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Vision Vivi Nova 3.5ml or 2ml Tank

Vision Vivi Nova 3.5ml or 2ml Tank

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Vision Vivi Nova Replaceable Coil Tank Kit

The Vision Vivi Nova Replaceable Coil Tank Kit comes with everything you need to get started! Comes with the following:

1x - 3.5ml Clear Tank or 2ml Clear Tank Complete with 2.4ohm Short Wick Head
1x - Your Choice of Replaceable Coil Head - Long Wick
1x - Your Choice of Replaceable Coil Head - Long Wick
1x - Display Box that holds everything listed above.

The tank system easily comes apart and makes replacing/cleaning a breeze!


Vision Vivi Nova Replaceable Coil Tank Kit

The Vision Vivi Nova Replaceable Coil Tank Kit comes with everything you need to get started! Comes with the following:

1x - 3.5ml Clear Tank or 2ml Clear Tank Complete with 2.4ohm Short Wick Head
1x - Your Choice of Replaceable Coil Head - Long Wick
1x - Your Choice of Replaceable Coil Head - Long Wick
1x - Display Box that holds everything listed above.

The tank system easily comes apart and makes replacing/cleaning a breeze!

Customer Reviews

Great as far as I can tell! Review by Darren
As a beginner I've used other ecigs of all sorts, automatic batteries with cartridges, carto and nice batteries and a mod so I had minimal knowledge of what is good and bad. As I got more interested I started researching and finding out what makes a good vape and I eventually landed on getting the ego-c twist and this tank.

I just got my set up a little bit ago and I am digging it a lot. Lots of vapor, and with the e-liquid I'm using it's hitting my throat real nice and producing large clouds making it quite satisfactory.

I have to say, at first I thought I was getting something weak. Was it my battery? messed up coil? I asked for two 1.8 ohm heads though and I found out after using that I actually have one 2.4 and a 1.8 and that I've been using the 2.4 this whole time at 3.4 volts. After I cranked up the voltage to 4.1, I noticed and immediate difference and was happy.

All in all, I think this is a great tank for a beginner vaper, coming from a beginning vaper. (Posted on 10/31/13)
Finally...a clearomizer that doesn't gurgle! Review by pablo
I have a shelf of T2 fail. Gurgles. Leaks. Burnt wicks. Funky, waxy taste. A friend gave me a 2.0ml Nova, at 2.8ohm and I filled it with my current goto liquid (VCV Strawb-Guab). The difference between the T2 and Nova is like night and day. The flavor of the vape was awesome right off the bat. Much stronger throat hit, too. The best part? No leaks, gurgles, or maintenance like I'm used to with the T2. I even left it in my car on a 90 degree day, and no gurgles whatsoever. The T2 would've required a few minutes of blowing to get all the liquid out of the tube.

I've ordered two more since. Love them! (Posted on 8/31/13)
It's tempermental Review by Ley
And that is probably user error. It's a decent tank, and works amazing when it works. When it doesn't it tends to leak, flood, and sometimes I get a burnt flavor when using it on my eGo-C Twist, even after lowering the voltage. This is the first tank I have ever had, and I imagine I was probably doing something wrong. In fact I'm sure of it. Decent experience overall though. (Posted on 8/21/13)
Vivi Nova Review by Dave
I just received my order of a 2ml tank. I have been using it for 10 minutes and its fantastic. I just ordered 2 more. They are great. (Posted on 4/12/13)
it's ok Review by Tom
I will admit I am not a huge clearo fan off to start with. The nova isn't bad but it's not great. Easy to use, fill, and clean. Probably great for new vapors. Not a great flavor but not bad. Easy to use quick and on the go. (Posted on 4/5/13)
Best thing I've used in 6 years of Vaping! Review by Mike
I have tried so many types of vaporizers over the years and this one is the best by far. No muss, no fuss. I've been using it on a Silver Bullet for almost 2 months now and I have been absolutely thrilled with it. Plus, the tank looks great on top of the Silver Bullet.

