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  1. Protank / eVod - Replacement Head

    Protank / eVod - Replacement Head

    Protank / eVod Replacement Clearomizer Head
    The replacement clearomizer head is the part you will be replacing the most. The best part about this Replacement head is that it is compatible with both the Protank 2 & eVod clearomizers. The head attaches to the a base, simply unscrew the old one and toss on the new one. We recommend always having at least 2 spare heads in case one goes out.
    They come in one of three resistances:
    1.8 Resistance
    2.2 Resistance
    2.5 Resistance
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  2. Kanger Protank 2 box

    Kanger Protank 2

    The all new Kanger ProTank V2 has a few new improvements over the original ProTank. The Protank V2 can hold 2.5ml of liquid and comes with: Inside the Box: 1x ProTank V2 (Top, Bottom Tank) 2x ProTank V2 Coils 1x Metal Drip Tip Improvements to Version 2 * Can still use Protank Version 1 Replacement Coils! * The mouth piece has been replaced and allows you to use 510 drip tips* (Some longer/wider base 510 drip tips will not work) * The Glass Tube can now be replaced * The base of the Protank Version 2 has been improved to make it stronger than Version 1. Learn More

    As low as: $19.95

  3. Mini Kanger Protank 2

    Mini Kanger Protank 2

    The Kanger Mini Protank 2 is a miniature version of its big brother. The Mini Protank allows you to fully disassemble the entire clearomizer to replace components. The Mini Protank 2 does not allow for replacement of the 510 drip tip like the bigger Kanger Protank 2 The Mini Kanger Protank 2 offers the same features and performance as other Kanger Clearomizers but the outside has been replaced with pyrex glass to allow for easier cleaning and taste. Kanger Mini Protank 2 also uses Protank 2 Coils, as well as eVod Coils. Updated in Version 2 - There is no longer glue that holds the tank to the base and top. - Every part of the clearomizer can be disassembled. If you're looking for a mini bottom coil clearomizer that is made out of pyrex and performs the same as an eVod. Then look no further! Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price: $16.95

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