping on Saturday! Four thumbs up (hubby had one too and agrees)! (Posted on 1/10/2010)
SB Review by Mystik or Sher
WOW !!!! I've always been an inconspicuous smoke so I orderd the Black SB. Probably should of ordered the Silver so I could find it in the dark! Love Love Love this baby. My first E-cig and can't understand why ppl waste money on anything less. Add in the Full Flavor Tobacco!!!!! Thank you Rob for a great product, and great service. Would add more but need to order more liquid ;0 !!!!!! (Posted on 1/9/2010)
I Love My Silver Bullet! Review by Scott
I read many opinions, reviews, and watched some video reviews at YouTube (a special thanks to Rob (terraphon) & Nick (aka GrimmGreen) for your candid video reviews - they allowed me to see what the Silver Bullet was and what it was capable of), and made a decision to buy a Silver Bullet.

Rob, here at AltSmoke, answered the questions I had before ordering, and once I placed my order, the package was in my hands a couple of days later. I bought the Silver Bullet and got both the 3.7v & 6v setup & went with a 510 atomizer.

The Silver Bullet is amazing. At 6v I was absolutely amazed. I experienced a nice warm vapor, full of flavor, and it was pretty overwhelming at first. At 3.7v, the Silver Bullet was equally impressive with incredible vapor. In either case, the battery life is totally off the charts.

The quality of the Silver Bullet is solid but not too heavy, it feels great in your hand, and the switch feels like it will last forever. This is clearly not a toy, it’s a device built with great American quality and craftsmanship behind it! The Silver Bullet has truly raised the standards when it comes to the quality in the hardware we use.

For now, my venture is over. I have found a quality device which provides me great vapor with great flavor and long battery life.

If you are sick of screwing around with cheap junk, tired of taking monster drags just to produce tiny amounts of vapor, fed up with changing batteries every hour, it’s time to step up to a quality product that will let you leave all that nonsense behind. Own a Silver Bullet! Your journey for a great device will come to an end. Buy one and don’t ever look back! (Posted on 1/9/2010)
Simple put Awsome! Review by Capevette (James)
The SB is awsome
Again Rob service is fantastic, quick shipping even over the Holiday weekend. (Posted on 1/8/2010)
The quality of the device is unsurpassed Review by Michael
The quality of the device is unsurpassed, the black finish is impeccable, the button works flawlessly, the customer service was excellent, and it vapes like a champ at 6 and 3.7 volts. The SB is smaller than I originally assumed by looking at pictures and videos, which is also a good thing. For everyone looking to purchase a new e-cig look no further than the SB (and I assume the BB is equally as nice). Overall, The SB far exceeded my expectations which were very high to begin with. A very high quality product; you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Altsmoke for your wonderful product

(Posted on 1/8/2010)
Best vaping experience ever!! Review by tony aka 5th element
Finally i can enjoy vaping with out messing with anything lol! opened up my SB put in my 6volt batteries, put on new 510 atty with a brand new cartridge, with the blue foam mod, filled it with alt-smoke's new usa clove juice, i recommend, and been in heaven since! no more messing with the batters every 45 mins lol! amazing hit every time! alt smoke is an amazing company. if theres any issue they do whatever they can to help out! not many company's care about there customers! there shipping is amazing. i get my stuff in 2-3 days depending on the weather ;) alt-smoke and their SB get a 10 out of 10 hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 1/5/2010)
Best vaping experience ever!! Review by tony aka 5th element
Finally i can enjoy vaping with out messing with anything lol! opened up my SB put in my 6volt batteries, put on new 510 atty with a brand new cartridge, with the blue foam mod, filled it with alt-smoke's new usa clove juice, i recommend, and been in heaven since! no more messing with the batters every 45 mins lol! amazing hit every time! alt smoke is an amazing company. if theres any issue they do whatever they can to help out! not many company's care about there customers! there shipping is amazing. i get my stuff in 2-3 days depending on the weather ;) alt-smoke and their SB get a 10 out of 10 hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 1/5/2010)
10/10 Review by LoneWolf
I just bought my 2nd Silver Bullet, I had the silver one, and saw they had the black one, so I had to have it! Do i need to say more? Get it, you wont regret it! (Posted on 1/5/2010)
Chrome Silver Bullet - Exceeds Excellence Review by Gene
Now that I have had over 48 hours to play with my new SB that I just received, I find it hard to use anything else in my collection of PVs and Mods. I have been a huge fan of the 510 for a very long time. Had an 801 that just didn't produce with consistency. But now I have had the opportunity to use the SB at 6 volt as I do not have any 3 volt batteries yet. Awesome vapor with any of the atomizers! At 6 volt I do not like using the 510 atty because it's to harsh and the atty gets to hot since it is a hot burner at 3 volts anyway. The 901 is strong, but find myself constantly reloading the cart with liquid. The 801 atty is at the top, just perfect with long smooth draws and less frequent reloading of liquid. I bought this unit because I had an ample supply of RCR123As... they work great, but I still ordered the recommended 3.0v @ 750mAh LIFEP04 batteries and charger that Rob says he uses. I couldn't be more delighted with the craftsmanship and the fantastic service that I have received from Rob @ AltSmoke. Thanks for a GREAT product !! (Posted on 1/5/2010)
Fabulous for heavy vapers Review by Jeff
I've been vaping for about three months using a Titan 510. (Same as a Yeti) I found it to be an excellent product. The only problem was battery life and cartridge size, neither lasting very long. Being an extremely heavy vaper this was a pain. And then I got a Silver Bullet. I've had it for all of one day and am ecstatic. Here's my initial impressions: Battery life is incredible (using 3.7 volt), vapor production is amazing, taste is stronger, using a cartomizer and it lasts a lot longer than the standard 510. It's built like a tank and could probably be used as a knucle duster in a pinch. As an added benefit AltSmoke service is simply excellent. I couldn't be happier! (Posted on 1/5/2010)
Awesome Review by Michael
I use mine with the 510 atomizer and it's excellent. (Posted on 1/5/2010)
Siilver Bullet Review by Chuck
Great home vaping product, and shipping and email communication was excellent.

Still waiting to try out 2 3 v batteries for that 6 volt hit but at 3.7 it lasts at least all day for me and although its a bit hefty, I think it is awesome especially for home use.

I do wish someone would come up with a better dripping mechanism and larger cartridge size. Have seen the GG but believe it is pretty overpriced for that AutoFull Mechanism.

hey maybe AltSmoke can improve on the original - bigger cart and some sort of autofill/drip mechanism - how about it guys ????? (Posted on 1/5/2010)
Gotta get it! Review by Kre8t0r - Mike
All I can say is it is a work of art! I think this thing will become a part of my hand quickly. I had my RCR123A's waiting here already, started at 3.7 while I waited for the big boys to charge and now I am in 6v heaven!! You are the man Rob! Great product I couldn't be happier. I just need to find the polish for my harley and shine her back up! (Posted on 1/4/2010)
Love it Review by Robert
I ordered the Silver Bullet because the switch went out in my Prodigy. Good folks at Puresmoker, so I'm not knocking them or their product. I just wanted a backup and I figured I might as well try something else.

I'm glad I did.

From the moment the SB arrived (and quickly I might add), I was in love. Nice solid feel, screws in very smoothly. Very nice switch. Switch looks and feels more sturdy than my other PV.

I love the 6v. I've heard that 5v is the sweet spot. I'd have to disagree. 6V feels like a real cigarette.

One thing that makes no sense to me at all is that my batteries seem to last longer in my SB than in my Prodigy. You'd figure more voltage would mean quicker battery drain. But that isn't the case. My 2 CR123's last me pretty much all day. A couple of days of heavy vaping required me to switch off late night but normally that wasn't necessary.

