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Joye eGo - Starter Kit

eGo Starter Kit - Black

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  • eGo Starter Kit - Black
  • eGo Starter Kit - Stainless

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Joye eGo Starter Kit
This is a great way to get started! If you're looking for an Electronic Cigarette Kit that has a bit more of a punch than the Standard Electronic Cigarette kits then look no further! This kit comes with TWO 650mAh eGo Batteries! The Standard Electronic Cigarettes normally come with 150mAh, this means that the batteries will last 4x longer before needing to be recharged!

The Joye eGo batteries come with the NEW 5 click on and off feature. When receiving an eGo or eGo-T battery for the first time you may notice it won't activate when you first push it. Simply click the button 5 times fairly fast and you will notice the LED blinking. Now you can continue to use the battery. When you're finished using your eGo Battery, simply click it 5 more times until it blinks at you. This will put it in the 'off' position and will not activate again until you click it another 5 times.

We carry these kits in two colors:
eGo Starter Kit - Matte Black
eGo Starter Kit - Stainless Steel

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Joye eGo Starter Kit
This is a great way to get started! If you're looking for an Electronic Cigarette Kit that has a bit more of a punch than the Standard Electronic Cigarette kits then look no further! This kit comes with TWO 650mAh eGo Batteries! The Standard Electronic Cigarettes normally come with 150mAh, this means that the batteries will last 4x longer before needing to be recharged!

The Joye eGo batteries come with the NEW 5 click on and off feature. When receiving an eGo or eGo-T battery for the first time you may notice it won't activate when you first push it. Simply click the button 5 times fairly fast and you will notice the LED blinking. Now you can continue to use the battery. When you're finished using your eGo Battery, simply click it 5 more times until it blinks at you. This will put it in the 'off' position and will not activate again until you click it another 5 times.

We carry these kits in two colors:
eGo Starter Kit - Matte Black
eGo Starter Kit - Stainless Steel

Kit's Include:
2x eGo 650mAh Batteries!
2x eGo/510 Atomizers!
5x Empty Cartridges
1x USB Battery Charger
1x USB Wall Adapter
1x Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

bad Review by croske
Over priced and old technology does not hit good. Must drip on spongy thing all the time or tastes burnt.

AltSmoke Response: The Cartridge is somewhat old school, most people buy a drip tip and drip a few drops in the atomizer. I've been doing that for years, nothing beats the flavor of a regular atomizer. You may want to try a CE4 Clearomizer that goes with the batteries. We do recommend an eGo with a clearomizer as the initial setup for people who are willing to go to this size device. (Posted on 2/10/13)
Excellent Review by Rick B
Purchased the eGo kit to upreage from a basic E-cig and I must say that I am very happy! Shipping was extremely fast (Ordered on a Friday and got it on Monday).
The onlything I dont like is I think the carts cannot hold enough liquid so I will be upgrading to a larger cartomizer next.

Definitely will be coming back to Altsmoke for more very soon! (Posted on 2/4/13)
Simply Amazing. Review by RyanC
I could not be happier with my ego. I never thought ecigs would be reliable. I was always under the assumption that you couldn't get satisfying drags from them or they would break in a couple days. I've had my ego for a couple of months now, and with carts, LR attys, and tanks, it's still puffing HARD and going strong. The 650mah+ is where you really want to go so you have the option of putting LR attys on and so your battery simply lasts longer. I have to say this product is amazing and AltSmoke got it to me lightning fast. Cheers.

-Ryan (Posted on 9/1/12)
Awesome Review by Robert
This company's shipping is second to none.....got to me super fast....the product is as described...easy setup....charged within 2 hours.....easy fill.....the 5 click on/off is a very nice feature...got the stainless steel.....very smart looking ecig....I am very happy with my new Joye eGo!!!!!!! (Posted on 7/10/12)
kick a** Review by vaporj
ok i just got my ego in the mail after only three days! this is my first vaping experience and i am now officialy a non smoker after years of trying to quit and failing. so heres my two cents on this whole process......
customer service- awesome
product- awesome
juice- killa vanilla... you guessed it. awesome.

