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PLEASE READ the information found at: Battery University, It is important to carry batteries properly, recharge properly, and dispose properly.

Batteries :
Only use protected batteries with the Omega! The Omega is not intended to used with anything but (1x) rechargeable 18650 Protected Battery. It is definitely not intended to be used with Non protected batteries. If you use any other batteries other than what is recommended, it is use at your own risk! We don't recommend/encourage anyone to use any other setup than what is stated above. Also please read: Battery University so you can understand what type of risks are involved when using batteries of any kind.

Main threads:
For trouble free operation and smooth battery changes it is recommended to clean the main threads once a week with a soft cloth. Be sure to not leave anything behind. A small particle can cause big headaches when trying to change a battery. I strongly recommend an anti-oxidant/galling compound. I personally use NOALOX, a product sold in most hardware stores including LOWES. It is a product made by IDEAL and it can be found in the electrical isle. Only use it on the main threads to prevent galling/seizing. To apply it simply use a small dab on a q-tip and apply it to the male threads. Work the compound into the threads by screwing and unscrewing the top and bottom. After it is worked into the threads wipe off the excess with a soft cloth. There are several other conductive lubes/anti-oxidants that can be used, this one is the most economical at $2.98 for .5oz.

Atomizer Connection:
From time to time it will be necessary to clean this connection. DO NOT use alcohol to wipe off the connector as this will damage the silica,

Shine Upkeep:
I personally use Mothers Aluminum polish with cotton balls, this polish is available at most automotive stores. Follow the directions on the container, the more you do it the better you will get. Be sure to wear soft gloves, it will get annoying when you keep chasing those pesky smudges. It is also okay to use a buffing wheel. Use a loose sisal with green compound, if you do not know what that means, you should not be buffing your SB

ONLY USE THE ADAPTERS WITH THE MODELS THEY ARE SAID TO BE USED WITH. They have been tested with these models only and there may be slight differences in the contact points of compatible models that may cause damage. Do not use JOYE302 on the DSE801 Adapter!! DO Read: Battery Adapter Maintenance
Informational Links:
IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. - Noalox® Anti-Oxidant Compound
Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish
GB® Ox-Gard® Anti Oxidant Compound *in case you can't find Noalox