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  1. Midnight Express

    Midnight Express

    Midnight express: NicQuid Midnight Express is exactly what you have been searching for! A REALISTIC and DELICIOUS TOBACCO flavor! A full bodied tobacco experience that will be the closest to the real thing you have tried! The nuttiness at the start is the appetizer, the smoke is the entree. NicQuip: Saloons of the American Wild West generally cropped up wherever pioneers established a settlement or where trails crossed. The first establishment to actually be called a "saloon" was the Brown’s Saloon at Brown's Hole near the Wyoming-Colorado-Utah border.. Just like the smoking saloons Nicquid Midnight express is the center of our tobacco lineup! Learn More
  2. Black Diamond

    Black Diamond

    This mild turkish tobacco blend is adorned with lightly sweet top-notes, offering a truly distinct flavor and solid throat hit. The symmetry of dry tobacco base and subtle sweet undertones offers a complex flavor without being overpowering. Learn More
  3. NicQuid Day Break

    Day Break

    NicQuids Day Break is a sweet, fresh, roasted, slightly nutty and creamy taste with a hint of french vanilla which is sure to be a good addition to your normal break in the day. Learn More
  4. Gen 7

    Gen 7

    A fresh and vibrant cocoa leaf blend with a hint of raisin and vanilla, providing a nice and full tobacco taste and even better vape. Learn More
  5. SOHO


    A sweet, nutty, caramelized flavor that is complimented by its roasted and creamy taste, which creates a light and smooth tobacco taste. Learn More
  6. Crimson Leaf

    Crimson Leaf

    A mild blend built on a subtle dry Turkish tobacco base and layered with more prominent sweet top notes. This unique blend has subtle hints of cinnamon, and is a great choice for those seeking a less complex sweet tobacco flavor. Learn More
  7. Dakota


    This full-flavored tobacco blend offers an intense "black and mild" taste adorned with intricate licorice nuances. This unique blend is ideal for those seeking more flavor while maintaining a great throat hit and immense clouds of vapor. Learn More
  8. Habanos


    A robust tobacco blend with a complex flavor similar to many popular mild-medium cigars. Blended dark and bright Virginia strains, together with Latakia and Turkish notes results in a perfect, medium bodied product offering a rich vaping experience. Learn More

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  9. Hybrid - (Menthol Tobacco)

    Hybrid - (Menthol Tobacco)

    eVo Hybrid: Built on a subtle tobacco base, this light blend offers a more delicate menthol " feel ", and is great for those seeking a less intensive vaping experience. With just a hint of sweetness the underlying tobacco base neutralizes the intensity of this blend nicely. Learn More
  10. Maraschino Tobacco

    Maraschino Tobacco

    This unique blend of dry medium-bodied tobacco is garnished with a gentle touch of delightfully sweet Maraschino cherry. This coomplex harmony of flavor is perfect for those seeking a dry tobacco blend with just a little something extra. Learn More

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  11. Whisper


    This light tobacco flavor offers a subtle combination of sweet tobacco with dried plum undertones. Delicately topped off with a touch of sweet caramel, this flavor is the perfect choice for those seeking lighter flavor in their tobacco e-liquid. Learn More
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