this is something i should have done a long time ago. but i guess the old saying "good things come to those who wait" is very true. thank you altsmoke. you have a customer for life in me. (Posted on 4/12/12)
My sister turned me on to this and the product is fenominal. Review by Catt
My sister bought one over two months ago and I have been trying hers off and on for the last two weeks. I finally broke down and bought one of my own and it arrived today. I have to say I've never been more happy with a e-smoke product then I am with this one. It charged very quickly and allowed me to start using it right away. Though I don't care for the liquids I got from this site (not very good flavor or smoke) I LOVE the Joye510. BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET TODAY!!!! (Posted on 1/3/12)
Quality Product Review by eichas
it's nicely built but the atomizers burn out easily so I am getting getting a LR one in the mail soon.....Id recommend pickin one up asap..but over all the battery life is more then I expected I hit it all thu out the day.id recommend getting this twig! (Posted on 12/16/11)
Lets get it ON! Review by James

You know that feeling when things just come together and work perfectly? That is what happened.

I bought an ecig (mistic) from a truck stop during a long road trip recently.

When I got home and started researching the ecig, I found that the cartridges and sustaining materials for this product were more than I wanted to spend on this idea. So off the forums to see what people were saying. There are lots of people vaping and lots of info out there, so if you are reading this, you are almost where you want to be. :)

I saw a lot of people recommending altsmoke.com, and saying how good the juice was. I did more searching and found that the eGo is a great place to start vaping. I bought this kit and 2 bottles of juice (tobacco ice and RY4) and got my stuff in 2 days (Ohio to Chicago).

I now have been vaping for 2 weeks, and have already placed another order for different flavors. I got the pillow mint, blueberry, and from what I read is an awesome vape, the Killa Vanilla and some extra cartomizers.

The eGo is easy to use, easy to maintain, and produces just what you want from the vaping experience. Lots of vapor, and a battery that can get you through a whole day of heavy vaping (at least). The whole kit seems to be very high quality, the black eGo has a rubberized feel to it, and I am really enjoying the experience.

I have completely quit analog (normal) cigarettes, and I feel so much better. I can breathe easier, I don't have to get away from my family if I want to take a few puffs, and my clothes, car and garage smell SO much better.

Please buy this kit and you will not be disappointed. I have already turned 2 co-workers on to this site and this product, and will continue to do so.

You will love it!

Jim P (Posted on 12/15/11)
holy wow Review by ms april
Valerie thank you for taking the time to help me figure out what I wanted! You were amazing to order from best experience ever! I will be ordering again! BtwBahama blizzard is yummy you were right....

April in springfield mo (Posted on 12/15/11)
Happy Camper in Texas Review by Traci
After using several different Ecig's I just have to say my Ego is the BEST!! VERY happy with the product AND Customer Service!! Even ordered one for my daughter who is now a fan!! This IS the product to go with! :)) (Posted on 11/14/11)
E-Go Kit Is Amazing! Review by Judy
I bought my first kit from our local Mall at 3 times the price of Altsmoke. Talk about surprised to see how much less Altsmoke charges for everything! I ordered a second kit to have spares of everything and it all works great. I got my stuff within just 3 days of placing my order! The only difference I can see from the one I bought at the Mall is the filters on the Mall E-go are flat on the end and the ones from Altsmoke are round. The battery & barrel from the Mall E-go are shiny stainless steel & two toned gold color around the middle and the end of the battery. The ones from Altsmoke are like a flat stainless with not as much shine and no gold decorations. Same exact device without all the decor but works exactly the same. In fact, I have sent several of my relatives to Altsmoke already to order this kit. My Sister ordered one for her hubby just last night! So hey guys, thanks for a great product at a great price! (Posted on 11/10/11)
Everything you need right here!!! Review by Brandi
When you order the kit you have everything you need which means one easy process. Get some juice, drop some in and enjoy!!! Never thought I could get off tobacco products but I have not gone back :) I also recommend watching the videos to get yourself more familiar with everything including the lingo! Plus Altsmoke is a great company to work with and I have YET to be dissatisfied!!!! (Posted on 11/7/11)
it does work! Review by michael
just wanted to thank you guys. Very happy with my Ego . Everything works great . This is my first vaping experience and have enjoyed it. thanks again (Posted on 10/27/11)
it does work! Review by michael
just wanted to thank you guys. Very happy with my Ego . Everything works great . This is my first vaping experience and have enjoyed it.still learning but hope to put the pack down for good. thanks again (Posted on 10/27/11)
Just as good as I expected Review by Matt
After reading the reviews for the eGo here and elsewhere, my expectations were pretty high when I ordered the eGo starter kit. After just two days (ordered Wednesday morning and it arrived on Friday) it came in an I am not disappointed.

