This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Your DT95B Multimeter or any basic multimeter may be used to check the status of your Electronic Cigarette items.

On the left is your DT95B multimeter dial for your reference. The dial is presently pointed to the position to test Atomizers (200 ?). You must point the dial to the 200 V DC setting to test the battery. We circled the two settings so you can see where the dial needs to be to test Atomizers/Batteries.

NOTE: Don't forget to move the ON/OFF position to On while testing and Off when finished testing.

How to test the voltage of a battery:
  • 1.) Set the multimeter dial to the 200 V DC setting.
  • 2.) Hold the red probe on the positive + end of your battery and the black probe on the negative - end.
  • 3.) A 3.7V battery should read about 4.1 or 4.2V straight off the charger and need to be recharged when they reach 3.6V (or before)
How to test the resistance of an atomizer:
  • 1.) Set the multimeter dial to the 200�? setting.
  • 2.) Touch the two probes together and make a note of the reading. You will subtract this later as it eliminates the internal resistance of the multimeter.
  • 3.) Place the red probe on the center post of the atomizer and place the black probe on the threading. Your read out may fluctuate a bit but hold them there long enough to get a reliable reading.
  • 4.) Subtract the reading obtained in the first step from the reading obtained in the previous step. This is the resistance of your atomizer.

NOTE: All atomizers are +/- 0.3 from stated resistance. For instance a 2.5? atomizers can read anywhere from 2.2? to 2.8?. Please be careful not to damage the contact points of your atomizer when performing this test as they are moveable, delicate parts and can be damaged if excessive force is applied.