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  1. Pluto


    Pluto by Space Jam is their latest flavor creation which is a refreshing melon gum flavor. Learn More
  2. Swamp Thang

    Swamp Thang

    Ruthless Swamp Thang is a combination of a juicy, sour apple, and a hard candy. This is a 85VG/15PG blend and comes in a 15ml glass bottle. Learn More
  3. Ez Duz It

    Ez Duz It

    Ruthless Ez Duz It is a mixture of strawberry and watermelon. This is a 90VG/10PG blend and comes in a 15ml glass bottle. Learn More
  4. The Milk by Teleos Eliquid

    The Milk - Teleos Breakfast

    The second juice in Breakfast at Teleos, THE MILK pays homage to one of our favorite drinks, fruity cereal milkâ„¢ from momofuku milk bar in Brooklyn. For those that don't know, it's a drink made by steeping Fruity Pebbles in whole milk with a few other key ingredients, vigorously stirred, and strained. When momofuku does it, they get one of the most delicious drinks on the planet. When we do it, we get THE MILK.

  5. The Milk 2 - Teleos Remixed

    The Milk 2 - Teleos Remixed

    If this were Hollywood, we'd be running this back a little too fast. Even they can't crank out a (good) sequel in 5 months. But this isn't Hollywood, and we're Teleos.

    Built on The Milk Platform, this delightful treat is pretty straightforward. Since just about everyone asked us to do it, we present to you a cinnamony, toasted, crunchy milk.

    Once again, Momofuku, we salute you.


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  6. Rear Diff Boosted Eliquid

    Boosted - Rear Diff 30ml

    Rear Diff by Boosted is a sweet savory holiday blend with all the fixings. There is nothing better then this on a cold day with a cup of Pumpkin spice latte. You cant even tell if your drinking or vaping its that close!

    Please note this comes in a 30ml bottle.

    Available for a limited time during the Holidays. Learn More

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  7. B.O.V. by Boosted Eliquid 30ml

    Boosted - B.O.V. 30ml

    B.O.V by Boosted has a profile that consist of a tropical fruit medley. Also, it has twelve flavors and may change on you every time.

    Please note this comes in a 30ml bottle. Learn More
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