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18650 XSL 2600mAh Battery - Protected

18650 XSL 2600mAh Battery - Protected

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Check the battery to make sure that there isn't a clear layer of plastic around the battery before using it. Please remove the clear plastic before using.

Scroll down to bottom of the page to view the Full Product Description & Warnings as well as Liability Information!


-Lithium Ion 18650 cylindrical rechargeable batteries
-WARNING.The voltage of full charge and cut-off discharge is 4.2V and 2.75V. Don't heat, indicate or reverse polarity

NOTE: Use special caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled. Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface. Never leave charging batteries unattended. We are not responsible for damage if there is any modification of the batteries/chargers in any form or shape (including pack making). We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers. We only recommend using Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries with a control circuit (protection PCB) to assure safe charge, discharge, etc, use of lithium ion batteries without a protection circuit is potentially hazardous

AltSmoke LLC. will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, or defect, permanent or temporary that may be caused by the improper use of a LI-ION battery. Please have a basic understanding of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.

Customer Reviews

Good but not long lasting Review by Dave
These are ok batteries but mine starting losing power after one to two months of use. I did followed the instructed charging process every day. Personally I use now only high drain AW batteries. Much better. (Posted on 2/23/12)
these are awesome, but whats the difference between the 2600mAh and the 3100mAh? Review by driveby
I have two of the 2600mAh batteries, and theyre awesome. I've had charges last over 30 hours, but just felt the need to charge them. I talked a friend into getting a Silver Bullet and he asked me what the difference between the 2600 and 3100 mAh batteries, i could not answer.

Can any of you, please? thanks.

AltSmoke Answer:
The 3100mAh Battery is actually a better quality battery, it outputs a little more power and provides a better hit with LR atomizers :) I love this battery! (Posted on 12/10/11)
Insane life per charge!!! Review by Kyle
I consider myself a light to moderate vaper. I expected to get around 2 days per charge, as that seemed to be the average everywhere I looked. I received my order from AltSmoke last Wednesday, which included: Silver Bullet, 18650 2400mAh battery, 5-pack of Yeti 510 LR cartomizers, charger, and some juice. Took the battery just shy of 7 hours to charge, so I started using it Thursday morning. It is now a little over one week later, just into Friday morning to be exact, and this battery is still going as strong as it did last Thursday when I first started using it! Incredible battery, one that I will highly recommend. (Posted on 8/5/11)
Works quite well Review by Dan E.
I have to admit Im quite impressed so far with these batteries. I use them with my Silver Bullet and I get well over 24 hours of use per charge out of them. I am an extremely heavy vaper starting when I get up to well into the wee hours of the morning. The longest charge I have had so far lasted me right about 48 hours. I average about 40 hours with mine. The hit is very consistent all the way to the point that the battery dies so that impressed me even more. Good batteries at a good price. Thanks AltSmoke. (Posted on 3/11/11)
Great Battery Review by Marta
This battery lasts longer than any battery I have tried, I feel confident going out on all day outings with just this battery without carrying a backup, it lasts for at least two full days and I am a constant heavy vapor-er. The fact that it matches my pink Omega perfectly doesn't hurt either :-)

I highly recommend this battery to anyone and with the low resistance atomizer you won't need 6 volts :-) (Posted on 12/4/10)
18650 XSL 2600mAh Battery - Protected Review by mike
Have yet to wear this thing out...bought 3 just in case and have used them in stretches of over 24 hours non-stop without this thing going dead...awesome product and gives me hours of thick vapor and great throat hits without worrying about going dead at the wrong time because it hasn't happened. (Posted on 12/2/10)
AWESOME Review by Anthony
What can i say about this battery, in a word, AWESOME. This is a very long lasting battery, it doesn't vary in out put power and it stays strong right up to the moment it dies. (Posted on 11/29/10)
Elvis has...no, wait! Review by Arrhythmia
Well, one of them still is! I ordered two of the older models (2400mAh with the grey covering) back when I bought my Silver Bullet in February of 2010. They both lasted 7+ months but one did stop working about a month ago. That's a hell of a life though as I used them every day, all day and charged it just about as much.

