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  1. eGo Starter Kit - Black

    Joye eGo - Starter Kit

    Joye eGo Starter Kit This is a great way to get started! If you're looking for an Electronic Cigarette Kit that has a bit more of a punch than the Standard Electronic Cigarette kits then look no further! This kit comes with TWO 650mAh eGo Batteries! The Standard Electronic Cigarettes normally come with 150mAh, this means that the batteries will last 4x longer before needing to be recharged! The Joye eGo batteries come with the NEW 5 click on and off feature. When receiving an eGo or eGo-T battery for the first time you may notice it won't activate when you first push it. Simply click the button 5 times fairly fast and you will notice the LED blinking. Now you can continue to use the battery. When you're finished using your eGo Battery, simply click it 5 more times until it blinks at you. This will put it in the 'off' position and will not activate again until you click it another 5 times. We carry these kits in two colors: eGo Starter Kit - Matte Black eGo Starter Kit - Stainless Steel Learn More

    As low as: $34.95

  2. eGo Series - USB Battery Charger

    eGo Series - USB Battery Charger

    This is a replacement USB charger for the eGo-C, eGo-T, eGo electronic cigarette.

    To charge your eGo electronic cigarette battery, simply screw into the charger (finger tight!). The LED will turn RED indicating that the battery is charging. When charging is complete, the LED will turn GREEN.

    This USB charger can be plugged into most USB port on your computer, XBOX, etc. You can also use it with our wall to USB adapter or car to USB adapter each sold separately.

    Please NOTE:
    -This charger is to be used with Joyetech eGo Series Batteries ONLY, it is not compatible with our eGo-DC kit
    Learn More
  3. Crystal eGo Lanyard

    Crystal eGo Lanyard

    Crystal eGo Lanyards These lanyards are a little more eye catching than the standard eGo Lanyards. These really do look much better in person than the pictures show, they 'shine' in light. The eGo Lanyards have a foam back for comfort. The eGo Lanyards do require a Clearomizer or a Cone to hold them on to the lanyard securely. Learn More

    Regular Price: $6.95

    Special Price: $4.95

  4. Cloth eGo Lanyard

    Cloth eGo Lanyard

    For those looking for a little less bling but still wanting to have a lanyard we have the Cloth version that is a little less flashy. The eGo Lanyards do require a Clearomizer or a Cone to hold them on to the lanyard securely. Learn More

    Regular Price: $5.95

    Special Price: $3.95

  5. AltSmoke Carrying Case

    AltSmoke Carrying Case

    Whether you're looking for a way to organize or transport batteries, mods, ego batteries, or liquid this is a great solution. The AltSmoke carrying case is durable and comes with a clip that allows you to clip it to your belt buckle, purse or even a backpack.

    Dimension: 190mm * 80mm * 40mm Learn More

    Regular Price: $13.95

    Special Price: $10.95

  6. eGo Cases - Large

    eGo Cases - Small, Medium and Large

    Here you will find a wide variety of different eGo Cases, these are available in 3 different sizes from Small, Medium and Large. Learn More

    Regular Price: $4.95

    Special Price: $3.95

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