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Vision Clearomizer - Version 3

Vision Clearomizer

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  • Vision Clearomizer Metal Bottom
  • Vision Clearomizer Head
  • Vision Clearomizer Body
  • Vision Clearomizer

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Vision Clearomizer Version 3

These are the new transparent clearomizers for eGo style devices. These hold 1.6ml of liquid and are perfect for 3.0v-4.2v devices. These come with a 2.8 Resistance Clearomizer Head.
The all new clearomizers are items that can be completely taken apart

The Vision eGo Clearomizer, which is also know as the StarDust by other vendors. Creates a very clean taste and creates a decent amount of vapor. Unlike some older style clearomizers, these are designed to be more user friendly with a stronger tank to prevent cracking.

Due to the nature of cartomizers, clearomizer's etc... there is only a 24 hour DOA warranty only.
Please read below in the full description how to refill/fill.


Vision Clearomizer Version 3

These are the new transparent clearomizers for eGo style devices. These hold 1.6ml of liquid and are perfect for 3.0v-4.2v devices. These come with a 2.8 Resistance Clearomizer Head.
The all new clearomizers are items that can be completely taken apart

The Vision eGo Clearomizer, which is also know as the StarDust by other vendors. Creates a very clean taste and creates a decent amount of vapor. Unlike some older style clearomizers, these are designed to be more user friendly with a stronger tank to prevent cracking.

To Fill or Refill your Vision eGo Transparent Clearomizer
You simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the clearomizer, and fill clearomizer with roughly 1.4- to 1.6ml of liquid, and screw the mouth piece back in.
Do not over fill and try to pour the liquid around the tube in the middle. The middle of the clearomizer is for the airflow, make sure not to get liquid in the middle.

After the first fill please allow 1 to 2 minutes for the liquid to properly feed into the coil.

How to Replace Parts The entire assembly unscrews from the bottom, unscrewing the bottom will pull out the Clearomizer Metal Base (bottom) and the Clearomizer Head. The clearomizer head simply unscrews and to replace the head you simply need to screw a new head on.

-These are compatible with eGo Devices.
-Due to the nature of cartomizers, clearomizer's etc... there is only a 24 hour DOA warranty only
-Empty E-Liquid before replacing any of the parts. Wearing gloves during the replacement of any part is suggested.
-Keep all Electronic Cigarettes away from Children and Pets

Customer Reviews

Bang for your buck! Review by Craig
I actually like this one better than the iClear. It gets less liquid in the tip and it seems to draw more vapor with only two wicks on the head instead of the four that the iClear uses. I'd save my money on the iClear and get two of these instead. (Posted on 1/10/14)
Awesome Experience Review by OIIIIIO
I've been a tank user for the last three years putting up with carts that would leak, clog, or simply burn out too fast. I got this thinking it would fit my Silver Bullet but it would not as it is designed to fit the eGo or similar smaller head. No problem since I picked up an eGo 650 battery locally (I used to use eGo before the SB).

I am so far very impressed with flavor and vapor production from this little gizmo. No more wasted juice from bad carts and much more flavor and vapor. I haven't tried the 1.8 atty yet, but I'm sure I'll have to dial the voltage down when I do.

(Posted on 8/28/13)
great, but be careful Review by Heather
Be sure to fill the clearomizer very slowly, trying your best to even out the liquid and to tap the bubbles out. I went to unscrew mine so that I could switch flavors, and all the liquid flew out. MAKE SURE YOU UNSCREW THE TEXTURED PART AT THE BOTTOM AND NOT THE SMOOTH. Otherwise, this is perfect. Much better than the SMOK dual coil. (Posted on 8/2/13)
Hits good & durable Review by Sam
Lots of smoke and flavor out of this one, plus it wont break so easy. This clearo is top notch for a cheapo.

I bent one of mine like a banana and it still works fine after I straitened it. The heads can be taken off and cleaned instead of replaced in a pinch. Lots of flavor and vapor. Again, awesome cheapo. (Posted on 6/6/13)
Epic! Review by Theresa
Disposables were all I had ever used before these. Some of them would last 2 weeks before they started to leak and some would begin to leak after an hour. having clearomizers like this are EPIC! They last forever and the heads are cheap and easy to replace ^_^ (Posted on 4/26/13)
great Review by tw
just got mine in the mail. i love that the replacement heads are cheap. had a little juice get in my mouth, but it may have been my fault. good vapor and exceptional throat hit (Posted on 3/27/13)
Nice Review by Brett
Decent warm hit with plenty of vapor. Flavor is good. Not too airy. Easy to disassemble and put back together. Shipping was fast and altsmoke customer service was all over my questions that i had. Definitely will be picking up some more of these when they come back in stock.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a few.

