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Battery Adapter Maintenance

A lot of people have been looking into the Adapters as a cheap alternative to purchasing additional accessories/batteries when wanting to try a new Atomizer. These are a great way to save money but at the same time there are a few things that people need to watch out for.

Liquid around the Posts

One of the biggest things to watch for is liquid build up around the posts, excess liquid can cause an atomizer to burn out due to a short, this could possibly cause an issue with the battery as well. So it is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that liquid does not pool inside the grooves of the adapter (I.E. The top and bottom of the unit). Liquid does from time to time run down the adapters, this can not be prevented with the current adapters on the market and you therefore should be wiping away any excess liquid. We recommend to check often for liquid build up, especially if you are constantly flooding the atomizer (High Voltage).

If you see liquid running down the atomizer wipe it off as quickly as possible, this will also reduce the liquid getting between the atomizer and the adapter.

Clean the Adapters

We recommend cleaning the adapters by placing it in glass of warm water for about 30 minutes, after the duration removed the adapter and place on a paper towel and let dry for 90-120 minutes. Once the unit is dry and the liquid is removed feel free to use the adapter again.

How to Use the Adapter

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you put the adapter on the battery end first! There is no need to screw these down as tight as you possibly can get them as this could damage the silicia/contact and cause an issue with the adapter to not work properly. Once the adapter is properly screwed (NOT OVER TIGHTENED) into the battery, screw the atomizer onto the unit, once again do not over tighten.

Do Not Use Other Models on Atomizer Ends

We all know that certain models are compatible with other models, For Example:

DSE801, RN4072, JOYE302, M201.

Although they are compatible with one another they may cause issues with the Adapters. For instance the contact point in the JOYE302 on the 801 adapter is much larger and could cause issues with the adapter working properly and zapping your atomizers/battery. Especially when it's accompanied by the liquid, so for these reasons ONLY USE THE ADAPTERS WITH THE MODELS THEY ARE SAID TO BE USED WITH. As they have been tested with these models, There may be slight differences in the contacts of compatible models that could cause damage.