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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

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Fantastic Product Review by Jvapor
I have had The Black SB for a few weeks now which was a gift to me from Peter, aka Truelove, and I just purchased the silver one. I love the thickness of the device itself and the solid build quality. I did have some issues with the switch with it misfiring but it did not take me long to learn that it was user error. I was not pushing the button straight and to full compression. Since correcting my technique the device has worked flawlessly. The finish is amazing and the sealed press fit connector is great. I love this product and highly recommend it for any one who wants a high quality attractive Mod that is well worth the money. Oh yeah and I love the new brass spring. It really shines at 6V operation. (Posted on 4/15/10)
Silver Bullet! Review by Mechmike
I love this thing! Its beautiful, well constructed and functional. One thing I really like is that because of its aluminum construction my atomizer never gets hot anymore. The thing acts like a big heat sink. I really love that fact that now I can vape all day on one single battery. I'm using a 3000mah 18650. I don't know for sure but I imagine the battery would last several days but I change it for a fresh one daily anyway. (Posted on 4/15/10)
Just Wow! Review by Hellen A. Handbasket
Why did I wait so long?! LOL Awesome unit (ooohhhhh Shiny!!!), great vapor and the best button/switch on the market. Thanks AltSmoke! You guys ROCK! (Posted on 4/11/10)
WOW! Review by Surfside Vaper
I received my silver Silver Bullet today and WOW is about all I can say. If you've been waiting on the ultimately vaping device, then wait no more. Order a Silver Bullet today.

Surfside Vaper (Posted on 4/10/10)
It Rocks Review by Steve
Thanks MoobyGhost (tgwtf=the guy with the fedora) for referring me to altsmoke and the SIlver Bullet. I too own a cloud9 e-cig and the Joye 510, I got tired of switching batteries all the time. My Silver Bullet is simply Awesome. The 18650s' were not in stock when I ordered it. The Silver Bullet arrived in like 2 days and I was so happy to open it.

Then I had to wait on batteries to arrive, from someone else that had them it took 5 days for the batteries with 2nd day air. Compare the shipping turnaround yourself. You ask Altsmoke a question and they get back to soon...

Overall I could not be happier with the Silver Bullet, The Customer Service, The Super Fast arrival. It Rocks!!!! (Posted on 3/27/10)
Still kicking Review by Robert
I gave the SB glowing review around Christmas 2009. Just wanted you to know it's stil going strong with absolutely no problems in performance.

Every other mod or pv device I've bought has been relegated to "the drawer" about a month or so after the shine wore off.

I treat this baby like crap (I've dropped it, stepped on it, sat on it, keep it in my jeans pocket, etc). It doesn't seem to mind a bit. Still works like a charm and looks great.

I get all kinds of attention with this baby so I've kinda become the spokesperson for the SB in my town. I should get commission!

Get it, love it. (Posted on 3/26/10)
I Found It !!!!! Review by George
Ive been smoking for 20 plus years, and never thought id put em down until i tried the e-cig. My first purchase was the 901. It got me interested, but didnt really satisfy my cravings.Next was the 510. It was much better than the 901. More vapor, better flavor, but still left me wanting more. I wanted more batt life, so i bought a dse-905. Much better! long batt life! Then i started reading the reviews on the SB. Hundreds of them!! I was really impressed! So i placed my order! 3 days later i recieved my black SB. WOW!! mucho vapor! mucho batt life! I love the size and attention to detail! I found it!!! This will be my final purchase( until rob has something new.....omega.....) Many thanks to Rob for a GREAT product, and customer service. My boss and his wife have pre-ordered their SBs and cant wait!! (Posted on 3/26/10)
Great mod Review by Mark
Works really well and shipping was super fast. Only thing that might be a neg is that the connection from the atomizer is really sensitve. If you overfill too much the juice seems to mess with the battery connection. But a simple wipe and its working again. So keep up on the maintenance and it will work brand new. (Posted on 3/25/10)
My new power tool Review by Donnie55
And it's built better than most of my power tools. Very impressed with the craftsmanship and performance. The button is simply perfect. Can't wait for the BB's to return. The one who dies with the most toys wins. (Posted on 3/24/10)
Outstanding PV Review by Tom Harrington
I bought this to replace a Puresmoker Prodigy V2 because of the V2's switch problems. This is a great vape with 801 and 510 atomizers, and with the 18650 battery, it lasts all day. I've had the SB for almost two weeks now and vaping it almost exclusively. The switch works 100% of the time.