(Posted on 3/27/13)
Great value! Review by Jessica
I have found this clearomizer to be a great value for the money. They last a long time with proper care and the refill heads are affordable too. Great color selection! (Posted on 2/19/13)
Great Review by Rick B.
These are the first Clearomizers that I have tried. I got 2 Black ones with a couple spare 2.8 heads. I had only used Cartomizers before and I am definitely liking these more. Very easy to fill and you can see when you need to add more juice.

The Black is slightly hard to see through sometimes but it looks great on my Black eGo Twist.

I definitely recommend these if you are thinking of trying out Clearomizers. (Posted on 2/14/13)
Perfect! Review by Cameron
I started out using the Smok Mega Dual Coil Cartos that came with my starter kit, and after using them for a while, I felt like the experience should be better. So, after a little research, I came across the CE4's (here it's called the Vision 3 Clearomizer). It got good reviews and since it could be broken down and each piece replaced, I thought it would be a cheaper option in the long run, so I ordered two.

Well, I just received them this afternoon and I will agree with all the positive reviews - these are excellent! I am using a 100% VG juice from JC (Red Oak - Domestic), which is actually a pretty thin juice, and I am having a great experience: huge vapor, nice flavor, and a decent throat hit (this seems a little lacking when compared to the DCCs I was using, but it's still decent). I also ordered the RY4 (PG) from here (should be here in a couple of days) and I am expecting great things from this Clearomizer. In fact, I like the clearomizer so much, I order 3 replacements heads, which according to reviews, I won't need for a while (you can clean and dry-burn these to a like-new state).

My setup is this clearomizer, with the standard 2.8ohm head, and an Ego 650mah battery ... perfect combo! (Posted on 2/13/13)
Stock up on these! Review by Greg
I have two plain, non-VV eGo batteries, and one Twist (VV to 4.8 volts).

I'm a tad confused at "Version 3" vs. "VCE4". So what's 3, and what's 4? Eh...

Whatever they are is simply awesome. The interchangeable parts makes changing the juice in one of them a breeze. Don't have to wait while the wicks soak etc..., just swap the head for a clean one and do whatever you do to clean the other. But the price point is such that I almost never need to "change" the juice in one (refill yes, but not change), because I have seven of them - meaning seven different juices to choose from. And their small size makes them easy to load up even in a small eGo case; I can comfortably (without cramming them tight) carry seven of them in there along with two batteries; unless I also carry a few tips... then I have to leave two clearomizers behind. As for refilling, it's also a breeze. But put together the price, capacity, and ease-of-use... about every other day I have to refill one or two if I've been hitting that flavor hard. Otherwise, with carrying a bunch of them around any one of them lasts for days if I don't get obsessive on that one flavor. I have to imagine the same principle benefits the atomizers - if I'm frequently switching between seven of them, I expect each will last a lot longer than if I burn the same one all day every day.

I have not noticed any leaking, not even when I carry them loose in my pocket. And never a drop found on the top of a battery. I have as others occasionally - though rarely - gotten the unfortunate taste of liquid through the tip. It is possible for liquid - with enough force applied - to travel from the atomizer to your mouth through the tip, but it does seem to take effort, if accidental at times. The pinhole exit from the atomizer head isn't large enough for a liquid drop to simply form and escape even if held upside down. A couple hard draws, no problem. A lot of hits in a short time (to the point the base is actually getting hot), no problem. Upside-down from time to time, no problem. It's just the combination that causes the problem, for me anyway. The trifecta of heavy draws in a short time upside-down seems to do it... so, I just don't do that. I think if you have to exert effort for the liquid to actually drip out of it like that, it's not really fair to call it "leaking." Just my opinion on that. :)

I would not recommend buying extra metal base's', plural. One is probably a good idea in case something tragic happens to one of them, but there's nothing special about them and they're easy to clean and dry in under a minute. Heads, yes - you'll want a couple, since the wicks are attached and can take more time and effort to clean if e.g. you want to switch from lime to coffee without tasting lime-flavored-coffee (ewww). But more importantly the one and only criticism I have is they come with 2.8-ohm atomizers, and you can't change that. I wish either they came with a low-resistance 1.8-ohm head or that it could at least be chosen as an optional configuration, rather than only being able to buy them as spares. The 1.8's are definitely better on a standard, non-VV eGo, and it seems to me even if you do put them on a VV device you can lower the voltage (works fine that way on the Twist, at lower voltage), so I'm thinking if there has to be "it only ships with this one" then that one should be the lower-resistance head. Assuming that's still not the case though, and if you're buying these to stick on an eGo - get some 1.8 heads. If I had *only* the 1.8's I'd be fine. Having *only* the 2.8's isn't - I can only use these on my Twist, if I want to actually taste my vapes.