One is still putting up a fight, although I think it's holding less of a "punch" on a full charge and for not as long. That's to be expected though and I just hope this one will hold out for me for a tad longer before I buy one of these newer ones. (Posted on 11/28/10)
Wont die! Review by Stone
I havent used my silver bullet for over 3 months, i prefer my yeti, however i had company today and they were intrigued in my vaping and wanted to give it a shot. i pulled my silverbullet off the shelf, still loaded with the battery i vaped on months ago and it worked like a champ.. these batteries truly do rock. (Posted on 10/11/10)
really good Review by patton
got theese for my journeyman and they work awesome last me like almost 2 days and are a good workhorse batt (Posted on 7/11/10)
Good Battery Review by EUGENE
I have been using the 18650 protected battery for my Silver Bullet. It lasts 2 days for me and charges while I sleep. Have not had any issues with them whatsoever. With 2 of these and a charger you will always be able to vape. (Posted on 7/11/10)
great Review by Chris
no complaints. I have used these for two days without recharging. Great battery. (Posted on 7/9/10)
Great Battery Review by wesley
Four of my friends are using these batteries and love the day to two days they last before recharging. It is now 71 days for me,48 days for one friend,43 for another without a cigarette! Way to go Altsmoke..... (Posted on 6/23/10)
Better Than Expected Review by LighterLess
All day strong, all day long! Excellent choice, Rob. (Posted on 4/11/10)
Excellent life Review by dawhoo
I got these with my Silver Bullet and after a week, thought I would 'upgrade' to a 'better' battery. Well, I paid twice as much for the 'better' battery and it doesn't last as long as these batteries do. The replacement 18650 I bought was also about 1.5mm shorter than these TrustFire batteries. These are really great batteries for the SB. These are my primary use batteries and the upgrade batteries are now only backups. Get these, save money, you won't be sorry. (Posted on 3/30/10)
Reliable batteries Review by GB
Long-lasting, protected and give a great vape. (Posted on 3/24/10)
safe battery Review by leila
these are the only batteries I use, I am confident that they are protected as advirtised, and thats the most important thing. (Posted on 3/18/10)
Can't kill the damn thing! Review by JKBonin
This is a great batt. I have been unable to kill it after a 20 hr day. 1/2 of that time was pretty much constant vaping, the other 1/2 was closer to moderate. I finally just took it out and put it on to charge b4 bed, even tho' it had shown no signs of dieing. Perfectly consistent vape throughout that time.

Now I can leave the house for a long road day and only need one batt to last the entire day.

'Nuff said. (Posted on 2/12/10)
awesome 3.7v batteries Review by no1garbologist
They last forever. Shipping was very quick also. (Posted on 12/29/09)
18650's are great. Review by Walter
Love the 18650 for minimal voltage drop and long last. Recharge pretty quickly too. Thanks Rob, the SB has made the experience more pleasurable. (Posted on 12/25/09)
Wow! Review by Kathleen
I have only been vaping 5 weeks but was getting tired of charging my 510 batteries so much. The SB has changed all of that- one charged battery lasts me 2 days at least. Plus, its really nicely made and feels great even in my small hand.

Thanks for a quality product! (Posted on 11/11/09)
A newbs view of the Silver Bullet. Review by Mike/Wakadoo
I had been using my 510 for about 2 months and seriously got tired of constantly changing out batteries and needing to be around power in order to keep myself going. My PCC just didn't cut it. After shopping around, and reading reviews I chose the silver bullet. Besting thing I could have done. The 18650's last a LONG time. Also the versatility is awesome. If I find myself wanting a bigger throat hit or whatever I pop in a set of RCR123A's and man what a blast. The construction of the unit is SOLID. Easy to maintain. The support for the unit is just awesome as well. These guys have made a great unit that'll be built to last. Hats off!!
(Posted on 10/25/09)
great batteries and a great price Review by Michael
Charging two 510 batteries every 20 minutes was ridiculous. I was spending more time fiddling with my batteries then enjoying vaping. The SB has resolved all these issues and have no fear of running out of power ALL DAY.

I bought one with my SB and realized i needed backup. I bought two more and now don't have to remember to charge one each night.

I have only had them for a month and have never let me down. Two full days of vaping (without charging batteries) is easy now and no more fiddling with and batteries.

The dual bay TrustFire charger works well and has had no issues as well. I let the batteries charge all night or all day with no issues.

Very happy customer!

Thanks again Rob. (Posted on 10/14/09)
woks great Review by tiff
long battery life!! (Posted on 10/6/09)
Great batteries Review by Shane
They took about 6.5 hours to charge up to full in my charger, but I have been using them for 3 days and still reading 3.8V. (Posted on 9/23/09)

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