Do yourself a favor and get an additional 18650 battery so you can always have one charged up and ready to swap out. The charger holds two batteries and can also charge most of the Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries. (Posted on 3/24/10)
silver bullet Review by Raymond
I have been a smoker for 45 years now and thought that I could never stop until I tried the silver bullet. Sure, I had tried others 501's etc but they all had a limited battery life and I always seemed to be charging them. The silver bullet is in a class of it's own. Although not sold as a stop smoking aid I am now 10 weeks smoke free and going strong, thank you Pure Smoker (Posted on 3/24/10)
Silver Bullet gets a 10+. Review by Joe
I purchased my Silver Bullet about 2 weeks ago. I have only great things to say about the product its self. I have had the BLU CIG, the JOYE 510, the DSE 801, the SAILE BOA SCREW DRIVER 905, and now the SILVER BULLET. It is hands down the Best One. It produces the most vapor, the best throat hit, its lasts the longest, Flavors taste great. It is a must buy for anyone that vapes and for anyone that smokes and wants to quit. This is my go to, all day long device.

Note: I run 2 rechargeable CR123a 3.0V which makes it a 6V device and that makes the device unbeatable.

The only thing that came as a shock to me when I opened the package was it wasn't silver for some reason I received the black one. Which probably was my fault somehow cause I didn't pay attention to the option when ordering.
(Posted on 3/24/10)
I haven't put this thing down Review by whizdumb
Boy am I glad I did my research before buying another proprietary 510 model with those useless PCC's and other sales gimmicks. The Silver Bullet is a fantastic PV whose only job is to supply constant and consistent power to an atomizer. With that being said the SB is top notch (I consider it the "MAGLITE" of the PV world) and I have actually grown to like vaping instead of having the stress and hassle of dealing with little batteries and re- chargers and PCC's. Also just to touch on the Altsmoke attys. They are fantastic! They are nearly the same quality as the SBs themselves and work very well to produce a ton of vapor and consistent throat hit. I only started vaping in Feb 2010 but I'm very glad I visited the forums and learned more about PV's, juices, and vaping. The endless praise paid to altsmoke really stuck out and I figured that it was worth the money to confirm it. I'm happy with my purchase and altsmoke has another customer for life. BUY ONE YOU WON"T BE DISAPPOINTED!

PS. My only complaint is that the SB has been recently discounted to $15 less. Although I obviously would have liked to get in on that before I purchased. I realized that this Silver Bullet is invaluable considering that it's helping move away from analogs. You might as well give them a lung to pay for it cuz down the road you'll still be better off. Buy one, heck buy one of everything! Cheers (Posted on 3/24/10)
Nothing else comes close Review by Elf
After only a short while with the BSB and BB, we knew that nothing else out there we tried (and we tried a lot) even came close to the performance and reliability of these devices. They have been SOLID performers, and in fact I began to worry the unlikely but dreaded fear of "what if something happened to one of them.. I don't think I could go back to the others, even while waiting for a new one" and so now we have a second "backup" BSB for just such an emergency. We are of course eager to see what else AltSmoke has in store for the world, but in the meantime we couldn't be happier. Oh, and by the way, neither of us has had a cigarette in 6 months now. You guys are the best. THANK YOU! (Posted on 3/22/10)
Very Pleased! Review by jwdigitalart
I recently purchased the Silver Bullet (in black), and I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

I've been vaping for about 3 months now, and I had the blu cigs before this. The blu cigs left me wanting more which led me to this fine piece of machinery. The Silver Bullet goes with me every where I go, and has yet to let me down.

I know it is not recommended but I purchased 2- 3.0v LiFeP04 RCR123A 750mAH
batteries so I could vape at 6v rather than the supplied 3v battery. The supplied battery will last you around 24 hours of solid vaping, with the 2 3.5v's It last about 20 hours of solid vaping.

At 6v this puppy will put out billowing amounts of vapor, with a throat hit like smoke. I will never touch a real cigarette again, and its all thanks to this amazing product from AltSmoke.com.

