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  1. Metal Dual Coil Cartomizer Tank - Selection

    Metal Dual 510 Cartomizer Tank - Color

    Features of the DC-Tank - Clear or Semi See Through Tanks - Includes 1x Tank Replacement Dual Coil Cartomizers, 1.5 ohm - Tank holds up to 6ml of liquid. - Includes Drip Tip - (Drip tip will likely be what is pictured, but could be different) How to Fill Your Tank: Remove your drip tip from the top of the cartomizer. Pull the DC Tank Cartomizer down from the bottom of the tank, and leave it 3/4ths of the way in. Angle your tank and fill it with liquid so that the liquid is filling the outside of the cartomizer. We recommend only filling 3/4ths of the way full. After the tank is filled with your favorite eliquid, push the DC Tank Cartomizer back through the top. Now fill your cartomizer with about 15-20 drops of liquid. Let the liquid in the DC Tank Cartomizer settle for a few minutes and then screw it on to your favorite mod. NOTE: Thicker liquids that have higher than 50% VG may have issues using the tank. Please note that this is still a Dual Coil Cartomizer @ 1.5 and not to be used with smaller batteries such as Yeti/510/306/etc. May also kill your standard 650 eGo Batteries, not common but still a possibility. Using this on an eGo will void your warranty. When refilling DO NOT pull from the tube itself, doing so could cause the tube to be removed from the bottom. Pull from the metal bottom and pull up. Learn More
  2. Smok Pyrex Tanks Front View

    Smok Pyrex Tank

    SMOKTech Pyrex Tanks - Dual Coil Cartomizer SMOK Pyrex Tanks are made with Pyrex glass and is wrapped with aluminum. This makes this DC Tank very durable. These tanks are available in multiple colors with a cutout that allows you to view inside of the pyrex tank. Another added feature is the tanks now have a locking base for the bottom flange of the replacement cartomizers, this allows the tanks to stay in place. Both the top and the bottom of the tank is permanently attached to the aluminum siding, this is to prevent the tops and bottoms from accidentally popping up when placing the cartomizer back in to place. Features of the SMOKTech Pyrex Tank - Pyrex Tank - Cutout for visibility - Locking flanged base - Top and Bottom Caps not removable Learn More

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price: $12.95

  3. From left to Right A, B, C, D

    eGo Sleeve - Thread Skirt

    The eGo Sleeve - Thread Skirt is used to hide the threading on eGo devices. Primarily used with Dual Coil Tanks to allow for a better aesthetics appeal. Learn More
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