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The BB

The BB

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Get one NOW or even two Review by Jim
(Posted on 5/5/10)
Highly recommended. Review by Richardcg
I already owned one of the first run SBs and wanted to try this out because it was smaller and ergo more discrete. It has not disappointed. It provides a great vaping experience and fits more comfortably in the pocket than did the SB (which is a great product in and of itself.) I also picked up the PT unit and it is also of stellar design. Highly recommended. (Posted on 4/21/10)
I like! :) Review by Mitrich
This is my second BB, I just got the newer longer bottom one.
Works great! Well, one of the reasons I got a second one :)
BB+14500+LR= one of my favorite combos!
Hope they'll have a silver finish one day... Maybe? :)
(Posted on 4/7/10)
Great Device Review by Steve
I am a newbie, but I knew I wouldn't like swapping batteries all the time so I went straight to a mod.

I liked the clean design and smaller size of the BB so I ordered it and the pass-thru. I placed my order at 10 PM on a Thursday and received it on Monday. That is fantastic service!

I gotta say, this thing is great. It's smaller than I was expecting, which is good. It feels nice in the hand and the button is perfectly positioned - very natural.

I love it!

(Posted on 3/25/10)
What can I say after two weeks 12 out of 10 Review by Grink
like many new dummies, my first purchase was an overpriced kit. But I stopped smoking right?

After I realized my mistake I took the next two weeks to learn what is out there and to decide what PV I wanted to get because I knew I would never smoke again.

Thanks to grimmgreen on Youtube, Vaporcast and the forums, I got my quick vaping degree, learned all the terminology, and was ready to buy.

I made the right choice with my BB

Build quality top rate, over engineered (that is good)

Paint is thick and hard not just two coats some can of hardware store spray paint.

I knew upfront I wanted a thumb button, I could not see myself fiddleing with my pinkey to hit a bottom button. I knew I didnt want a little hard to press nipple either.

The button is fantastic. easy to push but you know you are pushing it.

The BB is small, you can fit it in your pocket easily. It easily fits into a hard shell sunglasses case with the atty and cart attached.

It is black and it blends into my desk at work and doesn't look like some freaky piece of drug paraphernalia.

No led and that is what I wanted. you know its on when your thumb is pressing the button, not the rest of the room, or theater or a cop wondering WTF you are up to.

Here is the only downside, or what I thought would be a downside.

its 3.7v device right, the price you pay for small and portable. I knew this upfront, still very happy with it and as a 3.7 device I give it a 10.

Heres the thing:, through a low resistant 510 atomizer on this thing and its a freaking fog machine. I thought battery life would suffer with this low R atty. it hasn't, I am getting four good hours on the recommended protected battery. This is what I was getting with the regular atty. (I am still trying to figure this one out but there it is) 12 out of ten with this atty.

For as much metal that is in this thing it is relatively light, that's where aluminum comes in. Aluminum is light and it is strong, but like steel it will oxidize so you have to keep the threads nice and protected. If you drop the BB on the ground while the threads are exposed make sure you wipe clean the threads and reapply with more compound. A small stone on dry threads could cause problems. Read and follow the product manual.

if you cant find Noalox you can use "Oatey" brand joint compound on the threads. My Lowes had the Oatey for like two dollars with enough in there to last a couple of years.

I would get two chargers and four batteries. one charger for work, one for home.

You will love it. Now that it is on sale (one week after I bought mine), no question, get this.


@grink on twitter

(Posted on 3/24/10)
Powerhouse in a tiny package Review by GB
What a great vaper! Small and light enough to tote around all the time. Feels great in the hand. In one word its AWESOME! (Posted on 3/24/10)
Everyone should own at least one! Review by tinkerbellesmomm
Last weekend I got my 4th BB. I LOVE the BB so much I needed one in each color and a back up in pink. The BB is like a potato chip you can't just have 1! (Posted on 3/18/10)
Great little device 9 out of 10 Review by Matthew
I own a black Silver Bullet (which I absolutely love), so I didn't really *need* another device. But I don't actually enjoy the SB all that much at 3.7 volts, so I was hoping the smaller, low voltage black BB would fill a gap in my small PV collection. It definitely does...

Perhaps I have a depth perception problem, but this thing is SO much smaller than it looked in the picture. It is extremely light, perfectly finished, and can be comfortably concealed in the palm of my (normally sized) hand, with only the atomizer visible.

The button might actually be better than the SB's superbly designed flat button. On the plus side, it protrudes enough that it won't roll off a flat surface, a problem I sometimes have with my SB. It's not a finicky button like some other PV mods. The downside is that I think the button could potentially go off in someone's jeans pocket. Again, I can't be sure, but I won't be taking the chance. Going off in a looser pocket seems nearly impossible, though.

Battery life is very good. I get approximately a day and a half of vaping on the BB (compared to 2+ with the SB at 3.7v). I say approximately because... if I have a complaint about the BB, it is that the last half day is a tad weak. Unlike my SB, which works solidly until the end (with rapid reduction in vapor and little warning), the BB almost imperceptibly begins to trail off after the first 8 to 12 hours. After about 24 hours, I throw it back on the charger even though it still produces vapor. But it's not as enjoyable as the first day, so why bother?

Since I only use the BB at 3.7v, it doesn't even make sense to compare it to 6v vaping. The experiences are entirely dissimilar. But, at 3.7v, the BB beats the SB handily. The BB is a 3.7v device through and through, and in that category there is no equal.

I rate this 9 out of 10 because, even though I said I wouldn't compare a 6v device, the inability to vape (safely) at 6v must be considered. (Posted on 3/6/10)
Love it! Review by Lisa
I have been using the BB for over a week now and I love it!..The size is perfect for me and I don't have to be changing batteries every few hours like my other PV. The batteries this one takes last me for a day, day and a half before I have to recharge them.

Thanks Rob for an AWESOME product! (Posted on 3/4/10)
Again Awesome product! Review by James AKA capevette
wow it's small compared to the SB. Really fits nice in the hand, and the button is placed perfect. As always the craftsmanship is awesome! Rob and Chad great job! (Posted on 3/3/10)

Items 41 to 50 of 98 total

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