My opinion: 11 out of 10!

(Posted on 3/22/10)
The Silver Bullet - Unmatched!!! Review by Hans O
Hello Fellow Vapers!!!

I've been vaping for 5 weeks now. That's 5 weeks without traditional cigs or "analogues" (I love that), 5 weeks without smelling like an ashtray (always hated that), 5 weeks in the VERY good graces of my lovely girlfriend (a lovely non-smoker), a status quo I always try to maintain.
Rob and altsmoke have been wonderful. I didn't know anything when I started looking into this. In spite of being very busy with preorders and everything else that must go along with running a pioneer business venture, Rob answered all my questions, even the stupid ones, in a kind and timely manner.
Now to the product reviews. I started with a cheap Chinese e-cig and wasn't sold on vaping at all after using it. I stepped up to the Yeti and I was sold on vaping but knew I had yet to discover it's potential. Then I bought my Silver Bullet (a sleek, black one - very cool looking).
This thing is the best PV available on the market today. I make this statement unsolicited by altsmoke or any other PV company after buying three and trying a dozen different vaporizers. Even with the stock, 3.7 volt rechargeable battery, this thing provides consistent, warm, sweet vapor in HUGE quantities if you want it. The button allows you the choice. I vaped at 6 volts with two 3 volt CR123s and the vapor was awesome but I sensed an uncomfortable amount of combustion. Also, the 510 carts (round) seemed to melt a bit at 6 volts. I switched to the higher quality flat tip 510 carts and they don't melt at all. Nonetheless, our goal here (or at least mine) is to VAPORIZE, not to combust. I want to live to be 111 and so does the girl I love so NO MORE COMBUSTION (at least when it comes to nicotine).
THE SILVER BULLET WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! A full charge has allowed me up to two days of uninterrupted vaping (although I hear that the norm is about a day). The liquids I bought from Rob were delicious. I'll make it easy for you:
Buy a Silver Bullet, buy a bottle of your favorite flavor eliquid, stick a 510 atty and a flat tip cat on the thing, drip and vape! You will not be disappointed. I promise.


Hans O - Analogue-free for 5 weeks (Posted on 3/21/10)
My new favorite thing Review by mtbross
I have only been vaping a little over a month, and have quickly accumulated the 601 epipe (love it), 701 e-cigar...fair, 901 (like), Joye510 (love it) and disposable Veppo cigar (like it quite a bit). Then read about the SB and BB on e-cig-forum, watched some video reviews, and had to try a mod. Checked out some of the others, but decided to try the SB for me, and the BB for my wife.

We LOVE these things! Really can't think of a single thing that isn't good about either one. I've only tried the BB one or two times, and it's great too. Being smaller, it fits better in my pocket, but...I can't get it away from my wife :). Which is okay, because the Silver Bullet now sits next to my iPhone two of my favorite things that must always be with me!

It's simple, well built (to put it mildly), and works great. I am now a mad vaper, tearing through web sites searching out e-liquids and have to say that most taste better with the SB than my other devices. I primarily vape zero nicotine, and will add a drop of low nic juice (usually Halo's Harley) once in a while. The SB brings out the best of everything.

Next, I will try the higher voltage. I have some protected CR123A batteries that are 3.6v and am awaiting delivery of high volt attys from ikenvape to try with the SB. I realize it's not recommended, but I have to check it out.

Everything I read about the SB and BB turned out to be true. I suggest you get one ..or both... immediately! You won't be sorry. (Posted on 3/20/10)
The device that finally got me off analogs Review by Tom
After a few year break from attempting to use a much older (and crappier) PV Pipe device and failing, I decided perhaps the industry had advanced enough for me to give it another go. After a couple weeks of research, I had decided on a Silver Bullet. Oh man am I glad I did.

I honestly challenge you to find a negative review, anywhere, on this product. You can't, and you won't. When you purchase this unit, you're aware of the size of it already -- and frankly it's not big, it's just not as small (or works as badly) as a cigarette sized PV. Aside from the size, no one can say anything negative about this device.... because there simply isn't anything negative besides that. It looks like a work of art, it's built like a truck, and everything is machined to fit precisely. The button clicks with a satisfying clack into it's recessed slot, and atty's screw in perfectly every time.