I'd been using an NJOY NPRO that I got at a local convenience store, it wasn't really delivering big taste or vapor. The eGo delivers both taste and vapor in huge volumes. The hits are strong, tasty, and give me that "ahhh" feeling.

My only gripe is that the carry-case shown in the image for the kit is much, much nicer than the nylon baggie you actually get with the kit, but it's a small issue.

Great product. Also, thanks to Tyler and the folks at AltSmoke for great customer service and fast-fast-fast processing. (Posted on 10/11/11)
Incredible kit! Review by William
I picked this kit up for my mom as a gift for her upcoming birthday. Being the good son that I am, I decided to charge up both batteries and use my own juice and cartos to do a test run. I wouldn't want her to get a bad battery or anything ;-)

The eGo is fantastic! The batteries take about 1.5 hours to charge, which is nothing if you're accustomed to charging 18650 batts. My main PV is a Silver Bullet, but since I've been using the eGo I've hardly touched the SB. The vapor production is great, battery life is great, and overall quality and feel is superb! Being a light to moderate vaper, the batteries have lasted me roughly 2.5 days each. I've used a 510 LR carto and a 306 LR atty on this and they both perform flawlessly. It's going to be hard giving this one up, even if it is for my mom's birthday! No worries though, I know what I'll be buying next :-) (Posted on 8/7/11)
Excellent Product/Services Review by Bill
I originally purchased the 510, which I upgraded the battery and got the extended. After my charger broke, I immediately emailed Rob and he took care of me right away. All I was going for was a replacement charger, and he stepped it up and threw me the eGo starter kit. Never have I been more impressed with Customer Service, especially for "tobacco" products. Powerful Vape, Long lasting battery, and supplier that will definitely take care of you! A++++ Gained yet another repeat customer! (Posted on 7/16/11)
Not quite sure yet Review by So0o0Confused
I JUST got my EGO in the mail. charged the battery ( only took an hour give or take). I popped on a cart and pressed the button and sucked. The draw on it is very very hard. At first i wasnt getting anything from it, but i tried and tried, and finally the vapor started coming thru.

i didntnt see any vent holes untill i read one review here telling me they were under the cone, so i removed the cone and tried and i thought it was worse, so i put it back on.

I also tried the drip tip, but because the draw on it is so hard, i was sucking up the juice into my mouth!! So i removed it and went back to the cartridge.

It seems the MORE i use it the more great vapor i get,( makes me a tad dizzy ;-) so all in all i think its a pretty good product.

I will try to update this review after i have used the eGo for a few days.

(Posted on 6/27/11)
Thank you Rob ! ( and Chad) Review by Tracy
Just got my Ego today after ordering last night- thanks Rob you saved me! This thing is a little power house. Will be using this with my S Bullet when I get it back. Altsmoke has the best customer service ever! And thanks for the e-liqid too! You guys rock! (Posted on 6/22/11)
awesome Review by shawn
ordered the go on thurs..got it sat..wow totally awesome i recommend this to anyone..pretty easy to figure out..this is my first vaping experience and i love it..nice throat and chest hits if that makes any sense.atty life is excellent also,,i cant say enough good things about this...e-liquid i also got is the blueberry frost,,this shit rocks!!!Thank you altsmoke for this wonderful device (Posted on 6/17/11)
Perfect Review by Eddie
This is the greatest invention, since cheese. On a serious note, I have used many e-cigs, and this and the Silver Bullet are the best! Rob is an excellent person to do business with.

Eddie (Posted on 5/18/11)
Great Product Recommended the eGo Review by Troy
I had a few questions so I called and was given honest advice very quickly. I ordered the ego with peace of mind. I have had two great experiences with Altsmoke now and Customer service is second to none. I have recommend Altsmoke to everyone I know who smokes.