When received, I initially started with the 2.4ohm head and it was a little light on the vapor, hit and taste. Changed to the 1.8ohm and that made a huge difference.

The only minor issue I'm having is that after about 12ml of use (approx 4 tanks worth), the wick starts to burn and changes the taste of the vapor and turns the liquid in the tank a dark brown. The head still works strong but because of the taste I have to swap out the head. Anyone know of a solution to avoid this?

Even with the burn issue, the Silver Bullet and Vivi Nova combo is best and most consistent device I've used. (Posted on 11/11/12)
Excellent Tank System Review by Gordon
I have been using my Vivi Nova for almost 1-1/2 months now. Other than burning out an atomizer (my fault messing around with voltages) I have had no major problems. I am currently running the 1.8 Oh head using a Z-Max between 5 - 7 watts. The one minor problem that I have had was a lack of vapor production after several weeks of use. This was fixed by doing a dry burn using a standard battery. The flavor and vapor production came right back. I have used it with a standard eGo battery and it still works great. The tank looks great sitting atop my Z-Max, but because of the large size I only use this at home. For away from home I use a Clearomizer (V3) and an eGo batteries. (Posted on 11/10/12)
plus and minus Review by Ryan
great draws but does not stay on my ego-t does not fit properly falls off if you hit it just right. needs wider threads (Posted on 10/24/12)
Good, but muted flavor Review by Jared
This really isn't a bad tank. I've been using it for a few days now with no leaks, no dry hits, no mechanical problems whatsoever. The only issue I've found is that the flavor of my juice is severely muted and there's little to no throat hit (I'm using a 12mg juice I'm rather familiar with @ 2.4ohms on an eGo twist @4.2V). I tossed the exact same juice into a 2.8ohm Vision long-wick clearo and the flavor and hit was back instantly. Pulled the clearo off and placed the Nova back on my twist-- still muted. Same thing when connected to my 18650 eGo and my Silver Bullet. Knocked the twist all the way up to 4.8V with better results, but still nowhere near as good as through the clearo. The tank produces a great vapor and has shown no signs of leaking whatsoever, but the flavor and throat hit just aren't there. Overall a good product, just not great. (Posted on 10/7/12)
One of the BEST Review by Scott G.
First, I got the big one-worked awesome on my twist, but looked a little more than a little awkward. So, I ordered the mini, and my only regret is not ordering 2 or 3! These are some serious tanks! Great flavor, great vapor...and boy do they look great on my twist! A++!! (Posted on 9/29/12)
easy to clean Review by mike
this tank is easy to clean and fill the smaller one is a little delicate. don't keep the small one in your pocket . (Posted on 9/28/12)
Just What The Doctor Ordered! Review by Adam
This tank is phenomenal! Outstanding performance in all aspects of VTF (vapor, throat hit, flavor). I have been using these tanks on my eGo Twist's between 4-4.3v and it hits like a champ every time. I have had no leaks, but I learned if you happen to fill it a bit above the 2ml line (on the slim tanks), juice will tend to flood into the air tube and drown it. In those cases, some wiping and blowing down the air tube is required. I have been very happy with these tanks and I am sure you will be too! (Posted on 9/23/12)
Best Clearomizer Tank Review by Vince159
This item works great for me. I paticularly like the wicks because they're so long. I got the 2ml size and I've been able to vape very nearly the entire contents of the tank due to the length of the wicks, it's very cool, there's a little tipping involved, but not nearly as much as my other clearomizers that have shorter wicks. I'm using 1.8ohms head on an ego battery and it works fine; good flavor and throat hit, depending on the juice. The only problem was one DOA replcement coil, which I'm waiting to hear back on. Otherwise it's a good quality unit for the price. (Posted on 9/3/12)
v2 fixes all the problems i had Review by Justin
I bought the first version of this when it came out and it was plagued with this nasty burnt taste. i tried several heads but the all had really poor wicking causing this terriable taste. I eventually fixed it by buying my own wick and coil wire and wrapping my own 4.5 ohm coils for my self made TI 04050c boost circut mod. Im happy to say the V2 heads fixed this problem and with them (you can tell cause the v2's have a really short wick and the v1's have a long one) there is no burnt taste and plenty of vapor. Im glad they got the bugs worked of this now great product. (Posted on 7/7/12)
Good Review by Brian
What I did was use a dremel tool to reduce the positive contact down to just under 1 MM, it was sticking out too far so only engaging in a couple threads of my eGo batt, now it screws down much better. Just carefully grind the positive contact part down a bit, try to keep it flat, it makes better contact with the battery this way. The coils are good, they last for at least 30ml or so.