Because of the fact I literally COULD NOT find ANYTHING negative said about the SB, I decided this had to be my big "go to" device that would get me off analogs 100%. You know what? It did. I had tried patches before this, the gum, an inhaler type medical device, cold turkey, 12 step programs -- none of it worked. Not only did none of it really give me that nicotine fix, but on all of them I had serious craving issues. Since I also have terrible willpower, cravings + nicotine addiction = I failed every previous attempt at smoking.

One of the most amazing things to me about the Silver Bullet is, from the second I took those batteries off the charger, I've never had 1 cigarette. Not only have I not had one, I haven't WANTED one. I STILL have an entire pack of cigarettes with only 1 smoke taken out of them that sits on my counter, I'm not even slightly tempted to even touch them, and it's been 2 weeks now. So somehow, I went from not having enough willpower to quick, to not needing any, at all!

The Silver Bullet saved my life. No exaggeration, no marketing bullshit -- this device single-handedly got me 100% off the deadly, poisonous habit of smoking cancer causing cigarettes fully and completely, the day the batteries charged. It still amazes me to this day, because I don't even have a fleeting thought of lighting up, there's no "Just have to make it one more day", or "If I can only make it past lunch I'll be alright"... there's just "Mmmm, this Banana Vape tastes great".

If you're even considering this product, you've already made your decision, just order it. There's other mod PV's out there, some are a little slimmer, or a little shorter, some have fancy graphics, some are cheaper. For this price, none of them are close, at all, not even at the same level. Just fill out your info and press the order button. Your lungs and your health will thank you for it. (Posted on 3/19/10)
Excellent PV Review by Roger
You won't be sorry. Ordered Friday and received Monday. Highly recommended. (Posted on 3/19/10)
Solid PV Review by Justin
If you are done worrying about size and LEDs, then you can't go wrong with this unit. The 18650 3.7v battery has an extremely long battery life. The switch design and location is near perfect. The Silver Bullet works great with any atomizer using the adapters sold here on this site. If you haven't tried the SB than you don't know what you are missing out on. (Posted on 3/18/10)
Silver Bullet is great!!!! Review by T
The Silver Bullet is a great product the case is sturdy and button is easy on the fingers. It puts out massive amounts of vapor . The battery life is also great it : I dont have to worry about charging my battery at the middle or end of day ..

I have tried other product but the Silver Bullet is the best by far.
Great throat hit,Great vapor, Great Battery Life
And great service what else could you ask for..

Thanks ALT Smoke :) (Posted on 3/18/10)
What can I say? Review by SteveJ
It's all been said, and it's all true. If the world were destroyed tonight in a nuclear attack the only things left would be Silver Bullets and cockroaches. If you are thinking of buying one, do it, you won't regret it. (Posted on 3/18/10)
It's a 10 of 10 get one! Review by Chris
What everyone is saying is correct the sb is great! Contruction and quality is unmatched. I am using 3.7v at 2400 mAh. I am getting 24 to 48 hours on one batt.
I have had my sb for a month now and I have only one negative thing to say, the ease of draw is much harder than my 510's but still is a 10 out of 10. If you vape alot get one you will be very pleased!!
(Posted on 3/18/10)
silver bullet Review by chrisb
2 days to arrive- i dont know whats more impressive,, the bullet itself or the speed of delivery. very well made unit,sturdy and solid-will do well as improptu brass knuckle. i got the 18650 batts and rcr123a's. fantastic at 3.7v, but at 6v. well, someone might call the fire dept cause it smokes up the room-awsome! (Posted on 3/18/10)
Oh YEAH!!! Review by Tom
If you're looking for a vaper that l-a-s-t-s, this is the one. That lunker battery has lasted me almost 3 days (Fri to Sun), and I only removed it for charging because I didn't want to come up short at work the next day. I use a few cartridge mods (ZFM, straw) and I don't have to reload as often. 2 full carts lasts me through a 10 hour work day with no sweat. The thing I REALLY like about the SB, is it doesn't look like a cigarette A-tall. My office manager passed by my desk and spotted the SB sitting next to me and asked what it was. When I told him it was a personal vaporizer, he nodded his head (like he knew what I was talking about) and walked away. 'Tis a fine and wonderous thing you have here, Rob. (Posted on 3/18/10)
WOW! Review by Jim
It's shiney, black, and heavy!
I LOVE the weight of it...