The Ego is an excellent upgrade from the N joy cigarette I was using. I had to charge those batteries very frequently and I don't with my eGo. Great vapor taste to the liquids as as well. This is the way to go if you want a great hit every time all the time without that horrible after taste. I would recommend the ego to my friends and have already. Customer service is excellent as always, Thanks AltSmoke! You have a life long customer and look forward to much more business with you. Keep up the Great work. Thanks again, Troy (Posted on 4/30/11)
Great service Review by The Gov
My wall charger didnt work when i got it . So i sent them an email and they said no problem your wall charger is on its way. Got it in the mail three days later. I have no fears of ordering anything from altsmoke! (Posted on 3/21/11)
My wife loves me again - Thanks Rob and Tyler - this is a 10 Review by Michael
(Posted on 3/18/11)
Totally luvin it Review by Angie
Have had my ego kit for a week now, and no complaints whatsoever :) Looks great, feels great, and best of all vapes AWESOME. Loving the fact I no longer have to swap out batts every 45 mins or so. USB pass-thru works totally awesome also. Definitely would recommend picking up a LR atty or 2 while your at it, you wont regret it... I wan't more of em ! Just waiting for them to get back in stock :) (Posted on 3/5/11)
I love my eGo Review by Chad
The eGo e-cigarette is awesome. Thank you altsmoke for your help. The product was recieved on a tuesday when ordered saturday. It would have arrived monday, however the post office was closed. I charged the battery and the first vape was heaven. Very good smoke production, excellent throat hit, and a good taste. I generally smoke menthol but the pre-filled tobacco flavor cartridges were pretty tasty. The battery life appears to be very good. I have been using the 900 mah battery for roughly 24 hours now with out needing a charge. I would recomend the eGo to anyone who is trying to quit smoking or upgrading from their corner store e-cigarette. Because of their fast shipping and very helpful staff I will be ordering the majority of my e liquid from altsmoke as well. (Posted on 2/23/11)
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Review by David
Stopped at Altsmoke the other day and bought one of these for my wife and myself and we really like it....okay, we're hooked....glad about it, too. No lighters, no ashtrays, no tobacco smell, no burns, no second-hand smoke....Thanks guys, for taking the time to walk us through it! The guys at Altsmoke are great and treated us as valued customer...don't forget to "like" Alsmoke on Facebook! (Posted on 1/31/11)
Great product, great service Review by will
Received everything as described, gives a nice vape. Had my apprehensions initially with people who had used other vapes. All these fears were put to rest with the Ego. Definitely have recommended to friends who are already grabbing it when I am not looking, can't complain as I did the same thing to my friend who bought his before me and got me wanting one. Product is easy to use, portable and the usb plug makes for convenient charging in the car. For anyone thinking about getting one, don't waste anymore time, just do it, you will be glad you did. Thanks Altsmoke! (Posted on 1/23/11)
wonderful Review by andy
I use my unit all day-every day!! Reliable and convenience along with ease of use are the names of the game. Folks here at Altsmoke are knowledgeable and more than generous with customer service, advice, and product know-how!! (Posted on 1/18/11)
Fantastic Product! Perfect for my needs! Review by Jersh
I received my eGo starter kit 4 days ago, shipped fast! I love the look and the way it feels in my hand. The passthrough battery came in handy upon opening the package, just don't like how its a lot longer than the regular battery. Battery life is great and lasts all day, I'm a pretty big vaper. Dripping is really easy, and was suprised that my kit came with an extra bottle of cappuchino flavored 24mg juice!! I recommended this to my friend/neighbor and she ordered one a couple days ago from altsmoke as well! Thanks again rob!!! (Posted on 1/1/11)
much better! Review by Daniel
I have been using the KR808D-1 for 6 months and purchased the ego last week. I am surprised how much better this is. I'll never go back to cartridges again. These batteries don't tapper off on the power, they stay constant til they are out. The flavour and feel of the vapor is superior and the passthrough/battery eliminates so many logistics issues. I use about 1/4 less ejuice now to. I highly recommend the eGo! and if this country bans ecigs..im defecting! (Posted on 12/21/10)
My life is changed Review by Christian
Got my Riva today and I am so damn happy... Customer service is top notch at Altsmoke, Very fast, and I even got a hand written note wishing me happy holidays from Mallory! These people do business the old fashioned way...they treat to like a person and they treat you well. I'm an Altsmoke customer for life. thanks guys, you're great!