I've been heavy vaping the same 510 atty for 2 weeks without a problem.

As another reviewer stated, there have been a couple of times when I had to remove the batteries and put them back in to get the SB to fire. But I've had that with other PV's as well.

Finally, I bought the SB as a backup but it's not a backup at all. It's the main go-to. Buy one with confidence. (Posted on 1/4/2010)
Black Silver Bullet Review by MATTHEW
I will review this for what it is: a big, manual battery. It won't solve international disputes or give you six pack abs, but it will give you hours and hours of vaping joy without having to change the batteries.

Ordering was simple. I've seen simpler interfaces, but it was more than sufficient. I ordered on 12/12/09 and received it on 12/28/09. I knew when I ordered there was an estimated shipment of 12/19/09, but a slight delay meant it shipped 12/23/09 and USPS took their time shipping and shredding my package. But this is a review of Altsmoke, not USPS. So, while I didn't receive my BSB before Christmas, Altsmoke did a fine job updating the site and communicating through ECF the status of the units.

The Black Silver Bullet (BSB) is well designed and proportioned and the satin black finish is excellent. I can't say enough about the beauty of the switch. Elegant and functional, the chrome switch color and surround are gorgeous. I'm very glad now I ordered the BSB-- I can't imagine always cleaning fingerprints from the SB. The two halves of the unit come together solidly with impeccable fit and finish.

Don't flood your BSB. It's a little easier to do than a traditional 510 but just as messy.

When I received my package, I thought something was missing or that the smaller BB was sent by mistake. It is considerably smaller than I expected after reading and watching numerous reviews. It fits perfectly in my hand and the button can be easily activated by thumb or index finger.

* At 3.7v (using LC 18650/2400 mAh) - Performance is the same as a traditional 510. I get no additional vapor or flavor and, as I go through the battery's lifecycle, it seems I get less vapor at times. That's the downside of the 18650. The upside is it lasts for 2 days plus for me, but somewhere on day 2 the vapor slowly lessens. I've not actually timed the battery life since I've been recharging after the second day.

* At 6v (I'm using 2xRCR123A/750 mAh) -
When vaping at 6v, expect to go through twice the liquid (or more). It's the trade-off of 6 volts. You get incredible, warm throat hit, enhanced flavor, and billowing clouds of vapor. You also get more nicotine, which can be good or bad. Now I'm no scientist, but I can get a nicotine rush from the BSB at 6v if I vape too much. The upside of that is I actually vape less at 6v because that 'itch' is scratched. Also, flavors of liquids can be different (better and worse) at higher voltage, so play around. Also, at 6v, you pretty much have to direct drip. Otherwise, the filling taste foul.

Final Thoughts
1. Buy battery cases. I bought two and wish I'd bought 3. They're tough to get elsewhere and, after shipping, more expensive everywhere else.
2. Get two 18650 batteries and you're set for a while. I bought too many.
3. Use your discount (if available). I didn't see the code until after I ordered.
4. Purchase some juice designed for high voltage vaping. My favorite liquid doesn't work with the BSB, but some liquids I didn't care at 3.7v for taste AWESOME at 6v.

I am truly satisfied by my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. I love having the option of 3.7 or 6v vaping. I love the look and feel, love the throat hit and flavor, but mostly I love not having to change batteries every 30-60 minutes or being chained to my computer by a pass-through.
(Posted on 1/3/2010)
Awesome! Review by no1garbologist
Man, the silverbullet rocks! This thing produces stupid amounts of vapor with a 901 adapter and a 901 atty. The SB at 6-volts will always be in my every day use box without a doubt! (Posted on 1/2/2010)
Amazing! Review by Lawrence
After a long time researching, I finally found AltSmoke and their Silver Bullet! I've never seen anything like it. It is beautiful to look, perfect weight to hold, and the right amount of vapor. I truly love the throat hit of the 6v batteries in the device. But for relaxing vaping, the 3.7 volt battery works just fine. It's funny how a beautiful device can become such a big part of my life. I don't go anywhere without it. I hope to one day try the BB with its usb attachment since I'm on the computer so much. I want my wife to get one of AltSmokes devices. I would recommend the Silver Bullet to anyone. Thanks AltSmoke! (Posted on 12/31/2009)
Silver Bullet passes the "Bad Day Test" Review by NORM
I had seen all the great reveiws on the SB so I wanted to do a "bad day test". You know the days where you and your PV is not getting along. When my SB arrived I set up the worst situation I could think of:
1. Batteries on the low end of charge
2. The worst atomizer I owned
3 Some juice that was far from my favorite
4 Not the most ideal wool for vaping
My thinking if I wanted to see the worst before I saw the SB in the best of condition. Not only did the SB perform well in its worst condition, it out performed my PV I was using at its best. So when I put the good stuff in WOW!!!! I'm in heaven. Thanks Rob and Chad (Posted on 12/31/2009)
Fantastic service, great products. Review by Ronald
I got the SB kit,and some juice. The items were very well pkgd, and shipped quickly. This is my first mod, only had minis up till now. It took me some time to learn how to utilize the SB, so I wasn't very impressed at first. I didn't think it was much better than my 510 on the PT. However, having now used it for a few days, this thing rocks! It is very consistant, and just billows vapor. The flavors I got were pretty good also, the banana, and the tasty peach. I added a little VG to them to pump up the cloud, but they were both really good before as well.
Thank You Altsmoke, I appreciate a good business transaction, and will be ordering more stuff in the near future. :):):) (Posted on 12/31/2009)
I'll write more as soon as I put it down! Review by Chris... aka: Bite Me
As soon as I put this down, I'll write a review. Until then, know that I am thoroughly enjoying my new Silver Bullet.
This is one seriously awesome vaping Mo-Fo!!
Serious review will follow!!!

Bite (Posted on 12/31/2009)
Veeeeeeery Nice!!! Review by Debbie
I love it. I'm getting so much more flavor out of my ejuices. And I love the fact that the battery lasts so much longer than the megas I've been using. I can vape all day. Yummmm...

It was so simple to get started too. Just screwed it into my 510 atty and cart. (Posted on 12/27/2009)
Great unit but with a couple of glitches Review by citesteamer
I have recently ordered 2 Silver Bullets (1 black, 1 silver) for my me and my wife. As for performance, at 6V, the vapor production is off the charts and beyond my wildest expectations. The only problem with 6V generally is that is fires through juice (up to 5ml a day) and it fries some flavors (although it enhances others such as tobacco). I have yet to try the unit at 3.7V.

Also, I have been using 510 attys with the units and haven't had an atty fail in over 2 weeks. Overall, we are very pleased with our silver bullets and the other vapers who have tried the unit are blown away by its performance.

There are some problems with the units; albeit they are minor. First , I love the finish on the black model but the silver model is very proned to scratches. Second, sometimes the 3V batteries need to be resituated before they will fire up the atty ( bottom to top, take out and put back in, etc.). These are minor problems.

The main problem has to do with the 6V application and the need to flood the atty at all times (as to avoid overheating and popping). Actually, it performs its best at 6V when flooded. BUT, that flooding can be extremely messy. The juice will start to overflow and, if you don't continuously vape from the time of direct dripping (usually 5-6 drops), the juice will leak all the way down the side of the unit (sometimes into the switch). I would love to see a reservoir around the atty threads to keep the juice from flowing down the side of the unit. That would keep the overflow contained. I think that it would be a good idea because I have noticed that, sometimes it will bead around the atty, and, if you draw on the unit, the juice sucks back up into the atty. The reservior would allow that juice to go back into the atty; hence avoiding messy and wasteful leaking.