Seriously, you could use it for self defense, and it's built like a truck!

Someone could bomb your house, and I think you could dig this puppy out of the rubble, screw on a new atty and it would vape like the day you first put batteries in it!

Great button too!

Keep up the GREAT work AltSmoke! (Posted on 3/18/10)
Bullet! Review by Jesse
Had the SB for a couple weeks now and all I can say is WOW! This is my first mod like this and I'm loving it. Got here faster than I even expected and it's been vaping bliss ever since! Highly recommend the Bullet to anyone looking for a seriously satisfying vape! Vape on! (Posted on 3/18/10)
The Sherman Tank of PV's Review by Brad524
I've been vaping for about five months and have gotten just about every PV except the 401. My very first mod, now please don't chastise me for it, it was the right price at the time, was the 905. With a little modding it still vapes good at 5volts. Any CR2 stacked with any atty drops the voltage down. Well my wife decided to get me a early B-Day gift when we got our tax returns. I showed her around sites one night and left the room. Ten min. latter she came out and wouldn't tell me what she'd done, I had no clue. Only two days later there's a knock at the door, it's the mailman. The package was addressed to her so I left it alone till she got home, even though it said Altsmoke on the package and she doesn't vape, YET! When she arrived home I told her about the package and she said "you should've opened it, it's for you, Happy Birthday!" I couldn't open it quick enough, she tried to get her camera to take a pic of the look on my face but by the time she came in I was already putting batteries in. Very slowly might I add this thing is built like a sherman tanke I kept saying over and over. Needles to say I've barely touched my chinese knock off, and my BSB hasn't left my sight, it even has it's own spot on my night stand. IT REALLY KICKS A**!! Rob. Keep up the GREAT job over there. (Posted on 3/18/10)
Great device and customer service..... Review by JAY
Had a problem with the BSB (tight atty threads) but resolved it quickly.

Built like a tank!

The battery life is amazing on this device (2 days on one charge on 18650 3.7 volt) is unbelievable!!! Glad I made the purchase!!!

Throat hit and vapor are awesome!

Rob is the man, courteous service and understanding. Great customer support!

Still smoking, but down to 5 to 8 cigs a day from 2 packs and I feel much better.

Thanks Rob (Posted on 3/18/10)
perfect Review by spruebreak
I smoked for 13 years, pack and a 1/2 to 2 packs a day. First purchase was the 510 with the PCC. I was going though batteries like nothing, I needed something that had full power all the time. None of the accessories worked, including the USB passthrough.
I am a Supervisor with technical experiance at a plastics shop. I play hard, end up braking anything not built rugged. I am awake most of the day and need something reliable and powerful.
The SB is rugged, I cant drain the battery in 24 hrs. It looks sleek but it is a monster. Good Job. (Posted on 3/18/10)
Silver Bullet Review by Bryan
Very nice unit! If you are looking for a long run battery, this is the unit to get. The button is perfectly recessed so it does not go off accidentally. I use it everyday, and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. Materials are top notch, and the service was fantastic-got my order in two days. THANK YOU! (Posted on 3/18/10)
Don't hesitae and buy it! Review by Brewko
The Silver bullet is easily one of the Best mods out on the Market ATM. Creates clounds of vapor at 3.7 and 6 Volts! They only recommend using the the SB at 3.7V and not stacking batteries so that being said I recommend using the AW 18650 3.7 volt battery High Drain(orange Color) from www.Lighthound.com. The Silver Bullet will not dissapoint you. The Silver Bullet is very well made and with there 5 Star customer service makes for an easy and pain free purchase. Thanks Altsmoke! (Posted on 3/18/10)
Amazing Review by Nate
My Black SB is one of the greatest investments ever...It seemed to need a little breaking in, because I popped 5 atomizers, but once I found a good mixture of heavy dripping and a few mods it works AMAZING. Ive dropped it, thrown it, and even smacked friends in the head with it and there are no dents whatsoever. BUY NOW!!! (Posted on 3/18/10)
Top Notch Products Review by Dustin
I ordered quite a few products from AltSmoke.com. My order shipped promptly. I've ordered from other sites and I would say Altsmoke.com is without a doubt the best PV site/business I have come across.

