This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Reward Points

The ALT Point system allows customers who register an account to earn points and then use those points to achieve further discounts!

We've recently changed the system to double the amount of savings you can earn when shopping at AltSmoke!

How do the points work?

If you haven't registered an account with us, feel free to register! Once you're logged in to your account feel free to shop around, every time you add an item to your cart you will see a popup that has two bottons that say 'Continue Shopping' or 'View Cart & Checkout'. Clicking the 'View Cart & Checkout' button will take you to the cart screen.

When you visit the Cart Screen you will see a slider (you must be logged in!). You can slide the slider in increments of 5 ALT Points, for every 5 ALT Points that are spent it will remove $1 from your cart's subtotal. You earn points when purchasing products or referring customers! For every $4 you spend, you will earn 2 points. For every 5 points exchanged it will remove $1 off your total cart!

How can I earn more ALT Points?

You will earn 10 Points for simply registering an account!

You can also earn points based upon the people you refer! For every referred customer that makes a purchase you will earn 15 ALT Points! Then for every purchase they make you will earn 5% of the total points that they receive for that order!

To Send a referral simply Click your 'My Account' link at the top of the website. Then click 'My Referrals' and there you will find the information to refer a friend! Please Note: if a referred customer does not follow the instructions there is no way for us to be able to manually adjust referred customers so that it will automatically credit the 5%, please make sure your referrals follow the instructions they receive and signup with the email that you send. We will be adding other things in the future, as far as trading in ALT Point's for products and other nifty tricks.


Orders created before 5/12/11 will not earn ALT points. All Orders past this date will earn ALT Points!