Aside from those minor problems, we are completely satisfied with our Silver Bullets. But, I would LOVE to see some sort of aftermarket reservoir for the flooding. (Posted on 12/23/2009)
Couldn't be happier with this Review by George
Wonderful unit. Extremely well constructed. Love the switch. I got the Black Bullet and it looks really sharp. I would heartily recommend to anyone looking for a solid, high-performance battery mod. (Posted on 12/19/2009)
Ferrari Built Like a Tank Review by Daniel
This has been an awesome piece of equipment and art. It is wonderfully smooth and well thought out. This is a very versatile and perfectly functioning device. Wonderful with my 510 and has brought new life to my 901 and 801 collection that had been gathering dust.

It does use a lot of juice as to be expected at the six volts I run it at. The rich warm flavors and plumes of vapor justify it though.

While expensive in the start up you will save greatly as time goes on. Definitely a worthy investment for the serious long term vaporer. (Posted on 12/18/2009)
UPDATE: ROB DOES IT AGAIN! Review by The TRP Operator.45
First of all my Siver Bullet is AMAZING! I LOVE IT! I can't put it down. Higher Volts is amazing!

As for Rob he's the best at customer service! ALTSMOKE is a great company. Shipping is the best! Great prices as well.

My recent order, I ordered the 510-801 adapter and 2 801 ATTYs. I asked him to e-mail me when he got the 901 ATTYs in. He sent a mail before he shipped my first order but I checked it too late and he shipped my 801 order. Always very fast shipping!

I just opened my Package and he sent me a 901 ATTY! So I got my 510 to 801 adapter and my x2 801 ATTYs and he sent a 901 ATTY. (FREE 901 ATTY). Thank you Rob!

Order anything from ALTSMOKE and you will see what a REAL Kickass company is suppose to be!

Customer for life,

(Posted on 12/17/2009)
One of best Mods on the market Review by Smokie
:D Review by EskimoVaper
the greatest vaping device ever! Nuff said! (Posted on 12/14/2009)
can't go back after 6 volts Review by Phil
been waiting for awhile for the silver bullet to become available. when it did i ordered the smooth black finish. to my surprise the order came in about 3 days. immediately used 2x 3v cr123a unprotected batteries since my battery order from amazon was taking forever. after taking a puff on eliquidplanet ice cream, i knew right then that i couldn't go back vaping at lower voltages.

i learned how durable the silver bullet the hard way. dropped it at 3 feet on concrete. little bit of paint came off but it feels like you can drop it at higher altitudes and still be working fine.

overall a very great product. the smooth black finish gives it a sophisticated look. now all my friends are ordering the silverbullet :-) (Posted on 12/10/2009)
My everyday Device! Review by The TRP Operator.45
Yep This is my everyday Vape Device. I love that you can switch Voltage. Monster Vaper and killer throat hit! Has a mirror finish and the button will last forever!

Thanks to Rob for such great customer service and a Kickass device!

Take Care,
-Bill (Posted on 12/10/2009)
WOW! Review by Storminyte
All I can say is....this is by far the BEST EVER! (Posted on 12/8/2009)
High end pv Review by Vaporgobbler
The silver bullet is by far the highest quality device I own to date! Build quality is second to none. This unit has sidelined my Protege. Vapor running @ 6-volts has done it for me. There is a bit of a learning curve as you have to shorten your drags, but once learned it gives fantastic vapor without the hard sucking that is required with other devices. Do yourself a vavor a buy this unit, it is pure class. i am going to buy a another soon!!! (Posted on 12/5/2009)
awesome Review by Daniel
the silver bullet with a 510 atty is the best I've found. Clouds of vapor and great throat hit. (Posted on 12/4/2009)
Best Device on the market Review by Gali
I have had my SB for a couple of months now. I bought it as soon as it came out. I loved it, but I thought maybe there is something better out there, so I bought 6v devices from other companies. I ended up giving them all away. It is very simple. Nothing can compare with the SB. It is the most satisfying, consistant, durable, easy to use device available on the market today. I intend to buy another one once they are back in stock. I only wish they came in another color so when I have 2, I will be able to tell the difference between them.

(Posted on 11/30/2009)
Love it! Review by Fran
I have been using the BSB for just one day, but I have to say I absolutely love it. My other high-voltage device has been retired to the drawer as a back-up, but I am sure I won't need it. This device is very well made. Installing the batteries is a breeze…there is no tiny end cap with a spring to fly accross the room. There are no parts that have to be adjusted, loosened, and tightened in order to make the device work. It just works…beautifully! (Posted on 11/29/2009)
excellent Review by Jesse
I want to thank you for a timely delivery. I am very pleased with my unit. The RY4 is my favorite. I look forward to hearing from you about other related products, especially the 901. (Posted on 11/29/2009)
AWWWWWWSOME Review by felix
I was another one waiting for the SB to be put back in stock. I checked on monday and there they were. With no hesitation i quickly ordered one, even this being a holiday week i recieved my SB by friday. Very anxious to try the SB i started charging the batteries right away, after about 4 hours of charging i started using my new beautiful shiny SB. WOW is all i have to say about it, just with 3.7v the amount of vapor i got was awsome. Im using the 901 atty's with it, and after reading other reviews im very curious on trying the 510, or the 801 atty with a 6.0v . As for the customer service from altsmoke, what can i say it;s awsome Rob is qiuck to answer any questions, or help you in any way he can, and delivery very fast AAAA++++. So if anybody is trying to decide to buy one of these it is worth the money. Rob keep up the great customer service, and who ever desighned the SB great job... (Posted on 11/29/2009)
Rob! Customer service! Review by The TRP Operator.45
Quick story, My SB Should be here in a Day or two! I have wanted one since I have seen that silly Gorilla masked guy do that review lol. Great review just a silly Mask lol.

Last week I kept checking to see when they would be in stock! Monday they came in. And I knew that they wouldn't last long. So I thought what the hell I will PM Rob to see how many were left and let him know I couldn't order until Wednesday . To my surprise I got a reply the same day! And just like I thought I checked Wednesday and they were sold out again.

Wednesday, To my surprise Rob was on the Live Chat. So I PM'd him and asked when He was getting more in stock? Within minutes he sent a reply. He said he had one that he kept for repairs. So he put one on the site and I got it within minutes! How Baddass is that! That's a great way to do business. Thank you Rob for going the extra mile!

New and Lifetime Customer,
-Bill (Posted on 11/27/2009)
The Silver Bullet Mod Review by m00nshake
What else can I say that hasn't already been said by 60 other reviews? This is a fantastic device. It took my e-vaping experience to the next level. Not a single flaw, the Silver Bullet works perfectly and looks great. The design is fantastic and as far as I know, its the only mod with a recessed button, which is an important feature. Its very shiny and when polished, you can see your own reflection in it. I haven't tried the 6 volt because the 3.7 volt fits my needs perfectly. It is a little large but that isn't the fault of the designers because the batteries that are needed for the Silver Bullet or any other mod to operate at such a voltage are pretty big. It isn't too heavy, it fits the hand easily, and is a pleasure to operate. The battery life is around 24 hours. If you are serious about e-vaping, this is the mod for you. (Posted on 11/26/2009)
GREAT DEVICE! I love the versatility... can use 510, 801 (adapter needed), & 901 (adapter needed). Awesome way to try out different atomizers without having to buy the associated batteries for them.

I've only tried the 510 & 801 atomizers on this unit. I'm fully behind the 510 atomizers... seem to work much better for me. Battery life is outstanding... easily lasting me two days. I suggest using some high-voltage juice because this monster will burn it up fast.