I'd say buy one of these, but no... buy a few of them. You won't regret it - unless you draw hard, constantly, upside-down of course. :)
(Posted on 1/30/13)
great Review by nick
I'm new to vaping but I like it. I've been buying and trying everything from everywhere I can find for the past 2 weeks and this tank with the ego spinner battery also sold here are my go to for the best hit and best flavor. Thank you e-cigs. (Posted on 1/19/13)
Leaks into mouthpiece at times Review by Joe Ro
I'm new to vaping so I haven't tried a lot, but the Vision V3 is leaps and bounds ahead of the original eGO tank system that came with my kit.

The only problem I'm having is an occasional small amount of liquid weeping into the mouthpiece, which I only seem to notice after I have yucky juice in my mouth >.< It's not a huge volume of leakage, and I can lay it on its side for hours without any thing coming out, but a couple of extra-heavy drags is all it takes.

I'm not sure if it's flooding and pulling juice up from the coil or leaking past the silicone cup on the top of the head. Maybe it's just simply condensating out of the vapor on the inside of the tip (is that even possible?) All the seals are in place and it's screwed together tight. There's no gaps or separation in the glued joints either, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I'm not counting these out yet as I'm still a newbie and am potentially doing something wrong. The next time I clean it I'm going to take a really good look at how it all goes together and try to determine what's up. 3.5/5. (Posted on 1/17/13)
What you want it to be Review by Nik
I had my reservations about this. Would it leak? Would it vape better than other methods? etc etc...

Its awesome. Doesnt leak unless you basically bend the gaskets in the bottom or top, or dont have it screwed together tight enough. If you keep the rubber rings intact and all that its great. Also- you can fill this with quite a bit, and even though it looks like a lot, a few drops goes a long way. You could vape all day on this and it would not get nasty or weird. If you dont vape that much, it can last for days without getting gross.

Pretty sweet. For realz. (Posted on 1/9/13)
Love this Review by Elizabeth
I just got mine, so of course it's not leaking, and i love it! Compared to the one i replaced, this one feels as though i'm getting 50,000 times better flow ... or whatever you call it. I had gone up to 4.0 on my eGo-CTwist, but with this new clearomizer, i'm back down to 3.2, and it is very strong. (Posted on 1/7/13)
A bit leaky and not as strong as I would like Review by Censored
I'm going to end up ordering metal tanks because I think I'm just too tough on the plastic ones. I've had some pretty good vapes off of these, but it also seems like they don't work well once it starts getting empty, the wicks seem to want to burn themselves out after a few heavy puffs. Not sure I would order these again. (Posted on 12/27/12)
My go to Review by Jon
After some modifications, these have become my go to tanks. I've been rewicking using cotton (check out ECF for how-tos), and these turn into beasts. Very easy, quick job to do. After replacing the stock wick with cotton, awesome flavor, TH, vapor production, and never a dry hit.

Not many issues. Occasional leak, probably associated with me not using enough wick material and having some juice seep into the center post.

2.8 ohm head plus VV, 4.0 - 4.3 volts. Amazing. (Posted on 12/15/12)
Great deal..Great Clearo Review by amerirish44
Gotta say I just love these clearos...don't really use but one other and as far as the price ..the best out there..shipping is right on time..haven't had a problem to date with product or service..Thank You....Joe 2.8 or 2.4 ohm with my twist at 4.0 volts oh yeah!!!!! (Posted on 12/5/12)
Great Unit Review by Jason
I really enjoy the ease of use for this unit. Mine has not leak once and I can dry burn it to clean or just replace the head for a few bucks. You guys should sell the replacement heads in 5 packs. (Posted on 11/28/12)
Well Worth It Review by Gordon
I have been using this type of artomizer/tank for a little over a month now. As others have noted, there is a tendency for the tank to leak after a while. I have had two tanks leak so far, although it has taken weeks before they have done so. I recommend ordering a couple of spare tanks along with the full setup. For the money, I still think this is one of the easiest to clean, easiest to fill cartomizers. One thing that I have learned, is that if vapor production starts decreasing, do a dry burn on the coil - brings the vapor and flavor right back. I have yet to replace an atomizer. Running a 2.4 Ohm coil with a standard eGo and eGo-C Twist battery (3.8 to 4.2V). (Posted on 11/10/12)
Great vape! Review by Beejereeno
I can't believe I didn't think to buy these to go with my ego-C to begin with! The standard clear tank tips and atomizer head/base assembly with cone cover that comes standard with the ego-c kit was NOT working for me at all. Thanks to Ethan in customer service for sending me this to replace what I was using! A total blessing, and now I'm vaping like crazy!