I ordered the Silver Bullet (black), attys (510 & 901's) and atty adapters. They all work without fail. I'm finally happy knowing I have a PV that is Outstanding.......I can relax now knowing I have the Silver Bullet in my hand.

There shouldn't be a debate! Altsmoke.com is where it's at.

Couldn't be happier with the products, thanks Altsmoke.com (Posted on 3/18/10)
Not only does Rob have the best stuff, but he is a man to be trusted... Review by David
I was on the original pre-order for the 1st Silver Bullets. I loved it but when he came around with the long bottom, I loved it even more.

Now there are these videos about the Double Barrel SB and I am crazy to get 1.

Rob wrote me a few times saying he only had a few left and at the end, I waited at this site for 1 hour and it did not change from "out of stock" as this is a "hot" item my friends and I don't even have it yet!!! Well after I went to Nu-Vapor Forum and wrote him an angry PM, I was on the phone and clicked on the page and it was there. I could buy it and I did.

I promise anyone anywhere that this man and this company are the best not only in the USA, but in the World.

I told him that I want a "heads up" for project "Omega." Oh boy, I may die a happy vapor!!!! thanks again Rob, Chaz and staff. You deserve to be at the top because you really do care. (Posted on 3/9/10)
No Need for another Vaping Device Ever Again Review by Benjamin
Love my new BSB. Have gonna thru the previous usual suspects of vaping devices, 901,510,m401,801,Loong totem never was 100% happy with any of them. The Silver Bullet will probably be the last PV ill ever need, although i do plan on getting a BB + passthru and the DBSB Top. Only thing that could make the Silver Bullet perfect would be a AFS attachment like the one for the GG. Thanks AltSmoke (Posted on 3/7/10)
Still loving it Review by M
Still loving my black SB three months in. Man, this thing rocks! (Posted on 2/27/10)
AMAZING!!!!!! Review by Dave
First off, I'm not one to normally review products, I normally just tell friends and co-workers about products I like or dislike. However there are so many things to compliment I felt I had to write this review.

I ordered my SB while it was on pre-order. After researching many different Mods, I felt it was worth waiting a few days to get this which leads me to my first part of the review - Customer Service.... The communication from AltSmoke is without compare. I have NEVER been able to get decent communication from a company. I had some questions and sent an email to Rob. I had a reply in 5 minutes, 5 MINUTES!!!!! I then called to speak with someone regarding some other questions I had and Rob answered after 2 rings. No reps, no computers, Rob himself answered, took the time to speak with me and answer all my questions and we had a really good convesation. I really felt as if I was speaking to a friend as Rob was so patient, friendly, and helpful. Customer Service of this caliber is simply unheard of these days. Rob, you are fantastic my friend!!!

The day arrived when the SB's came in and mine was in the mail immediately. Rob kept in touch, I knew exactly what the status of the pre-order was, and EXACTLY when it was shipping. Which brings me to the next item on this review, Shipping - My SB went in the mail and I received a tracking number on a Wednesday afternoon. My SB was in my mailbox on Friday morning. A day and a half and I had my SB!! Another thing that is simply unheard of these days. AltSmoke does not mess around when it comes to shipping. I just dont know how they can move product so fast. Simply Amazing!!

I ordered my SB in Black. I opened the package, my Silver Bullet (Black Bullet), batteries, charger, atty's, and carts were packed like they were fine crystal. Superb packing yet this thing is built like a tank. Shipping this fast and packed this well to boot.... un-freaking-believable!!!!

I charged up the batteries, put eveything together (the threads even had an initial coating of Noalox on them) and anxiously filled a cart and put a drop of juice on the atty to try it out. Next item reviewed - Function. This thing is a beast!!! I am using the 3.7v battery and the vapor is INSANE!!! Great vapor, great taste, great throat hit, the SB works flawlessly.