Is weighty, and users will start to notice that after a day or two. But I knew this going in... I WANT something that is going to last and not break if you drop it. This won't. Very nice conversation piece. :)

All in all 9 out of 10. Hey, nothing's perfect, but this is close!! (Posted on 11/20/2009)
Beautiful Item....A bit disappointed in the vape Review by Pamela
The Silver Bullet is beautiful in it's design...love the inset button, love the look...but I am a tad disappointed in the vape. I expected it to be more..Otherwise, im very happy with the purchase of the Silver Bullet. (Posted on 11/17/2009)
Silver Bullet = Epic Review by Jeremy
I've been vaping with the silver bullet for awhile now and all I can really say is that I love it. Truly awesome vapor output and delivers some whopping throat hit. I think I might be using a bit more liquid throughout the day now, but part of that might just be because I love this thing so much. :P The battery life is perfect for me. I pop it in when I wake up and just put it back on the charger when I go to sleep. I've had it last from one morning to the afternoon of the following day. Can't beat it. To any vaper out there, if you have some money to spoil yourself with, seriously consider this for your arsenal. (Posted on 11/14/2009)
Simply put, BUY IT! Review by Ed
I''ve had the SB for over three weeks and I'll just ditto all the positive comments that preceed. This is a great PV. I just hope it gets through security at the airport. Anyone had any experience with that? Buy it, you won't regret it. (Posted on 11/14/2009)
5 out of 5 stars Review by Craig
Listen, the 510 ecig, I loved the little thing but after about a month, it seemed I was down to about an hour between charges and that was a little bit tedious. Enter the Silver Bullet and heck, it is as it sells itself to be, the answer to constant battery charging. With the Silver Bullet I get constant steady vaping and that's just what the Doc ordered. I've used it for a week now and I've vaped heavily with it and guess what? - I've gone 2 days without needed a battery change.....OHHHH Yeah!!! Has the SB lived up to my expectations? Oh yes, and more. Not to mention the luxurious craftmanship! Thanks Rob and Thanks Altsmoke.com!!!

With the SB....you got no worries and you'll save a bundle on batteries! You might just save an atty or two-they don't get clogged due to the steady voltage supply!

Vape On! (Posted on 11/13/2009)
Pretty Cool . . . Review by Brian
It does what it say's it does. Works amazing and battery last super long. Quite a big device but it is easy to get used after a day or two. That having been said, I do find the comfort level very satisfying and it is easy to use. Customer service gets a great score as well. Wish I would have taken the time to research more before buying any of my previous e cig model (which was a 510). However I was able to use my atty's on it because it came installed with a 510 thread! yes I am exicted . very satisfied and postive this is all I need to get me through. mmm it is good !!!

Lovin' it.

(Posted on 11/13/2009)
So far the best big battery mod I have. Review by solitary1
The function is flawless,the switch is whisper smooth and the fit and finish is a testament to excellent craftmanship.I have only used the 3.7 volt option so far but am dying to try the 801 at 6v.Thanks to rob and chad for attention to detail and great service. (Posted on 11/12/2009)
A 6v vaping utopia Review by Stephen
I love the Silver Bullet. When I first got it (and it came within 3 days of my order), I had ordered the standard 3.7v 18650 battery. I started vaping with the 510 and it was pretty damned good. Good vapor and really nice flavor. Moreover, this 18650 is immortal. Mine kept going for like 2 days. But then, I got really curious. What's all this talk of high voltage vaping? So I ordered some rcr123a 3v batteries. I could hardly wait for them to arrive. Finally they did, and I began charging them right away. They only took about an hour to charge fortunately, and I immediately threw them into my new, sparkling silver, solid as Arthurian armor Silver Bullet. I had a 510 atty on and took a drag. HOLY CUMULUS CLOUDS BATMAN! I nearly got thrown off my sofa from the intensity of the throat his and the gargantuan billows of vapor. Just phenomenal! I then tried the 801 atty which at 3.7 volts wasn't so hot. LOOK OUT! Man, in my opinion, the 801 was just made for 6v vaping. The throat hit, flavor and vapor were second to none. Additionally, the vapor was dense and warm. How sweet. THANK YOU Silver Bullet. Thank you Chad for designing it. And thank you Rob for the unparallelled and devoted customer service! A worthwhile investment if there ever was one. In the world of vaping, the SB is utopia. (Posted on 11/12/2009)
I purchased 2 Silver Bullets from Rob, and after receiving them, I just had to buy a 3rd one. These devices are just amazing. The button is perfect and there is virtually no way for it to go off in your pocket. The vaping experience is one of a kind, both at 3.7v and 6v. Smooth draw from a 510 or 801 atty. Great throat hit. What can I say, ditch the Prodigy and get a Silver Bullet.

My only qualm (and I'm nitpicking here) is that there is no reservoir/well for leaking e-liquid. Rob, buddy, you need to design a model that catches leaking liquid into a reservoir. Other than that, this is my new primary unit!

And customer service is great too! (As long as Rob isn't studying for a test. hehe)

Thanks again, Rob! (Posted on 11/12/2009)
10/10 Review by LoneWolf
This thing is amazing, I spent 100's of dollars on different products, I got this and my shopping for hardware is over. 6V allows for the best vapor and throat hit, with a great battery life, and 3.7 the battery life is up to 2 days of heavy vape! I would but this again and again. Do not go any further.. this is the mod to get! (Posted on 11/12/2009)
Teriffic!! Review by Kathleen K
Just received the SB yesterday afternoon and it really is awesome! I charged the battery and away I went. The quality is more than outstanding. A lot of thought went into this and is appreciated.

I was a little concerned about the arthritis in my hands as the tube is so large, but am doing fine with it. The vapor is really good.
Using the original single battery and am more than happy with that. Don't think I will go to the higher v batteries.

The thought of not having to change batteries so often is a super plus.

The Customer service is more than outstanding. All my questions were answered very quickly, you just can't beat their service. Rob is a real prince-of-a-guy.

I am one happy camper...Thanks (Posted on 11/11/2009)
Silver Bullet ***** Review by Disciple of Eris
Excellent product! I am in Iraq and shipping usually take 10 -14 days. Mine arrived in just 7. So, I am extremely satisfied with the prompt service. I've tried both the 18650 3.7v battery and two CR123s - of course using higher voltage creates more vapors and that has nothing to do with the excellent constuction of the Silver bullet and everything to do with the atomizers/cartomizers used. The Silver bullet handles both equally well. And it makes for one of the best power delivery systems for vaping around. My only wish is that it was available with any atomizer tread without having to order additional adapters. 5 stars***** (Posted on 11/10/2009)
Silver Bulet Review by Sergey
Beauty and powerful, (Posted on 11/10/2009)
A++ Review by Chenou
I bought another SBV1.1 for my older brother and he loves the thing! Everyone should get this thing. It says it all, I bought another SB! LOL Great service, great quality, and great hardware! GET IT! (Posted on 11/10/2009)
The Silver Bullet is Awesome Review by Karen
Finally a device that works as it should, the quality of the Silver Bullet is Amazing. The 3.7 2400mah battery really does last over 24 hours of heavy use, the button switch, I am very impressed with it quality. I also have the Janty Kissbox Classic, Two Janty Stick and the Des901, they are in a box now and I will probably never use them again. The only thing I am concerned about with the Silver Bullet is that the battery is sealed in a aluminum tube with a battery, I think it should have two vent holes drilled on a angle facing away from your face in case a battery would go bad in a unlikely advent, the gas would expand. Altsmoke I have to say is the best electronic cigarette company I have seen and I am so glad I Bought the Silver Bullet, "Thanks AltSmoke. (Posted on 11/9/2009)
silver bullet Review by dwight
I've had the silver bullet 4 days now and so far i've been very impressed, well built,flawless finish couldn't be happier with the sb.Took it to the sat. night poker game and i think rob will have several more orders very soon , everbody loved it.WORTH EVERY PENNY BUY ONE is all i can say. (Posted on 11/9/2009)
Awsome products Review by HannibalB
The Silver Bullet is by far the best PV I have ever tried. Quality and great customer service puts Altsmoke on the top of my list for esmoking needs. Oh and the adapters? Almost better than the SB itself...almost. I highly recommend Altsmoke!!! (Posted on 11/9/2009)
10 outa 10 the SB gets a 10+ Review by jeffcmfrt
I am new to e-cigerette's. I have made a few mods myself both batery & passthrough's and just had to see what all the talk about the SB was for myself and why people thought this device was over and above & better compared to the others available today. Now I know! The SB simply rock's! It is built rock solid and as for the quality and craftsmanship it simply can't get any better!.... But wait it does.... let's talk about the performance which amazes me and then the versility of being able to use the adaptors for the 801 & 901 atomizers also just makes it that much sweeter!