Thanks again. (Posted on 11/2/12)
I am not so lucky I guess Review by ming
bot 2 on Oct 2, both are broken. One leaks like crazy (crack on the surface due to overheating??), one quit working altogether. I am not sure if it is my own issue or it is just a bad luck. Will give it another try by order 2 more. (Posted on 10/24/12)
Great but some leak.... Review by Betty
Great product but some are defective. 3 diff colored ones from my last order started slowly leaking from where the plastic tube meets the metal base. If you can fit your fingernail where the tube meets the base, it will leak. The other ones from my previous order you cant fit your fingernail into the gap and they are not leaking. If you order these, check them before you take them out of the cellophane wrapper.. so you can return them. I submitted a claim on 10/15 and I we have been going back & forth trying to figure out the problem. Hopefully they will replace my 3 defective ones with non-leaking tanks. (Posted on 10/24/12)
Excellent Review by Jerry
These are really nice but 1 of the 2 that I ordered began leaking after 1 week from above the AltSmoke branded aluminum ring and the plastic tank itself. I have taken it apart cleaned it out 100% and assembled it dry and it is still leaking. The other one is great however no problems. (as I wipe the juice off and take another drag) =)

Another plus is being able to break it down and dry burn, not to mention replaceable atty's. (Posted on 10/19/12)
Upgrade Review by Default
Holy cow these things are leaps and bounds ahead of the cartridges. I seriously love these clearomizers. One word of warning the red is not red at all. At first I though I had ordered a pink, then I saw that they don't even carry pink! (Posted on 10/18/12)
Great Buy Review by Xander547
So far I have two of these. I really like how they look and work. I don't know if anyone else has run into this problem but so far both of my have started to leak at the bottom of the plastic. Everything still works just the fact that the liquid gets everywhere after a while. I'm gonna order a new one and hopefully the problem was just having two faulty ones. (Posted on 10/8/12)
my go to clearo Review by Antonio
this is my go to clearo. these work sooo god! i havent had any problems except when i use a thicker juice at a higher voltage, it doesnt wick too well but than i just lower the voltage and its perfect. i got 4.0 heads along with the ones they came with. havent had any leaking or cracking or anything. i currently have three of these and will def be getting more. i save these for my favorite juices! (Posted on 9/30/12)
Very good clearomizer. Review by Ricky
These are much better than the previous version vision clearos. I've been vaping them for a few days now, 2.8 ohms at 4.0v. Excellent. Easy to replace the heads, just have to get a real good grip on the base to screw off (which I think is good since it gives me peace of mind that it's sealed on there nice and tight). No leaking, no burned taste with the long wicks. Great prices too. My search for clearos has finally ended. Thank you altsmoke. (Posted on 9/28/12)
Awesome Review by Terry
I love the Clearomizer's but i think instead of using a string that you should use a small tube to suck the liquid into the atomizer. Just my opinion. (Posted on 9/26/12)
Drip tip flavor combined with the ease of use that comes with using a cartomizer. Review by Mr. Samsa
These clearomizers are superb. They deliver flavor like a drip tip but are easy to use and fill like a cartomizer. Easy to clean also since all the components screw together. Works fine with a regular 650mah 3.7v eGo battery but if you want to be able to tweak your flavor or find your juices "sweet spot" you should buy a eGo Twist battery and put one of these clearomizers on it. I am currently vaping Hypermint at 4.20 volts in one of these clearomizers and I think im going to find nirvana soon.. (Posted on 9/26/12)
The Best! Review by Nathan
These are just the best I have ever used. This with an eGo battery is a PERFECT combination.

Please keep these in stock!

Will buy more most definitely. (Posted on 9/18/12)
Good Review by Carlos
Switched to a LR head, amazing vape. Not as sturdy as the T2, but ii do put them through a lot of beatings (i'm very clumsy :c ). After a month it started leaking. I checked for damaged o-rings but i think i just banged it up too much and cracked it internally somewhere Dx (Posted on 9/2/12)
Super sweet Review by RyanC
Ordered one about a week ago. Been using it ever since. I have it on standard ego 3.7 and it has a really nice throat hit, great flavor and best of all no leaking! None. It's my main head now for when i'm mobile. I can pop it my pocket, go for a run, and never have to worry about it leaking or spilling. Great buy. Works like a charm. (Posted on 9/1/12)
put on a 4.0 head on this,your best juice in,put it on a ego twist bat., set it on 4.8 and set back and relax. this thing is nice, very nice . (Posted on 8/11/12)
Awesome Review by Chris
Put this with an ego twistable and a 1.8 head and you have magic in the making. the hit and vape are beyond what you would think. I will never smoke a cig again and I will never give up vaping as well. This is the best setup I have found to date... (Posted on 8/1/12)
works good Review by lordpelvis
Ive been using them for about a week now, they work good, but Im now looking for a cheaper setup. (Posted on 7/29/12)

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