Christian (Posted on 12/16/10)
Love it! Review by Debbie
I love my Riva and will recommend it to everyone I know, couldn't be happier with it!! (Posted on 12/13/10)
Excellent service from Rob at Altsmoke! Review by Jeanine
I am totally new to vaping and Rob has provided me with outstanding service. I just ordered the Riva Ego, one for my daughter and sister as well. He has answered all questions quickly and patiently, and helped me decide which kit to go with. I messed up my original order and he called within minutes to correct it...now that's great service! It's all straightened out, and I simply cannot wait to get my kit. Thank you so very much Rob, your hard work and great service is much appreciated! I'll be ordering from you all the time! (Posted on 11/30/10)
Battery life Review by Linda Lou
Just got my riva a couple of weeks ago, and I just love the battery life. I was so tired of charging the 510's... I can vape all day with one, and no need to worry about switching the batteries all the time. I ordered an extra battery with my starter kit for just a back up. Great speedy service Thanks guys!!!!!! (Posted on 11/24/10)
Great for Beginners and Experienced Vapors Review by Daniel
I did hours of research before I bought my first eCig and I am glad I choose this unit. I have not picked up a cigarette since I starting using it. The battery lasts 4-6 hours. It produces great vapor. It can be used with cartomizers or as a 3 piece unit. There is also lots of possibilities with this unit as you get more into it. For example, you can order low resistance atomizers and get even more vapor/throat hit. They also make a mega atomizer that is same diameter as the battery, which I love for dripping. You can also get mega batteries for this unit that bump it up to about 900mah. You will not be disappointed with this unit. (Posted on 11/7/10)
Great Product. Review by Scot
I'm on my 5th day using the Riva eGo with various e-juice at 24mg and love it (LOVE IT!). Add a 510 'Mega atomizer and cartridge and the eGo is completely out of this world!