I wanted to try the different types of e-cigeretts... and what better way to do so! If you are considering this purchase don't hesitate! You will be glad you did. I am compleatly content now and have no reason to even continue different mods as it doest get any better then this!

Thanks Altsmoke with your quality products & customer service and support you have raised the bar ......and in my opinion other companies can learn a lot of how to do buisness from you guys at Altsmoke (Posted on 11/6/2009)
What can I say Review by Kevin
THe SB is the best thing that I have bought in the E-cig world. I was about to give up on e-cigs until I bought the SB. THe 3.7v that it came with was a ton better than any of the 901 and the 510s I was using at the time. I have since move to the 6v batt and you can't go wrong.

The SB is a well built product. Thanks alt smoke...... (Posted on 11/5/2009)
9.9 out of 10 Review by Brian
Of all the esmoking devices I've tried the silver bullet is definitely at the top of the list. This is clearly a superior product. I am currently using the silver bullet with a 3000 mah battery, which is considerably more powerful than what is supplied by the manufacturer. I am using 510 - Titan atomizers. I have been using it now for two weeks.

At least 24 hour vape time (3 to 4 ml juice) between battery changes.

Superior (incredible actually) manufacturing. I have a considerable manufacturing background and can say without a doubt that this is the best manufactured e-smoking product I've seen. The thread fit is pristine between the top and bottom which is a clear indicator of the overall quality of the unit.

Very good vapor production (at least with a 3000 mah battery.) The atomizer seems to run hotter, but I have seen no atty failures since changing over to the silver bullet.

The shiny finish is very fragile. It would be nice to see other options such as an anodized finish, or maybe a brushed chrome, that wouldn't show wear quite as much.

With the 3000 mah battery (this may be different with a stock battery) the atomizer runs hotter. I've started dripping, as opposed to using carts, because the cart wadding tends to brown quickly from the heat. [This is a con only that it tends to smoke cart wadding faster. This is also a pro, in that the added heat makes the vapor production better.]

It's huge! However, with current technology it's the only way to hold a sufficient size battery to vape all day. This isn't a con so much as it is a limitation of current technology.

The silver bullet is definitely at the top in terms of what is available today for vapors. I've tried many styles and I'd have saved a lot of money if I just started with juice, a couple of 510 attys, and the silver bullet. This is clearly a well thought out and designed product that is the very top of the line.

I don't think that a serious vapor could go wrong with the silver bullet. (Posted on 11/4/2009)
Fantastic Review by Aerin
My Silver Bullet is fantastic. I initially purchased it to use at home because I thought it would be too large to carry around. It fits easily in a pocket and I haven't used any of my oher ecigs since I got it. The button is comfortable and easy to use. Vapor production is very good with an 18650 battery. I haven't tried using 2 batteries for 6v yet. I haven't done a time test to see how long a battery lasts as I just swap out batteries ever day or two. I can say that I've never run out of power.

Service was good. I got a pre-order and it shipped when it was supposed to. I ordered a 501-->801 adapter that was faulty. I sent an email and received a replacement a couple days later.

Overall I am thrilled with my purchase, it is well worth the price, (Posted on 11/3/2009)
Silver Bullet Review by flip7990
I am probably the only one that is not as impressed with the SB. I actually still prefer the 510 I have. The SB is built very nicely, and the switch does feel very high quality. The reasons I am a bit disappointed is the overall size is larger than I had expected. The 3.7 volt battery does last a whole day at work, but there is a lack of throat hit after work. Even though the throat hit slowly decreases, the vapor still seems to be the same. As for the 6v vaping, it seems to burn my thoat more than a really strong throat hit. The flavor is not as good at 6v, mostly just burnt taste, but I have yet to try any high-voltage juice.
Overall, it is a quality built pv, just not the right on for me. (Posted on 10/29/2009)
Very pleased with the SB Review by William
I have just been using it for 2 full days but I must say that it is doing extremely well. Needless to say, I'm very pleased.

Given the quality construction of the product I expect it will last a very long time.

Now if someone will put as much effort into making quality atomizers we might have this thing whipped.

Great Job, the Silver Bullet really does work.

Thanks again, Bill M.
(Posted on 10/29/2009)
Silver Bullet Review by Fernando
This is by Faaaaar the best PV I own. I think the search is finally over. I have a few e-cigs and mods (Janty Stick, Prodigy, The GG) and this is by far the best on vapor production, throat hit and consistency. I was not convinced about the 510 but the SB sold me out. Thank you !!! (Posted on 10/29/2009)
It's a great device! Review by David F
The quality of the Silver Bullet is terrific, as is the design - simple, well put together, looks great. Elegant in a functional way sort of way. And battery life is just the tops on the 3.7 2400mah version. Lasts for hours and hours of heavy vaping. Just so much better than having to change batteries every hour or less from the regular 510 manual batteries. Highly recommend the Silver Bullet to those that are tired of constantly changing and charging batteries. (Posted on 10/29/2009)
Flawless Review by boochips
A beautiful work of art as well as being the best PV I own....I LOVE it. It is flawless in every way. Buy one and you won't regret it for a second. You will wonder why you waited so long and wasted so much money on all the rest. (Posted on 10/28/2009)
Wow Fast Shipping... I think I love this product and company! Review by chad
I placed my order On October 22. A thursday night. Within hours (I'm told) the Silver Bullet sold out. Well, I had a bad feeling, but for no reason. Monday evening my Silver Bullet was waiting for me! WOW! The fit, finish and feel of this thing are all professional! This is NO mod! It is a sturdy, well made beautiful piece of machinery, no ... work of art. The shiny metal and perfect finish remind me of my first iPod. So glossy I think it will scratch by looking at it, but so darn good looking that it is iconic. The simple elegant industrial design, sleek finish and simplicity of use make it more than a pv device, it is truly a classy statement.

I wonder what public vaping will be like? With my standard 510 (blue) most people think I"m sucking on a pin till they see the vapor, then always ask questions. This thing is so distinctive, I know I cannot hide it in my hand or tuck it in my shirt pocket when I notice someone hovering over me thinking I'm breaking a smoking ban.

The nuts and bolts, are as solid as it's good looks. I've only had it a few hours, and cannot comment on durability, but first impressions are glowing. The button is solid, comfortable, and well placed. Vapor production from a 510 is well ... 510 done right! Solid, dependable, thick and rich. My standard 510 batteries give out way fast, and fade even faster. This thing seems to do just what I got it for. That is, give me a good dependable vape every time.

