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Metal Dual 510 Cartomizer Tank - Color

Metal Dual Coil Cartomizer Tank - Selection

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No nonsense tank!! Review by Fratslop
If you want a tank with outstanding durability, capacity, and no leaks, this is THE tank. Very thick plastic. Excellent O-rings not only hold it together, but do a wonderful job at preventing any kind of leakage. The only reason that this gets 4 stars rather than 5 is I believe the taste and performance from an atomizer is greater than that of a cartomizer, but that's just my opinion. If i still vaped cartos, Id have 4 or 5 of these...

p.s. The other reviewers are astute in their observations that this really does look amazing on top of that SB ;) (Posted on 1/4/14)
Excellent! Review by Bryan
The title pretty much sums it up! I've only had this now for a few days but it is awesome. Easy to fill, no leaks up down or sideways. It's already been dropped from about 4' and no leakage, I figured I'd see a puddle of juice but no.

I don't care for the clear drip tip but I guess that part is luck of the draw and easily enough to swap out.

This thing hits like a monster, I use it on regular 650mah ego, 1,000mah ego twist up to the 4.8v, and also on my Silver Bullet, works great on all!

Holds more juice that I usually vape in a day.

If there's a con to it I haven't found it yet!

Place your order, you'll be happy you did! ;) (Posted on 8/2/12)
Just AWESOME! Review by Darryl
This product has changed my vaping! I was a dripper before and always adding juice, dealing with inconsistent hits as juice levels varied, not to mention a mess here and there and getting it in your mouth occassionally from residue left on the drip tube.

I screw one of these on my SB and head off for the day and vape all day long without ever having to do a thing! And the hits and flavor are consistent every time. Vaping is sooooo much more enjoyable now!

My wife had one on an ego that started leaking a little probably from laying on its side so much but so far her new one is holding up.

We have one in every color, it makes it easy to keep different flavors on hand ready to go at a moments notice.

Go BUY YOU SOME NOW! You will not regret it! (Posted on 6/7/12)
Great tank with a great look! Review by comawhite12
This is my first tank because I just started vaping 4 mo ago, but it will be the ONLY one I will use in the future. This is so well made that all of the others I looked at first seem like thrown together after thoughts.
This tank looks and works great on my GLV2 5v with a 2.0 ohm cart. I set aside the 1.5 ohm cart that came with it in favor of the higher ones I ordered as spares. My only hope is that they would give you the option of buying it with a higher resistance cart at purchase in the future. Only lost a 1/2 a point in my book for this.
4 1/2 stars for me. (Posted on 5/26/12)
Smexy Review by Adam
Looks natural on my silver SB, like they were made for each other. Can't beat the price for a metal capped tank. Not sure what type of metal it is, but was told it was stainless. Has a nice solid feel. Carts are easily inserted/removed, but securely held once placed. Tubing is crystal clear and smooth edged. What more can I say, good job AltSmoke! (Posted on 4/11/12)
It's great Review by HorrorJunkie
I've had it for a couple of months now, and still no leaking. Works great, easy to refill and it looks great on my SB (Posted on 4/10/12)
great!!!!!!! Review by Jonathan
THIS THING MATCHES MY CHROME SILVER BULLET LIKE IT BELONGS ON TOP. I CANT GET OVER HOW AMAZING IT LOOKS ON MY SB. dosent leak and ive been using mine for 4 days now!!!! THANKS ALTSMOKE!!!!!! (Posted on 4/8/12)
Perfect everyday tank Review by Greg
Love this tank. Looks great on my chrome SB with the chrome caps and clear tank. Ive chain vaped it, dropped it, and muscled it onto a few cartos that were slightly warped due to the extra holes Ive punched in the cartos...been through about 15 fills and it still hasn't leaked once. Tube cuts on the ends line up perfect with the caps. Grips the cartos tight enough that i can pick up my SB by the tank and not have to worry about it sliding off. Great buy at a great price! (Posted on 4/5/12)
This is where its at !!!!!!!!! Review by Briskills
Ive been vappin for a year and a half ..... and i fell off one day and start'd smokin again for 4 months .. cuz dripin and clean up is mad crazy ... if it leaks out the antys ... 3 min clean up if u dont want that liquid on u or on ur lips.... i dont ... But man this tank is the best thing for vaping... fill it up and vape .... just hold that button as long as u want and vape out with a mass thoart hit.. With the BULLET and enless batt life 3.7 ..... 2 weeks no analogs... im odering 3 more for all my best flavor ... ill have 4 flavor on the go with anty's ready to go.. no mess no leaks .... its perfect... trust me buy the Bullet Tank set up .... MY SILVER BULLET still kickin like bruce all chipped up.from a year ago With new energy batts i order else were cuz Alt was out ... TANK IT AND VAPE IT with the BULLET .. just have to find ur liquid and perfect mg .... ITS KINDA BIG SCREW IT ... IT WORKS NO FAILS ... REMEBER antys come and go ... BUT the duel cartomizer are workin for me ... im not smokin. REAL DEAL VAPE PRODUCTS HERE... 5stars ...... . ALT SMOKES. in my book... (Posted on 4/5/12)
Built like Tank! Review by TRP OPERATOR45
Well, It's been a while since I got excited about an E-cig product. But these tanks really are sweet! I have seen tons of reviews on tanks and thought look at that huge bulky leaky piece of crap! Wow I was wrong! They are not that big and these ones are as Sturdy as a Silver Bullet...No Leaks...I can lay it on it's side or in my pocket...Not one leak. Also the dual carto kicks ass at 4.4v to 6v.

Load it with your favorite vape and enjoy hours of trouble free vaping! This is my new setup! Thanks to ALTSMOKE just when I start getting bored they always come out with something awesome! Keep up the great selection!

Thank you,
-Bill (Posted on 3/13/12)

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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