This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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  1. eGo Series - USB Battery Charger

    eGo Series - USB Battery Charger

    This is a replacement USB charger for the eGo-C, eGo-T, eGo electronic cigarette.

    To charge your eGo electronic cigarette battery, simply screw into the charger (finger tight!). The LED will turn RED indicating that the battery is charging. When charging is complete, the LED will turn GREEN.

    This USB charger can be plugged into most USB port on your computer, XBOX, etc. You can also use it with our wall to USB adapter or car to USB adapter each sold separately.

    Please NOTE:
    -This charger is to be used with Joyetech eGo Series Batteries ONLY, it is not compatible with our eGo-DC kit
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  2. eGo-C - USB Wall Adapter

    eGo-C - USB Wall Adapter

    This is a replacement USB Wall Adapter for the eGo-C electronic cigarette. With the eGo-C USB Wall Adapter you can charge your eGo-C electronic cigarette battery by using a wall outlet. To charge your eGo-C Battery you will need an eGo-C USB Battery Charger which can be found here: eGo-C USB Battery Charger Learn More

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