I look forward to trying it at 6v. but that will wait till next pay day. For now I'm very satisfied with this product. (Posted on 10/26/2009)
You must have one!! Review by David
This thing just plain rocks. My experience with PVs isn't extensive, but I am sooo glad I spent the coin on the SB. Batteries last me all day... I mean 10-12 hours of consistant vapor production. Plus it is very well crafted... you can tell some time was taken to make it. Stop reading this and order it... you will not be disappointed. (Posted on 10/26/2009)
Outstanding!!!! Review by Judith-the Oldbag
Vaping for 5-6 months, and have most of the common known e-cigs. If your contemplating purchasing one, I don't feel you would ever be sorry. I know I am pleased. It is truely a piece of art. Excellent construction,etc. and worth every dime I paid. Thank you for manufacturing and selling such a remarkable device.
Judy. the Oldbag (Posted on 10/26/2009)
The Best PV I have used Review by Xeno
This thing just plain rocks. It does the job better than any pv I have used thus far, and it looks damn good while doing it. The batteries in this thing last me between 10-12 hours of pretty heavy vaping. Look no further... just buy this thing... you will not be disappointed! (Posted on 10/26/2009)
5 Star Product Review by Aaron
I am VERY impressed with the Silver Bullet. It is a sturdy, heavy duty unit that is beautifully polished to a high shine, it has great weight to to it and produces A LOT of vapor and a great overall hit... what really sets this product over the top is the customer service... i had a few questions i wanted answered before i used this product for the first time and sent ROB an email on a SUNDAY! less than 30 mins later i had my answers.. now thats customer service!.. if you are sitting there struggling over whether or not to buy this product.. let me save you the time.. its WORTH EVERY PENNY and you will ENJOY it.. thanks for everything Alt Smoke! (Posted on 10/25/2009)
Silver Bullet Rocks! Review by Patricia
I started in July with an assortment of pv's. 510, gs, vapor king. I ordered a sb cause everyone raved about them. I LOVE my sb! It is a very solidly built work of art! But more than beauty it gives a consistent throat hit , vapor and all day heavy vaping with the 18650 batts! I'm so pleased that I'm waiting for their next mod the Black Beauty with high anticipation and the knowledge that it will be just as great as the sb! Buy one.
(Posted on 10/25/2009)
Great Device - few issues Review by Debbie
I don't normally write reviews however, my initial impression of the device is is was very well wrapped.. fIt was easy to assemble out of the box and once put together is very substantial and shiny.

I put 2 3v batts in it with the 510 atty and was immediately transported to vaping nirvana. Lots of thick, substantial warm vapor. Great flavor.

Because I like my pv's to look like I take care of them (because I do) I start witht he problem of how quickly the sb gets smudged. So it requires me to wipe it off more often and to be fair to Rob and Chad, it's not like I wasn't aware of the issue. So this isn't really a knock just wanted to make sure people are cognizant of the issue.

So I have vaping away for th first two days. I mean my sb is attached to my mouth all day long with the exception of when I went to sleep. By the middle of day two I start having problems with my 801 atty's as all of a sudden I take a drag and it acts as if I have just sucked a plug through the atty and into the mouthpiece. Happens with both my 801 attys so now I am down to 1 520 atty. Friday night I am vaping away and I notice that there is some vapor coming out of the sb as soon as I push the button, but I have not place it in my mouth to drag. I take the drag a poof atty out.

I have done all the usual test (i.e. blowing out attys, letting then drain overnight, adding a couple of drops, changing batts, etc) all to no avail. so now I have gone through 4 attys and I am not sure if it's the sb, the adapter or just a run of bad luck on atty's. I will know more tomorrow when I get some more 510 attys. After that I will then know what tto ship back to Rob.

After having said all of this once the bugs get worked out, the sb will be my main go to pv. It gives versatility that I need, throat that I have been searching for since I started vaping and the overall experience closest to analog. I will purchase a bb as soon as I save up enough money just because I would want to have more than one device in the event of any issues but more importantly so I can carry one around and leave one at home. I highly recommend the sb to anyone who is serious about their vaping. (Posted on 10/25/2009)
Best Mod out there Review by Andrew
I am very impressed by the silver bullet. First it's quality design and durabilty. This performs above all others in producing tons of vapor and a killer throat hit. I really wish I would have boughten one sooner. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone it's worth every penny. (Posted on 10/14/2009)
this thing is great Review by tiff
it's everything everyone said it would be....it's awesome... (Posted on 10/6/2009)
First Class Review by Marcus
First impression of the silver bullet is awesome! I was a machinist for 15 years so I can see the quality of work that some other people might not notice. The switch is EVERYTHING on any personal vapor item. Been using it 2 weeks and the switch seems solid. I would recommend the silver bullet to everyone.
Happy vapor Trails (Posted on 10/5/2009)
Very Well constructed Review by Debra
I am extremely happy with the performance and looks of the Silver Bullet, No fiddling around with it, it is made user friendly .. The easiest shiniest mod I own.. well worth every cent paid.. You can't go wrong with the Silver Bullet... Very good vapor and throat hit on a all day 18650.. Thank you! (Posted on 10/2/2009)
Calling this a Mod is an insult. Review by Mark
The only other "mod" I own is a prodigy(although I have seen pretty much all of them). When I think of a mod I think of someone modifying a peice of copper or aluminum pipe or PVC they bought at Home Depot , adding threads, painting it and epoxying to it a CNC'd aluminum adapter(that they got by ripping apart an old joye 510 battery). This is not to offend any modders out there, if that's your thing, more power to ya. But if you're gonna make something commercially available and throw a somewhat hefty price tag on it, it better be more then a high school, vo-tech, metal shop project.

Getting back to the Silver Bullet, This is NOT a mod by any definition. This is a well engineered, form following function, aesthetically superior, work of art. Just look at it , run your fingers over it and feel it, press down on the switch and feel the quality of the firm click. But most of all, Vape with it, and you will find it miles above anything else available out there.

Now, everything else I see or own(sorry Prodigy) is just a modified pipe or battery box mod. (Posted on 9/26/2009)
10 OUT OF 10 A+++ Review by cx





10 out of 10. Great PV Review by Barry
Superior vapor production. The 510 continues to amaze me with it performance and spunk! I had been of the opinion that only the 801 could produce the clouds of vapor that I require. Not anymore!

The time between battery changes with the long life of the 18650 battery is extremely freeing. Now I don't have to worry if I not within walking distance to my charger. Not do I have to fill my pockets with fully charged bateries. Just awsome to go through my day not concerned with the power issue.
I can't wait to get out on the golf course and distract my playing partners with the beauty of the Silver Bullet. I'm thinking of laying it on its side on the greens. Then watching which way it rolls to figure out the break. Can't think of a PGA Rule to prevent that.

AltSmoke has a winner with the Silver Bullet. I would highly recommend this PV to anyone. (Posted on 9/25/2009)
The Best E CIG Product Available Review by Joseph
I have tried many of e-cigs. I have owned Janty Stick, The Prodigy, and a few others. Nothing even comes close to the design, vapor, or quality of this Silver Bullet. This is the only e-cig to consider getting. Just get it. (Posted on 9/24/2009)
I don't really "do" reviews, but after receiving this today, I felt compelled to. Review by Bandit
'I don't really "do" reviews, but after receiving this today, I felt compelled to.

My experience up until a few weeks ago has been with standard e-cigs (listed in my sig below) and I have been pretty content...Problem is, I am a consumer whore, and when I started seeing all the cool, flashy mods out there, I talked myself into a *few*.

Life outside of the standard e-cig began with the Jantystick. Man I was so excited to get mine I thought I'd lose my mind. Sadly, as with many others... I was terribly disappointed in it. Inconsistency, 'fair' build quality and the fact other options were out there... I got rid of it after only 3 or 4 days.

I began to do a lot of research, and reached out to members like Zofryer who owned multiple PVs to get some feedback. Once I felt I 'knew enough' I began to search out a few hot-rods (as I call them), but NOTHING cool was ready to ship, all were on some sort of delay due to the limited production.