The construction makes me proud to buy a good old American made product. They use the finest materials, the machining is super precise, fit and finish is simply beautiful, and it is obvious the button will last as long as the Mod itself. Quality is out of the park with this product. Made in the USA with the best materials, designed beautifully and performs as good as it looks (which is absolutely wonderful). This thing looks like a piece of Art. I know everyone that sees it is going to fall in love with it's looks and function. And mind you I'm running at 3.7v, I do have 6v protected batteries ordered for it but after seeing the performance at 3.7v, I'm really wondering if I'm even going to want to run it at 6v.

In any case, AltSmoke and the Silver Bullet are Five Stars all across the board. From Customer Service to Shipping to Quality to Performance. You CANNOT go wrong by dealing with Rob and Chad and purchasing their products. These guys don't mess around, they do it right and if you are new to vaping or an experienced vaper, you will love the whole experience. I will give up my Silver Bullet when someone prys it from my cold, dead hands (and this thing is built so well it will probably last longer than me lol).

Happy Vaping and BUY YOUR PRODUCTS FROM AltSmoke!!!!! The Silver Bullet cannot be beat by anything the competition has to offer. This WILL be the best purchase you will ever make.

Rob, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the service and the Silver Bullet!!! Everyone else, quit waiting and BUY THIS MOD!!! (Posted on 2/26/10)
Almost Perfect Review by Alex
Great unit - looks tough as nails and it's pretty, too. Kind of like a showroom muscle car. Excellent vape. I would have rated it a 10/10 but I had some trouble getting the kr808 adapter on. It didn't come close to screwing in all the way so I had to use pliers and a t-shirt to get it down. This is good because I know it will stay when I'm screwing carts on and off, but bad because I know these small threads are sensitive as well as the contacts on the adapters themselves. The adapter also got marred in the process despite the t-shirt I used to prevent that. Oh well, it works. Definitely purchasing some anti-seize compound soon for the adapter and the battery housing - I will add that the battery housing did come pre-lubed. Otherwise, weight, vape, shape, feel, size, button: 10/10. Definitely for me.
Overall SB score (within my 1hr of owning it) = 9/10 (Posted on 2/26/10)
Terrific! Review by Umar
The Black SB is not only the first mod I bought, it is the first ecig I bought... I've been doing my research for the last three or four months, and finally settled on the SB with the 510 atomizer...

I received it yesterday, and after letting the batteries charge overnight, I have been happily vaping away today... I thought it would take me some time to get used to it, and I still had half a pack of analogs left over, but I am happy to say I just threw them away... there isn't much of a learning curve, and although I was initially disappointed at not seeing the clouds of smoke that the reviewers were exhaling on youtube videos, I quickly got the hang of it... although I don't have any other ecig to compare it with, the throat hit, the vapor production, the flavor and the nicotine hit were all simply terrific, once I got the technique right...

The Black SB is very understated with the black atomizer and the black mouthpiece, and this really brings out the shine of the silver button...

Already at work, one smoker and another whose husband smokes have asked me what I was doing, and I was happy to direct them to this website... I hope they order theirs soon! (Posted on 2/26/10)
Very Impressed Review by MoparMike
After receiving my Silver Bullet I could not be happier. After reading review after review I felt confident choosing it as my first mod and I can certainly see why it had such a good reputation. The built quality is excellent, it looks great and produces plenty of vapor. If you are looking for a near bulletproof battery mod, you couldn't do much better than the Silver Bullet. Aside from a great product, the customer service I have received, both during the sale and after, has been very prompt and helpful. Thanks guys, you will certainly see repeat business from me. (Posted on 2/23/10)
Silver Bullet... A thing of beauty! Review by Trishelle
This is the best purchase I have EVER made, EVER!!!
Oh my gosh, the vape is fantastic, it brings out the flavors of my juices.
Made with attention to detail, rock solid, feels good in my hand... and it is the prettiest thing, just awesome.
(Posted on 2/23/10)
This is THE way to vape Review by David
This is the best e cig product I have ever purchased. I can't imagine more than one in a hundred vapers who would regret this purchase, and that one person would likely not have bought the device anyway. I would go on but all the other reviews clearly have it covered. If you are thinking about it at all... then you should buy it. You will thank anyone who encouraged you to later. (Posted on 2/23/10)
Finally happy Review by Jxl
I struggled with quitting cigarettes while using standard Ecigs, they're just not as convenient and consistent as lighting up, there's a slight learning curve which does not mesh well with a two decade old addiction and routine. The Silver Bullet instantly squashed this issue, no fiddling with dead batteries, no inconsistent vapor. I am quickly realizing that real cigarettes are not satisfying anymore, I don't have to worry about the chore of making an Ecig work properly, the Silver Bullet is ready to go at all times and does not leave a window for cigarette urges to take over. I can finally vape next to my wife as she smokes and not get any urges. Lastly, the Silver Bullet is built STRONG! I was concerned with it being one of the larger, heavier mods, but even my tiny wife agrees it is very ergonomic in hand, ie feels good to hold.
(Posted on 2/21/10)
Me... like Review by Lonoman
A little bit about my previous experience with vapor products. I have only used the 801 and 510. I enjoy the SB; the flavor is fuller, the vap is what my friends say "you look like your smoking out of a bong" and with the 6v (two 3v) batteries I never have to worry about a decrease in performance all day. I leave one set on the charger, vap all day and when I wake up I change them out even though I do not need to.

