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  1. 510/901 Drip Tip - Contoured

    510/901 Drip Tip - Contoured

    Shaped for Comfort, these replace the Cartridge on 510/901 atomizers. Also allows enough room to drip liquid to the atomizer without actually removing the tip!

    Acrylic Drip Tips are see through
    Delrin Drip Tips are Solid
    Learn More

    Starting at: $3.95

  2. Xtar VP1 Charger

    Xtar VP1 Charger

    XTAR VP1 Charger The XTAR VP1 Charger is the latest intelligent charger from XTAR. It features an algorithm charging system with an adjustable charging current (250mA, 500mA, 1A). It also has a switchable LCD indicator to show the real time charging voltage and battery status. The VP1 also has a soft start feature and reverse polarity protection. It can charge the following Li-ion batteries: 10440/14500/14650/16340/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700 Learn More
  3. Cermic Horn Drip Tips

    Cermic Horn Drip Tips

    Ceramic Horn Drip Tip The Ceramic Horn Drip tip is an amazing drip tip, unlike the metal counter part these DO NOT get hot and also feel a bit better too. Learn More

    Out of stock

  4. Ridged Drip Tip - Clear

    Ridged Drip Tip - Clear

    Ridged Drip Tip - Acrylic These are comfortable to use and a good addition to any setup. Learn More
  5. Jade Drip Tip

    Jade Drip Tip

    Jade Drip Tip These come in random patterns, we wanted to show the 'least' colored ones vs the normal. Learn More

    Out of stock

  6. Horn Drip Tip

    Horn Drip Tip

    Horn Drip Tips Also know as 'Vase' Drip Tips are designed to have a slightly wider mouth piece for comfort. Learn More
  7. CE4 510 Drip Tip Adapter

    CE4 510 Drip Tip Adapter

    The CE4 510 Drip Tip Adapter allows you to swap out the old CE4 Mouth pieces and replace them with any 510 Drip Tip! NOTE: Does not include a CE4. Learn More
  8. Stainless Steel Drip Tips

    Stainless Steel Drip Tips

    Give your Electronic Cigarette a unique look with these selections of stainless drip tips. Drip Tips: These have a larger hole in the middle of the tip to allow for dripping E-Liquid through. (#1, #2, #3, #12, and #13) Stylish Tips: Are more for looks and not really meant to be used as drip tips. These typically have a narrower hole in the tip and do not really work well with dripping E-Liquid through them. These are perfect for Genesis Style Tanks, Cartomizer Tanks, or any tank setup that does not need dripping to feed the atomizer. ( #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, and #11) Learn More
  9. AGR+ Pyrex Carto Tank

    AGR+ Pyrex Carto Tank

    The AGR+ Pyrex Cartomizer Tank was designed with the Boge and Boge XL Cartomizers in mind. One of the nice features with the AGR+ Tank is that it comes with two pyrex tanks for which ever boge style cartomizer you would prefer to use. You may be able to use other types of prepunched/slotted cartomizers but could potentially cause leaking if the diameter is wider than the boge cartomizers. What's Included: -AGR+ Locking Base -AGR+ Standard Size Cartomizer Tube -AGR+ Standard Size Cartomizer Cover -AGR+ XL Size Cartomizer Tube -AGR+ XL Size Cartomizer Cover -2x O-Rings The AGR+ also comes with a locking features to prevent those pesky cartomizer slips. You would first screw the AGR+ Locking base in to your device, then screw the Boge Cartomizer in to the locking thread and then put which ever tank over the cartomizer. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price: $17.95

  10. AltSmoke Carrying Case

    AltSmoke Carrying Case

    Whether you're looking for a way to organize or transport batteries, mods, ego batteries, or liquid this is a great solution. The AltSmoke carrying case is durable and comes with a clip that allows you to clip it to your belt buckle, purse or even a backpack.

    Dimension: 190mm * 80mm * 40mm Learn More
  11. iClear 30S Replacement Clearomizer Head

    iClear 30S Replacement Clearomizer Head

    iClear 30S Replacement Clearomizer Head is the portion that will need to be changed on average ever 1-2 weeks. This is purely on your vaping preferences, the more you vape the faster it will die and the less you vape the longer the replacement head will last.

    The Standard Resistance that comes with the original iClear 30S is 2.0 Ohms, if you would like to try a little warmer vape we would suggest the 1.5 Ohm replacement heads.

    We also suggest always having at least 1 extra iClear 30S head as a spare in case your original iClear 30S Replacement head dies suddenly, this will allow you to have a backup.

    Note:iClear 30S Replacement Heads are different from the Standard iClear 30. This product is only compatible with the iClear 30S and not the iClear 30 or iClear 16.

    Learn More
  12. 10ml Empty Bottle with Needle Cap

    10ml Empty Bottle with Needle Cap

    Empty 10ml Plastic Bottle with a Needle Top and Rubber Cap to prevent liquid from spilling out.

    This bottle is perfect for filling select brands of eliquid that do not have droppers. Also for easy filling of cartridges, cartomizers, and use for more direct dripping when using RBA's.
    The bottle's cap does come with an 18 gauge blunt needle, which is wide enough for some thicker juices.
    The needle may not fit for injuction into select Gensis Style Tanks and Cartomizers that have smaller holes at the top of the cartomizerfor filling. Learn More

    Out of stock

  13. Polished Russian 91%

    Russian 91% - Polished Rebuilable Tank Atomizer

    The Russian 91% rebuildable e-cig atomizer comes with the following :
    1 x russian 91% atomizer with airflow control
    1 x 510 style drip tip adaptor. " Not all driptips will fit perfectly "
    1 x Metal Tank " Used to replace the plastic tank section "
    1 x Needle Bottle
    1 x Package of Silica Wick
    1 x Package of NiChrome Wire
    1 x Package of replacement screws, orings, and multipurpose mini screwdriver.
    1 x Gift box & Instruction manual.

    Note: Please read full description below. Learn More

    Regular Price: $92.50

    Special Price: $65.95

  14. Aspire Nautilus - Replacement Glass Tank

    Aspire Nautilus - Replacement Glass

    Aspire Nautilus - Replacement Glass Tank for those that have accidentally cracked, damaged, or lost the original. Learn More
  15. Cloud Chaser Drip Tip - Cherry Vape

    Cherry Vape - Cloud Chaser Drip Tip

    Cloud Chaser Drip Tip by Cherry Vape is a drip tip for users who are looking for a wide bore in their drip tips.

    Typically this type of tip is used for those who are 'Cloud Chasers'. They designed this tip to friction fit, which means there is no O-Rings!

    This drip tip is made from Dupon Delrin and it not only otlerates high heat, it acts as a heat guard. If you're looking for a durable drip tip look no further and try one today! Learn More
  16. KOGA

    Koga Japanese Cotton - 5pk

    This is the purest form of organic cotton you will find! It's hand-picked by specially selected cotton-growers, guaranteeing a steady supply of the finest quality cotton. The cotton then passes through a water-jet process which is essentially a high pressure stream that weaves the fibres together. The surface of the sheet becomes flat and smooth making it much easier to work with. It is then packaged here in the United States! Each retail package contains five 2.36" X 1.97" sheets. Simply cut a strip from a sheet, wick your coil, and VAPE! No boiling, little to no break in period. Once you vape quality KOGA Japanese cotton you'll find it difficult to go back to anything else! Learn More

    Out of stock

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