I'm not one to wait. It is my biggest character flaw. Especially on something I am buying... I don't flinch at purchase prices, so in return I expect to "get it now", but sadly we know many things that are of the highest quality, are not readily available on a whim.

Everything was 2-5 weeks wait but at that time the Prodigy was the shortest wait, so I ordered one. I kept hearing over and over about the Silver Bullet, and after seeing a few vids and images, I just knew I needed to have that shining beauty, so the night after I ordered my Prodigy, I went into the pre-order for the SB v1.1.

Prodigy arrived almost 2 weeks ago and I love it, no complaints... but I still was antsy awaiting a shipping notice on the SB because I really wanted the "look" plus the 6v vaping option.

Well finally today it arrived, and the anticipation was well worth it.

To those just buying another mod because you don't want to wait for the SB, I say this: DO WHAT YOU MUST, BUT ORDER THE SB ANYWAY AND WAIT PATIENTLY, IT IS WORTH THE WAIT.

And here is my little review.


9 out of 10

What can you say but absolute beauty? Great polishing job. I only wish that someone made mirror polished 510 attys and some kind of silverish color carts because it's so beautiful you hate to 'uglify it' with a black atty and cart.

Why rank it a 9 instead of 10? Only due to the fact that it is simply a tube. A little design to soften the ends a bit with some shape would make this a perfect 10 IMO, but taste is purely subjective.


10 out of 10

In a word: Outstanding.
Not only is it built well in terms of quality materials, but the finer points are worth the price of admission. Take most any hot-rod and unscrew any part of it. Go ahead... I'll wait.

On those other hot-rods, you feel a slight-to-serious grittiness in the threads. On the SB it doesn't just unscrew... it GLIDES. Smooth as silk, and this my friends is the indication of quality and attention to detail that so many are lacking.

When you have it separated you see the thickness to the construction, these are massive walls around your batteries. While they have no vents in case of batt explosion, I have no worries that it will blow up in my hands... it is like a bank vault. The switch would likely be the giving point and shoot into the air.

Speaking of the switch... OMG. Again: Perfection. Most of you know about the often lauded Prodigy switch... no slouch in it's own right, well crafted and a solid feel... but the SB takes it up another notch. Not only a solid feel in activation, but a noticeable "click" when you depress it and another when you release it. The simple fact that it was recessed into the shell makes it more amazing because not only have they eliminated the possibility of accidental activation, but the scalloped body area for it makes the SB more ergonomically delightful. You can use your thumb and index finger with equal comfort as well as a cigar hold activating with the underside of your thumb -knuckle which I love.


10 out of 10

This is also where some others fall short. Not only can I choose 3.7 or 6v vaping, but I can do this with ONLY a simple battery change. No assembly/disassembly of ANY other parts, components, springs or switches.

Beyond that, AltSmoke offers a variety of adapters for multiple atomizers. I'm an 801-hater myself, and that's what most hot-rods want you to use. I HATE (no, really... hate) the mouthpiece on an 801. I prefer a 510 (some do, some do not, purely subjective again) and I was able to get mine in a 510. You can also choose 801 or 901 adapters.


Ok, this is the part you really want to know about isn't it?

10 out of 10

Frankly I was a little worried about making the 6v jump. So many people warning that 6v is too hot and cooks out some of the flavor. Here's my take....

3.7 (on anything, and also applies to SB) cool vape with a decent flavor, and decent vapor. Much more vapor than a standard 510, a little bit more flavor.

6v on the SB is spectacular. Now I say "spectacular" in comparison to an e-cig or any 3.7v mod. I have been using a 5v Prodigy for a coulpe weeks and I expected a night and day difference based on other's posts... don't fall for that!!!! The difference is MINIMAL.

The vapor is a bit warmer. Not hot, but gently warm and really nice. I detect only the SLIGHTEST flavor or vapor difference from the 5v to the 6v honestly. And this is using both the Prodigy and SB side by side, using the SAME atty, and same juices that I have been vaping for a while now. I like the warmer vape honestly, it makes the flavor SEEM more rich and "full".

Throat hit did change noticeably, but not drastically. The 6v does give more throat hit. If you take a super hard/long draw then you will really notice this (OMG, be careful here folks).

If I power-hit my 5v and power hit my SB, the SB WILL produce noticeably more vapor. But standard 4-6 second even draws produce only a slight difference.

Ok, so a fair and balanced review not only highlights the positives, but should also showcase the negatives, if any.

The beauty of the SB is in the polishing. Sadly, that is also its Achilles Heel. If you look at it for more than 5 seconds, it will smudge. No, it's that bad. No matter how clean you think your hands are, the SB reminds you that you have oils in your skin, and will smudge and fingerprint like crazy. I now carry a microfiber cloth in my carry case because of that.

This finish also makes it very, very slippery in the hand. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this thing is gonna take some hits. It WILL be dropped for sure, no matter how careful I am.

Like all high voltage PVs, it is a juice hog. I thought the 5v was bad... the SB sucks down juice like a $4 hooker. This however should be expected. If you expect anything else, then you did not research PVs well enough.

It needs a quality case made to fit, and should also be provided with some sort of quality, stitched sleeve. A velvet sleeve with a very soft interior would help maintain its good looks, and make it more convenient for taking out with you. When all is said and done, you're spending about $125 on this thing... it needs a nice case IMO.

That's about it for any negatives. And honestly, those are me sitting here really scrutinizing it beyond practicality just to attempt to nit-pick it and find anything negative to say. These observations would have in no way prevented me from buying the SB if I already knew about them full-well.

So in the endless sea of PVs that are available to you, I believe that the SB is a top-notch choice. It was money well spent, and I don't believe anyone could possibly experience buyers' remorse once they have tried it out.

Happy vaping! (Posted on 9/24/2009)
Version 1.2 better than the original Review by TheUltimateg
Second time buying a Silver Bullet. and it still rocks. If your in the market for a mod and looking for the perfect one then look no further. Version 1.2 not only allows for hours upon hours of 3.7v vaping, but now accepts the RCR123A protected batteries for 6v vaping. The 2 amp switch is so beefy that it should never fail like other mods i own that use the cheaper tactile switches. Adapters for using the more popular atomizers are cheaper than i have found for other competing mods. I have several mods from other suppliers and they have all been shelved, the Silver Bullet is my main rig now. Get yourself one of these bad boys you won't be disappointed. (Posted on 9/24/2009)
Fantastic! Review by 2pooped
I really like this mod. Vape @ 3.7 volts or 6 volts. 6 was too hot for me. "Future possible enhancement" clicker type potentiometer for dialed in vaping. I kinda miss the LED. But, where would you put it in this piece of art? Stranger looks in public versus "What's that blue light in your mouth".
Vaper =10
Durability = 15
Beauty =10

Scale 1-10
Silver Bullet = 11.7 "I'm a happy camper" (Posted on 9/24/2009)
The best 6v battery mod out. Review by David
The Silver Bullet is beyond a doubt the best 6v battery mod out today. For me it all comes down to the overall construction and the manual button. The Silver Bullet is built like a tank and I am sure it will last as long as I am vaping. The Silver Bullet can be used at 3.7 volts as well which makes it versatile as well as beautiful. BUY THE SB NOW! You won't regret it! Thank you AltSmoke! (Posted on 9/24/2009)
Amazing Review by Jeff
Heavy Duty, great manual switch. Love the 18650 battery.This is a very well built unit, could not be happier with the Silver Bullet. Thanks. (Posted on 9/24/2009)
OMG. This is the best Review by Kerri
I have had my SB for 2 weeks and I am in heaven. I have had a numerous different e-cigs, including 3 other mods and this is by far the best. The battery life is awesome, the vapor is awesome, and it is built like a tank. I ordered the 901 and I am very happy I did. I have never used the 510 but I have used the 801 and 901 and I prefer the 901 because it produced more vapor (for me). The button is perfect because I can keep it in my scrubs pocket at work and not worry about accidental firing, (I am an Er nurse) which is great because my hospital has a no smoking on the property policy. I just wish I had ordered 2 when I did this order, but I have corrected that by ordering 2 of the new ones, one with the 801 adapter.