The best things about this is the quality, no more leaks, no more cracking, I've dropped this thing a few times, and still works perfect. I was using a clearomizer before, and the VERY first time I dropped in some pure VG juice, instant cracked lol.

Very good flavor, and makes a lot of vapor without running down your battery like a dual coil carto. (Posted on 7/4/12)
Pretty sweet Review by jaimz
The Vivi tank is a REALLY nice addition to my collection of 'parts'

I use Ego batteries, so this tank looks pretty strange, since it's huge, but no worries! It works wonderfully.

I got this after using the Vision eGo Clearomizers and I'd say it's a nice step up! The reason I wanted to try the Vivi is because I got tired of re-wicking my Visions every week or two. I figure this would be the logical thing to do since you can replace the wicks without all the hassle.

If only there were a hybrid between this and the Vision clearomizers. Something that had the nice form fitting sleekness of the Vision (to an ego battery), with the awesome wick replacement of the Vivi.

Either way, I'm glad I got two of these!

Is that a banana in my pocket!? No, just my Vivi tank! (Posted on 6/27/12)
Pretty Awesome. Review by Brett
So I received this today and I must say, right out of the box this thing was pretty great. I let it soak on the wick for about 20 minutes. Hooked it up to a pro vari at 4.5 volts and it was really awesome. Good throat hit. Awesome flavor. (altsmokes ry4) Really the only issue is the positive contact size. It really sticks out. Has no issue firing up, just kinda weird having such a gap. I'm hooked on this style of tank. Once again Thank You Altsmoke. Truly the best e cig site. (Posted on 6/25/12)
ViVi Tank Rocks Review by Kim
I have been waiting for this kind of tank. Its the best. Great vape, taste on my Lava Tube and my BeBe. I am sold!! Getting another very soon. Thanks Alt Smoke, your No. 1 on my list. (Posted on 5/30/12)
Greatness Review by Patrick
Seriously, I was a lil reserved since I've had some trouble with tanks before, but when I unpacked this I was really impressed with how extremely awesome it looked. After exploring the different parts I filled up with some Orange Dreamsicle and waited for the wick to soak. WoW! Great flavor, a good throat hit, and it still looks awesome.

One problem I did have is that the positive contact on the 510 connection sticks out unusually far. Like probably a full mm. It's still fires, except it doesn't fit in my Omega =/ thank goodness for my kgo, and passthru. Replacements are super easy and did I already say it's awesome? Cause it's awesome. (Posted on 5/17/12)
vivi nova Review by Clyde
Just put the tank together using a 2.8ohm head running on a 5 voltmod mod. It produces plenty of vapor. Has a great taste! Hasn't had any dry hits. Very impressed its freaking awesome!! Wish I had 5 more! Thanks AltSmoke! (Posted on 5/14/12)
vivi nova Review by clyde
Just put it together running 2.8 on a 5 volt mod. It's freaking amazing!!! No dry hits. produces plenty of vapor and has a great taste. Really wish I had 5 more. Thank you AltSmoke!!!

Clyde (Posted on 5/14/12)
vivi tank Review by clyde
I just put mine together with 2.8 and rocking it on 5volt mod. Its frigging amazing. Thanks guys its got great vapor and great taste really need a few more. (Posted on 5/14/12)

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