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eGo Clearomizer Version 3 is the latest version of the eGo Clearomizer which has fixed some of the older version issues. This 1.6ml Clearomizer provides a decent vape while holding more liquid than a standard cartomizer. This version of the clearomizer is also replaceable. which means you won't have to purchase a complete unit every time the atomizer head dies.
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  1. Vision eGo Clearomizer Tips

    Vision eGo Clearomizer Tips

    Vision eGo Clearomizer Tips These are replaceable tips for the Vision clearomizers. So if you're looking to add a little color to your clearomizer or just happened to lose your old one. Simply unscrew the old one and screw in the new one! NOTE: These are not the same as drip tips and are made specifically for the Vision eGo Clearomizer. Learn More

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  2. Vision Clearomizer

    Vision Clearomizer - Version 3

    Vision Clearomizer Version 3 These are the new transparent clearomizers for eGo style devices. These hold 1.6ml of liquid and are perfect for 3.0v-4.2v devices. These come with a 2.8 Resistance Clearomizer Head. The all new clearomizers are items that can be completely taken apart The Vision eGo Clearomizer, which is also know as the StarDust by other vendors. Creates a very clean taste and creates a decent amount of vapor. Unlike some older style clearomizers, these are designed to be more user friendly with a stronger tank to prevent cracking. Due to the nature of cartomizers, clearomizer's etc... there is only a 24 hour DOA warranty only. Please read below in the full description how to refill/fill. Learn More

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  3. Vision Clearomizer - Replacement Tube

    Vision Clearomizer - Spare Tube

    These are Spare Tubes for the Vision Clearomizer Version 3. These allow you to switch to another color or replace a lost/crack tube. Learn More

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  4. CE4 510 Drip Tip Adapter

    CE4 510 Drip Tip Adapter

    The CE4 510 Drip Tip Adapter allows you to swap out the old CE4 Mouth pieces and replace them with any 510 Drip Tip! NOTE: Does not include a CE4. Learn More
  5. Vision Clearomizer - Replacement Head/Spare Head

    Vision Clearomizer - Replacement Head

    These are Spare Replacement Heads for the Vision Clearomizer Version 3. For your own reference the resistance that comes in the 'complete' Vision Clearomizer - Version 3 is the 2.8 ohms head. Price is for one unit. Learn More

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  6. Vision Clearomizer - Replacement Metal Stem/Bottom

    Vision Clearomizer - Metal Bottom

    These are Spare Metal Bases for the Vision Clearomizer Version 3. We have you covered in case you ever need a new metal stem/base. Learn More

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