(Posted on 9/2/2009)
excellent product Review by ~bruce~
I am the proud ower of SB-08

I had high hopes for the Silver Bullet from the start, having seen the original prototype and the subsequent revisions. The only mystery for me was the actual inner workings and the final finish.
I must say that it exceeded my expectations in every catagory. This does not look, nor feel like someones "garage-made-over-the-weekend" science project. Professionally designed and executed construction through and through. On a scale from 1~10.....a 12 !
Needless to say, I will be looking for new products and buying more stuff whenever they become available. Thank you for the wonderful product ! (Posted on 8/31/2009)
I own about 35 other pv's and 3 other mods. The SB is my new favorite. It is built 'tough', battery life is great, switch is reliable and easy and it produces loads of vapor CONSISTENTLY! The threads are not going to get stripped anytime in my lifetime. The two pieces screw together smoothly and effortlessly. This is one quality mod!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 8/30/2009)
Don't hesitate, this is a wonderful product! Review by Jan
I decided to wait for 2 weeks before sending in my review, allowing me to fully experience this device and to watch for any problems that may come along. If anything, my experience improved in that time! The first charge of the battery, gave me 9 1/2 hours of pleasure before needing a re-charge. After charging it during the two weeks of use, the battery life extended to about 15 - 16 hours. May not sound as great as some other reviewers, but I am a chain vaper, the Silver Bullet is constantly in use, other than when I'm sleeping!
The design is surely done well and is made for many years of use and abuse. For me, it's a little bit heavy. I notice my forearm muscles are a bit sore after a few hours. Maybe for women, they will design a lighter model.
I still trying different ways of holding it, and pressing the switch. ( It would be great if some other owners of the Silver Bullet would do a video, or review to tell me how they prefer to hold it.) I've found the most comfortable way for me, it to hold it in my mouth like I would a Clarinet, with the switch on top, using the pad of my index finger to depress the switch.
The vape is GREAT! Seriously, from the very first puff I was saying to myself, "are you kidding me!" LOL, when the cartridge is fully loaded, the vape obliterates my face!

**TIP** Make sure you clean out your new atomizers, they have a factory fluid inside them that will taste very nasty. First, I blow them all out with my mouth onto a paper towel to catch the fluid. Then I blow them out with canned air top, bottom, and the little holes on the sides. You won't believe the junk in there. Also, when using a new or cleaned atomizer, put a drop or two of E-liquid into it before you begin vaping. You don't want to use it dry, when new or after cleaning it.

This was not a freebie, I paid full price, minus 10% for first purchase, so there is no outside influence to write a better review.
You need the Silver Bullet, it makes life as a vaper so much easier!

1. I'm giving this a 9 only because of it's weight.
2. Improving my life it's a full 10! (Posted on 8/29/2009)
The all day sucker Review by Mick
I like having three e-cig with me with three different flavors, just my style of vaping. The SB is the only one I am not carrying around extra batteries or pass troughs for. Vaping this way I really get to enjoy the different flavors.
Also vaping this way I go 2 or 3 days on a single SB battery charge. Sometimes I just swap out the extra SB battery just because I have been vaping for a day or two and I know I should be getting close to the end of the battery charge life. I have never actually seen one stop delivering vapor yet, but like I said above I carry three different e-cigs to get three different flavors. None the less vaping this way I routinely go 2 to 3 days never needing to charge the SB battery. I may at some time just use the SB just to see how long the charge life is. Great job guys. This is really a great product. I never feel like I will be stranded without battery power carrying the SB with me. (Posted on 8/29/2009)
The Silver Bullet is top notch! Review by Mamu
I have been vaping with the Silver Bullet (SB) for over 2 weeks and I must say the SB is top notch! Durable and well-constructed with awesome vapor and throat hit day in and day out. I am very impressed with the quality of construction and very pleased that I purchased the SB. I purchased the 510 SB and also the 801 SB and love them both. Vaping heaven for sure! Keep up the good work!! (Posted on 8/28/2009)
This thing ROCKS! Review by Madness
Got a 510 No Kit as I had the Batts and charger, WOW!
Works great with a 901 Adapt and Atty, also works well with a 801 Adapt and Atty.
(Had them also)
I keep changing up and it just ROCKS! (Posted on 8/27/2009)
I am ordering another one Review by LarryE
My only regret in buying the Silver Bullet is that I didn't order two of them the first time. My girlfriend and I are currently sharing my SB and even with both of us 'chain vaping' the extra mass of the SB keeps the atomizer cool and flavorful.

The design is superb and just works every time and also looks great. I can finally forget about the 'hardware' and concentrate on collecting juices and flavors.

Thanks AltSmoke for a great product.

(Posted on 8/27/2009)
very detailed Review by Charles A.
I will say this product was very well thought out. The switch is completely sealed which will allow you to drip. Dripping is the best method for me. I hate using carts so dripping directly into the atomizer allows an easier vaping experience and to me a better tasting vapor.

The SB (Silver Bullet) is easy to use. Its a simple two part design. So switching out batteries is as easy as putting on your atomizer. It's easy to clean if liquid runs out of the atomizer which happens when you over drip. If this happens it cannot get into the switch or inside the SB itself. Again the SB is completely sealed.

Altogether the SB gets rid of having to constantly change out batteries because it houses a larger battery which will allow an all day vapeing experience. From morning to night you will need only one battery vs. 2-3 batteries of the smaller ecigs like the 801, 901, and 510.

Yes it is bigger than traditional e-cigs but it fits nicely in your hand. Its durable and very strong. The best part about this you will be able to get adapters for two other type of atomizers so in theory you have 3 ecigs in one. I will come with the 510 threads already attached to the SB. The if you want to use a 801 or 901 you simply get the choice adapter and screw it into the 510 slot. then you can vape away with choice adapter.

so basically all you need is and SB with adapters and you can use the 801, 901, and 510 atomizers all in one unit. (Posted on 8/26/2009)
Just the way they all should be Review by Grooovn
Rob, GREATJOB on the silver bullet, I can't beleive it, the battery last me all day and it's only going to get better from here, with the new version coming on. (Posted on 8/26/2009)
I like this Review by Zofryer
I needed a dedicated device for six volt 510. On a whim, I enquired if there were any SB 510's in stock. Not only were there, but I could get one for 99 bucks with free shipping. For 99 dollars I had a six volt 510 device in my hands in under three days from initial inquiry. It feels incredible in your hands. The construction is fantastic. Very attractive, and very durable. The button is currently what I consider the best traditional button on any PV. It is a little thicker than I thought it would be, but it feels so good in your hands. I have and will continue to recommend the SB to people. It hits a price/performance point, and appeals to people with a certain set of needs out of a vaping device. (Posted on 8/26/2009)
Solid design Review by TheUltimateG
I own other mods and must say this one is by far the most solid switch design i have come across yet. Love the nice shiny design and plan on having mine engraved. Cant wait for the new version 1.1 lower tube for using CR123A batts at 6v. You really made a quality product Altsmoke. Nice work. (Posted on 8/22/2009)
awsome ecig Review by justrubl
I have used many different ecigs, and a couple of different mods and this is by far the best. Good vapor, long lasting battery, and very well made. I have the 901 model and it is awesome. Great job. (Posted on 8/17/2009)

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