Ordered on a Thursday evening and received the following Monday (live in S.E. Texas). I spent over 100 dollars and expected it all to arrive in a box, nope came in a padded envelope (which had a 50 cent sized hole ripped on one side), everything inside was in good condition and it arrived quick though.
(Posted on 11/6/10)
Wonderful product Review by Mary
I have been using my Riva for a couple months now and am extremely happy with it. I had tried 510 and 910 before and liked them but hated the battery life. WAYYY too short for me. This thing is awsome in comparison. (Posted on 11/1/10)
Excellent!!! Review by thefinder808
I ordered this kit plus some extras Friday night at 10:00. Here it is monday and I'm holding the riva in my hand! I'm so glad I got the USB passthru otherwise I'd have to wait the 8 hours for the battery to charge to use it. First e-cig experience of my life and it's great. I got the RY4 from altsmoke and it tastes great...hits are super strong it's got me coughing if I hit too hard, and I smoke a pack of menthol full flavors every day for 7 years. The nicotine level is awesome, I might even have to go down to medium when I order the menthol ICE. Thanks altsmoke for the best customer service and products...will definitely be buying lots more from you. Also for new buyers you should for sure get the drip tip it's the easiest way to get the most bang from your riva. (Posted on 10/18/10)
"ROCKIN RIVA" Review by xtremevapor
Altsmoke FTW!!! can't describe enough how great these guys are! Review by William
Ok here's my story i made the mistake awhile back to get a greensmoke starter kit. you know how it goes they have flashy advertisements, infomercials all that. At the end of the day the products were extremely expensive for a mediocre, run of the mill E-cig even for carts batteries it was too much. So i didn't like their flavors thats what initially helped me to find out about Altsmoke i started checking out videos on youtube and i came across doctor vapors videos and i learned about dripping for cartomizers so i bought my E-liquids from Gourmet Vapor because i heard good things about them and bought some blank carts from Altsmoke. At this point im ready to send back the greensmoke unit back for a refund but i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Then i get my E-liquid and carts on the THIRD DAY!!! and im not saying 3 days after the order was placed im saying 1st day placed the order 2nd day wait 3rd day my order in my mailbox!!! now i was really impressed with them as well as Gourmet Vapor so i get the carts and they didn't fit the Greensmoke unit. So i call up Rob at Altsmoke (keep in mind i still didn"t know anything about E-cigs and how they work except for the dripping) and i told him my story he helped me out so much was very informative everything started making sense and gave me a quick refund for my carts once they arrived to him and i told him i would definately do bussiness with him as soon as i returned my greensmoke kit and got a refund which took so long (oh yeah their shipping was terrible i got my kit 5 days after the order was placed and going without nicotine for that long was driving me nuts) which was a good thing because the Riva kit wasn't available yet when i bought the carts. Now i have the Riva kit and it's awesome great vapor production the battery, the battery!!! it lasts all day and i was constantly vaping to see when the battery would die and i still don't know because it didn't die excellent battery! very great finish i got the titanium one. now it might seem like im bashing greensmoke but im not their E-cig was alright it did produce quite some vapor but at the end of the day i couldn't justify paying so much money for an E-cig after finding out that Altsmoke has superior products at a much better price and if it wasn't for greensmoke i would of never discovered Altsmoke. So in conclusion if your still reading this review and were still wondering if it's worth it you tell me i almost wrote a whole book about how extremely satisfied i am with this product and the people at Altsmoke trust me you won't regret it! (Posted on 10/5/10)
WOW Review by JoIsaac
well i got my first PV from altsmoke and now have gotten my second PV from them. and i must say i am happy beyond all relief right now. man does this battery last forever. im a heavy vapor and my yeti would only last maybe 2 hours if i was lucky. this thing is straight on vaping all day long. i mean day and night vaping. only thing im not happy with it is i got a faulty atty that only worked for maybe 20 hits and then burnt out but other than that i am a satisfied customer. (Posted on 8/22/10)
Better Than Expected !!!! Review by Frank
I am new at vaping. I found AltSmoke thanks to the YouTube video's from Doctor Vapor and I am extremely happy I did. I received the Riva unit two weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with it. The battery lasts all day long. The convenience and pleasure I receive with this unit is wonderful. I was a smoker for over 25 years but as soon as I started using this unit I threw every cigarette and foul smelling ash tray into the trash and I haven't even had the desire for a smoke since! I never expected I would enjoy vaping this much or that I would have such positive results. Thanks Rob for a wonderful product and awesome customer service!! I am recommending the Riva to everyone I know that is still a enslaved by tobacco. VAPING RULES !!!!! ( (Posted on 8/11/10)
Better Than Advertised !!! Review by Frank
I have been using the RIVA for about two weeks without any problems. Clouds of Vapor all day long on one battery charge. This is the first unit I've ever owned so I'm just a novice at vaping but this unit is exactly what I was looking for. I've been a smoker for over 25 years and as soon as I tried this unit out I threw out all of my tobacco products and paraphernalia and haven't even had the urge to touch a cigarette since.
(Posted on 8/11/10)
Riva is good.. But... Review by RexFollett
I have two bad things to say and will end with my positive thoughts:

A) I just got the Riva in the mail and assembled it with a cartomizer on it.. The threads concern me they seem like they could easily be stripped out if not careful.. When screwing on a cartomizer or atomizer its hard to tell when you have screwed it all the way on it wants to give in places like as if it tightens up then loosens then tightens.. Once you get it tightened my first thought was "I hope I didn't strip something out there" Unlike with the Silver Bullet you pretty much know when the stuff is tightened up on it.. This also go for the battery charger.. When tightening the battery to the charger it does the same thing.. I think it might be the coated/plated threads or something that is grinding apart. Hopefully that will go away after awhile of usage..

B) The second thing I don't like is this fancy looking cone that screws on to the battery that goes over the cartomizer/atomizer. If you try to use the Riva with that thing attached you will find it very difficult to take hits.. The cone blocks off air to the holes at the bottom of the cartomizer/atomizer making for a rather tough draw.. After I removed the cone fancy piece and sat it aside I took a drag again and with considerable different the draw was easy like on the silver bullet with the open atomizer/cartomizer.

THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT HOWEVER.. I am getting serious vapor with it and I would bet a LR Atomizer would work great with it.. The batteries are bigger then the yeti and stays charged for a good long time.. I will be using this as my main E-cig for cases when I go out to eat or I have to go to the store to pick up milk. But for all day vaping out and about for hours at end whether all over town or all day long in the house I will bust out my Silver Bullet simply cause of the comfort I have in knowing the batteries won't die on me or crap out.. (Posted on 8/10/10)
5 star service Review by Renee'
I'll start by saying I love the Riva. One of my batteries quit after the second charge, I contacted altsmoke and they immediately sent me a new battery. He even called me to make sure everything was ok. I would recommend this company to everyone. (Posted on 8/7/10)
Perfect Review by Patsy
Love it, love it, love it! The battery last forever and since changing to the RIVA from the 808, I am one happy vaper! The attention you show your customers is right on the button. Makes you feel good to know someone cares about you and the product . Keep it up! Once folks see the Riva in action, they're sold. Very nice product (I own 2) and when the time comes, it will again be my choice. (Posted on 8/5/10)
Perfect! Review by Pat
Aewsome is the only way to put it. I started vaping with the 808 but, wanted something more and the RIVA hit it right on the head. Two members of my family also use the Riva and friends are getting ready to purchase it also. Best advertisement is having people actually see it in action and they're sold immediately. Thanks for having the RIVA and caring that the folks who purchase it are happy with the product. Thanks again. (Posted on 8/5/10)
riva Review by jodee
Hello I have had mine for about a week now and it is pretty cool. I was on vacation and the top of my dse905 broke off and and the wires seperated. and all I had was a plain 510 e-cig and 2 batteries for back-up. I hate the battery life on these things.But I got online and saw Alt-smoke had the riva that I was about to order from eastmall but they had it for 10 bucks cheaper. So I ordered it and had it express mailed to where I was staying. I am a 510 guy and I am impressed for the price, I know its a knock-off of the ego but it has more Mah so it lasts a bit longer.and its cheaper. The only downside side to mine is when you put the atomizer on you have to play with tightening and loosing of the atomizer abit because if its not in the right spot it blinks. But rather than that its a nice product. (Posted on 8/4/10)
Oh WOW! Review by Sinsudar
I had to kiss a couple frogs before I found my beautiful Riva. It lasts me all day and into the next before needing a recharge - and I'm a pretty heavy vaper. I tried to run the battery down last night so I could start today with a full charge, but I just couldn't do it. Altsmoke is a terrific vendor, and the Riva is the best! (Posted on 8/4/10)
AMAZING!!!! Review by Chris
Just got this thing about 3 days ago, I ordered the kit along with a 5 pack Cartomizer order. I've been using the Yeti kit for the past year and thought I was satisfied, but 3 days ago that opinion changed immediately. Not only does this thing Vape incredible, but it lasts FOREVER!!! Witht he old 510 kit I would run a battery out in about 6 hours. Late last night after heavy vaping on this Riva I finally switched battiers. This thing lasted me over 24 hours and I thought I was vaping nonstop. That along with the Cartomizers that seems to never go dry. So glad I made the switch, Rob you got a complete winner in this unit.
UPDATE: I only unpacked one cartomizer and have since in 3 days added about 5 drops of e-liquid to it and its still blowing clouds of Vapor with no burnt taste. (Posted on 7/25/10)
Totally Awesome Review by Mick
This may be the best 510 delivery method available today. I would recommend this to anyone that uses any other 510 delivery method. It has been awhile since I have written about any products, but this one is just to good not to share what I feel about the RIVA. Great job Rob!!! Thanks for offering the RIVA at this price, this is just unbelievable.

Mick Kelly (Posted on 7/22/10)
Fantastico! Review by cynthia
Okay, here we go. Got my RIVA today. Titanium. Beautiful. What a VAPE! Design is very nice and the cover that goes over the atty is real sweet. I've been using my YETI 510 for 9 months and was needing something with a little more kick. Boy, I sure did find it here! The vape is so awesome. Now I'm enjoying vaping so much more. I'm satisfied. A+++ I will post again soon....Enjoy! ;>) (Posted on 7/21/10)

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