The construction is rock solid with the SB; the size is big but It fits my hands, the polish gets scruffy looking after a while but I am not trying to see my self in it, I feel it gives it character.

The only trouble I have is with my dripping to the atty and if I have the SB standing up I get a little liquid coming out the vent holes in the connection from the atty. I don't think of this as a flaw from the SB's point but more of a dripping point on my part. I do not look at the SB and grab it then get juice over my hand and then the button because of the dripping.

All in all, a good solid unit, I would recommend to anyone not getting enough out of their pen-style or mini. Someone looking to get more of a real smoking feel. I can foresee me using this for years to come, I for one am very pleased.

Thank you (Posted on 2/17/10)
wonderful device Review by Robert
After looking at the reviews of various HV devices, I decided the SB would be the perfect one for me. The build quality is excellent. A nice simple design with a beautifully polished aluminum surface. The switch has an easy action and adds to the overall look of the unit.
I direct drip into a 510 atty at 6V and the SB performs very well. Vapor production is consistently good. The vapor also has a warmth to it, and my juices really seem to be more enjoyable at the higher voltage.
The SB is a wonderful device, and with the 6v option, it's the best PV I've ever owned.

(Posted on 2/13/10)
Don't hesitate Review by GB
What a great PV. Before the SB I was using a 510. I get more flavor and a smoother, cooler vape. All while still using the atty and carts from my 510.
Rob was great about processing the order fast and shipping it quick. If your on the fence about this one, jump on it, you won't regret it. (Posted on 2/12/10)
Great HV Device Review by Jonathan
Currently the best PV I own. I love the device for HV vaping. Fash shipping, reasonable price, amazing build quality. Thank you!

Will be back for a BB as soon as you make one a little more slim with a recessed button.

Great product. Would definitely recommend. (Posted on 2/12/10)
Grab the Silver Bullet, you will not regret it! Review by RockStarHeli
Ok guys and girls, I have been using the Silver bullet for a couple weeks now and I am loving it. I started vaping using the Vapor King and I wanted to try something with a little more punch. Well I can tell you now that I do not have to look any longer. The Silver Bullet is made completely of aircraft grade aluminum and is hand polished to a pristine shine. The button is well made and is one of the smoothest around. The Silver Bullet can handle both a giant 2400mah 3.7 volt battery as well as two smaller batteries to jump your voltage up to six volts. I tried the SB both with a 510 atomizer and my Vapor King carts using the adapter that can be purchased through Altsmoke. The SB is a tank when it comes to vapor production. The 510 atty produces the most but if you want a long lasting cart the 808D with adapter works great for those long car rides. (Posted on 2/12/10)
Could not be happier Review by Rackadisaprin
In all honesty the Silver Bullet is everything you can ask for in a high voltage device except for size. Its not a problem for me though. The button hits every time, its more solid and tougher than any other mod ive had. Its simple and works better than can be expected. On another side, Altsmoke.com is one of the best sites ive ever dealt with. Exteremely fast shipping, attention to detail and awesome customer service!!
Thanks Rob, for a great customer experience (Posted on 2/12/10)

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