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This is a list of new hardware that we've added. Click here to see what new E-Liquids we've added to the website!
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  1. Silver bullet M Colors

    Silver Bullet M (Mechanical)

    Silver Bullet M (Mechanical) Mod

    Over the years the Silver Bullet has become a staple in most Mod Collections. Since the rise of Rebuildable Atomizers we have been working on a Mechanical version of the Silver Bullet. We've reviewed some of the complaints over the years and made some adjustments to the major ones. The Silver Bullet itself has been known as simply as a 'Work Horse' and tied with great craftsmanship and a warranty that rivals any Mod that is out there. When purchasing a Silver Bullet you know that the manufacturer stands behind their product.

    -Fully Mechanical Silver Bullet (Silver Bullet M)
    -Silver Plated Tellurium Copper Contacts
    -T6061 Housing
    -Stainless Steel 510 Connector
    -Adjustable Center Post up to 4.75mm
    -Made in U.S.A.

    Read the full description for more information about using this device. Learn More

    Regular Price: $149.95

    Special Price: $129.95

  2. Flow Drip Tips

    Flow Drip Tips

    These Flow Drip Tips allow you to adjust the amount of airflow that comes through the drip tip. Learn More

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  3. Frosting - Halycon Vapor


    Frosting by Halcyon Vapors - A strawberry and vanilla flavor, sure to keep your taste buds satisfied. Our only pastry flavor for the moment, Frosting is a very full and vibrant vape for many who enjoy dessert before the main course! Learn More

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  4. Nombombz - Halycon Vapors


    Nombombz by Halcyon - A citrusy soda-like blend with apple accents. This flavor has been loved by many, to the senses it's a potluck of different light sodas and various citrus candies. If you're looking for a little something to refresh and cheer up your day, Nombombz is definitely the vape for you! Learn More
  5. Grape Gatsby - Halcyon Vapors

    Grape Gatsby

    Grape Gatsby by Halcyon Vapors - Minted Grape with our signature "lychee-like" accents. Do you like the coolness of menthol but wish your mouth wasn't sucker punched so hard by it? This vape is for you! We paired grape with a few other gems and sprinkled some mint on top. Get the cooling effect, with great flavor and NO SUCKER PUNCH TO THE MOUTH effect. A very smooth and serene vape.

    Bottle Size: 30ml
    VG/PG Ratio: 70/30 Learn More

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  6. Tango Down - Halcyon Vapors

    Tango Down

    Tango Down by Halcyon Vapors - Citrus flavors cracking your tanks? This one won't! Tangerine and raspberry got together and formed a plot to take over the world. Grape as their side-kick makes this flavor dream team unstoppable. If you love "Sunny-D", you'll love Tango Down. Very natural flavor sure to entice and ravage your senses with pleasure. Learn More

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  7. Cran Chi Halycon Vapors

    Cran Chi

    Cran Chi by Halycon Vapors - The pinnacle of Halcyon Vapors, this flavor started it all. A light yet flavor rich cranberry entangled by it's true love-- Our "lychee-like" signature accents. This flavor is a staple all day vape for many and if you drift away one day, it will welcome you back with open arms. You will be wondering how you ever left!

    Bottle Size: 30ml
    VG/PG Ratio: 70/30 Learn More

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  8. Apachi Halcyon Vapor


    APACHI by Halycon Vapors - A uniquely delicious blend of natural peaches and apricots, topped with our signature "lychee-like" accent. This flavor tastes natural through and through. An easy choice for your new all day vape.

    Bottle Size: 30ml
    VG/PG Ratio: 70/30 Learn More

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  9. Dragon Chi Halycon Vapors

    Dragon Chi

    Dragon Chi by Halycon Vapors- One of our more exotic blends, paired Dragon Fruit and Pomegranate. These delectable fruits are married by the bond our signature "lychee-like" accents create. Another all day vape, enjoyed by many and sure to be yours.

    Bottle Size: 30ml
    VG/PG Ratio: 70/30 Learn More

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  10. EHPro Big Buddah

    EHPro - Big Buddha 26650 RBA

    The Big Buddha RBA from EHPro is a 29.5mm, 10ml capacity tank made for your 26650 mods. It's similar to a kayfun stye tank but has a bigger deck that can handle dual coil builds. It comes equipped with 2 adjustable airflow controls on the bottom similar to the Kayfun 3.1. As with all Kayfun style devices, this will leak out the air hole if you do not build it right. Please read full description below for more information. Learn More
  11. Efest Eluc S2 Charger

    Efest LUC S2 2 Bay LCD Battery Charger

    Efest LUC S2 Charger LCD Universal Charger is a 2 Bay LCD Smart Charger. It's one of the newer style 2bay chargers from Efest. The Efest LUC S2 has 2 charging bays that feature short-circuit protection, over discharge protecting and attempts to stop when the battery is fully charged. This charger can accommodate a wide variety of batteries including the more common 18500, 18650, and 26650 battery types.

    For which amp to set the charger to and more information please read the full description for more information. Learn More
  12. Frosted Drip Tip

    Frosted Drip Tip

    Frosted Drip Tips are a unique looking wide bore mouth piece perfected for vapors who like something a little bit unique looking for their devices. Learn More
  13. Venus


    Venus by Space Jam is back and it's better than ever! Indulge in golden roasted marshmallows infused with peanut butter, drizzled with caramel and hints of cream.

    30ML Bottle Learn More
  14. Stillare Replica Stainless - Clone no Logo

    Stillare RDA - Infinite

    Stillare Atomizer Replica

    Introducing the Stillare RDA replica by Infinite. This clone rebuildable drip atomizer is made from a stainless steel material, has three posts which are gold plated. The cyclops style air flow control allows you to adjust the amount of air flow you get without adding bigger holes.

    - Stainless steel
    - Single or dual coil setups
    - 3 posts
    - 24k gold plated center post
    - 24k gold plated screws
    - 22mm diameter
    - 510 threaded Learn More
  15. KOGA

    Koga Japanese Cotton - 5pk

    This is the purest form of organic cotton you will find! It's hand-picked by specially selected cotton-growers, guaranteeing a steady supply of the finest quality cotton. The cotton then passes through a water-jet process which is essentially a high pressure stream that weaves the fibres together. The surface of the sheet becomes flat and smooth making it much easier to work with. It is then packaged here in the United States! Each retail package contains five 2.36" X 1.97" sheets. Simply cut a strip from a sheet, wick your coil, and VAPE! No boiling, little to no break in period. Once you vape quality KOGA Japanese cotton you'll find it difficult to go back to anything else! Learn More
  16. Efest 26650 Battery

    Efest 26650 3500mAh Purple Rechargeable Battery

    Efest 26650 3500mAh Purple Rechargeable Battery.

    SpecificationsMax instant discharge: 64A
    Max continuous discharge current: 20A
    Max continuous charging current: 6.5A
    Max rated discharging current: 32A
    Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
    Lowest Discharge Voltage: 2.5V
    Capacity: 3500mah
    Cycle Life: > 500 cycles
    Style: Flat Top
    Dimensions: 65mm x 18mm Learn More
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